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topics for July 2002

[discuss] 2002-07-31 DVD Special Features Nobody Wants [brunching.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-31 Ingen villl flyga till NY den 11:e September [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
Nästan bara en månad kvar till årsdagen

[discuss] 2002-07-31 Smoking is bad for your health [ripleys.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-31 'Magic' turning us into toads [dfw.com]
Varför armerikansk radio är nästan lika dålig som svensk

[discuss] 2002-07-31 New Orleans Old Absinthe House [oldabsinthehouse.com]
I New Orleans men ändå liksom

[discuss] 2002-07-31 TV Guide's 50 greatest cartoon characters of all time [asia.cnn.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-31 Heaven-or-hell argument ends with shotgun slaying [cnn.com]
nädå, mer vapen ökar inte antalet mord...

[discuss] 2002-07-31 Guns and violence [asp.washtimes.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-31 Hearing is Believing [msnbc.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-31 Bin Laden alive, preparing attack [upi.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-31 Ghost World [us.imdb.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-30 Chances of Being Struck by Lightning [stats.org]

[discuss] 2002-07-30 Robot learns to reproduce [news.bbc.co.uk]

[discuss] 2002-07-30 Boeing tries to defy gravity [news.bbc.co.uk]

[discuss] 2002-07-30 Linux is just like rap music. [twomobile.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-30 Xbox-Linux [xbox-linux.sourceforge.net]

[discuss] 2002-07-30 Internet's largest collection of corporate memos and internal communication [internalmemos.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-30 Photoshop Contests [worth1000.com]
If Hackers Ruled Entries

[discuss] 2002-07-30 The Mouse Pad Couch [rit.edu]

[discuss] 2002-07-30 The Non-Expert’s Desk: Lose 15 Lbs. in 20 Minutes a Day! [themorningnews.org]

[discuss] 2002-07-30 Läkare maktlösa mot bakterie [dn.se]
It will get worse.

[discuss] 2002-07-29 Orange har slut på pengar [mobil.se]

[discuss] 2002-07-29 Legogubbar och R2D2 bygger en dator [skizzers.org]
The true story. Måste ses.

[discuss] 2002-07-29 Krannedsänkningen försenas p.g.a. dåliga programmerare [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2002-07-29 Köp en egen R2D2 [creaturelabs.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-29 Net Users Try to Elude the Google Grasp [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-29 Reclaiming the Commons [bostonreview.mit.edu]

[discuss] 2002-07-29 Celebrities with and without makeup [ebaumsworld.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-29 Learning to love Big Brother / George W. Bush channels George Orwell [sfgate.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-29 Sydsvenskans Webb-kamera Kockumskranen [sydsvenskan.se]
10 m / h

[discuss] 2002-07-28 everything old is new again [retrosystem.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-28 August 2009: How Google beat Amazon and Ebay to the Semantic Web [ftrain.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-28 All-in-one phone, walkie-talkie, wireless PDA [msnbc.com]
Motorola/Nextel’s i95cl handset sports color screen. here we go again...

[discuss] 2002-07-28 How do deaf people think? [newscientist.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-28 Who's the best video game character? [cgi.gamefaqs.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-28 I'm going to have an epileptic fit. [barbelith.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-27 Switch Different [oreillynet.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-27 Bill would allow hacking of P2P services [cnn.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-27 Boob Licking Scam Busted [sky.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-27 Hershey's Ordered To Pay Obese Americans Billion [theonion.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-27 Mmmmm.....pie [weebl.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk]

[discuss] 2002-07-27 Fat Americans sue fast food firms [news.bbc.co.uk]

[discuss] 2002-07-26 The Serious Search for an Anti-Aging Pill [sciam.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-26 Powers Of 10 [microscopy.fsu.edu]
Från universum till elektronen. Zooma in hela vägen.

[discuss] 2002-07-26 EU-direktiv hotar länkar till tidningsartiklar [idg.se]
Denna sida är olaglig

[discuss] 2002-07-26 Göran Persson i gängkrig i natt [aftonbladet.se]
Ungdomsgäng beväpnat med ärter

[discuss] 2002-07-25 Nu vänder det! [moddlaren.com]
...eller nu.... eller nu... eller nu...

[discuss] 2002-07-25 Blair Wants Europe to Be Superpower [news.yahoo.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-25 E-verything: Hårddisk trött på skiten [yttermera.se]

[discuss] 2002-07-25 The Starbrain Project [glendhu.com]
Building a cat brain

[discuss] 2002-07-25 Robot Combat Sport - Battle Bots Online in the Ultimate PC Robot Combat Game [roboforge.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-24 Ghostly asteroids clue to missing matter [unimelb.edu.au]
Fler saker som kan ta död på oss.

[discuss] 2002-07-24 Space rock 'on collision course' [news.bbc.co.uk]
Mer om asteroiden som ska ta död på oss innan vi själva gör det

[discuss] 2002-07-24 Asteroid kan utplåna jorden [aftonbladet.se]
It will get worse.

[discuss] 2002-07-24 Nasdaqs utveckling sedan 1974 [bigcharts.marketwatch.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-23 Scientists discover 'second brain' in the stomach [ananova.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-23 Välkommen till DLS-detektiver [dls-detektiver.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-23 Europeisk film hotar Hollywood [dn.se]

[discuss] 2002-07-23 Beads of doubt [news.bbc.co.uk]
The law of entropy broken, could mean problems for nanotechs

[discuss] 2002-07-22 Mac users outsmart PC users [msn.com.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-22 Faking Intelligence [discover.com]
A sociable robot doesn't have to be smart, it just has to fool us into believing it is

[discuss] 2002-07-22 Jan Guillou: Kritiska män kallas tokiga kvinnohatare [aftonbladet.se]
Guillou om sandlådekriget på DN Debatt.

[discuss] 2002-07-22 Heartless Bitches International - Why "Nice Guys" are often such LOSERS [heartless-bitches.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-22 Spekulationskrönikan [algonet.se]
It will get worse.

[discuss] 2002-07-21 Kallare än rymden [dn.se]
Molekylmaskinen i vardagsrummet

[discuss] 2002-07-21 Top 10 Moon Discoveries [story.news.yahoo.com]
10 saker vi nu vet om månen.

[discuss] 2002-07-20 Is God in the Details? [reason.com]
"the cosmos is custom-made for life and consciousness"

[discuss] 2002-07-20 Video streaming over existing mobile networks [ameinfo.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-20 Laser delivers DNA [nature.com]
Så kan du bli smart som en mus utan att dina celler tar skada.

[discuss] 2002-07-20 Tweaking Single Gene Makes Mice Brainier [sciam.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-20 Yahoo admits mangling e-mail [news.bbc.co.uk]
big brother is watching.

[discuss] 2002-07-20 The great telecoms crash [economist.com]
It will get worse

[discuss] 2002-07-20 Fuck your Macintosh Lifestyle [ubergeek.tv]

[discuss] 2002-07-20 Purr-fect TV: Company developing show for cats [cnn.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-20 Homer Simpson is Canadian, creator says [canoe.ca]

[discuss] 2002-07-20 Corporate Scandal Trading Cards - Collect 'em all! [slate.msn.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-19 As tech jobs decrease, interest in unions is up [sfgate.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-19 True Porn Clerk Stories [improvisation.ws]

[discuss] 2002-07-19 One Hundred Albums You Should Remove from Your Collection Immediately [jaguaro.org]

[discuss] 2002-07-19 Thai humanoid being built [nationmultimedia.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-19 ''On the subject of informants'' [yellowtimes.org]
Skvallerbytta bin bong

[discuss] 2002-07-19 Wheat Graffiti [wired.com]
Crop Circles - the movie

[discuss] 2002-07-19 Ericssons vånda består [svd.se]
It will get worse.

[discuss] 2002-07-19 Coagula - Industrial Strength Color-Note Organ [hem.passagen.se]
Coagula is an image synth.

[discuss] 2002-07-18 Blind Psychic Feels Buttocks To Tell Future [local6.com]
Rörliga bilder.

[discuss] 2002-07-18 Sources say Pittman will resign as COO shortly; questions raised about accounting. [money.cnn.com]
Here we go again...

[discuss] 2002-07-18 Why Software Is So Bad - Answer [technologyreview.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-18 Amazon.com Web Services [associates.amazon.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-18 Three coffees a day keeps dementia at bay [news.com.au]

[discuss] 2002-07-18 Point. Click. Think? [washingtonpost.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-18 Man arrested for burning kitten on grill [cnn.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-18 Pundarkullen live [pundarkullen.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-17 LetsBuyIt.com - Homepage [letsbuyit.com]
E-handel med 9 liv

[discuss] 2002-07-17 Blinded by Science [nytimes.com]
The impossible isn't what it used to be.

[discuss] 2002-07-17 Cool Beans! Magazine and Records [coolbeans.com]
Worshipping the Absurd Since 1993

[discuss] 2002-07-17 They've Seen the Future and Intend to Live It [nytimes.com]
Nano nano

[discuss] 2002-07-17 Adbusters Culture Jammers Headquarters [adbusters.org]
Reklamen är livsfarlig

[discuss] 2002-07-16 US planning to recruit one in 24 Americans as citizen spies [smh.com.au]

[discuss] 2002-07-16 Measurement [joelonsoftware.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-16 Operation RATS - Retrograde Activities and Treachery System [onepotmeal.com]
A national system for paranoid nuts to report neighbors they don't like

[discuss] 2002-07-16 Software Development Online: The Fragile Manifesto [sdmagazine.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-16 Our shiny happy clone future [salon.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-16 Dow Jones 36,000 [theatlantic.com]
"Stocks are way undervalued." Artikel från en svunnen tid.

[discuss] 2002-07-16 Norwegian gov ditches contract with Microsoft [theregister.co.uk]

[discuss] 2002-07-16 Webmaster conference held in London pub [theregister.co.uk]

[discuss] 2002-07-16 Teen shot in head at Georgia gun show [salon.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-16 When the Army Owns the Weather [alternet.org]
Government is Secretly Controlling the Weather

[discuss] 2002-07-16 Första företaget utan telefoner [idg.se]
"Det här är 2000-talet"

[discuss] 2002-07-16 Write here, right now [news.bbc.co.uk]
Leta efter trådlöst bredband på husväggarna

[discuss] 2002-07-16 Doctors aim to cure paralysis [news.bbc.co.uk]

[discuss] 2002-07-16 KALAS 2002 [kalas.nu]
Snart här.

[discuss] 2002-07-15 Nu kommer den smarta robotdockan [aftonbladet.se]
Snart är dina barns leksaker smartare än du

[discuss] 2002-07-15 Dålig säkerhet [firsthotels.se]
Hack hack

[discuss] 2002-07-15 Den djärvaste utbildningsreformen på 50 år [finansvision.com]
Storbrittanien har fattat.

[discuss] 2002-07-15 Anticryptography: The Next Frontier in Computer Science [oreilly.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-15 Nanotech leading to diagnoses by handheld [suntimes.com]
Latest buzz: nanobiotechnology

[discuss] 2002-07-15 PC Control [christersson.org]
Fjärrstyr datorn med din bluetooth-nalle

[discuss] 2002-07-15 Doctors vs. Geeks [radio.weblogs.com]
Två olika kulturer.

[discuss] 2002-07-15 Welcome to Freeciv 1.13 [freeciv.org]
Ny version av SPELET

[discuss] 2002-07-15 Orange sätter fart med 3G [mobil.se]

[discuss] 2002-07-15 Knight Rider: One man and his campy talking car [whatever-dude.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-15 Operation TIPS - Terrorist Information and Prevention System [citizencorps.gov]
A national system for concerned workers to report suspicious activity

[discuss] 2002-07-15 Tetris: a history [atarihq.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-15 Homer says hack your DVD player [news.bbc.co.uk]

[discuss] 2002-07-15 Fatboy Slim's beach party [news.bbc.co.uk]
250 000 pers rokkar loss.

[discuss] 2002-07-14 Web rebels profit from net controls [news.bbc.co.uk]

[discuss] 2002-07-14 Howstuffworks "How Exoskeletons Will Work" [howstuffworks.lycoszone.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-14 Put your mobile where your mouth is [news.bbc.co.uk]
Efter handdatorn kommer tanddatorn?

[discuss] 2002-07-14 Replace your mouse with your eye [news.bbc.co.uk]

[discuss] 2002-07-14 Kaffet är UPPRÖRANDE dyrt nu för tiden [mbapages.com]
Någon borde agera!

[discuss] 2002-07-14 Star Wars II - Attack of the muppets [puffnasty.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-14 Some of Your Friends are Already This Fucked [indiecentre.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-14 CROP CIRCLES IN JUNE 2002 [cropcircleconnector.com]
The truth is out there.

[discuss] 2002-07-14 Svenskar stryks från terrorlistan [aftonbladet.se]
Vem vill bli terrorist? Var med och spela!

[discuss] 2002-07-14 Soldiers of Allah [soldiersofallah.com]
Islam Rap.

[discuss] 2002-07-14 WHY TECHNOLOGY IS FAILING US AND HOW WE CAN FIX IT [shift.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-14 Ett illa dolt kvinnohat [dn.se]
Slagsmål i sandlådan

[discuss] 2002-07-14 Russian sub launches mini-space module [cnn.com]
Mot jymden!

[discuss] 2002-07-13 Why the RIAA's Current Policies Will Be Their Demise [pitchforkmedia.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-13 Malaysian addicts get natural high... from cow dung [europe.cnn.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-13 spider man will make you gay [b3ta.com]
ljud på.

[discuss] 2002-07-13 Harken Hypocrisy - Bush's corporate ethics: Do as I say, not as I do. [slate.msn.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-13 First synthetic virus created [news.bbc.co.uk]
It was just a matter of time before it was done

[discuss] 2002-07-12 Vivendi Universal is Evil [worldmediagroup.net]

[discuss] 2002-07-12 Welcome to Overlawyered.com [overlawyered.com]
en lite närmre titt på det amerikanska rättsväsendet...

[discuss] 2002-07-12 L is for lawsuit [salon.com]
Angry that little Johnny flunked, increasing numbers of parents are suing teachers

[discuss] 2002-07-12 Spiderman, 20 år senare [cyclo.me0w.net]

[discuss] 2002-07-12 Handdator med java [mobil.se]
...och 3D-menyer

[discuss] 2002-07-12 The most gruesome toy ever [retrocrush.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-12 Sesame Street to introduce HIV-positive muppet [azcentral.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-12 Pulp Fiction (1994) [us.imdb.com]
Collectors edition, 5 nya scener, snart på DVD

[discuss] 2002-07-12 Are you a real american? [salon.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-11 Dirty Tricks Department [vcnet.com]
Lista på Fula Saker som Det Stora Onda Mjukvaruföretaget hittat på.

[discuss] 2002-07-11 Nyhetstorka [nt.se]
En film av Jens Tärning

[discuss] 2002-07-11 Yahoo vände till vinst [svd.se]
Alltid nått...

[discuss] 2002-07-11 THE DIGITAL DARK AGE [shift.com]
"Two hundred years from now, how will historians assess the early twenty-first century? They won't."

[discuss] 2002-07-10 Bill Gates' Web Site [microsoft.com]
The power of the dark side

[discuss] 2002-07-10 "I know I'm black." [mycen.com.my]
The Michael Jackson timeline (jpg)

[discuss] 2002-07-10 JACKO: I'M HATED BECAUSE I OUTSOLD ELVIS [nypost.com]
"I know my race. I just look in the mirror. I know I'm black." Yeah right.

[discuss] 2002-07-10 sydsvenskan.se [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
Uppäten av hund, rimligt straff för mopedstöld?

[discuss] 2002-07-10 The Great Crash of 2002 [321gold.com]
It will get worse.

[discuss] 2002-07-10 Sonys svar på Jacksons rasismanklagelser: "håll käft, pedofiljävel" [nydailynews.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-10 3G services gets the thumbs up [nua.ie]

[discuss] 2002-07-09 Alternatives to Marriage Project (AtMP) [unmarried.org]

[discuss] 2002-07-09 Tillväxtens död? [kevxml2a.infospace.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-09 Pirated Sites!! Aaarrgghh... [pirated-sites.com]
Nice design. Haven't I seen it somewhere...?

[discuss] 2002-07-09 Svenska folkets svar till Dansk Folkepartis annons i DN? [danskfolkeparti.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-08 Japan’s Economy: Now Rated Below Botswana [newsmax.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-08 Skatterevolt pågår [timbro.se]
Upp till kamp

[discuss] 2002-07-08 Val 2002 [44an.com]
Det är skönt att bli piskad

[discuss] 2002-07-08 [jukokai.com]
Blöjan läcker

[discuss] 2002-07-08 From Dot-Hubris to Humility [wired.com]
"the abrupt reversal of tech fortunes is a very serious matter indeed"

[discuss] 2002-07-08 What will our cities be like in around 50 years' time? [theengineer.co.uk]

[discuss] 2002-07-08 Clonal Human Neurons Re-Establish Connection In Rats With Severe Spinal Cord Injury [sciencedaily.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-08 PCs augment reality [trnmag.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-08 The AI-Box Experiment [sysopmind.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-08 Music labels go after song-swappers [msnbc.com]
Kunden är fienden.

[discuss] 2002-07-08 Why Intel loves Palladium [theregister.co.uk]

[discuss] 2002-07-08 Irak förnekar massvapen [svd.se]
Jultomten och påskharen finns inte heller.

[discuss] 2002-07-07 Michael Jackson: "If you fight for me, you're fighting for all black people" [cnn.com]
Says Sony are racists

[discuss] 2002-07-07 Organic and polymer electronics [acreo.se]

1 comments 2002-07-07 HP/Compaq iPAQ 3970 Pocket PC [pocketpccentral.net]
Joey och P800-dödaren. Den Ultimata Maskinen. Vill ha.

[discuss] 2002-07-07 Robot Maxamilian [howtoandroid.com]
R. Max is a computerized android robot head for $600

[discuss] 2002-07-07 Japan's new kind of phone sex [redherring.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-07 Snart i din mat: neotame, 13000 gånger sötare än socker [reuters.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-07 80-åring dog efter angrepp av måsar [expressen.se]
Beware of the måses.

[discuss] 2002-07-06 Snart på systemet: svensk whiskey [dn.se]

[discuss] 2002-07-06 Palladium FAQ [cl.cam.ac.uk]
"If you want DRM on a PC then you need to treat the user as the enemy."

[discuss] 2002-07-06 Georgian survives stupid roof trick at Ala. beach [accessatlanta.com]
full o dum.

[discuss] 2002-07-06 elgooG [alltooflat.com]
google mirror...

[discuss] 2002-07-06 Accusations hurled at hot dog contest [espn.go.com]
Mer om varmkorvsätartävlingen.

[discuss] 2002-07-05 Bombing the Mind, The Pentagon's Drug War [counterpunch.org]

[discuss] 2002-07-05 THE ROGUE STATE [mirror.co.uk]
Bomba först, fråga sen.

[discuss] 2002-07-05 Home-care robots to hit Japanese stores this week [smh.com.au]

[discuss] 2002-07-05 Western Wall mysterious wet spot [reuters.co.uk]
A message from God, or just bad plumbing?

[discuss] 2002-07-05 jobba på /netch/ [netch.com]
"Netch söker för närvarande erfarna projektledare med teknisk bakgrund som är sugna på nya utmaningar" Verkigen?

[discuss] 2002-07-05 Netch varslar ALLA [kickad.nu]

[discuss] 2002-07-05 Åt 50 varmkorvar på 12 minuter [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2002-07-05 Your weblogs [guardian.co.uk]

[discuss] 2002-07-05 Can a chip help computers see in 3D? [news.zdnet.co.uk]

[discuss] 2002-07-05 Could quantum information be the key to understanding consciousness? [consciousness.arizona.edu]

[discuss] 2002-07-05 U.S. Air Force: Israel has 400 nukes, building naval force []
Kalla Kriget var ju ingenting mot det här.

[discuss] 2002-07-05 NASA smoothes things that go bump in the air [theengineer.co.uk]
Vi kanske slipper turbulens och flygplan som krockar.

[discuss] 2002-07-05 Sony Ericssons kamera slut i butik [mobil.se]
Det går visst bra för japanerna.

[discuss] 2002-07-05 Worldcom's hubris [eet.com]
Var hela tech-boomen under 90-talet ett stort korthus?

[discuss] 2002-07-05 Girl Ordered Gang-Raped in Pakistan [abcnews.go.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-05 Borland Software: Back in the Black [fastcompany.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-04 Gunman shot dead after killing 1 at Los Angeles airport - July 4, 2002 [cnn.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-04 Grassroots techies want to build a wireless Internet network across the Bay Area [sfgate.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-04 Horace Andy på Inkonst på Fredag [inkonst.com]
Reggaelegend som spelat med Bob Marley, Massive Attack m.fl.

[discuss] 2002-07-04 Treating Viewers as Criminals [technologyreview.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-04 Bofors tävlingsskjuter i Indien [expressen.se]
Första pris: att få leverera kanoner som skickar kärnvapen på Pakistan

[discuss] 2002-07-04 Fler bokföringsskandaler kan vara på väg [idg.se]
It will get worse.

[discuss] 2002-07-04 Music and the Internet Debacle: An Alternative View" [janisian.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-04 Aj [jukokai.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-04 irock! 300W Wireless Music Adapter [myirock.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-04 What would happen if the moon crashed into earth? [askvrd.org]
Tip: it wouldn't be good.

[discuss] 2002-07-04 nomorebugs.com [nomorebugs.com]
På tal om buggar...

[discuss] 2002-07-04 TouchGraph GoogleBrowser V1.00 [touchgraph.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-04 Ericssons del i Sony Ericsson säljs till Sony? [avanza.se]
Spekulationer, spekulationer...

[discuss] 2002-07-04 Yahoo Kisses It All Good-bye [fastcompany.com]
Vad Yahoo skulle ha gjort istället.

[discuss] 2002-07-04 XBox economics [red-mercury.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-03 The Physics of Time Travel [popsci.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-03 description of the exported Data Types from Outlook 98 on Drag [groups.google.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-03 Hi3G byter namn... [mobil.se]
...till 3. Siffran alltså.

[discuss] 2002-07-03 Big noises at odds over the sound of silence [independent.co.uk]
which part of the silence are they claiming you nicked?

[discuss] 2002-07-03 Bush bötfäller Ikea [aftonbladet.se]
Möbeljätten anklagas för att ha gjort affärer med talibanerna

[discuss] 2002-07-03 Cycosmos - virtuell värld befolkad av avatarer [21stcentury.co.uk]
Inspirerad av Snowcrash.

[discuss] 2002-07-03 Growing microchips using proteins from living cells [theengineer.co.uk]

[discuss] 2002-07-03 Dilbert (TM) Rendered in Lego (TM) [lipsons.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk]

[discuss] 2002-07-03 Snellville man accused of microwaving puppy [accessatlanta.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-03 Switch Gates [macboy.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-03 Worst Case Scenarios [worstcasescenarios.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-03 A Dispute Over Wireless Networks [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-03 Pitchfork: How To Survive Without Audiogalaxy: A Guide to File-Sharing Alternatives [pitchforkmedia.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-03 DN - Debatt - "Ni könstrakasserar manliga studenter" [dn.se]

[discuss] 2002-07-03 Arafat Calls for Democratic Elections in U.S. [theexperiment.org]
Killen har humor.

[discuss] 2002-07-03 Nästan-som-caps [vanwilder-themovie.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-03 Binärt armbandsur [hem.passagen.se]

[discuss] 2002-07-03 Research indicates that morning sleep and afternoon naps aid mental and physical learning [sciam.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-03 CafePress.com | Sell Online [cafepress.com]
Instant webb-shop, just add GIF

[discuss] 2002-07-02 Meet Joey [carrierdevices.com]
SEM P800-dödaren. Pocket PC, GSM/GPRS, 64MB RAM, Windows...

[discuss] 2002-07-02 SMS-dödaren kan rädda GPRS [mobil.se]

[discuss] 2002-07-02 Internet Law Notes [siliconvalley.com]
I'm at Harvard Law School this week for an incredible education -- five days of lectures and seminars on Internet law

[discuss] 2002-07-02 www.kulturbolaget.se [kulturbolaget.se]
Massa bra band ikväll. Rocknroll.

[discuss] 2002-07-02 Art as a State of Mind [wired.com]
"Some day, we will all be communicating non-verbally."

[discuss] 2002-07-02 Pirate Cops Raid MS Gaming Foe [wired.com]
Mindark-historien har nått Wired

[discuss] 2002-07-02 Alla skåningar ska få bredband [nyteknik.se]

[discuss] 2002-07-02 [morotsmedia.se]
Vinn ett jobb

[discuss] 2002-07-02 France Telecom kan räddas av franska staten [avanza.se]

[discuss] 2002-07-02 Wolfenstein 5K [the5k.org]
Blow the heads off the monsters in this texture-mapped, first-person shooter crammed into 5K of JavaScript.

[discuss] 2002-07-02 Project Cryo [metku.net]
för mycket fritid?

[discuss] 2002-07-02 People weigh less on a hard surface [newscientist.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-02 Anonymous donor will award US$ 200,000 for Linux on the Xbox [xbox-linux.sourceforge.net]

[discuss] 2002-07-02 Sony Aibo ERS-31L review [techtv.com]
Sonys minsta robot-vovve för 6000 spänn.

[discuss] 2002-07-02 USA bombade bröllopsfest [aftonbladet.se]
120 mördade. USAs kommentar: hoppsan.

[discuss] 2002-07-01 Common Biometric Systems Defeated [extremetech.com]
Biometric security, yeah right.

[discuss] 2002-07-01 Konstmuseum köpte bajs för 300 000 kronor [aftonbladet.se]
Konst är skit. Skit är konst.

[discuss] 2002-07-01 Microsoft Visual J [msdn.microsoft.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-01 Alectas vd tveksam till Ericssons nyemission [svd.se]
Uppköp är en bättre lösning.

[discuss] 2002-07-01 sends other unix boxes to /dev/null [www4.macnn.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-01 The Great Banana Revolution - Should you peel bananas from the bottom up? [slate.msn.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-01 When you should buy a plasma TV. [slate.msn.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-01 Han tände på - ville ha ett jobb [aftonbladet.se]
Själv är bäste dräng.

[discuss] 2002-07-01 Textbook Publishers Learn to Avoid Messing With Texas [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-01 Palladium Clues May Lie In AMD Motherboard Design [extremetech.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-01 Eccentric people more extreme as they age [newscientist.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-01 Vintage Boombox and Ghettoblaster Homage - Pocket Calculator's Boombox Museum [pocketcalculatorshow.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-01 Streamer - pirate radio for the digital age [chaotica.u-net.com]

[discuss] 2002-07-01 How a War With Iraq Will Change the World [fortune.com]

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