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topics for February 2003

[discuss] 2003-02-28 Dark Holler brings you traditional, experimental, and obscure folk music from the world over. We also carry a selection of antique photographs, art, and more. [somedarkholler.com]
Focus on murder ballads and appalachian style tunes, neo-celtic, and dark gothic... from 1890.

2 comments 2003-02-28 Gravity test confines string theory [scienceblog.com]
U. of Colorado researchers conduct most sensitive search for new forces

[discuss] 2003-02-28 Young's Winter Warmer [beeradvocate.com]
Mmmm.... beer.

[discuss] 2003-02-28 DVD-brännare .... [dustin.se]
Pris 1,895.00 SEK(exkl moms)

[discuss] 2003-02-28 #ifdef Considered Harmful, or Portability Experience With C News [literateprogramming.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-28 Danish pizzeria bans French and Germans [ananova.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-28 GOTH.NET - What is Goth? [goth.net]

[discuss] 2003-02-28 The Great Computer Language Shootout [bagley.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-28 Borland Software Craftsmanship: A New Look at Process, Quality and Productivity [www1.bell-labs.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-28 The complete home entertainer? [economist.com]
Life after PlayStation 2

[discuss] 2003-02-28 Är Apan Ola svensk spion? [muzagga.nu]

[discuss] 2003-02-28 Communist theme park to open its gates [story.news.yahoo.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-28 How evil are you? [home.att.net]

[discuss] 2003-02-28 Anti-State.com [anti-state.netherweb.com]
"Welcome to anti-state.com, the center of the market anarchist movement. " Anarko-kapitalism.

[discuss] 2003-02-27 The state of attentiveness in this nanosecond world [buddhistnews.tv]
"At a colloquium, artists debate the effects of the Information Age on human concentration."

[discuss] 2003-02-27 Kroppspiercing [medicallink.se]

[discuss] 2003-02-27 Fallen IT-ängel gör comeback [dn.se]
"Icon-grundaren har utnämnt 2003 till året för "the revenge of the nerds". Han har tio månader på sig. "

[discuss] 2003-02-27 MIT student honored for robot design [boston.com]
"It's amazing what you can come up with if you study the behavior of ants and bees long enough"

[discuss] 2003-02-27 Simpsons till Sverige på Nobelmiddagen [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2003-02-27 Ecstasy testing kits prove unreliable [newscientist.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-27 NASA: Forget Outer Space, Go Deep [wired.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-27 Segway Human Transporter -- First come, first served for delivery starting March 2003 [amazon.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-27 DN - Debatt - "Regeringen kämpar för överklasskvinnor" [dn.se]

1 comments 2003-02-27 Phonature [phonature.com]
processing of sound in real-time transformation into human recognizable patterns of stimulation for other senses

1 comments 2003-02-27 Looking Inside the Brains of the Stingy [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-27 IT- och telekom uteblir från arbetsmarknadsdagarna [nyteknik.se]
"Det finns inget att hämta för teknologerna"

[discuss] 2003-02-26 Apparently, the mobile device sector just can't live without its Java. [wirelessweek.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-26 Hur kul är det att kosta 8 öre? [di.se]
Tomas Althén?

[discuss] 2003-02-26 Your Next Customer Is Virtual. But His Money Is Real. [business2.com]
There Inc. invites you to sell your wares in the most realistic and commercially sophisticated virtual world ever created.

[discuss] 2003-02-26 Synthesizer vållade pådrag i Skåne [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2003-02-26 MailStation® 350 [earthlink.net]
Email for dummies

[discuss] 2003-02-26 Remote Control for P800 [shop.my-symbian.com]
Vem behöver Stinger ?

[discuss] 2003-02-26 Search Engine Showdown News: AlltheWeb and FAST also Bought by Overture [searchengineshowdown.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-26 Annual Fee? [dilbert.com]
Grönköpings veckoblad

[discuss] 2003-02-26 Notes on Ed Yourdon and Larry Constantine's 'Structured Design' [yourdon.com]
By Ed Yourdon

[discuss] 2003-02-26 MusicNOT [musicnot.com]
"We expect to use this "service" as an excuse to persuade the courts to shut down Napster once and for all." MusicNot. Inte MusicNet.

[discuss] 2003-02-26 The Lysistrata Project [pecosdesign.com]
The Worldwide Theatre Event for Peace

1 comments 2003-02-26 eBay eXposed [secure.netsuccessnow.com]
I went from driving a forklift to making over $9,000 a month with online auctions. My life will never be the same!

[discuss] 2003-02-26 Driv handdatorn med kroppsvärme [idg.se]
Slipp batterier.

1 comments 2003-02-26 Den galna guldruschen [tv3.se]
"De var unga, svenska mångmiljonärer med världen för sina fötter." TV3 Dokumentär om IT-bubblan, ikväll 22:00.

[discuss] 2003-02-26 Donkey Kong JR. [backtothefuture.nl]

[discuss] 2003-02-26 Orwellian Future? [thefeature.com]
Progress in biotechnology and wireless systems could mean more Big Brother. Is that so bad?

[discuss] 2003-02-26 Recording Artists Safety Guide To The Beach (.jpg) [morpho.dar.net]

[discuss] 2003-02-26 gamebutton arcade [kisrael.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-26 FW: Google trademark concerns [listserv.linguistlist.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-26 DN - Kultur - Demokratin bit för bit [dn.se]
"Problemet i denna bok gäller demokratins framtid i en globaliserad värld."

[discuss] 2003-02-26 Robo Deer takes one for Bambi [cooltech.iafrica.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-26 Stockholmsprocessen [ud.se]
ett svenskt initiativ för effektivare sanktioner

1 comments 2003-02-26 Microsoft tech may curb whistle-blowing [technology.scmp.com]
Microsoft is developing new technology to help companies control their internal documents

1 comments 2003-02-25 Skriv isär!!! [geocities.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-25 Corn That Clones Itself [technologyreview.com]
If they 19re allowed out of the lab and into the field, crops genetically engineered to reproduce through cloning could feed the world 19s poor.

[discuss] 2003-02-25 Promise of intelligent networks [news.bbc.co.uk]
"US researchers are working on ways to make wireless computer networks organise themselves and manage data traffic levels without any human intervention."

[discuss] 2003-02-25 exchange4linux [billworkgroup.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-25 Sverige har tappat [di.se]
"Omvärlden håller på att komma i kapp Sverige vad gäller IT och bredband."

2 comments 2003-02-25 Report: White Text on a Blue Background [webword.com]
se även i word ... tools|options|general

[discuss] 2003-02-25 Swarm Radio - a cheaper, faster 'casting tech [theregister.co.uk]
The technology behind the next generation of file sharing legal battles was unveiled at CodeCon today

[discuss] 2003-02-25 Study Guide for William Gibson: Neuromancer (1984) [project.cyberpunk.ru]

[discuss] 2003-02-25 Stick It In The Slot: A VGG Salute to the Atari 2600 [vgg.com]

1 comments 2003-02-25 The Worst Breakfast Ever. [x-entertainment.com]

1 comments 2003-02-25 How a Banana Saved a Company [business2.com]
"Don't worry," she said, smiling at my confusion. "None of us believed that something so ridiculous could change the fortunes of an entire company either."

[discuss] 2003-02-24 IT-optimismen lever än i Bangalore [dn.se]
"Att det är billigt är inte längre "the buzzword" för våra kunder. Nu handlar det om kvalitet"

[discuss] 2003-02-24 Aftonbladet: "Gå inte ut ensam i Tallinn på natten" [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2003-02-24 Q - Equational Programming Language [musikwissenschaft.uni-mainz.de]

2 comments 2003-02-24 Baltic Inkasso. [balticinkasso.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-24 MP3 Partiet [politik.mp3.nu]

[discuss] 2003-02-24 Do Fish Feel Pain [cotrout.org]
Do fish, like humans, experience pain and suffering?

[discuss] 2003-02-24 End of the World Is Nigh, Says Long-Dead Scientist [story.news.yahoo.com]
"Armageddon is just 57 years away, by the calculations of Britain's most famous scientist"

[discuss] 2003-02-24 Can 3 Make 3G Work? [thefeature.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-24 My-Symbian.com - Symbian OS Communicators and Smartphones Info Center [my-symbian.info]

[discuss] 2003-02-24 Beginning Haskell [www6.software.ibm.com]
registration required.

[discuss] 2003-02-24 Sjuttio svenskar trotsar IT-krisen [nyteknik.se]

2 comments 2003-02-24 Aftonbladet: Aftonbladet telegram: Jesus var en hägring [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2003-02-24 Mono 0.20 [go-mono.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-24 Nokia släpper däcken [di.se]

[discuss] 2003-02-24 Lasaretten på kö till McDonald's [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2003-02-24 Company Politics [dilbert.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-23 Fortress America [nytimes.com]
Total Information Awareness.

[discuss] 2003-02-23 Caring for Your Introvert [theatlantic.com]
"I'm an introvert. You are a wonderful person and I like you. But now please shush."

[discuss] 2003-02-23 CBS EXECUTIVES WANT NO 'ANTI-WAR' STATEMENTS DURING GRAMMYS [drudgereport.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-23 Node by node [americanscientist.org]
Linked: The New Science of Networks.

[discuss] 2003-02-23 Ten things to know about XDocs [infoworld.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-23 Head-Heart Interactions [heartmath.org]
Research has shown that the heart communicates to the brain in four major ways

[discuss] 2003-02-23 New Molecular Self-Assembly Technique May Mimic How Cells Assemble Themselves [nsf.gov]

[discuss] 2003-02-23 Hackers Run Wild and Free on AOL [wired.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-23 Visions of war propaganda past [thornwalker.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-23 Welcome to Moon Resort and Casino: Building a Dream [moonresortandcasino.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-23 BT saying it with flowers to keep bosom 18buddies 19 in touch [businessweekly.co.uk]
Digital blomma vissnar när man glömmer bort sina kompisar.

[discuss] 2003-02-23 Ericsson and Sony Music Germany announce M-USE, new mobile music service [ericsson.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-23 Creation Myths: Does innovation require intellectual property rights? [reason.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-23 RDFWeb: FOAF: the 'friend of a friend' project [rdfweb.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-23 How Protesters Mobilized So Many and So Nimbly [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-23 Money Stamping [interactingarts.org]
Fighting money with money

[discuss] 2003-02-23 107 amerikanska städer går emot Bush [dn.se]
Senast i raden är USA:s näst största stad Los Angeles.

[discuss] 2003-02-22 Tag Ericsson [jetset2000.com]
Förre IT-vdn. Not safe for work. :o)

[discuss] 2003-02-22 Svensk vd blir porrskådis i USA [aftonbladet.se]
"Tidigae var han vd för ett it-företag."

[discuss] 2003-02-22 Antiwar.com [antiwar.com]
The best source for antiwar news, viewpoints and activities

[discuss] 2003-02-22 Why Did Google Want Blogger? [wired.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-22 Lärare tejpade igen eleverna [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2003-02-22 Building a monster of the skies [news.independent.co.uk]
Airbus faces a daunting task before its $260m superjumbo A380 can take to the air

[discuss] 2003-02-22 P800 chess och doom [yipton.net]

[discuss] 2003-02-22 Välkommen till presskort [presskort.org]
Lek journalist och gå före i kön.

[discuss] 2003-02-22 Tufft snack, tuffa killar [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
"Vi ska exportera död och våld till jordens alla hörn i försvar för vår stora nation."

[discuss] 2003-02-22 Phoenix Project: Shifting from Oil to Hydrogen [phoenixproject.net]

[discuss] 2003-02-22 K-THX.COM [lets.see.how.long.i.can.make.this.url.before.it.stops.working.qwerty.asdf.plz.kthx.stfu.die.motherfucker.you.can.make.it.way.longer.than.that.prolly.longer.than.this.too.but.i.cant.be.bothered.to.write.much.more.cause.im.bored.k-thx.com]

1 comments 2003-02-22 'Ironic' song sparks 'murder' [icsouthlondon.icnetwork.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-02-21 Museum of Soviet synthesizers. [ruskeys.net]

[discuss] 2003-02-21 Director of The Crow to Film Asimov's I, Robot [betterhumans.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-21 In Memory of Simo Häyhä [my_gunsite.tripod.com]
He was accredited at least 500+ enemy kills.

1 comments 2003-02-21 Is Google too powerful? [news.bbc.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-02-21 The New Nature vs. Nurture [wired.com]
Science is pulling the long-standing debate in strange directions.

[discuss] 2003-02-21 JDepend [clarkware.com]
JDepend traverses Java class file directories and generates design quality metrics for each Java package

[discuss] 2003-02-21 Checkstyle Home Page [checkstyle.sourceforge.net]
automates the process of checking Java code to spare humans of this boring (but important) task.

[discuss] 2003-02-21 DN - Ekonomi - Krisen för IT-konsulterna inte över [dn.se]

[discuss] 2003-02-21 The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect [kuro5hin.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-21 Boycott the bastards! [urban75.com]
boycott top 5.

[discuss] 2003-02-21 TABLE OF CONTENTS/Plain Language Action & Info Network [blm.gov]
bra läsning..

1 comments 2003-02-21 US public turns to Europe for news [journalism.co.uk]
"The American public is apparently turning away from the mostly US-centric American media in search of unbiased reporting and other points of views."

[discuss] 2003-02-21 Ready.gov - From the U.S. Department of Homeland Security [ready.gov]
Don't be afraid. Be ready.

[discuss] 2003-02-21 George Bush tee-shirt [tshirthell.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-21 Delfiner riktiga snuskhumrar [aftonbladet.se]
"incest och gruppvåldtäkter" Förbjud delfiner?

2 comments 2003-02-21 Avväpna diktatorn - med eller utan FN [amerikabrev.nu]
"En del försöker få Irak-frågan att handla om huruvida vi ska ha krig eller fred. Det är lönlöst, eftersom kriget tyvärr redan har tillåtits pågå under lång tid."

[discuss] 2003-02-21 Falwell: "Jesus is Da BOMB!" happy valentine's day from 60X1.COM [111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-21 Programming in Emacs Lisp [gnu.org]
An Introduction to Programming in Emacs Lisp

[discuss] 2003-02-20 Bloggle [business2.com]
The most popular search engine buys the most popular blogging tool. Now what?

[discuss] 2003-02-20 Book In-Jokes [forum2.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-20 blowing up [gladwell.com]
How Nassim Taleb turned the inevitability of disaster into an investment strategy

[discuss] 2003-02-20 iraq [uruklink.net]
"Biography of President of Republic of Iraq", "Speeches of the President of iraq"

1 comments 2003-02-20 Brainwave HCI [swissinfo.org]
Researchers in Switzerland are developing technology that uses human brainwaves to tell computers what to do.

[discuss] 2003-02-20 Wireless net marches forward [news.bbc.co.uk]
Wireless networks in airports, hotels and coffee shops could soon be a lot easier to find and use.

2 comments 2003-02-20 814413 - OL: The Microsoft Outlook Team Folders Kit Has Been Discontinued [support.microsoft.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-20 Lesbian monkeys challenge Darwin theory [story.news.yahoo.com]
"A psychologist claims that a group of lesbian monkeys in Japan shows that Darwin's theories of evolution are incorrect." Jisses...

[discuss] 2003-02-20 Free Storage [freedom-to-tinker.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-20 CNN transcript is cut a bit short [kuro5hin.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-19 The future of guys. [ibiblio.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-19 Why Don't They Practice What We Preach? [sei.cmu.edu]
Watts S. Humphrey

[discuss] 2003-02-19 Scrum Development Process [controlchaos.com]
Scrum is an agile, lightweight process that can be used to manage and control software and product development.

[discuss] 2003-02-19 Nu slår IT-bubblan mot statsfinanserna [di.se]
Skulle det vara så svårt att förutse?

[discuss] 2003-02-19 Who should explore space, man or machine? [cnn.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-19 Riskkapitalister ökar satsningarna [dn.se]
Medicinteknik är det område som de tycker är mest intressant att satsa på.

[discuss] 2003-02-19 14 riksdagsledamöter som fick nej. [sr.se]
Här följer namnen på 14 riksdagsledamöter som försökt göra stora skatteavdrag men fått nej av sin skattemyndighet.

[discuss] 2003-02-19 IDG.se - Ännu sämre än väntat för Dimension 2002 [idg.se]
Dimension överraskade negativt med sitt bokslut som presenterades i dag

[discuss] 2003-02-19 Looking Beyond a War in Iraq [nytimes.com]
"The telecommunications equipment industry is quietly pinning its hopes on a quick Iraqi war that would be followed by an American-led effort to rebuild the country"

[discuss] 2003-02-19 Existensialismen är en tyranni! [svd.se]

[discuss] 2003-02-19 Rising Anti-American Sentiment Could Slam the Tech Sector [fortune.com]
As the technology industry becomes truly global, consumers angered by a war with Iraq could turn their backs on U.S. products.

[discuss] 2003-02-19 Medan det regnar i Cannes [computersweden.idg.se]
"Vilken barnrumpa som helst kan göra en processor i kisel eller fylla en platta med minnesceller. Det krävs riktiga grabbar för att bygga radiokretsar."

[discuss] 2003-02-19 Brain imaging study sheds light on inner workings of human intelligence [eurekalert.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-19 Smile [newscientist.com]
A new robot that, according to its creators, can express a full repertoire of human facial expressions was unveiled on Sunday.

[discuss] 2003-02-19 Saddamprotesterare (.jpg) [mediaservice.photoisland.com]
För eller mot.

[discuss] 2003-02-19 Why Nerds are Unpopular [paulgraham.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-19 a happy place [dilbert.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-19 Social Science at 190 MPH on NASCAR's Biggest Superspeedways [firstmonday.dk]
Nascar racing provides a curious laboratory for several social science theories

[discuss] 2003-02-18 Hackare kom åt fem miljoner kreditkortsnummer [dn.se]
Det är väl inte så bra?

[discuss] 2003-02-18 Nokia och Sony Ericsson stärker samarbetet [mobil.se]
Symbian ska växa.

1 comments 2003-02-18 : : : : : Digital Data Porn : : : : : [lindkvist.com]
Rosa porr-site, med data prylar [Säker att titta på även på jobbet :-)]

1 comments 2003-02-18 David Thrussell (Snog) - Make The Little Flowers Grow [pretentious.net]

[discuss] 2003-02-18 Fler nyheter från Sony Ericsson i mars [di.se]

[discuss] 2003-02-18 Lika som bär... [nyteknik.se]
Sony Ericssons och Sendos nallar.

[discuss] 2003-02-18 Mister Tweak-a-thon [monkeychops.karoo.net]

[discuss] 2003-02-18 Most people kiss the right way [nature.com]
Only one in three of us turn left to snog.

[discuss] 2003-02-18 A new era in computer chess. [opinionjournal.com]

1 comments 2003-02-18 DN - Nyheter - Nordöstra USA paralyserat av snöoväder [dn.se]
hur ska de klara av att föra krig när de inte tål snö?

[discuss] 2003-02-18 Brandbomb mot McDonald's i Malmö [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2003-02-18 Determinism beneath Quantum Mechanics [arxiv.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-17 U.S.: Tech Is Looking Up--but It Won't Kick-Start Recovery [businessweek.com]
"High tech means productivity, while low tech means expansion."

[discuss] 2003-02-17 Sony Clie PEG-TG50 [palminfocenter.com]
inte så pjåkig den heller.

[discuss] 2003-02-17 Digital cameras and mobile phones [mobile-review.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-17 Lutz Roeder's Programming.NET [aisto.com]
Tools and source codes for .NET, C# and Visual Basic

[discuss] 2003-02-17 A835 - new 3G phone from Motorola [infosync.no]
En av Motorolas 3G-nallar.

[discuss] 2003-02-17 Mobiltelefoner: Nokia 6650 [nokia.se]
Bara som en påminnelse...

5 comments 2003-02-17 Sony Ericsson. 3GSM World Congress 2003. [sonyericsson.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-17 IHT: Microsoft to unveil a deal with T-Mobile [iht.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-17 Biology to make mini machines [news.bbc.co.uk]
Computers of the future will be built not by factory machines, but by living cells such as bacteria.

[discuss] 2003-02-17 Samsung in i Symbian [nyteknik.se]
Samsung Electronics köper aktier av Sony Ericsson, Nokia och Motorola och får 5 procent i bolaget

[discuss] 2003-02-17 New Privacy Menace: Cell Phones? [wired.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-17 Welcome to the WorldForge Project. [worldforge.org]
A Complete Gaming System for Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying.

[discuss] 2003-02-17 AgentFrank [decafbad.com]
The goal of Agent Frank is to be a personal intelligent intermediary and companion to internet infovores during their daily hunter/gatherer excursions

[discuss] 2003-02-17 Artificial worlds used to unlock secrets of real human interaction [news.cornell.edu]
What do flocks of birds, traffic jams, fads, drinking games, forest fires and residential segregation have in common?

[discuss] 2003-02-17 The Invention Factory [technologyreview.com]
Verkar vara ett kul ställe.

[discuss] 2003-02-17 It's the Dawning Age of the Apocalypse . . . [washingtonpost.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-17 For full-time futurist, life isn't practical [seattlepi.nwsource.com]
Glen Hiemstra's work is to ask about things that are out of the ordinary

[discuss] 2003-02-17 'Sticky' DNA crystals promise new way to process information [eurekalert.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-17 Accumulator Generator [paulgraham.com]
på tal om språk.

[discuss] 2003-02-16 Coffee Enema,Coffee Enemas [independenthealth.net]
The use of coffee in enemas for detoxification purposes is well known

[discuss] 2003-02-16 Norwegian whalers catch a record 634 whales in 2002 [enn.com]
Grattis, Norge.

[discuss] 2003-02-16 Boikott Esso Norge og Hydro Texaco [home.online.no]
En norrman som vill bojkotta amerikansk olja. Undrar varför.

[discuss] 2003-02-16 Project Prometheus [spacescience.nasa.gov]
"Today, only nuclear power can enable these scientifically vital, but incredibly challenging missions."

[discuss] 2003-02-16 Privacy International - Stupid Security [privacyinternational.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-16 Armageddon asteroids 'best kept secret' [news.independent.co.uk]

1 comments 2003-02-16 Ruminations on venture capital, trust networks, and information theory [pacificafund.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-16 Google and Larry Page [j-bradford-delong.net]
"It wasn't that we intended to build a search engine."

[discuss] 2003-02-16 Lucrative [lucrative.thirdhost.com]
This is 'true anonymous digital cash' folks.

[discuss] 2003-02-16 A Great Divide [msnbc.com]
Om skillnaderna mellan USA och Europa.

[discuss] 2003-02-16 United for Peace [unitedforpeace.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-16 These Weapons of Mass Destruction cannot be displayed [coxar.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-02-16 Kinesis Ergonomic Keyboards [kinesis-ergo.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-16 Daypop - a current events/weblog/news search engine [daypop.com]
Search 14600 News Sites and Weblogs for Current Events and Breaking News

[discuss] 2003-02-16 Google Buys Pyra: Blogging Goes Big-Time [weblog.siliconvalley.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-16 "Fega direktörer diskriminerar män" [dn.se]
Ja. Män.

[discuss] 2003-02-15 At least a million rally against war [msnbc.com]
"about 35,000 gathered peacefully in frigid Stockholm." Frigid?

[discuss] 2003-02-15 Evolution Robotics: ER2 Showcase Robot [evolution.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-15 Tryckfel i PADI's tabeller [dykarna.nu]
inte för att folk här dyker kanske, men buggar i dyktabeller är inte bra ;)

[discuss] 2003-02-15 OS X Odyssey 262 - Checking Out Mozilla 1.3b and Safari 1.0b60 [applelinks.com]
Mozilla vs. Safari

[discuss] 2003-02-15 MSN Messenger -- Tävla nu för att kunna vinna 10.000:- i resecheckar! [sweepstakes2003.com]
Flest kontakter vinner!"

[discuss] 2003-02-15 Mobiler och handdatorer ger gamla datorspel ett andra liv [nyteknik.se]
Kraftfulla handdatorer och mobiltelefoner betyder nytändning för gamla datorspel.

[discuss] 2003-02-15 UF RESEARCHERS PUTTING SCENTS BACK INTO FLOWERS [napa.ufl.edu]
Rosor har slutat dofta.

1 comments 2003-02-15 4 000 i Malmö hoppade mot Bush [dn.se]
"Gratis mat - Food mot bombs."

3 comments 2003-02-15 Malmös demonstration mot krig. [apollo.nu]

1 comments 2003-02-15 How to Avoid the Almost Certain End of Sun Microsystems [pbs.org]
One rumor going around is that Sun will merge with Apple

[discuss] 2003-02-15 Mock Objects [mockobjects.com]
The Mock Objects project is a generic unit testing framework whose goal is to facilitate developing unit tests in the mock object style.

1 comments 2003-02-15 BH Donald Rumsfeld Soundbites [bbc.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-02-15 Salon warns it may not survive beyond February [miami.com]
Salon.com RIP.

[discuss] 2003-02-15 E32 Frodo is a Commodore 64 emulator for the SonyEricsson P800 [my-symbian.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-14 Saab Bofors Dynamics AB [saab.se]
de har pengarna.

[discuss] 2003-02-14 Sony: No War Please! [eurogamer.net]

2 comments 2003-02-14 Organdonation [aftonbladet.se]

1 comments 2003-02-14 DN - Nyheter - Klonade fåret Dolly har dött [dn.se]
eftersom alla tjatar om kloning här så är väl någon intresserad ...

[discuss] 2003-02-14 Oilwar the game [2ndpoint.fi]
Evil army is attacking your country and tries to steal your oil. Your mission is to waste the invaders, protect the oil and save your mother land.

[discuss] 2003-02-14 Magiska svärd säljs för miljarder i fantasivärld [nyteknik.se]
Project Entropia bl.a.

[discuss] 2003-02-14 The Kill Everyone Project [homokaasu.org]
The world is overpopulated. The people that overpopulate it are stupid. They should be killed.

[discuss] 2003-02-14 Stort polispådrag efter skottlossning [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
i lund

4 comments 2003-02-14 Misstron mot USA kan få Nato att kollapsa [dn.se]

[discuss] 2003-02-14 Ny Teknik [nyteknik.se]
"på sikt France Telecom minska personalstyrkan med 45000." *SPARK*

[discuss] 2003-02-14 Motorola satsar på Linux i mobilen [nyteknik.se]
P.g.a. Kina.

[discuss] 2003-02-14 Polymers Help Regenerate Nerve Cells [betterhumans.com]
"This research is a strong step forward in our basic understanding of nerve cell growth and how to engineer materials that help the body repair itself"

[discuss] 2003-02-14 Justice Dept. Drafts Sweeping Expansion of Anti-Terrorism Act [publicintegrity.org]
Patriot Act II. The Empire Strikes Back.

1 comments 2003-02-14 Operas vapen mot MSN: Svenska kocken [idg.se]
bork, bork, bork.

[discuss] 2003-02-14 Europa - ett land hos CNN [expressen.se]
På CNN fick en Washington Post-krönikör förklara för sin landsman tv-ankaret att Europa inte var ett land, utan flera.

[discuss] 2003-02-14 Digital demise [redherring.com]
In the coming years, look for analog--not digital--chips to attract the new talent and investment.

[discuss] 2003-02-14 Hade "arabiska" namn - fick plastbestick på flyget [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2003-02-14 Who Could You Take In A Fight? [theonionavclub.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-14 Google as Big Brother [google-watch.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-14 How Vulnerable Is the Internet Now? [newsfactor.com]
It is increasingly rare for a month to pass without a report of a serious vulnerability in one or more of the technologies that underpin the Internet.

[discuss] 2003-02-14 Nanotech may spark fierce ethical row [news.bbc.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-02-14 How to Save the Music Industry [business2.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-14 Asteroid Tracking Making Progress [news.yahoo.com]
Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

[discuss] 2003-02-14 Kvinnor dominerar högskolor [dn.se]

[discuss] 2003-02-14 IBM Taps Trolltech For Linux-Based Mobile Devices [informationweek.com]

1 comments 2003-02-13 Why Wiki Works - WikkiTikkiTavi [tavi.sourceforge.net]

1 comments 2003-02-13 SYDSVENSKAN [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
Uppemot tio miljoner människor i 60 länder väntas på lördag marschera mot planerna på krig i Irak

[discuss] 2003-02-13 Schemes smooths parallel processing [trnmag.com]
the processors communicate only with their nearest neighbors and one randomly chosen processor from anywhere on the network.

[discuss] 2003-02-13 Butterflies offer lessons for robots TRN 021203 [trnmag.com]
It turns out that butterflies' fluttering is neither random nor clumsy.

[discuss] 2003-02-13 Logic scheme gains power [trnmag.com]
The architecture promises to provide computer circuits that are faster and use much less power than today's transistor-based chips.

[discuss] 2003-02-13 Människosyn saknas i kloningsdebatten [smedjan.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-13 Photo messaging tries to rival txt [news.bbc.co.uk]
Sending a drunken picture of yourself to your friends may be the most popular use of picture messaging at the moment

[discuss] 2003-02-13 Indiska konsulter slåss om svenska kunder [nyteknik.se]

[discuss] 2003-02-13 Jedis Become a Force to Be Counted [story.news.yahoo.com]
Jedi fortfarande ingen officiell religion i England.

[discuss] 2003-02-13 FreeCiv for PalmOS Home Page [freeciv4palmos.sourceforge.net]

1 comments 2003-02-13 Aspiro krymper förlusten [di.se]
Bara minus 99,9 miljoner kronor förra året. Wohoo!

[discuss] 2003-02-13 Skanska har sålt EMP. [thehub.skanska.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-13 About PNAC [newamericancentury.org]
New American Century is a non-profit, educational organization whose goal is to promote American global leadership.

[discuss] 2003-02-13 Vigor [vigor.sourceforge.net]
user friendly assistant for ... vi.

1 comments 2003-02-13 Sony CLIÉ Handheld [sonyelectronics.sonystyle.com]
Kamera och Videokamera i PDAn

[discuss] 2003-02-13 Falling prey to machines [eurekalert.org]
Can sentient machines evolve?

[discuss] 2003-02-13 Cloning Confusion [prospect.org]
Conservatives are once again conflating rogue science and valuable research.

[discuss] 2003-02-13 Samsung eases into MRAM memory race [siliconstrategies.com]
Magnetic RAM

2 comments 2003-02-13 God and American diplomacy [economist.com]

5 comments 2003-02-13 Ericsson sparkar 1.200 [di.se]
It will get worse.

[discuss] 2003-02-13 Gulf Wars: Episode II - poster : TB Indymedia [thunderbay.indymedia.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-12 US Military Commander Warns Of Cross-Strait Arms Race [spacedaily.com]
lots of buttons to push

[discuss] 2003-02-12 BoVision - Tourrettes sur Loup [bovision.se]
Bo som en gammelsmurfen

[discuss] 2003-02-12 Happy Fifth Birthday, XML [w3.org]
XML Turns Five on Monday 10 February 2003

[discuss] 2003-02-12 Getting the look from one seriously pissed-off cat: Priceless! [davetrowbridge.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-12 Press "Seven" to Slay Dragon [business2.com]
Nokia's new N-Gage will give the mobile gaming business a needed jolt.

1 comments 2003-02-12 Färre konkurser i IT-företag [idg.se]
It will get worse...eller...?

[discuss] 2003-02-12 CVS flaw threatens many open source programs [techrepublic.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-12 Darwinian Storytelling [nybooks.com]
The blank slate.

[discuss] 2003-02-12 Nokia lägger ned i Kista [dn.se]
Ännu fler arbetslösa ingenjörer i Stockholm.

2 comments 2003-02-12 Crab vs. Pipe [crustacea.nhm.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-12 State Can Make Inmate Sane Enough to Execute [nytimes.com]
Eligibility for execution is the only unwanted consequence of the medication.

[discuss] 2003-02-12 The Secret of Life [time.com]
The DNA Revolution

[discuss] 2003-02-12 'Neuro-Chip' research offers Alzheimer's hope [abc.net.au]
Vem vill bli cyborg?

[discuss] 2003-02-12 Eeview of 'Freedom Evolves' by Daniel Dennett [kenanmalik.com]
'science has stolen our soul'

[discuss] 2003-02-12 Mozilla 1.3b Release Notes [mozilla.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-12 STUDENT LOANS ARE FOR SUCKERS [story.news.yahoo.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-12 Michael Jackson's five wackiest quotes [ew.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-11 Dataspelsföretaget UDS drar ner [nt.se]
Tufft i spelbranschen

[discuss] 2003-02-11 Fortsatt omstrukturering av Daydreams verksamhet [daydream.se]
Tufft i spelbranschen

[discuss] 2003-02-11 Xbox, GameCube slash prices [cnn.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-11 Nanotechnology Could Save The Ozone Layer [spacedaily.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-11 Carnegie Mellon Scientist Receives NASA Award to Develop Probes to Detect Life on Mars [cmu.edu]

1 comments 2003-02-11 Simon Hattenstone meets Richard Dawkins [guardian.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-02-11 Can I damage my hardware with poor programming? [groups.google.com]
men hjälp stackaren tillbaka till sitt playstation.

[discuss] 2003-02-11 Staying Alive, Staying Human [nytimes.com]
I've just had my genome scanned

[discuss] 2003-02-11 www.soft-wear.nu [soft-wear.nu]
mer t-shirts ...

[discuss] 2003-02-11 The Guilt-Free Soldier [villagevoice.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-11 The 'devil pill' that could take away life's terrors [opinion.telegraph.co.uk]
the anti-morality pill

[discuss] 2003-02-11 Ericsson varslar 580 i Kista [di.se]

[discuss] 2003-02-11 330 uppsagda på Ericsson i Kista [dn.se]

[discuss] 2003-02-11 Free hot pr0n site! [hardware.localhost.nl]
hardware pr0n r2.

1 comments 2003-02-11 U.S. may debut secret microwave weapon versus Iraq [globalsecurity.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-11 Biosensors [redherring.com]
I've got you under my skin

[discuss] 2003-02-11 A Crush of Applicants [nytimes.com]
This is what the jobs picture is like in the U.S. in 2003. And no one thinks it will get much better soon.

[discuss] 2003-02-11 Antibiotic-resistant superbug causes deadly skin boils [oaklandtribune.com]

1 comments 2003-02-11 Uppdrag Granskning [svt.se]
Är mobilstrålning farligt? Ikväll 20:00.

[discuss] 2003-02-11 At one with the universe [theage.com.au]
Is the brain simply a computer, and is consciousness merely the feeling we get when we think? Or is consciousness a primary component of the universe?

[discuss] 2003-02-11 Boy may have 3 legal parents [story.news.yahoo.com]
two moms and a dad.

[discuss] 2003-02-11 Squirrel Fishing [eecs.harvard.edu]

[discuss] 2003-02-11 Mitnick Amused By Website Hacks [wired.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-11 Homepage Real Estate Allocation (Alertbox Feb. 2003) [useit.com]

1 comments 2003-02-11 Vnc2swf - a VNC recording tool for Flash [unixuser.org]
Kör VNC i browsern via flash.

[discuss] 2003-02-10 Parking Spots [dubster.com]
vad som behövs är en leksaksbil, en digitalkamera och för mycket fritid...

[discuss] 2003-02-10 The Java Problem [internalmemos.com]
Within Sun, Java is not viewed as a satisfactory language for the construction of commercial applications.

[discuss] 2003-02-10 Memory Overload [wired.com]
As hard drives get bigger and cheaper, we're storing way too much.

[discuss] 2003-02-10 Lawsuit challenges software licensing [news.com.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-10 infoSync : LG VX4400 is 4th Get It Now color phone [infosync.no]
ny nalle från LG

[discuss] 2003-02-10 The Ethereal Network Analyzer [ethereal.com]
om du nu ska implementera ett protokoll någon gång ...

[discuss] 2003-02-10 Tracking tag for Net music unveiled [cnn.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-10 Depeche Mode helkväll [subspace.se]
Ett band. En kväll. Kulturbolaget, vinylbaren, i morgon, tisdag.

[discuss] 2003-02-10 gulf war 2 [idleworm.com]
it will get worse

3 comments 2003-02-10 Triangeln avspärrad [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

1 comments 2003-02-10 Sony Ericsson: Nu har det vänt upp [di.se]
Filmad intervju med SEMC vVD. "T300an är bästa speltelefonen."

[discuss] 2003-02-10 nätverket mot krig [motkrig.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-10 Arnold Sound Board [funnyjunk.com]
"Who is your daddy, and what does he do?"

[discuss] 2003-02-10 Parallel Universes [arxiv.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-10 The Essential Business Software Tool Kit [business2.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-10 Dr Evil soundboard [ranafout.nerim.net]

[discuss] 2003-02-10 The Media Mammoth that Stole the Airwaves [guerrillanews.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-10 Sociology of the Mobile Phone [socio.ch]

[discuss] 2003-02-10 Why we overestimate our competence [apa.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-10 Sadness Comes Again [ataritimes.com]
Another sad chapter is added to the Atari Legacy

[discuss] 2003-02-10 Liechtenstein for rent [cnn.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-10 'Sticky' DNA crystals promise new way to process information [scienceblog.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-10 Neuroscientists Map How Alzheimer's Disease Systematically and Sequentially Engulfs the Brain [newsroom.ucla.edu]

[discuss] 2003-02-09 Cyber Yugoslavia [juga.com]

1 comments 2003-02-09 Body Pleasure and the Origins of Violence [violence.de]
Kulturer där synen på sex är öppen slåss mindre

[discuss] 2003-02-09 Fred [home.swipnet.se]
Hoola Bandoola

[discuss] 2003-02-09 Patriot II Draft Legislation [dailyrotten.com]
Section-by-section analysis

[discuss] 2003-02-09 U.S. drafting attack rules for cyber-war [chicagotribune.com]

1 comments 2003-02-09 Soulseek Status [napjunk.net]

[discuss] 2003-02-09 DN - Nyheter - Tusentals ryssar vill strida för Saddam [dn.se]
om man nu inte får ett job här hemma ...

[discuss] 2003-02-09 Fastest PCs Just Not Fast Enough [wired.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-08 Computer Automation Software Speeds Brain Research [rpi.edu]
Tool sheds light on which specific brain cells are active and when

[discuss] 2003-02-08 Click to Open Resume, Hit Delete [wired.com]
Vem läser CVn?

[discuss] 2003-02-08 Dinkum Exam? [dinkumware.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-08 DN - Mat & dryck - Klassisk svensk råbiff [dn.se]
salmonella, ja tack!

[discuss] 2003-02-08 ..:-.__ ELECTRONIC MUSIC __.-:.. MP3 DOWNLOAD ELECTRO AMBIENT CHILL OUT SPACE NIGHT [electronic-music.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-08 Cellpoint försöker resa sig ur askan [di.se]
men ge er nån gång

[discuss] 2003-02-08 ei: Focus on Iraq: Powell's UN speech dissected [electronicintifada.net]
The flashy presentation did not conceal holes in the American case that a U.S. Navy battlegroup could sail through with room to spare.

[discuss] 2003-02-08 Human Behavior Designed to Avoid Thoughts of Death [newswise.com]

2 comments 2003-02-08 Human Development in the USA and Scandinavia [kuro5hin.org]

1 comments 2003-02-08 www.getfitta.co.uk - Homepage [getfitta.co.uk]
inte vad du tror ...

[discuss] 2003-02-08 North Dakota Found To Be Harboring Nuclear Missiles [theonion.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-08 Shipping the prototype [infoworld.com]
Let's promote scripting languages to the status they deserve

[discuss] 2003-02-08 The best ''Simpsons'' episodes. [ew.com]
top 25 lista

[discuss] 2003-02-07 Oil markets explained [news.bbc.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-02-07 TRAC Programming Language: The TRAC Foundation [tracfoundation.org]
TRAC® is an interpreted, interactive, ultra-light-weight programming language which has been in use since 1964.

[discuss] 2003-02-07 Penises have higher bandwidth than cable modems [everything2.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-07 I'm losing patience with my neighbours, Mr Bush [observer.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-02-07 Free Solaris Binary License Program [wwws.sun.com]
Köra solaris hemma?

[discuss] 2003-02-07 NASA probes 'electric zap' mystery photo [wnd.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-07 Right Stuff, Wrong Mission [lewrockwell.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-07 Why Are We in Space? [weeklystandard.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-07 A Rendezvous with Redmond? [businessweek.com]
"Apple is delivering on the immense potential of its no-fuss networking system."

[discuss] 2003-02-07 New 'Matrix' video game blurs lines [cnn.com]
Manson osso med på ett hörn.

[discuss] 2003-02-07 Sybian.com [sybian.com]
Någonting HELT annat än Symbian. :-)

1 comments 2003-02-07 "Bushs akilleshäl är ekonomin" [dn.se]
"om 20-25 år går USA samma väg som nyss Sovjet"

[discuss] 2003-02-07 BigChampagne - Online Media Measurement [bigchampagne.com]
Topplista över de mest nedladdade låtarna varje vecka

[discuss] 2003-02-07 Kompisprogram statistik lunarstorm [lunarworks.se]
ICQ är för gamlingar (över 25).

[discuss] 2003-02-07 Holstein trött på 40-talister [idg.se]
"Gubbdjävlarna har satt sitt IT-skratt i halsen och kuvats till ödmjukhet av sina egna katastrofer." Kallar 2003 för "revenge of the nerds".

[discuss] 2003-02-07 UK defends ''copied' Iraq dossier [news.bbc.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-02-07 E-Bombing Civilization [lewrockwell.com]
There 19s a new weapon of mass destruction

[discuss] 2003-02-07 Computer Scientist Locates More Than 1,000 Novel Genes In Mouse And Human [sciencedaily.com]
The breakthrough is expected to speed up discovery of genes

[discuss] 2003-02-07 Scientists develop darkest substance on earth [ananova.com]
Snart kan man vara ännu mer svartklädd.

1 comments 2003-02-07 DN - Nyheter - Demonstranter hungerstrejkar [dn.se]

2 comments 2003-02-07 Rent My Chest! [rentmychest.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-07 First notes for 639-year composition [news.bbc.co.uk]

2 comments 2003-02-07 Hoffman blasts Bush's war plans [ananova.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-06 U.S. Economy in Worst Hiring Slump in 20 Years [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-06 "No Way I Want to Stay a Mere Human," Says UK Cyborg Professor [betterhumans.com]
Kevin Warwick presenterar resultatet av sina experiment på måndag.

[discuss] 2003-02-06 Cow success may help clone mammoth [trussel.com]
Prepare for evil mutant mammuth invasion?

[discuss] 2003-02-06 "Nye Ericsson-vd:n signalerar framgång" [aftonbladet.se]
Aftonbladets analys: han kommer att lyckas för att han är snygg. Eh?

1 comments 2003-02-06 Why do we hiccup? [newscientist.com]
Tadpoles take blame for human hiccups

[discuss] 2003-02-06 Geneva Area SAAB Enthusiasts -Events -First official SAUNAAB tests [wtf.fragzone.se]

[discuss] 2003-02-06 Forget Radio: Video Games, TV Ads Are Where You'll Hear New Music [vh1.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-06 Nick Cave vill göra film med Thorsten Flinck [expressen.se]

[discuss] 2003-02-06 Dot profits: Net firms bouncing back [cnn.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-06 Assachef tar över i Ericsson [dn.se]
"Det är olyckligt att varken vd eller styrelseordförande kan särskilt mycket om telekombranschen" No shit.

[discuss] 2003-02-06 Svanberg ny vd i Ericsson [idg.se]

4 comments 2003-02-06 Nokia N-Gage [n-gage.com]
Hm. Nokia/Sega Gameboytjofräs.

[discuss] 2003-02-06 Fantasy Economics [slate.msn.com]
Why economists are obsessed with online role-playing games

[discuss] 2003-02-06 New battery design could be the answer to powering the world's smallest devices [eurekalert.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-06 Influx of Western Culture worrying North Korea [reuters.com]
"Women are using very strange make-up"

[discuss] 2003-02-06 Watching Living Brains (video) [sciencentral.com]
A New Era in Neuroscience

[discuss] 2003-02-06 Piracy is Progressive Taxation, and Other Thoughts on the Evolution of Online Distribution [openp2p.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-05 The Devilcat [mini-itx.com]
"a homemade mobile robot" Ful som stryk.

[discuss] 2003-02-05 Sleep May Improve Memory [dsc.discovery.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-05 Irak: USA har hittat på "bevisen" [expressen.se]
de amerikanska fotona var att likställa med ''tecknade serier''

[discuss] 2003-02-05 www.planka.nu - Du har inget att förlora utom dina böter [planka.motkraft.net]

1 comments 2003-02-05 speed-dating [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
Det var helt enkelt för oekonomiskt att sitta i baren och försöka lära känna folk

[discuss] 2003-02-05 kuro5hin.org || technology and culture, from the trenches [kuro5hin.org]
spagetti är spagetti även när den ser ut som spagetti :)

[discuss] 2003-02-05 USA långt efter Europa med sms [mobil.se]
En anledning kan vara att även mottagaren får betala ... nähä, tror ni det? Operatörerna är sina värsta fiender.

[discuss] 2003-02-05 UNMOVIC Main Page [un.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-05 Second Sight is a portable High Res viewer [iisvr.com]
HUD skärm. Coolt.

[discuss] 2003-02-05 Iterate To Another Artifact [agilemodeling.com]
Stort diagram över olika artefakter inom mjukvaruutveckling.

[discuss] 2003-02-05 Nokia engages with mobile gaming [news.bbc.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-02-05 Urban Legends Reference Pages: Military (Tell It to the Marines) [snopes.com]
Status: false

[discuss] 2003-02-05 Pentagon adviser: France 'no longer ally' [upi.com]

1 comments 2003-02-05 IDG.se - 12 000 jobb borta i IT-branschen [idg.se]
en del har börjat jobba i andra branscher.

[discuss] 2003-02-05 Iraq: Is Bush on Target? [businessweek.com]
"Nearly three-quarters of those who responded say the President should focus more on fixing the U.S. economy than on taming Iraq"

[discuss] 2003-02-05 Turning a Digital Database Into Local Radio [nytimes.com]
"Some of Carson Dalys broadcasts seem live, but are only digital composites."

[discuss] 2003-02-05 Still More Job Hunters Than Jobs [wired.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-05 Change Management [Build System] [miaow.com]
Cook is not Make

[discuss] 2003-02-05 Association for Interactive Marketing - Legislative Alerts and Updates [capwiz.com]
Call for action to defend tele-marketing

[discuss] 2003-02-05 DMA to Internet: SHUT UP AND EAT YOUR SPAM [mail-abuse.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-05 Hackaren har blivit en mjukis [dn.se]

1 comments 2003-02-05 Wonders of Math - The Game of Life [math.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-05 A Wealth of Information Online [nytimes.com]
"Once again, the Internet has proved to be an invaluable news source in time of disaster"

1 comments 2003-02-05 Beam Me Out Of This Death Trap, Scotty [washingtonmonthly.com]
5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Goodbye, Columbia

[discuss] 2003-02-05 New Server at Peer 1 Network [joelonsoftware.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-05 How To Become A Hacker [steve-parker.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-04 Embrace file-sharing, or die. [salon.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-04 infoSync : Gameboy on the Orange SPV [infosync.no]

4 comments 2003-02-04 Carl Bildt till attack mot SVT [resume.se]
"Jag skulle inte gått in i samma tv-studio som Erik Fichtelius."

[discuss] 2003-02-04 netmood.net : about [pbump.com]
The netmood tools allow visitors to your site to rate its content, and then tracks those ratings.

[discuss] 2003-02-04 He takes fatal OD as Internet pals watch [nydailynews.com]
"I told u I was hardcore."

[discuss] 2003-02-04 Whuffie [d351gn.com]
Reputation currency

[discuss] 2003-02-04 Snart är den här: Superkräksjukan [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2003-02-04 Innovations can keep wounded troops alive on battlefield [cnn.com]

2 comments 2003-02-04 The Space Shuttle Must Be Stopped [time.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-04 Columbia Was Beyond Any Help, Officials Say [nytimes.com]

1 comments 2003-02-04 Uppskattad - dygnet runt [expressen.se]
en skattefri dag - den finns inte

[discuss] 2003-02-04 James Randi Educational Foundation 14 Home Page [randi.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-04 "If You Want To Win An Election, Just Control The Voting Machines" [commondreams.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-04 ascii från japan. [www7.ocn.ne.jp]

[discuss] 2003-02-04 Sceptical Dictionary: homeopathy [skepdic.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-03 U.N. Orders Wonka To Submit To Chocolate Factory Inspections [theonion.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-03 Japanese Smileys [club.pep.ne.jp]

[discuss] 2003-02-03 "King Conan" to shoot in November? [thearnoldfans.com]
Arne snart tillbaka som barbarcimmerier?

[discuss] 2003-02-03 Beta testers needed for a new P2P system [infoanarchy.org]

[discuss] 2003-02-03 a.s.h - alt.suicide.holiday website archive 1993 - Mid 2002 [ash.xanthia.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-03 NASA - Space Shuttle Columbia and Her Crew [nasa.gov]
"Anyone who has photos, video or other digital material that may assist in the investigation can upload directly to NASA." interaction for a purpose

1 comments 2003-02-03 Palm-handdatorer blev billigare [idg.se]
4500 spänn för en Tungsten...

[discuss] 2003-02-03 Highlift Systems Home [highliftsystems.com]
Space elevator.

[discuss] 2003-02-03 Cognitive Dissident [motherjones.com]
John Perry Barlow, the man who coined the term 'cyberspace', discusses the prospect of a digital counterculture.

[discuss] 2003-02-03 Keep your enemies closer [wired.com]
Why hackers are good for business - and vice-versa.

[discuss] 2003-02-03 ReactOS Home [reactos.com]
ReactOS is an Open Source effort to develop a quality operating system that is compatible with Windows NT applications and drivers.

[discuss] 2003-02-03 The Future Needs Us! [nybooks.com]
Svar till Bill Joy.

[discuss] 2003-02-03 21st Century Airships Inc [21stcenturyairships.com]
Så slipper man bygga 3G-master

[discuss] 2003-02-03 Ink-jet printing creates tubes of living tissue [newscientist.com]
Printa en njure.

[discuss] 2003-02-03 Stereolithography Made Easy [stereolithography.com]
Printa i 3D.

[discuss] 2003-02-03 Utopia 2.0 - Play games, build a future [utne.com]
"What happens when people with different political beliefs are given the chance to shape the future of their communities with a click of a mouse?"

[discuss] 2003-02-03 Don't Sever a High-Tech Lifeline for Musicians [latimes.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-03 Loss of Shuttle a Serious Blow to International Space Station [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-03 Being Popular [paulgraham.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-03 US is misquoting my Iraq report, says Blix [smh.com.au]

[discuss] 2003-02-02 Ilan Ramon [us-israel.org]
Israeliske austronaten var duktig på att släppa bomber på folk.

[discuss] 2003-02-02 Exil ett alternativ till krig [dn.se]

2 comments 2003-02-02 Ställningen just nu [aftonbladet.se]
Ska rymdfärder FÖRBJUDAS????

[discuss] 2003-02-02 Senators Challenge Shuttle Safety Spending [space.com]
"Raising the specter of another shuttle tragedy, senators and others warned Thursday that NASAs growing budget woes are putting astronauts lives at risk." 7 september, 2001

1 comments 2003-02-02 Farliga amerikaner och fjolliga européer [dn.se]

1 comments 2003-02-02 Genetics: Why Prince Charles is so wrong [checkbiotech.org]
"The genetic code is truly digital, in exactly the same sense as computer codes."

[discuss] 2003-02-02 Spaceflight Now | STS-107 | Mission Status Center [spaceflightnow.com]

[discuss] 2003-02-02 enea söker konsulter som kan c/c++ [sydsvenskan.embryo.se]
go get them ...

[discuss] 2003-02-02 LUnix - The Next Generation [lng.sourceforge.net]
LNG is an operationg system primarly for the good old Commodore64 home-computer.

[discuss] 2003-02-02 Aftonbladet: Här får frun dödsbudet [aftonbladet.se]
nädå .. vi gottar oss inte alls i andras olycka..

[discuss] 2003-02-02 Let's Weaponize Space [spacedaily.com]

2 comments 2003-02-02 Aftonbladet: Olycka – inte en terrorattack [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2003-02-01 www.phrack.org [phrack-dont-give-a-shit-about-dmca.org]
läs och lär.

[discuss] 2003-02-01 Fullt naturligt med läggmatcher [dn.se]
"Det är en urgammal koreansk meditationsteknik. Vi kallar det Kalle Anka-buddhism."

[discuss] 2003-02-01 Dragon Space - Your Portal To China in Space [spacedaily.com]
Bara som en påminnelse...

[discuss] 2003-02-01 +++ DUST OF BASEMENT - official homepage +++ [dustofbasement.de]
for high speed coding.

[discuss] 2003-02-01 svt.se - Kultur [svt.se]
Stabilt som ...

[discuss] 2003-02-01 WHOIS search result [networksolutions.com]
columbiadisaster.com. Det gick snabbt.

[discuss] 2003-02-01 Stillsuits [arrakis.co.uk]
Dags för en ny garderob?

1 comments 2003-02-01 Space shuttle missing over Texas [msnbc.com]
NASA loses contact with Columbia just before landing

1 comments 2003-02-01 Bad Things that can happen to you [cockeyed.com]

1 comments 2003-02-01 Rostfärgat vatten i Malmö [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
"VA-verket uppmanar Malmöborna som berörs av rostfärgat kranvatten att inte dricka det"

[discuss] 2003-02-01 Unconscious states cast light on consciousness [psych.pomona.edu]
"the conscious state involves not some particular piece of cortex, but rather the integration of many different regions"

[discuss] 2003-02-01 The Spread of the Sapphire/Slammer Worm [silicondefense.com]
"It infected more than 90 percent of vulnerable hosts within 10 minutes." Yikes.

[discuss] 2003-02-01 "Irakkrisen ska lösas inom veckor" [aftonbladet.se]
"Presidenten är inte klok. Jag kan knappt vänta tills vi röstat bort honom" Tvetydiga signaler om vad amerikanska folket egentligen anser.

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