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topics for November 2002

[discuss] 2002-11-30 Police find 17 sex toys in local woman's car during DUI traffic stop [news-journal.com]
bara i texas

[discuss] 2002-11-30 CNN - blue screen of death. [scorpioncity.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-30 The 12 Principles of Collaboration [mongoosetech.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-30 The Color of Cool [business2.com]
Why does so much tech gear suddenly glow blue?

[discuss] 2002-11-30 Fuk Mi [sussie.com]

3 comments 2002-11-30 Pasadena company's robot is fun, but not very useful -- yet [siliconvalley.com]

1 comments 2002-11-30 Hello Kitty may be key to 3G success [commsdesign.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-29 Sony Ericsson [ingbritt.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-29 Refactoring with Martin Fowler [artima.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-29 Orange's SPV MS smartphone - developer hostile bugfarm? [theregister.co.uk]

1 comments 2002-11-29 Orange SPV - BugTrack [modaco.com]
många buggar blir det....

[discuss] 2002-11-29 Catch Michael Jackson's Kids! [madblast.com]
fredag eftermiddags flash.

[discuss] 2002-11-29 Pictures of ghost towns in Arizona, California, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico [ghosttowngallery.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-29 Political Compass [politicalcompass.org]

[discuss] 2002-11-29 Världens Minsta Politiska Test [quiz.mannbro.nu]

[discuss] 2002-11-29 Hjälpte polisen - fick fem års fängelse [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2002-11-29 An Enterprise Guide To Windows XP’s Built-In Tools [www1.internetwire.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-29 SongForge [the-fix.org]
Collaborative open-source music management!

1 comments 2002-11-29 Energy Needs May Limit Size, Ability Of Quantum Computers [spacedaily.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-29 oo-e [panora.nu]

[discuss] 2002-11-29 Immobots Take Control [technologyreview.com]
machines with robotic self-awareness are reliable problem solvers

[discuss] 2002-11-29 Technorati: Web Services for bloggers. [technorati.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-29 The Latest Kissinger Outrage - Why is a proven liar and wanted man in charge of the 9/11 investigation? [slate.msn.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-29 9 Beet Stretch [notam02.no]
lite Ludwig van kanske?

1 comments 2002-11-28 Nya Bondfilmen "hobbykatalog för grabbar i 40-årsåldern" [svd.se]

[discuss] 2002-11-28 Bond Gadgets Not Just Movie Magic [wired.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-28 Stedetsomikkeer [stedetsomikkeer.dk]
Platsen som inte finns

[discuss] 2002-11-28 The Attention Economy [acm.org]
Understanding and managing attention is the single most important determinant of business success

1 comments 2002-11-28 Record the Lens That Records You [wired.com]
eller så har vi bara en alla fotar erik dag. minst lika effektivt.

[discuss] 2002-11-28 Quantum computing making 'tremendous progress' [newscientist.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-28 Listening to the internet reveals best connections [newscientist.com]
Hör så snabbt mitt Internet är!

[discuss] 2002-11-28 Shhh! American Prisoners Being Held in Afghanistan [english.pravda.ru]

[discuss] 2002-11-28 Adbusters: Buy Nothing Day [adbusters.org]
November 29, 2002

[discuss] 2002-11-28 Democratization ahead [44an.com]

2 comments 2002-11-28 Do Requirements Change? [fawcette.com]

1 comments 2002-11-28 Robot Wars :: 25:10:01 [robotmayhem.com]
för alla nerdar ... vem ställer upp och bygger en?

[discuss] 2002-11-28 Vad är snabbt, silvrigt och fullspäckat med datorer och sensorer? [business2.com]
...o kostar runt miljonen

[discuss] 2002-11-28 The Attention Economy: The Natural Economy of the Net [firstmonday.dk]

[discuss] 2002-11-28 Postcards From Planet Google [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-28 Teleportec Technolgy [teleportec.com]
Var på ett ställe, håll ett föredrag på ett annat

2 comments 2002-11-28 Result for the fight between svarta myror and vita myror [googlefight.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-28 Jef Raskin - Widgets of the Week [jefraskin.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-28 Hi-tech workplace no better than factories [news.bbc.co.uk]

[discuss] 2002-11-28 Result for the fight between space and tab [googlefight.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-28 Man hangs boys from trees [news24.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-28 Broadband secrets revealed [news.bbc.co.uk]
Users not turned on by speed of broadband.

[discuss] 2002-11-27 TabsAreEvil [emacswiki.org]
det kan inte sägas för många gånger, TABS ARE EVIL.

[discuss] 2002-11-27 The aim of the game [guardian.co.uk]
Varför javaspel i mobilen suger

[discuss] 2002-11-27 Revolutionary A/V Gear [wired.com]
The Most Advanced Professional Audio-Visual Technology Comes Home

[discuss] 2002-11-27 Experts wary of human clone claims [cnn.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-27 Klonad bebis föds i januari [svd.se]

2 comments 2002-11-27 avex network [cavex.avexnet.or.jp]
Internetradio är en revolution!

[discuss] 2002-11-27 Ny dödssåpa chockar USA [aftonbladet.se]
Underhållning. När kommer Running Man?

[discuss] 2002-11-27 Playing the Game of Pinball [lysator.liu.se]

[discuss] 2002-11-27 Mozilla 1.2 Release Notes [mozilla.org]

[discuss] 2002-11-27 Massive Attack [popsci.com]
Lord of the Rings II

[discuss] 2002-11-27 Apple - Switch - Ads - Holiday Fun [apple.com]
Will Ferrell reveals another side of Santa in these parodies of our “Switcher” ads.

[discuss] 2002-11-27 Birgerssons nya - rena börsraketen [aftonbladet.se]
here we go again.

[discuss] 2002-11-27 Electrixmas [electrixmas.org]
And One till lund 21/12

[discuss] 2002-11-26 Logic requires careful thought, and careful thought []
requires time."

2 comments 2002-11-26 If TiVo Thinks You Are Gay, Here's How to Set It Straight [online.wsj.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-26 Matt Foley, motivational speaker [chrisfarley.netmegs.com]

2 comments 2002-11-26 The Year 2003 Demotivators Calendar [despair.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-26 Vad är snabbt, silvrigt och syns ofta kring Rosengård? [expressen.se]

[discuss] 2002-11-26 Tintin goes to Hollywood [megastar.co.uk]

1 comments 2002-11-26 Edge: THE EMOTION UNIVERSE [edge.org]

2 comments 2002-11-26 IDG.se - Danska fildelare får oväntad julklapp (2002-11-25) [nyheter.idg.se]
60 kr per musikalbum, 200 kr per film och 300 per dataspel/program

[discuss] 2002-11-26 Få vill ha Sony Ericsson-telefon [idg.se]

[discuss] 2002-11-26 Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards [sama.mu]
Lördag 5 april 2003. Be there or be without VNV nation

[discuss] 2002-11-26 [pdf] Crusing with PC Hot-Rods [intel.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-26 "Om tio år är Sverige narkotikafritt" [svd.se]
Hm, visst, och 640KB borde räcka för alla

[discuss] 2002-11-26 Sony-Ericsson får nytt kapital [dn.se]

[discuss] 2002-11-26 Military intelligence system draws controversy [cnn.com]
Big Brother igen.

1 comments 2002-11-26 Robo-cat is out of the bag [news.bbc.co.uk]

[discuss] 2002-11-25 Sim Nation [time.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-25 But will we be any safer? [cnn.com]
The Homeland Security Department (ministry of peace)

[discuss] 2002-11-25 Bush's Homeland Security Bill Speech [austin360.com]
politik. newspeak.

2 comments 2002-11-25 Memorable Quotes from Office Space [us.imdb.com]
"It's not that I'm lazy, it's that I just don't care."

1 comments 2002-11-25 The Complete Newspeak Dictionary [newspeakdictionary.com]

1 comments 2002-11-25 Danska fildelare får höga böter [idg.se]
Antipiratbyrån skickar fakturor till folk som delat ut filer

[discuss] 2002-11-25 Computing's new shape [economist.com]
PCn e död

[discuss] 2002-11-25 Cannabis link to mental illness strengthened [newscientist.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-25 The Deadly Follies of Stick Figure Warning-Man and Family [capnwacky.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-25 The signs have ears [sacbee.com]
Billboards scans car radios to match listening preferences

[discuss] 2002-11-25 Sensors gone Wild [forbes.com]
Bridging the gap between analog and digital

[discuss] 2002-11-25 Smart Environments [core77.com]
The only user input needed here is walking across the room

[discuss] 2002-11-25 Slave Radio [radio.hypodermic.net]
256 kbit/s industri

[discuss] 2002-11-25 The huh corporation. [huhcorp.com]
we do stuff.

1 comments 2002-11-25 Make theirs a double - Bush twins turn 21 [nydailynews.com]
Every time dad uses the word "evil" in public, down a shot

[discuss] 2002-11-24 Apple and the Pirate Everyman [plasticbag.org]
Don't Steal Music

[discuss] 2002-11-24 Central Intelligence Agency [cia.gov]
CIA's homepage for kids

2 comments 2002-11-24 Metaphilm - The Matrix [metaphilm.com]
a special four-part series on The Matrix

[discuss] 2002-11-24 kottke.org :: Hu's on First [kottke.org]
bush is a moron.

[discuss] 2002-11-24 Gillette to Purchase 500 Million EPC Tags [rfidjournal.com]
Första stora köpet av Internet-taggar

[discuss] 2002-11-24 The Internet of Things [alientechnology.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-24 Meet the people shaping the future of science [newscientist.com]
lite om the Wayback machine

[discuss] 2002-11-24 Technojewelry [ideo.com]
GPS toerings (!) tells you where to go

[discuss] 2002-11-24 Canada PM: Bush not 'a moron' [cnn.com]

8 comments 2002-11-23 www.chat-net.com [chat-net.com]
Klicka inte på denna.

[discuss] 2002-11-23 IBM 1403 Printer (1964) playing music [computerhistory.org]
vadå 8-bitars.

[discuss] 2002-11-23 Eye Contact Shown To Affect Conversation Patterns, Group Problem-Solving Ability [sciencedaily.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-23 Stand still too long and you'll be watched [csmonitor.com]

3 comments 2002-11-23 kohina [kohina.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-23 Aftonbladet: "Börsen har vänt" [aftonbladet.se]
och aftonbladet har ju aldrig haft fel....

[discuss] 2002-11-23 Nobel e-Museum: Pavlov [nobel.se]

[discuss] 2002-11-23 This Laptop's Too Hot to Handle [wired.com]
Nu på wired, dock är forskaren från Schweiz här...

[discuss] 2002-11-23 Did quark matter strike Earth? [news.bbc.co.uk]

[discuss] 2002-11-23 Slideshow Presentation Goes Terribly Wrong [1010wins.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-23 Annoyances.org [annoyances.org]
Hur man stoppar pc-speakerns pipande

[discuss] 2002-11-23 BENBROWN.com/switch [benbrown.com]
Penisbränning, Ellen Feiss, iBook... whatever.

[discuss] 2002-11-22 Hot laptop burns scientist's penis [cnn.com]
Penisbränningen nu världsnyhet på CNN

[discuss] 2002-11-22 Aftonbladet: SVT vill ge dig en digitalbox [aftonbladet.se]
Tar den gråa kort tro ?

[discuss] 2002-11-22 Microsoft funds Open Source initiative [groups.yahoo.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-22 Apple 'It' Girl Breaks Silence [wired.com]
Ellen Feiss pratar med pressen.

[discuss] 2002-11-22 Junk DNA Revisited [sfgate.com]
Silicon Valley startup claims to have unlocked a key to its hidden language

[discuss] 2002-11-22 Radical physicist flatters computer fans [news.com.com]
Wolfram: the universe is code

[discuss] 2002-11-22 Ko-röv [svt.se]

[discuss] 2002-11-22 Forskare brände snoppen i laptoppen [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2002-11-22 foxtrot on mp3s. (gif) [images.ucomics.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-22 aka cooties: I Need to Be Rich and/or Famous [blog.akacooties.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-22 A r b e i t [nickan.com]
Arbeit macht Frei

1 comments 2002-11-21 ThinkGeek :: Consulting :: Zoom! [thinkgeek.com]
Ny(?) demotivator

[discuss] 2002-11-21 500 såg offentlig obduktion i London [aftonbladet.se]
Webb-tv inom kort.

[discuss] 2002-11-21 Best Inventions 2002 [time.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-21 Scientists to attempt to make new form of life [sfgate.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-21 Let's twist again [newscientist.com]
Varför trillar man inte ur sängen när man sover.

[discuss] 2002-11-21 Panora Torsdag 21/11 - Teen Riot [panora.nu]
Henry's Hit and Run Band kl 20.00

[discuss] 2002-11-21 Panora Fredag 22/11 - Moskow Diskow [panora.nu]
Råsynth, electro, ebm, italo

[discuss] 2002-11-21 Chips drive next Internet boom [infoworld.com]
Mark your calendars for June 21, 2003

[discuss] 2002-11-21 Gothic Personal Ads [comeddy.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-21 Solaris: A New Dawn for Sci-Fi? [wired.com]

1 comments 2002-11-21 A Few Ways to Win Mortality War [wired.com]
Report from Extreme Life Extension Conference

[discuss] 2002-11-21 Software aims to put your life on a disk [newscientist.com]
Logging life

[discuss] 2002-11-21 We Didn't Start The Fire [its.caltech.edu]

[discuss] 2002-11-21 Human Task Switches Considered Harmful [joelonsoftware.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-21 USA begär militärt stöd av Sverige mot Saddam [expressen.se]
"If you're not with us, you're against us."

1 comments 2002-11-20 SD Times: Embedded [sdtimes.com]
EJB 1.0 container för ... telefoner?

1 comments 2002-11-20 The Diary of the King [konungen.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-20 Slutsålt när kvinna ska obduceras inför publik i kväll [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2002-11-20 Kista utan ström igen [finansvision.com]
Börjar bli en årlig tradition det där

[discuss] 2002-11-20 Man nearly loses his life after kissing rattlesnake [oregonlive.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-20 Falska pressmeddelanden [svt.se]

[discuss] 2002-11-19 Evil Clown generator [scottsmind.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-19 Online stretch på IT akuten [kickad.nu]

[discuss] 2002-11-19 IBM starts work on computer to rival the human brain [timesonline.co.uk]
100 teraflops har du mellan öronen. Snart även på skrivbordet.

[discuss] 2002-11-19 kuro5hin.org || technology and culture, from the trenches [kuro5hin.org]
Threads considered harmful

[discuss] 2002-11-19 The Gender Gap: Boys Lagging [cbsnews.com]
Utrotad art: välutbildad man

[discuss] 2002-11-19 The Saddameter - The odds of war. [slate.msn.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-19 FLASH AWARD 2002 [flash-award.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-19 What Would You Do with a Hundred MIPS on Your Wrist? [domino.watson.ibm.com]
IBM research

[discuss] 2002-11-19 Intentias polisanmälan till åklagaren [idg.se]

[discuss] 2002-11-19 Augmented Reality Quake [wearables.unisa.edu.au]
Interactive outdoor augmented reality collaboration system

[discuss] 2002-11-19 Watchmaker gives Palm another shake [news.com.com]
Mer om Palm-klockan

[discuss] 2002-11-19 Ray Kurzweil's Plan: Never Die [wired.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-19 Svart hål på väg mot jorden [nyteknik.se]

[discuss] 2002-11-19 Blodbad hos Orange i Danmark [nyteknik.se]

[discuss] 2002-11-19 The down side of tech's vision: Simplicity could shrink sales [siliconvalley.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-19 Caffeine Lag [c2.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-19 Alienware : Mobile Gaming Systems [alienware.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-19 Nollbudgetfilmfestival på Mejeriet den 28/11 [nollbudget.net]

[discuss] 2002-11-19 Bond gadgets: fact, fiction, fun [msnbc.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-19 Palm in your wrist watch, FOSSIL Online [fossil.com]
Inspector gadget stuff

[discuss] 2002-11-19 This Modern World [salon.com]

1 comments 2002-11-19 A Rare Glimpse Inside Bush's Cabinet [cbsnews.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-19 Greetings, Human. [nik.com.au]
Två ALICE-chat bots pratar med varandra med lustigt slutresultat.

[discuss] 2002-11-19 God Is the Machine [wired.com]
In the beginning there was 0. Then there was 1.

[discuss] 2002-11-18 The Open Source Development Environment for .NET [icsharpcode.net]

[discuss] 2002-11-18 Fetishists Really Love Their Macs [wired.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-18 Brighthand — Better than Pocket Office? [brighthand.com]
How to beat Pocket PC

1 comments 2002-11-18 Orange dumpar Sverige? [finansvision.com]
Analytiker: jo. Gregow: nä.

[discuss] 2002-11-18 Nooface: In Search of the Post-PC Interface [nooface.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-18 Add-Ons Add Up [washingtonpost.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-18 The Simpsons Talking Beer Opener [perfectcollectibles.com]

1 comments 2002-11-18 Businesses, Big and Small, Bet on Wireless Internet Access [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-18 Detecting Bacteria In Space: The Good, The Bad And The Unknown [spacedaily.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-18 Portable Displays for Wireless PC Work [abcnews.go.com]
Wireless views info home PCs

[discuss] 2002-11-18 Trade show to spotlight wireless, handhelds [news.com.com]
Comdex 2002 översikt

1 comments 2002-11-18 Aspiro [aspiro.se]
Aspiro rekonstrueras

[discuss] 2002-11-18 [Kontorsguiden] Utvecklingssamtal [yttermera.se]

[discuss] 2002-11-18 SoYouWanna fake being an indie rock expert? [soyouwanna.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-17 People who give, live longer [umich.edu]
Nu är det bevisat: det lönar sig att vara snäll.

1 comments 2002-11-17 TOP500 Supercomputer sites: Trends for November 2002 [top500.org]
Snabba burkar.

[discuss] 2002-11-17 Claim: Web site will reveal an "astounding" discovery to the world on 8 March 2003. [snopes.com]
Status: false

[discuss] 2002-11-17 Dubya, Willya Turn the Book Over? [wired.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-17 Harry Potter - Pampered jock, patsy, fraud. [slate.msn.com]
"Harry Potter is a fraud"

[discuss] 2002-11-17 P800-porr [gonycom.com]
Rörliga bilder. Aaaaah...

[discuss] 2002-11-17 SOAP Web Services: built on a contradiction? [xmlhack.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-17 Presence Research [presence-research.org]
Resources on tele-presence

[discuss] 2002-11-16 Dear Dr. Einstein, Can You Help? [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-16 Lying With Pixels [www2.bc.edu]
Seeing is no longer believing

[discuss] 2002-11-16 fuckMicrosoft.com | Microsoft's Really Hidden Files [fuckmicrosoft.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-16 Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software [cla.uconn.edu]

[discuss] 2002-11-16 Hejdå döden! [modernatider.se]

[discuss] 2002-11-16 r, K, and professionalism [xent.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-15 The Postmodernism Generator: Communications From Elsewhere [elsewhere.org]

[discuss] 2002-11-15 Cornell News: reciprocating cantilever atomic battery [news.cornell.edu]
Ignalina i fick-format

[discuss] 2002-11-15 Beyond MP3s: iPod Holds Genome [wired.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-15 Masskrock i Danmark [expressen.se]
100 bilar i jättekrock

[discuss] 2002-11-15 Rollspelare drar ned gardinen [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
Uppföljning på polisdramat

[discuss] 2002-11-15 gyahtei [ask.ne.jp]
Nakna japanska kvinnor.

[discuss] 2002-11-15 The Pitch: Dreamland Goes Digital [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-15 SUN'S J2EE STANDARD NEEDS JBOSS [jboss.org]

[discuss] 2002-11-15 You Are a Suspect [nytimes.com]

1 comments 2002-11-15 can you hear the sound of me not caring? [dilbert.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-15 Delta gets it [weblog.infoworld.com]

1 comments 2002-11-14 fake or photo? [wwwi.reuters.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-14 Robovac teases 2001 [frc.ri.cmu.edu]
Översikt över robotdammsugare på marknaden

[discuss] 2002-11-14 Six degrees of separation [backissues.worldlink.co.uk]
Bakgrunden till Kevin Bacon-spelet

1 comments 2002-11-14 Han bor med en gris [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2002-11-14 tmsuk and SANYO reveals new and improved "Banryu" home-robot. [sanyo.co.jp]
Voff voff beep voff!

[discuss] 2002-11-14 44 år gammal popikon med ihoptejpad näsa [expressen.se]
Michael Jackson: BILDEXTRA

[discuss] 2002-11-14 Mer om rollspelsrazzian. [aftonbladet.se]
Inblandad fick 3T6 i chockskada.

2 comments 2002-11-14 Polisen slog till mot rollspel [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
rollspel är farligt.

[discuss] 2002-11-14 Power and Weakness - Policy Review, No. 113 [policyreview.org]
US and Europe, a perspective on "Power"

[discuss] 2002-11-14 Structured Editing in Emacs [articles.linuxguru.net]

[discuss] 2002-11-14 A Linux smartphone that does Bluetooth [theregister.co.uk]

1 comments 2002-11-14 Fake or Photo? [fakeorfoto.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-13 Vigilantes mistake pediatrician for pedophile and attack home [nctimes.net]

[discuss] 2002-11-13 Marge Simpson's boob job [thesun.co.uk]

[discuss] 2002-11-13 Chemists build body fluid battery [nature.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-13 Teen burns self with 'Jackass'-type stunt [cnn.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-13 Marxists' Apartment A Microcosm Of Why Marxism Doesn't Work [theonion.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-13 Ministry opposes potter [sunjournal.com]
here we go again...

[discuss] 2002-11-13 Opera Small Screen Rendering [opera.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-13 Robots, Terrorists, and Morals [robots.net]

[discuss] 2002-11-13 U.S. Hopes to Check Computers Globally [washingtonpost.com]
USA vill leta terrorister i din dator.

[discuss] 2002-11-13 Scientists wake up to brain stimulant [guardian.co.uk]
Forget coffee - here's modafinil!

[discuss] 2002-11-13 This is information [comics911.com]
"It could be anyone."

[discuss] 2002-11-13 Coming soon - LindowsOS Tablet PC [lindows.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-13 Matrix, reloaded [whatisthematrix.warnerbros.com]
Seems like they will blow stuff up...

[discuss] 2002-11-13 Ginx: Nickel Exchange [ginx.com]

1 comments 2002-11-13 The human Swiss Army Knife [smh.com.au]

[discuss] 2002-11-13 Radial Pong [puzzlechoice.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-13 Plaxo Contact Networks [plaxo.com]
nästan napsterns nya äventyr.

[discuss] 2002-11-13 Etna [eol.jsc.nasa.gov]
Etna eruption as pictured from space

[discuss] 2002-11-13 LSD_Being_Tested_on_Brtish_Troops.mpg [hes.iki.fi]

[discuss] 2002-11-13 Germs develop a deadly defense [freep.com]
Drug-resistant bacteria discovered in Detroit

[discuss] 2002-11-13 Nu kommer robotarna hem [svd.se]
Robotar är på väg in i våra hem

[discuss] 2002-11-12 Good Morning, Dave... [computerworld.com]
The Defense Department is working on a self-aware computer

[discuss] 2002-11-12 Godwin's Law [tuxedo.org]

[discuss] 2002-11-12 Spanking Jakob Nielsen [webword.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-12 Man sucks blood of 207 goats and wants more [ananova.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-12 HTTP 404 Porn Not Found [my.core.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-12 USS Clueless - Hate Speech [denbeste.nu]

[discuss] 2002-11-12 Patterns for Personal Web Sites [rdrop.com]

2 comments 2002-11-12 Napster Co-Founder's New Venture [wired.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-12 INDUSTORIOUS CLOCK ||| MONO*CRAFTS3.0 [yugop.com]
Tick tack...

[discuss] 2002-11-12 10-Tflops computer built off the shelf [eet.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-12 Why is the Web Still Only a Single-User System? [theideabasket.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-12 like i said. what's your ominosity quotient? [likeisaid.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-12 Neuros MP3 Digital Audio Computer [neurosaudio.com]

1 comments 2002-11-12 Google Search: http [google.com]

1 comments 2002-11-12 The Law of Leaky Abstractions [joelonsoftware.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-11 Researchers Are Designing The Ultimate Fabrics [sciencedaily.com]
e-textiles - cloth interwoven with electronic components

[discuss] 2002-11-11 [mobile-review.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-11 iPods Around the World Photo Gallery [ipodlounge.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-11 Intranet Usability: The Trillion-Dollar Question [useit.com]

1 comments 2002-11-11 Vintage Vinyl:Steal This Book [tenant.net]

[discuss] 2002-11-11 Conceptual Metaphor Home Page [cogsci.berkeley.edu]

[discuss] 2002-11-11 727-200 Airplane home or bar for sale on ebay [airplanehomes.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-11 Nobel scientist's bid for freedom [news.bbc.co.uk]
Open source biology?

[discuss] 2002-11-11 Urban Legends of Rock and Roll [classicrock.about.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-11 OpenOffice.org Project Update [linuxjournal.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-11 Guess Who Yahoos? Saddam's Son [wired.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-11 Palm OS: Web Browser 2.0 [palmos.com]
Web clipping is no more. See last answer in FAQ

[discuss] 2002-11-11 Nu laddar vi hem filmen från nätet [aftonbladet.se]
No shit.

[discuss] 2002-11-11 Vaccine 'starves cancer cells' [news.bbc.co.uk]

[discuss] 2002-11-11 AltaVista [altavista.com]
new and improved ?

[discuss] 2002-11-11 Sun's rays to roast Earth as poles flip [observer.co.uk]

[discuss] 2002-11-11 tangle [tangle.sourceforge.net]

[discuss] 2002-11-10 Computer Museum of America -- The computer photography of Arthur Lavine [computer-museum.org]

[discuss] 2002-11-10 Ghostzilla [ghostzilla.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-10 The Sexiest Sentence Alive [fireland.com]

1 comments 2002-11-09 DN - Nyheter - Information lockar elever testa droger [dn.se]

[discuss] 2002-11-09 Microsoft's TrueType core fonts on linux [corefonts.sourceforge.net]

[discuss] 2002-11-09 breakout [homokaasu.org]

1 comments 2002-11-09 Atari® Classic 10 in 1 TV Game [shop.avon.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-09 The Global Technology Revolution: Summary [rand.org]

[discuss] 2002-11-08 ICES Interaction Design Studio [ices.cmu.edu]
Some wearable stuff

[discuss] 2002-11-08 Nu är det slut med skitlöp [pressenstidning.nu]
Aftonbladet erkänner att dom ljugit regelbundet

[discuss] 2002-11-08 Apple - Switch - Ads - Ellen Feiss [apple.com]
"It's like... a bummer." Reklamtrailern som startade det hela.

[discuss] 2002-11-08 FunStuff - för en helkul fritid!! [annons2000.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-08 Technology Will Reshape Research Universities Dramatically [chronicle.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-08 FoxTrot goes Ellen Feiss [ucomics.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-08 Guns and Babes - Beautiful Women with Big Guns! [gunsandbabes.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-08 Stretching wireless LANs to the limit [nwfusion.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-08 Vampyrekorre härjar i England - bet Kelsi, 2 [aftonbladet.se]
den blodtörstiga ekorren nu slagit till sex gånger på en vecka.

[discuss] 2002-11-08 Interface Hall of Shame [iarchitect.com]
Dåliga användargränssnitt

[discuss] 2002-11-08 When good interfaces go crufty [mpt.phrasewise.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-08 MIT's Superarchive [technologyreview.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-08 Kaffe kan ge skydd mot diabetes [nyteknik.se]
diabetes 1, cancer -1, stress -1, rödvin 1. Hm. Börjar bli avancerat.

[discuss] 2002-11-08 Father files suit after son fails to win MVP award [globeandmail.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-08 Akiyoshi's illusion pages [ritsumei.ac.jp]

[discuss] 2002-11-08 Kårhuset svårt skadat i brand [sydostran.se]

1 comments 2002-11-08 Bilder från kårbranden [bsk.bth.se]

1 comments 2002-11-08 Black People Love Us! [blackpeopleloveus.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-08 Brand i kårhus i Ronneby [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2002-11-08 Ah, the ambience [disenchanted.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-08 Think tanks think about post dotcom future [theregister.co.uk]

2 comments 2002-11-08 Global announcement [8march2003.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-07 What I Learned on Linux Lunacy [linuxjournal.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-07 Kontorslandskap [44an.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-07 Room 33 [room33.com]
ehh... var det så svårt att komma på ett eget domännamn?

1 comments 2002-11-07 Microsoft-partner sviker på mållinjen [idg.se]

[discuss] 2002-11-07 Xoxide Caffeinated Soap Review [overclockercafe.com]
Koffeintvål. Precis vad mänskligheten saknade.

[discuss] 2002-11-07 PS2 Network Adapter Changes Gaming Forever [extremetech.com]
Playstation Internet = sant

1 comments 2002-11-07 Red Message går i graven [nyteknik.se]

[discuss] 2002-11-07 Man hotar tända eld på sjukhus [svd.se]
En man hotar att sätta eld på ett sjukhus i Hässleholm.

2 comments 2002-11-07 U wanna fyckifycki, yes ? [di.se]
Dagens Industri...

[discuss] 2002-11-07 Sidan är skitdålig [ingenting.nu]

[discuss] 2002-11-07 Framtiden är i behov av att debatteras [popido.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-07 'No more music CDs without copy protection,' claims BMG unit [theregister.co.uk]

[discuss] 2002-11-07 Dark Side Switch Campaign [pixelred.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-07 The 1 GHz PowerBook G4 with SuperDrive [apple.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-07 PlayStation2: Killing the Competition [businessweek.com]
Sony leder konsollkriget

[discuss] 2002-11-06 Ericssons tre stora misstag [expressen.se]
Rolig läsning.

[discuss] 2002-11-06 Skånska mattesnillen vann EM i IT [nyteknik.se]
Mer om tävlingen. Grattis till Decuma. :o)

1 comments 2002-11-06 Chasing Bluetooth and Wi-Fi [business2.com]
UWB istf BT och WiFi (och 3G?)

[discuss] 2002-11-06 World`s First Commercially Available Illuminated Computer Keyboard [twomobile.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-06 "You've been out roaming again." [ibiblio.org]

[discuss] 2002-11-06 Orange Sverige har fått in 100 friska miljoner [di.se]

[discuss] 2002-11-06 GOP Gains Control of Congress [washingtonpost.com]
Republicans Keep Reins in House, Recapture Majority in the Senate

[discuss] 2002-11-06 Welcome to The Big Cartoon DataBase [bcdb.com]
The Internet's Largest Searchable DataBase of Cartoons, Episode Guides and Crew Lists

[discuss] 2002-11-06 Yet Another One-hand Keyboard [chordite.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-05 Pill to boost brain power [news.bbc.co.uk]

1 comments 2002-11-05 Rödvin kan stoppa cancer [aftonbladet.se]
Med kaffe i ena handen och en pava rött i andra är det lugnt.

[discuss] 2002-11-05 HEY, U. GO, GIRLS! [nypost.com]
Kvinnorna tar över de amerikanska högskolorna.

[discuss] 2002-11-05 Bredbandochdu.com 2002-11-5 [bredbandochdu.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-05 Webbpennan är till för dig som skriver, redigerar och publicerar webbtext. [webbpennan.com]

1 comments 2002-11-05 PLEES: Product Line Engineering The Early Steps [plees.info]
Papers online now

[discuss] 2002-11-05 Rymden tur och retur [dn.se]
Utbredd rymdturism inom 10 år

[discuss] 2002-11-05 For the love of... [smh.com.au]

1 comments 2002-11-05 Nio tunga makthavare som orsakade Ericssons kollaps [expressen.se]
Ramqvist trodde Internet skulle vara borta 2005...

[discuss] 2002-11-05 Coca Cola med vanilj snart i Sverige [svd.se]

[discuss] 2002-11-05 BumFights.com [bumfights.com]
Homeless people fighting and hurting themselves. Jättekul?

[discuss] 2002-11-05 Läsarna rasar: "En stor skam" [aftonbladet.se]
"Alla måste ha det lika dåligt, annars är det inte rättvist. Pengar är fult."

[discuss] 2002-11-05 Still Waiting for the Web Services Miracle [business2.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-05 The Lycos 50 Daily Report [50.lycos.com]
Kolla vad folk söker på

[discuss] 2002-11-05 Halva priset på dansk sprit [expressen.se]
Danmark toksänker spritskatten.

[discuss] 2002-11-05 European IST Prize - Winners [ist-prize.org]
200.000 euro i prispengar !

[discuss] 2002-11-05 kaffe farligare än chips. [aftonbladet.se]

1 comments 2002-11-05 Smart paint creates chameleon tanks [news.bbc.co.uk]

[discuss] 2002-11-05 Cancer-stricken Sharon Osbourne says she wishes she hadn't agreed to MTV show [sfgate.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-05 The Worst Coders in Washington [aotc.info]

[discuss] 2002-11-04 Lunar Anomalies Homepage [lunaranomalies.com]
Konspirationer, konspirationer...

[discuss] 2002-11-04 Nokias vice vd: Vi blir spelförläggare [nyteknik.se]

[discuss] 2002-11-04 Lockheed Martin [lockheedmartin.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-04 I am the Green Fairy [tartcity.com]
My robe is the colour of despair.

[discuss] 2002-11-04 long mail [epoch.longnow.org]

[discuss] 2002-11-04 The Rosetta Project [rosettaproject.org]

[discuss] 2002-11-04 Nokia and Sega to take gamers to a new level of mobile interactive gaming [press.nokia.com]
Quake på skithuset

[discuss] 2002-11-04 How to Clean Your Keyboard [techtv.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-04 IT-jurister tvekar om dataintrång [idg.se]
men Intentia ger sig inte...

[discuss] 2002-11-04 Antenna System Is Said to Expand Wireless Internet Use [nytimes.com]
Ny teknik ökar kraftigt räckvidden på 802.11

[discuss] 2002-11-04 The Final Insult: A Lost Domain [wired.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-04 Digital Vinyl CD-R 80 Minute 10-Pack in Jewel Cases [verbatim.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-04 Krematorium ska värma bostäder [dn.se]
Kommunen hoppas på många självmord till jul för att klara vinterkylan.

[discuss] 2002-11-03 Election Selection [sciencenews.org]
Are we using the worst voting procedure?

1 comments 2002-11-03 The Harrow Group [theharrowgroup.com]
The Harrow Technology Report

[discuss] 2002-11-03 Och IT-segern går till - Asien [dn.se]
Sverige, snart ett u-land utan bredband för alla.

[discuss] 2002-11-03 Motorola Mediacenter - Press Releases [motorola.com]
Motorola’s i.250 GSM/GPRS Platform

[discuss] 2002-11-03 Mobile handsets turnkey solutions [rtxtelecom.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-03 comneon [comneon.com]

1 comments 2002-11-03 Atelier: BC2 Phone Platform [atelier.tm]

[discuss] 2002-11-03 Team repeatedly scores own goals to protest refs [espn.go.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-03 U.S. Joins Jewish Groups Against Arab TV Series [reuters.com]
USA tycker inte arabiska tv-serier är så bra på att visa judarnas bästa sida...

[discuss] 2002-11-03 Fler knarkar för att minska jobbstressen [aftonbladet.se]
Allt fler i IT-sektorn tar narkotika för att orka med jobbet

[discuss] 2002-11-02 Iraq Sends U.S. Harsh Warning [abcnews.go.com]
Americans will be "sent to hell". Uppenbarligen har Saddam inte sett South Park the Movie.

[discuss] 2002-11-02 The Two Towers movie poster photoshopped [surrealdistortion.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-02 BMW's Easter Egg [popsci.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-02 Nokias chef har bilden klar [svd.se]
Ollila inte orolig för konkurrensen från Microsoft

[discuss] 2002-11-02 New Outlook to give spammers the boot [news.com.com]
"You can now convert all your e-mail to plain text" woohoo.

[discuss] 2002-11-02 A Liberal Argument For Regime Change [washingtonpost.com]
By Salman Rushdie

1 comments 2002-11-01 www.44an.com [44an.com]
Polisen jävlas med vår favoritsida ...

[discuss] 2002-11-01 lite photoshopade bush bilder igen... [acetik85.free.fr]

[discuss] 2002-11-01 FoxTrot trick or treat [ucomics.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-01 Microsoft's Weblog Software [dashes.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-01 Microsoft Tries To Make Vox Popular [informationweek.com]
M$ satsar på voice.

[discuss] 2002-11-01 IBM's Plan: Computing On Demand [washingtonpost.com]

1 comments 2002-11-01 HashCash [cypherspace.org]
A way to prevent spam by paying for postage in CPU-cycles

[discuss] 2002-11-01 Homing In on Laser Weapons [globalsecurity.org]
Laserkanoner på flygplanen snart verklighet. Jedi-träningen inleds nästa höst.

2 comments 2002-11-01 Eilert Pilarm lägger ner musiken [aftonbladet.se]
Eilert has left the building.

[discuss] 2002-11-01 The Tablet PC: It Rocks [wired.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-01 uDrive Me Crazy [popsci.com]
BMW's iDrive cockpit-of-the-future....

[discuss] 2002-11-01 LocustWorld :: The Information Revolution!!! - mesh networking hardware and software [locustworld.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-01 IT ties with India start to pay off for S'pore companies - NOV 1, 2002 [straitstimes.asia1.com.sg]
India will colonize the world...

1 comments 2002-11-01 Review of "The Petstore Revisited: J2EE vs .NET Application Server Performance Benchmark" [dreambean.com]

[discuss] 2002-11-01 The Silica Gel Mystery [lunarpolicy.net]

1 comments 2002-11-01 Albanian and Russian observers sent to monitor American elections [news.independent.co.uk]

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