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topics for March 2003

[discuss] 2003-03-31 Wireless carriers thinking young [siliconvalley.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-31 SWEDISH ESPORT LEAGUE 2003 [sel.nu]

2 comments 2003-03-31 Are we doomed yet? [salon.com]
A fully open society is our best chance for survival.

1 comments 2003-03-31 Takoma the dolphin is Awol [timesonline.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-03-31 Samsung Electronics: SGH-T500 [samsungelectronics.com]
Sleek, slim and compact, it allows for a silky and velvet-like touch.

[discuss] 2003-03-31 Outbreak may still be in its infancy, experts warn [globeandmail.com]
"We may be at the very early stages of what could be a much larger problem."

[discuss] 2003-03-31 Spread sparks panic in Hong Kong flats [guardian.co.uk]
Hong Kong reported a sharp rise in pneumonia virus cases yesterday

1 comments 2003-03-31 Email traffic patterns can reveal ringleaders [newscientist.com]

1 comments 2003-03-31 An engineer by any other name [chron.com]
Legislature to decide if computer programmers can legally use the title

1 comments 2003-03-31 FREE ANDREW CARLSSIN! [geocities.com]
Free the time traveling Wall Street wiz.

[discuss] 2003-03-30 Arm-wrestling duel ends telecoms battle [news.bbc.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-03-30 Compare Prices for Gigabit Switch 8 Port 1000T Auto-SENSING 10/100/1000 [pricegrabber.com]
GigaBit Ethern t i hemma-LANet för <2000. Tokfort.

[discuss] 2003-03-30 The myth of interference [salon.com]
Internet architect David Reed explains how bad science created the broadcast industry.

[discuss] 2003-03-30 The Museum of Unworkable Devices [lhup.edu]

[discuss] 2003-03-30 "'Super-Pneumonia' or Super Scare?" [fumento.com]
So why all the fuss over this one strain of pneumonia? First, never ignore the obvious: It does sell papers.

[discuss] 2003-03-30 SJSU math professor breaks barrier [siliconvalley.com]
math professor has solved one of the most important problems in prime number theory

[discuss] 2003-03-30 Smart displays, dumb idea [news.designtechnica.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-30 'TIME-TRAVELER' BUSTED FOR INSIDER TRADING [tv.yahoo.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-30 March 2003 cartoons [aljazeerah.info]

[discuss] 2003-03-30 Understanding the Psychology of Programming [devx.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-30 Why I made that speech [theage.com.au]
Michael Moore explains why he was the one to say it.

[discuss] 2003-03-30 IRAQ-O-METER [iraqometer.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-30 Permanet, Nearlynet, and Wireless Data [shirky.com]
3G: Going, Going, Gone

[discuss] 2003-03-30 The Real Saddam Died in 1999? [unknowncountry.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-30 US soldiers in Iraq asked to pray for Bush [abc.net.au]

[discuss] 2003-03-30 US, UK misjudged battle to win Iraqi trust [alertnet.org]

[discuss] 2003-03-30 Report: Rumseld Ignored Pentagon Advice on Iraq [washingtonpost.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-30 Iraqi civilians feed hungry US marines [story.news.yahoo.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-30 Why Use SOAP? [artima.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-30 Tracking our Every Move [unknowncountry.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-30 Struggling to Regain Technological Buzz After Bubble's Burst [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-30 krigsvarttant425.jpg (JPEG Image, 425x333 pixels) [dn.se]
feel the power of the dark side ... you cannot win ...

[discuss] 2003-03-29 Taming The Animal Instinct [industryweek.com]
Consulting firm taps animal behavior, psychology, biology to help companies make better business decisions

1 comments 2003-03-29 Too Much Free Software [freshmeat.net]

[discuss] 2003-03-29 Aftonbladets dokusåpadubbelmoral [resume.se]
"Det är ett av de grövsta fallen av dubbelmoral jag någonsin sett."

[discuss] 2003-03-29 BlogShares - Fantasy Blog Share Market [monkeyx.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-29 DN - Nyheter - USA beordrar marschstopp [dn.se]
Från tre matpaket per dag får soldaterna nu bara ett.... stackarna.

[discuss] 2003-03-29 Två svenskar misstänks ha dödssmittan [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2003-03-29 Use a Firewall, Go to Jail [freedom-to-tinker.com]

1 comments 2003-03-29 A WARMONGER EXPLAINS WAR TO A PEACENIK [minimumeffort.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-28 Why CAFEBABE? [artima.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-28 Fujitsu preps Linux-based robot [theregister.co.uk]
Humanoid Open Architecture Platform

[discuss] 2003-03-28 Krig på tv - vilket sömnpiller [dn.se]
Krig är tydligen inte ens bra som underhållning.

1 comments 2003-03-28 Vodafone satsar pengar i nytt mobilsystem [nyteknik.se]
Savaje: operativsystem för mobiltelefoner, byggt i Java?

[discuss] 2003-03-28 Middle East Online [middle-east-online.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-28 Programming language implementations [burks.bton.ac.uk]
Have you learned a new language this week ?

[discuss] 2003-03-28 Iraqi Dead Counted, Not Forgotten [wired.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-28 Emerging Technologies and Exponential Change: Implications for Army Transformation []
in the last decade of the 20th century, more technological progress occurred than was experienced in the entire first nine decades of the century

[discuss] 2003-03-28 Like it or not, outsourcing is here -- and hot [seattlepi.nwsource.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-28 threatmuppetsernie.jpg [idiotarian.com]
USAs nya terrorvarningssystem.

[discuss] 2003-03-28 VM -- a Lisp-based mail reader for Emacs [wonderworks.com]
VM is a mail reader that runs inside GNU Emacs and XEmacs. The latest version of VM is 7.14.

[discuss] 2003-03-28 Army Technology - Kornet E - Anti-Armour Missile [army-technology.com]
This is what Iraq troops are shooting at the US tanks.

[discuss] 2003-03-28 Lawmakers Seek National Day of Prayer [abcnews.go.com]
"House Discusses Creating National Day of Prayer and Fasting to Seek God's Guidance During War". Jisses.

[discuss] 2003-03-28 NTT DoCoMo musea PDA [openfront.net]
NTT DoCoMo customers gets to download Decuma

[discuss] 2003-03-28 Gulf war syndrome research reveals present danger [newscientist.com]

4 comments 2003-03-28 DN - Nyheter - USA fördubblar antalet soldater på irakisk mark [dn.se]
Hälften av de nya trupperna flygs in från Kuwait medan resten, omkring 55.000 man, kommer Texas, Tyskland och Colorado... TYSKLAND???

[discuss] 2003-03-27 Point-Counterpoint: The War On Iraq [theonion.com]
Be quiet, okay? Everything's fine.

[discuss] 2003-03-27 Bara extremister ser Irakkriget som religionskrig [dn.se]
Aldrig tidigare har förhållandet mellan islam och kristendomen varit så bra som det är i dag

[discuss] 2003-03-27 Leta aspekter i Eclipse [idg.se]
Eclipse tar över AspectJ

[discuss] 2003-03-27 L.I.S LCD display [vlsys.co.kr]
Makes your PC look geekish

[discuss] 2003-03-27 INCORE: Conflict Data Service: Regional Internet Guides: Index [incore.ulst.ac.uk]
Inte bara Irak.

[discuss] 2003-03-27 Sign Language Grammar [maddog.weblogs.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-27 LaCie - Data Bank: Compact Portable Hard Drive USB FireWire [lacie.com]
Faktiskt lite coolt. Tar ström från USB porten. 20 GB och snygg.

2 comments 2003-03-27 Patriot Missiles Miss Targets due to Software Defect [stickyminds.com]

2 comments 2003-03-27 The Icebox!22 [iceboxllc.com]
"The kitchen just got cooler". Internetkök.

[discuss] 2003-03-27 Spritbatterier gör succé [mobil.se]

[discuss] 2003-03-27 Introducing the new Bio-Optic Organized Knowledge device, trade-named -- BOOK. [hwr.nici.kun.nl]
"registering information directly into your brain"

[discuss] 2003-03-27 Apostrophe Protection Society [apostrophe.fsnet.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-03-27 What is the difference between its and it's? [dictionary.reference.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-27 Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice [acm.org]

[discuss] 2003-03-27 Jargon's Driver Museum [drivermuseum.com]
The purpose of this archive is to collect device drivers for devices no longer supported by their manufacturers.

[discuss] 2003-03-27 Saddam got key to Detroit two decades ago after donating thousands to church [sfgate.com]
"He's very kind to Christians"

2 comments 2003-03-27 Svensken som ger favoritlåtarna nytt liv [di.se]
Di-formatet gör det möjligt att lyssna på samma låt i ett oändligt antal olika mixar.

[discuss] 2003-03-27 What the #$*! do we know? [whatthebleep.biz]
"How Far Down the Rabbit Hole of Mysteriousness Do You Want to Go?"

[discuss] 2003-03-26 Pakistan, India trade nuclear-capable missile tests, angry accusations [sfgate.com]
10, 9, 8, 7...

[discuss] 2003-03-26 Killer-flu a 'white terror' [news.com.au]
"It is the worst medical disaster I have ever seen."

[discuss] 2003-03-26 Aubergine seeds spell out 'Allah' [ananova.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-26 Motorised boots to go into production in Russia [ananova.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-26 mer flash. [columbia.edu]

[discuss] 2003-03-26 Lawnmower man goes wrong way across US [ananova.com]
A man trying to drive a lawnmower across the US set off in the wrong direction.

[discuss] 2003-03-26 bang, bang, bang. [stanback.net]

[discuss] 2003-03-26 UFO could have been electrocuted cat [ananova.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-26 Cell Network vill bli Mandator igen [nyteknik.se]

[discuss] 2003-03-26 China SARS cases linked to others [msnbc.com]
Global death toll from flu-like disease reaches 52

[discuss] 2003-03-26 Battle against mystery ailment widens [globeandmail.ca]

[discuss] 2003-03-26 BOXMAN [boxman.net]
netflix på svenska?

[discuss] 2003-03-26 The "Language of the Year" project [pragmaticprogrammer.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-26 The Droids of Sport [msnbc.com]
Robotic competitions are popping up around the world. A new book, 'Gearheads,' examines their universe

[discuss] 2003-03-26 TIVO REPORTS OSCARS VIEWING BEHAVIOR [adage.com]
Julia Roberts Most Paused; Anti-War Remarks Most Replayed

[discuss] 2003-03-26 Life Made to Order [technologyreview.com]
Efforts to create custom-made organisms one DNA letter at a time could yield new sources of energy or novel drugs.

[discuss] 2003-03-26 When You Hurt, My Brain Says I Hurt, Too [story.news.yahoo.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-26 Hjärnkontoret [svt.se]
250000 hoppar samtidigt kl 11.

[discuss] 2003-03-26 Madonna grooves with MP3 release [news.com.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-26 The Command Post - A Warblog Collective [command-post.org]
Making CNN look like the school newspaper

[discuss] 2003-03-25 Lågkonjunkturen knäcker it-folket [nyteknik.se]

[discuss] 2003-03-25 What is Victoria's Secret [whatisvictoriassecret.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-25 Things my girlfriend and I have argued about [thingsmygirlfriendandihavearguedabout.com]

2 comments 2003-03-25 Genfel får dig att hetsäta [aftonbladet.se]
Man har "fel" gener om man är tjock enligt Aftonbladet. Undrar om de har en lista på "rätt" gener någonstans på redaktionen.

[discuss] 2003-03-25 Dick Cheney daughter - human shield in Baghdad??? [albawaba.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-25 One rule for them [guardian.co.uk]
"Five PoWs are mistreated in Iraq and the US cries foul. What about Guantanamo Bay?"

[discuss] 2003-03-25 King of Pop Baby Drop [popsculptures.com]
Köp en fin Michael Jackson-skulptur.

[discuss] 2003-03-25 Bio-battery runs on shots of vodka [newscientist.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-25 Prime numbers not so random? [nature.com]
A kind of order may be buried in the occurrence of indivisible numbers.

[discuss] 2003-03-25 Sony's New Humanoid Robot SDR-4X II [i4u.com]
Ny version.

[discuss] 2003-03-25 Allt fler använder internet [dn.se]
"Internet fyller en allt viktigare del av vårt dagliga liv."

[discuss] 2003-03-25 Salon.com Comics | This Modern World [salon.com]
Förbjud månen!

[discuss] 2003-03-25 Manipulating Minds: The Psychological War on Iraq [cbc.ca]

[discuss] 2003-03-25 From Shock and Awe, to Aw, Forget It [businessweek.com]
Here's a handy guide to put the war in perspective for CNN addicts

[discuss] 2003-03-24 Eye in the sky [digitalmass.boston.com]
the Desert Hawk.

[discuss] 2003-03-24 U.S.-led coalition aircraft have dropped 17 million leaflets over the Iraqi landscape this year. [cnn.com]
These leaflets were dumped over southern Iraq on March 18.

[discuss] 2003-03-24 Synapse chip taps into brain chemistry [newscientist.com]
A microchip that uses chemicals instead of pulses of electricity to stimulate neurons has been created.

[discuss] 2003-03-24 Michael Moore booed as he slams Iraq war at Oscars [story.news.yahoo.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-24 Bin Laden's victory [guardian.co.uk]
"A political system that delivers this disastrous mistake needs reform" --Richard Dawkins

[discuss] 2003-03-24 City of rage [msnbc.com]
As missiles fall on Baghdad, anger against Americans is rising

[discuss] 2003-03-24 Generalized Callbacks: C++ and C# [ddj.com]
Comparing C++'s libsigc++ class library to C#'s delegate feature

2 comments 2003-03-24 Truth about Bowling for Columbine [hardylaw.net]
"The Michael Moore production Bowling for Columbine just won the Oscar for best documentary. Unfortunately, it is not a documentary."

[discuss] 2003-03-24 What Really Happened [whatreallyhappened.com]
Varning: otäcka bilder som inte visas på CNN.

[discuss] 2003-03-24 Mobilstrålning dödar hjärnceller [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2003-03-24 Holographic disk is quickly searchable [lfw.pennnet.com]
A holographic disk stores hundreds of gigabytes and can be searched at rates of 32 Gbyte/s.

[discuss] 2003-03-24 Beam Me Up an Einstein, Scotty [wired.com]
Ever wonder about the physics of Star Trek's transporter? Atoms or bits, indeed.

[discuss] 2003-03-24 I, Clone [sciam.com]
The Three Laws of Cloning will protect clones and advance science

[discuss] 2003-03-24 Diller Now May Bid For Vivendi Entertainment [forbes.com]
Vivendi till salu?

[discuss] 2003-03-24 Recent advances in computer vision [aip.org]

[discuss] 2003-03-24 I was a naive fool to be a human shield for Saddam [portal.telegraph.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-03-23 The Sound of Things to Come [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-23 USA-soldater chockade av striderna [dn.se]
"Ibland har det varit så skrämmande att det inte känts verkligt". Eh. Ja. Det kallas "krig".

[discuss] 2003-03-23 U.S. & Coalition/Casualties [cnn.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-23 South Park Scripts - Episode 612 [southpark.dsl.pipex.com]
"Sir, you must understand our fears. We must take out those facilities. We must... bomb heaven!"

[discuss] 2003-03-23 Lock and Upload [washingtonpost.com]
The New Face of War: How War Will Be Fought in the 21st Century

[discuss] 2003-03-23 Irak visar amerikanska fångar i tv [aftonbladet.se]
"USA: Uppvisningen är brott mot krigslagarna".

[discuss] 2003-03-23 Aftonbladet: Krigets första förlust är medias tappade förnuft [aftonbladet.se]
Alf Svensson sa, 1ddet var obegripligt att Frankrike inte ville sträcka ut tiden för FN-observatörerna 1d

[discuss] 2003-03-23 Effective Daily Affirmations [lucifer.com]
"I honor my personality flaws, for without them I would have no personality at all."

[discuss] 2003-03-23 Device: Arabic In, English Out [wired.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-23 Sun's Output Increasing in Possible Trend Fueling Global Warming [story.news.yahoo.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-23 USA sköt ner brittiskt plan [dn.se]
bra jobbat killar. sen har tydligen deras precisionsrobotar problem med att träffa rätt land, hygglig felradie ...

[discuss] 2003-03-23 Veteran war reporter Robert Fisk tours the Baghdad hospital [argument.independent.co.uk]
"We bomb. They suffer. Then we turn up and take pictures of their wounded children."

[discuss] 2003-03-23 Outbreak - Why a deadly disease might be coming your way soon [slate.msn.com]

1 comments 2003-03-23 MTV Europe's Internal Memo Re: What Videos Not To Play During The War [internalmemos.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-23 The Gulf War Drinking Game [gulfwardrinkinggame.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-23 The Web Changes Everything [wired.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-22 Hundra ögon ser bättre [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
"För tio år sedan hade antagligen berättelsen om toppmötet i Göteborg slutat med en svartvit bild av onda demonstranter och goda poliser. Men nu fick reportrarna för första gången konkurrens från vanliga människor."

[discuss] 2003-03-22 The Command Post [warblogcorner.blogspot.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-22 Q: Is the Baghdad Blogger for real? [paulboutin.weblogger.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-22 Iran Oil Depot Hit by Rocket, Iran Warns U.S., UK [washingtonpost.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-22 Russian Satellite Image of Central Baghdad [washingtonpost.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-22 Folkrätten, finns den? [dn.se]
"en folkrätt som inte ser folken för alla stater har stora svagheter i en globaliserad värld"

[discuss] 2003-03-22 As Conflict Begins, Researchers Work to Define Humanity's Aspirations for ET [space.com]
Encoding Altruism: The Art and Science of Interstellar Message Composition

[discuss] 2003-03-22 The Bacteria Whisperer [wired.com]
The bugs are talking to each other. And plotting against us.

[discuss] 2003-03-22 Microsoft ad pulled by ASA [itweb.co.za]
unsubstantiated and misleading

[discuss] 2003-03-22 Our plan is to cleverly hide our competence. [dilbert.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-22 Revolution is not an AOL Keyword* [journalism.berkeley.edu]

[discuss] 2003-03-21 USA överväger använda minor i Irak [roj-en-mina.nu]
Personminor dödar ofta genom att trycka upp lårbenet så hårt i buken att den sprängs.

1 comments 2003-03-21 Saddam Hussein Calls on George Bush to Shoot Himself [rosbaltnews.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-21 Richard Perle: Thank God for the death of the UN [guardian.co.uk]

2 comments 2003-03-21 Saddam belönar soldaternas insatser [aftonbladet.se]
14 000 dollar för en dödad fiende.

[discuss] 2003-03-21 Power tool [guardian.co.uk]
"Oliver Burkeman reveals how a hi-tech weapon that promised blood-free combat changed the way America thinks about war" Om Tomahawk-missilen.

[discuss] 2003-03-21 National guardman changed his name to a toy. [wkyc.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-21 World's smallest film festival [bigdigit.com]
Merging Technology Innovation with Made-for-Mobile Media Inspiration

[discuss] 2003-03-21 Dog i väntrum med kölapp i handen [dn.se]
Härliga svenska sjukvård.

[discuss] 2003-03-21 Allt fler blir antibiotikaresistenta [biotech.idg.se]

[discuss] 2003-03-21 Where is Raed ? [dear_raed.blogspot.com]
"the all clear siren just went on." Blog från Bagdad.

[discuss] 2003-03-21 On the Backs of Ants [technologyreview.com]
New networks mimic the behavior of insects and bacteria.

[discuss] 2003-03-21 Rekord i studieskuld - 2,1 miljoner kr [svt.se]
Där ligger man i lä...

[discuss] 2003-03-21 Saddam Or Imposter? [cbsnews.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-20 i still hate george bush [tshirthell.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-20 Rocketry * Tomahawk Cruise Missile Micro-Maxx Rocket Starter Set - QUS 5606 [ehobbies.com]
Be your own Bush

[discuss] 2003-03-20 Battleship Firing Salvo [shopping.corbis.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-20 NatFilm 2003 [natfilm.nu]
Öresund Filmfestival 2003

[discuss] 2003-03-20 War in Iraq: Three Scenarios [rediff.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-20 Honor the Windows Refund Clause Petition - Toshiba Petition [petitiononline.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-20 Roguestate.jpg [www3.telus.net]

[discuss] 2003-03-20 The Temple of George W. Bush [templeofgwbush.blogspot.com]
"It is with great pleasure that I announce that this afternoon Dear Leader was crowned Emperor of the World."

[discuss] 2003-03-20 Göran Persson: Nu kan vi skylla på att kriget ger Sverige sämre tider. [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2003-03-20 Windows robot can 'see' intruders, call police [news.zdnet.co.uk]
Fujitsu has developed a Windows-powered robot that can operate household appliances and watch out for burglars

[discuss] 2003-03-20 Webcam in Iraq [webcaminiraq.org]
An (failed) attempt to put a webcam in a Bagdad

[discuss] 2003-03-20 Iraq Body Count [iraqbodycount.net]

[discuss] 2003-03-20 US Department of Laughs [titaniumcounter.com]

1 comments 2003-03-19 GSM MOBILE phones UNLOCKING, REPAIRING service tools and software sollutions [gsmhacking.com]
How to but-fuck your R520, T39, T68i, P800, T300 whatever

[discuss] 2003-03-19 California Coastal Records Project [californiacoastline.org]
We currently have over 12,100 photographs (totaling over 82GB) of the California Coast online

[discuss] 2003-03-19 Evangelism is War [plamondon.net]

[discuss] 2003-03-19 Star Spangled Ice Cream [starspangledicecream.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-19 TIVO LESS OF A THREAT? 'SURPRISING' P&G FINDINGS [adage.com]
Recall of Tivo Ad Zappers Similar to That of Tivo Ad Watchers

[discuss] 2003-03-19 Bush Has Audacious Plan to Rebuild Iraq Within Year [story.news.yahoo.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-18 Kevin Sites Blog [kevinsites.net]
photoblogging in Northern Iraq

[discuss] 2003-03-18 XML Is Too Hard For Programmers [tbray.org]

[discuss] 2003-03-18 BRETZEL FOR BUSH [bretzelforbush.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-18 The Tartan - Crime & Incident [thetartan.org]
Carnegie Mellon-studenterna kan också festa.

[discuss] 2003-03-18 CDC Media Relations - Telebriefing Transcript [cdc.gov]
SARS presskonferens

[discuss] 2003-03-18 Welcome! [c64.cc65.org]
C64 webserver

[discuss] 2003-03-18 The Contiki Operating System and Desktop Environment [dunkels.com]
C64 blir en surfdator

1 comments 2003-03-18 Deadly virus may be here [canoe.ca]
uh-oh. (here som i canada)

[discuss] 2003-03-18 New and Improved! [wired.com]
A user's guide to your genetically modified future.

[discuss] 2003-03-18 Uproar over Nokia ad video [news.com.au]
Nokia is red-faced over an unauthorised advertisement containing images of animal cruelty circulating via email.

[discuss] 2003-03-18 Pearl Harbor 2003? [washingtonpost.com]
Vad händer om Nordkorea...

[discuss] 2003-03-18 Teliabolag sänker lönerna [dn.se]

[discuss] 2003-03-17 Saddam Hussein - t-shirten [tshirthell.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-17 Who's leading Who? [stopesso.com]
mess with bush ..

[discuss] 2003-03-17 U.N. to Pull Inspectors From Iraq [customwire.ap.org]
"Secretary-General Kofi Annan ordered U.N. employees on Monday to leave Iraq, after the United States, Britain and Spain abandoned efforts to win U.N. backing for military action"

[discuss] 2003-03-17 Påven är en kyckling! - FAQ [kolonisera.rymden.nu]
... för att ta över efter Johannes Paulus I, som blev coq au vin efter bara 33 dagar som påvekyckling ...

[discuss] 2003-03-17 Do Productivity Increases Generate Economic Gains? (Alertbox March 2003) [useit.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-17 Nepal: 27 döda i mystisk sjukdom [expressen.se]

1 comments 2003-03-17 The 101 Dumbest Moments in Business [business2.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-17 Tanks For Sale [tanksforsale.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-03-17 Survey Reveals Users Plan to Spend More on Wearable Computers [vdc-corp.com]

1 comments 2003-03-17 Media Watchdogs Caught Napping [wired.com]
In the run up to a conflict in Iraq, foreign news websites are seeing large volumes of traffic from America

[discuss] 2003-03-17 Emerging Technology: Who Loves Ya, Baby? [discover.com]
Pass your e-mail through some new software and the answer will become obvious

[discuss] 2003-03-17 Real World Robots [msnbc.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-17 Pirate Utopia [juliandibbell.com]
What does Osama bin Laden's Web porn infiltration have to do with Napster's fight for life?

[discuss] 2003-03-17 St. Patrick's Day. [ucomics.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-17 Back to Iraq 2.0 [back-to-iraq.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-16 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) - Multi-country outbreak [who.int]

[discuss] 2003-03-16 Future Fetish [wired.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-16 The Arrogant Empire [msnbc.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-16 Is The Visual World a Grand Illusion? [human-nature.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-16 En rättviseteori utan framtid [svensktidskrift.se]
"I takt med att fördelning blir en allt mindre del av politiken håller tiden på att springa ifrån John Rawls politiska filosofi."

[discuss] 2003-03-16 Sub-Urban Renewal [wired.com]
"People have been traveling underground for a long time. The next step is to actually live there."

[discuss] 2003-03-15 M - T O W N Seminarum 28/4 [m-town.nu]
"Erfarenheter från epicentrum: Berättelser och lärdomar från tre företag mitt i sektorn för digitala upplevelser." Seminarium med bl.a. Birgersson och Hörnfeldt (Tre).

[discuss] 2003-03-15 Pet Productions-Party-O-Meter [cmp99hm.student.mm.edu]

[discuss] 2003-03-15 The turning tide of Africa's brain drain [news.bbc.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-03-15 Launching Telecoms II [economist.com]
New wireless technologies that render bandwidth irrelevant could kick-start a revolution in communications bigger than the internet

[discuss] 2003-03-15 File-sharing sites allow trading of porn [cnn.com]
No shit.

[discuss] 2003-03-15 Aftonbladet: Lögner är bra - det är sant [aftonbladet.se]
Det skulle bli katastrof om alla sa sanningen till varandra hela tiden

1 comments 2003-03-15 DN - Nyheter - Senator polisanmäler Bushs falska Irakdokument [dn.se]
var det verkligen någon som trodde på bevisen öht?

[discuss] 2003-03-15 The Bush and Blair love song (.mov) [tobyslater.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-15 the Winner. [dilbert.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-15 FUCK THAT JOB [fuckthatjob.com]
my answer to employers taking advantage of folks having a hard time finding a job in this economy.

[discuss] 2003-03-15 spacerunner [flash] [karn.nu]

[discuss] 2003-03-15 China Works to Put Astronauts in Orbit [nytimes.com]
the world's newest space power, China, is recreating the glory days of Apollo

[discuss] 2003-03-15 Another Poster For Peace [anotherposterforpeace.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-14 The final asshole camper [assholecamper.com]
"Ett kultur och mediasatirmagasin för alla sinnen som klär av myter och schavotterar makthavare."

[discuss] 2003-03-14 SF Anytime [sf-anytime.com]
Film via bredband.

[discuss] 2003-03-14 Beating Bill Gates: Part 2 [business2.com]
Adobe has survived competition from Microsoft in graphic software. Next up: document creation.

[discuss] 2003-03-14 Face-Recognition Technology Improves [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-14 100 sökande till 5 oavlönade jobb på IBM [nyteknik.se]

[discuss] 2003-03-14 1000 civilingenjörer sökte 30 jobb på Scania [nyteknik.se]

1 comments 2003-03-14 lunchclock.com - Covertly Extend Your Lunch Hour! [lunchclock.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-14 THE PENTAGON'S NEW MAP [nwc.navy.mil]

[discuss] 2003-03-14 The Culture of Disbelief: How American Law and Politics Trivialize Religious Devotion [firstthings.com]
The Swedish Syndrome

[discuss] 2003-03-14 World's first brain prosthesis revealed [newscientist.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-14 Mozilla 1.3 Release Notes [mozilla.org]

[discuss] 2003-03-14 American values [economist.com]
Some values are held in common by America and its allies. As three studies show, many others are not

2 comments 2003-03-13 Dominance in Space Makes General 'Pity the Enemy' [scoop.co.nz]
"we're so dominant in space that I would pity a country that would come up against us".

[discuss] 2003-03-13 Virtual Flowers Grown in Computer [betterhumans.com]
Wolframs teorier provade.

1 comments 2003-03-13 Suddenly, the personal phone hub is respectable [theregister.co.uk]
Motorola and Samsung have launched conspicuously similar bits of technology around the concept.

[discuss] 2003-03-13 Design Patterns [dofactory.com]
GoF-patternsarna i c#.

[discuss] 2003-03-13 A Tablet Brings Unexpected Smiles to the PC Sector [business2.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-13 Robot finger has feeling [nature.com]
"Artificial muscle feels the weight of objects it moves."

[discuss] 2003-03-13 Music companies fear new 100-hour discs [newscientist.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-13 Can an Open-Source Database Threaten Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM? [fortune.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-13 När ska bubblan Bush spricka? [dn.se]
-- George Soros

[discuss] 2003-03-12 frog design and Motorola Launch Prototypes of Next Generation Wearable Wireless Solutions [frogdesign.com]
Nu börjar det likna nått.

[discuss] 2003-03-12 Asya Schween - My Own Self: Digital Photography Review [dpreview.com]
"My Own Self" the Self-Portraits of Asya Schween

[discuss] 2003-03-12 Spyshop [spyshop.se]
Allt du behöver för att få igenom en irak-resolution i säkerhetsrådet

[discuss] 2003-03-12 Shopping guiden [shoppingguiden.com]
Micro-företag med positivt kassaflöde

[discuss] 2003-03-12 The Gashlycrumb Tinies - by Edward Gorey [wishville.co.uk]

1 comments 2003-03-12 ..::| Asya Schween :|: My Own Self | ::.. [myownself.com]
I'm Asya Schween. 22. Immersed in incarnadine-hued twilight of my mind. Alone. I read no poetry but mathematical manuscripts and the Holy Bible.

[discuss] 2003-03-12 Bush Sr warning over unilateral action [timesonline.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-03-12 The Nietzsche Channel [geocities.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-12 BeastieBoys.com - In A World Gone Mad [beastieboys.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-12 How mobile phones and an £18m bribe trapped 9/11 mastermind [guardian.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-03-12 Tech slump coming to an end [news.bbc.co.uk]
"The worst is over for the slump-stricken technology industry". Nu igen?

[discuss] 2003-03-12 How many drugs are you taking? [msnbc.com]
Do you know what they're doing to your body? You probably don't, and your doctor might not either.

[discuss] 2003-03-12 Svenskt fotoalbum i Sony Ericsson P800 [nyteknik.se]
Lundaföretaget Scalado har utvecklat en mjukvara för virtuella fotoalbum i mobiltelefoner.

[discuss] 2003-03-12 Little Goth Girl and the Robot [matazone.co.uk]
Flash comic, as seen on MTV 2

[discuss] 2003-03-12 How Hydrogen Can Save America [wired.com]

1 comments 2003-03-12 Jens OF Sweden [jensofsweden.com]
snygg, liten mp3 spelare.

[discuss] 2003-03-12 Clique of Instant Messagers Expands Into the Workplace [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-12 Revealed: US dirty tricks to win vote on Iraq war [observer.co.uk]
Secret document details American plan to bug phones and emails of key Security Council members

[discuss] 2003-03-12 Search for the next big thing [observer.co.uk]
Vad blir nästa bubbla?

[discuss] 2003-03-12 Nytt hopp hitta utomjording [dn.se]
"Chefsforskaren på SETI, Dan Werthimer, är optimistisk. Han tror att sannolikheten är ungefär 1 på 10.000."

[discuss] 2003-03-12 SYNC [hyperionbooks.com]
The Emerging Science of Spontaneous Order

[discuss] 2003-03-12 USA testade jättebomb [expressen.se]
Nästa vecka: Bush och Saddam mäter penisar.

[discuss] 2003-03-12 its not a home video, its a phone video. [avi] [saq.cx]

[discuss] 2003-03-11 The Antiwar Movement Takes Shape [amconmag.com]
"Edward Hamm is peeved. He not only voted for George W. Bush, he gave half a million dollars to the Republican campaign 14and now he wants a refund."

[discuss] 2003-03-11 Global Eye -- Swing Blades [moscowtimes.ru]

[discuss] 2003-03-11 `Blog' expert sets sights on Harvard: Postings could break barriers [businesstoday.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-11 "French" fries stryks från kongressens menyer [expressen.se]
"Freedom fries".

[discuss] 2003-03-11 Eating Less Meat Boosts Longevity, Report Says [story.news.yahoo.com]
People who eat little or no meat can expect to live significantly longer than the general population

[discuss] 2003-03-11 Universe as Doughnut: New Data, New Debate [nytimes.com]
Mmmmm... doughnuts.

[discuss] 2003-03-11 Marknaden vänder 2004 [idg.se]

[discuss] 2003-03-11 Dr Strangeblix [drstrangeblix.co.uk]
or how i learned to start worrying & looking for bombs [flash]

[discuss] 2003-03-11 G.R.I.S. - Grabbars Rätt I Samhället [gris.nu]

[discuss] 2003-03-11 Sony VD intervju del 3/3 [alwayson-network.com]
"Do you worry about the Xbox?"

[discuss] 2003-03-10 The Ark - The Game [ship-of-fools.com]
The Ark is an internet reality gameshow, set on the world's most famous floating zoo

[discuss] 2003-03-10 Deutsche Telekom gör rekordförlust [dn.se]
226 miljarder kronor. Hoppsan.

[discuss] 2003-03-10 Tweaking a Single Gene Could Extend Lifespan with No Side Effects [betterhumans.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-10 Wake Up, Little Susie - Can we sleep less? [slate.msn.com]
"I really, really feel like working, a rare sensation."

[discuss] 2003-03-10 Kiss of death [poyi.org]
not funny, nor fake. Award winning photograph

[discuss] 2003-03-10 Metal Sludge Exposed [metal-sludge.com]
1. Find a big 'star' and then, 2. Expose their past!

[discuss] 2003-03-10 Technorati: Top 50 Interesting Newcomers, with context [technorati.com]
Ranked by proportion of new links from blogs in the last 24 hours

[discuss] 2003-03-10 Social Software and the Politics of Groups [shirky.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-10 Outlawing Science [washingtonpost.com]
"it would also turn patients into criminals if they imported such medical therapy from abroad"

[discuss] 2003-03-10 The Ascent of the Software Civilization [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-10 USB-Hot [dct-net.co.jp]
usb-driven kaffevärmare

[discuss] 2003-03-10 Pyongyang: We'll put a torch to New York [smh.com.au]

[discuss] 2003-03-10 Review: Nokia 7250 [mobile.burn.com]
Love at first sight - Nokia's 7250

[discuss] 2003-03-09 MIT Project Oxygen: Overview [oxygen.lcs.mit.edu]
Bringing abundant computation and communication, as pervasive and free as air, naturally into people's lives.

[discuss] 2003-03-09 8 March 2003 [8march2003.com]
My story continues...

[discuss] 2003-03-09 Google as Big Brother [google-watch.org]
Addendum: Why we target Google

[discuss] 2003-03-09 Rebuilding Iraq [economist.com]
Iraq will need coaxing towards democracy. It will be a long haul

[discuss] 2003-03-09 The presidential press conference [wsws.org]
"The entire press conference abounded in such stupid and thoughtless contradictions."

1 comments 2003-03-09 Shadows of Cavernous Shades: Charting the Chiaroscuro of Realistic Computing [lub.lu.se]

[discuss] 2003-03-09 Stop what you're doing, and play this game [massivemultiplayer.org]
A Tale in the Desert is exactly the kind of game that the MMOG market needs

1 comments 2003-03-09 "Under en maratondisputation diskuterades Satan, jesuiter och häxprocesser. Teologi? Nej, ämnet var datavetenskap." [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
Jan Bosch fick ge vika för ludditerna.

[discuss] 2003-03-09 Net pirates outsmart record labels [news.bbc.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-03-09 Compromise is name of the game in how brain works [eurekalert.org]

[discuss] 2003-03-09 Why do we travel in space? [straightdope.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-09 Britain's role is crucial in next stage of war on terror - Iran [portal.telegraph.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-03-09 A Real Hollywood Horror Story [businessweek.com]
New technologies may do to movies what MP3 did to music

[discuss] 2003-03-08 A New Set of Social Rules for a Newly Wireless Society [ojr.org]
To not have a keitai is to be walking blind, disconnected from just-in-time information on where and when you are in the social networks of time and place.

[discuss] 2003-03-08 rootkit.com [rootkit.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-08 Stökigt firande av kvinnodagen i Malmö [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2003-03-08 Star Wars - Costumes and Prop Building Tutorials [studiocreations.com]
Till nästa maskerad.

[discuss] 2003-03-08 Stormtrooper Armor - Introduction [studiocreations.com]
this website will show you how to build a stormtrooper costume from the ground-up.

2 comments 2003-03-08 Bush's Wake-Up Call Was a Snooze Alarm [washingtonpost.com]
"the president may have been ever so slightly medicated". Knaprar Bush piller?

[discuss] 2003-03-08 Drug-resistant superbug now hitting the healthy [ananova.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-08 Google's Memory Upgrade [slate.msn.com]
How Blogger could do more than improve Google's Web searches.

[discuss] 2003-03-08 En öl - rena hälsokuren [aftonbladet.se]
Forskare: Drick två stora glas varje dag

[discuss] 2003-03-08 Air Hockey Can Be Deep [engr.uiuc.edu]
"How long before we see a robot air hockey champion?"

1 comments 2003-03-08 Knivskärning på malmökrog [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2003-03-07 First molecule discovered that directs nerve cells to connect with each other [eurekalert.org]

3 comments 2003-03-07 Sony Ericsson T310 - First Hand Report ( Page 1) [threegmobile.net]
lite mer bilder

1 comments 2003-03-07 World of Ends [worldofends.com]
What the Internet Is and How to Stop Mistaking It for Something Else.

[discuss] 2003-03-07 3g-generation: Concept phones [3g-generation.com]
A BIG collection of 3G Concept phones. 80 images on one page

2 comments 2003-03-07 Mating a Mac With a Cell Phone [wired.com]
"the Sony Ericsson Clicker"

[discuss] 2003-03-07 Sony, others to create 3D standards [news.com.com]
create technical and safety standards for bringing three-dimensional displays to desktops, laptops and cell phones

2 comments 2003-03-07 The Military's Silicon Revolution [washingtonpost.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-07 Money and happiness [guardian.co.uk]
When God died, GDP took over and economists became the new high priests.

[discuss] 2003-03-07 The Flash Mind Reader [mr-31238.mr.valuehost.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-03-07 The Zero-Minute Workout - Cheat your way to a great body! [slate.msn.com]

1 comments 2003-03-07 Geek Idol - Ett Fame Factory för datasnillen [idg.se]
Vinnaren får ett stipendium för att läsa data och en jobbintervju hos Microsoft

[discuss] 2003-03-07 .s.p.e.c.i.a.l.d.e.f.e.c.t.s. [specialdefects.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-07 Masturbate for Peace: Using Masturbation to End War [masturbateforpeace.com]
"I cum in peace"

[discuss] 2003-03-06 GSM modem / module - first steps [gsm-modem.de]
Lite ATDT över RS232 och så blir det en telefon :)

[discuss] 2003-03-06 Siemens Mobile - Wireless Module MC45 [siemens-mobile.com]
Anyone intrested in building a phone ?

[discuss] 2003-03-06 The Floor Plan With a Plan [business2.com]
"In one session, the group agonized over three types of lighting to get Jobs's iMacs to shine just as they do in glossy ads."

[discuss] 2003-03-06 Sony's CEO Unplugged [alwayson-network.com]
Sonys VD-intervjun.

[discuss] 2003-03-06 Google Search: stora kikare [google.com]
jättebra förslag google...

2 comments 2003-03-06 Sonychefen avslöjar varför han valde Ericsson [di.se]
"De bryr sig inte om mobiltelefoner."

[discuss] 2003-03-06 Regeringen sa ja till Citytunneln [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2003-03-06 Making Robots More Like Us [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-06 The Future That Wasn't [msnbc.com]
A new collection of images from the 1950s evokes a technologic optimism that makes the dotcom craze look conservative

[discuss] 2003-03-06 Other Axis of Evil Wannabees [dracolich.com]
"Axis of Countries That Want Sheep to Wear Lipstick"

[discuss] 2003-03-06 Patterns for introducing new ideas into organizations (.pdf) [cs.unca.edu]

[discuss] 2003-03-06 Building a Better You - How you'll become stronger, faster, smarter [slate.msn.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-06 Cliche Webhosting Sweden [clichehosting.com]
Attans billigt webhotell.

[discuss] 2003-03-06 6/3 torsdag: *TYSKARNA FRÅN LUND. SPECIAL GUEST: S.P.O.C.K [kulturbolaget.se]
heute abend am der kulturbolag

[discuss] 2003-03-05 Holstein.com [holstein.com]
Holsteins nästa affärsidé?

[discuss] 2003-03-05 This Is the Title of This Story, Which Is Also Found Several Times in the Story Itself [mindspring.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-05 Execution is key for Sony Ericsson [search.ft.com]
"failure is not an option for 2003". 2004 får vi reda på vad "failure" innebar.

[discuss] 2003-03-05 Terrorist Busters Logo [cia.gov]

[discuss] 2003-03-05 Interstellar Flames P800 [handango.com]
Nästan-Descent till P800an.%a

[discuss] 2003-03-05 Börsnedgången värre än Krügerkraschen [di.se]
"De senaste årens börsras är det värsta i aktiemarknadens historia."

[discuss] 2003-03-05 Sony chip to transform video-game industry [bayarea.com]
Playstation 3.

1 comments 2003-03-05 Malmö centrum för illegal läsk [aftonbladet.se]
Förbjud läsk och godis

1 comments 2003-03-05 Top 50 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books [sfbc.com]
The Most Significant SF and Fantasy Books of the Last 50 Years, 1953-2002

3 comments 2003-03-05 Mp3-spelare med bluetooth från Sony Ericsson [mobil.se]

3 comments 2003-03-05 God, Satan and the Media [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-05 Terrorists aim at Pearl Harbor [washtimes.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-05 Mobile-review.com Review SonyEricsson T610 [mobile-review.com]

1 comments 2003-03-05 IT-kraschen slog hårt mot nischade orter [dn.se]

[discuss] 2003-03-04 Sony sells first blue-laser DVD recorder [cnn.com]

1 comments 2003-03-04 Rewriting the Script [bttf.com]
Movie Sets--Who needs 'em?

[discuss] 2003-03-04 Essentor Software Engineering AB [essentor.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-04 Ripley Wearable Computer [zerospin.com]
Ripley is a wearable computer designed specifically to run Linux and other open source software

[discuss] 2003-03-04 Wearable computers would save money, increase efficiencies [news.uiuc.edu]

[discuss] 2003-03-04 Quickshare - now you can share memorable moments with your friends (.jpg) [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2003-03-04 Konkurserna ökar [idg.se]
It will get worse

[discuss] 2003-03-04 Sonyericssons nya superlurar [aftonbladet.se]
"Jag är inte jätteimponerad."

[discuss] 2003-03-04 Take That, Monica! Kapow, Chandler! [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-04 FLY [conceptlab.com]
Fly with implanted webserver

1 comments 2003-03-04 Underhållningsfokus på Sony Ericssons nya nallar [idg.se]
va bra.

[discuss] 2003-03-04 If a Machine Creates Something Beautiful, Is It an Artist? [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-04 The Coming of Copyright Perpetuity [nytimes.com]
In effect, the Supreme Court's decision makes it likely that we are seeing the beginning of the end of public domain and the birth of copyright perpetuity.

[discuss] 2003-03-04 Putting God on Notice [washingtonpost.com]
"Ready or Not, We're Taking Control of Our Evolution. Gulp."

3 comments 2003-03-04 Building Communities with Software [joelonsoftware.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-04 Köp en 3G-telefon [tre.se]
Auktion om 100 telefoner.

[discuss] 2003-03-03 Chips Enable 19 Mbps transfer rate on 3G Networks [3gnewsroom.com]
Tokfort 3G med nya chip.

[discuss] 2003-03-03 China plans three-phase Moon exploration [newscientist.com]
"the motivation for the missions is to mine the Moon's resources". Kan vi hoppas på ett Space Race 2.0?

[discuss] 2003-03-03 Why humans want to wage wars [telegraph.co.uk]
Raj Persaud on the psychology of warfare

[discuss] 2003-03-03 De flyr i panik från eldhavet (2003-02-22) [aftonbladet.se]
759 ord. 95 döda.

[discuss] 2003-03-03 Minst 80 drunknade i Nigeria [aftonbladet.se]
59 ord. 80 döda.

[discuss] 2003-03-03 Sophos hoaxes & scares description: 030303 [sophos.com]
Year 2003 Bug creates new panic as vulnerabilities exposed.

[discuss] 2003-03-03 Ericsson utser ny VD för EMP [di.se]

[discuss] 2003-03-03 Krigsrisk för Sverige avskrivs [dn.se]
"Alla scenarier där annan stat skulle angripa Sverige är nu borta"

[discuss] 2003-03-03 GLITCHES IN THE MATRIX . . . AND HOW TO FIX THEM [kurzweilai.net]
"what can a virtual pill do to a real brain?"

1 comments 2003-03-03 Information flow in humans [math.uwaterloo.ca]
Människans bandbredd.

1 comments 2003-03-03 Mr. Gates och en pingvin. [ibiblio.org]

[discuss] 2003-03-03 Revealed: US dirty tricks to win vote on Iraq war [observer.co.uk]
Secret document details American plan to bug phones and emails of key Security Council members

[discuss] 2003-03-03 Disagree at your own risk [accessatlanta.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-03 Iskallt tre år efter IT-kraschen [dn.se]
"I veckan är det tre år sedan bubblan sprack på börsen." Borde man inte fira det på något sätt...?

[discuss] 2003-03-02 Games to drive 3G mobiles [news.bbc.co.uk]
...hoppas man.

[discuss] 2003-03-02 Journalisternas sorgliga IT-facit [journalisten.nu]
IT-bubblan var journalisternas fel

1 comments 2003-03-02 tvprogram.nu för alla [tvprogram.nu]
Den enda tv-tablån man behöver

[discuss] 2003-03-02 Vodafone Live! Livegalleri [livegalleri.vodafone.se]
Fyllebilder sponsrade av Vodafone för att dema MMS.

[discuss] 2003-03-02 ZNet | Mideast | A monument to hypocrisy [zmag.org]
"Colin Powell's UN speech, [...] , seems to me to have been a new low point in moral hypocrisy and political manipulation."

[discuss] 2003-03-02 Anti-Everything Homepage (I love Saddam) [anti-everything.com]
"Let's face it, the US and UK don't give a fuck about human rights violations."

[discuss] 2003-03-02 OPEC [opec.org]
Opec:s försvarstal för fossila bränslen

[discuss] 2003-03-02 Vasaloppet [resultat.vasaloppet.se]
Svenska skiddamer gör det igen

[discuss] 2003-03-02 Reputation Economy and the Internet [ryo.iloha.net]
"The free and open nature of the internet has enabled us to create perhaps one of the largest reputation economies ever known."

[discuss] 2003-03-02 Vasaloppet resultat [resultat.vasaloppet.se]
Svea skidmän gör det igen

[discuss] 2003-03-01 Caught on Film: The Bush Credibility Gap [house.gov]
The Photographic History of the Bush Administration Putting Its Mouth Where Its Money Isn 19t

[discuss] 2003-03-01 Mobilmánia :. Úplne nový Sony Ericsson T610 [mobilmania.sk]
Ja just det. Fina bilder iaf.

[discuss] 2003-03-01 FREE projection / projector / 100 inch TV plans [bigscreentv.20m.com]
Bygg om din TV till en storbildsprojektor

[discuss] 2003-03-01 "Saddam bör avgå" [aftonbladet.se]
Förenade Aramemiraten uppmanar Iraks president Saddam Hussein att avgå

1 comments 2003-03-01 Wearable Computing [about.eyetap.org]
Wearable Computing blurs the boundary between "thinking" and "computing" as well as the boundary between "remembering" and "recording".

[discuss] 2003-03-01 USB toothbrush... [watch.impress.co.jp]

1 comments 2003-03-01 Stupidity should be cured, says DNA discoverer [newscientist.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-01 United States Patent: 6,525,747 [patft.uspto.gov]
Method and system for conducting a discussion relating to an item

[discuss] 2003-03-01 [iSONEWS] is now the property of the United States government. [isonews.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-01 Support for Bush's re-election falls below 50 percent [cnn.com]

[discuss] 2003-03-01 BURN RATE: The dot-com card game [burnrategame.com]

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