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topics for June 2003

2 comments 2003-06-30 Sperm Donor - Man Not Included [mannotincluded.com]
russinen ur kakan.. eller nått..

1 comments 2003-06-30 I despise you and I hate your taste in music... [chthonicionic.net]
Go on, make me laugh. Tell me your favourite band/singer/album

[discuss] 2003-06-30 Magic Online Gathering Fans [wired.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-30 Kickad.nu :: Handläggare för IT-relaterade brott; Rikskriminalpolisen [www4.box.se]
Byta bana någon ? Troed, en tjänst för dig ?

[discuss] 2003-06-30 Is Google God? [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-30 Kickad.nu :: Visa Forum - Vi anställer [www4.box.se]

[discuss] 2003-06-30 Coming Soon: A Horror Show for TV Ads [businessweek.com]
TiVo's digital recorders indicate that viewers don't necessarily watch the ads, even on hit shows. Agencies and networks are still in denial

[discuss] 2003-06-30 China's Communist Party to deepen reforms [famulus.msnbc.com]
"...to free authors, artists and actors from dogmatic Marxist thinking."

[discuss] 2003-06-30 Underwater music player wins award [news.bbc.co.uk]
Must-have: simglasögen med inbyggd mp3-spelare

[discuss] 2003-06-30 Anoto får 144 miljoner från Logitech och Hitachi [idg.se]

[discuss] 2003-06-30 The Video Phone Meets the PC [business2.com]
Steve Jobs shows how to put the phone companies out of business.

[discuss] 2003-06-30 OPINION : Blockbuster mentality killed movie creativity [delawareonline.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-30 FSF Statement on SCO v. IBM [fsf.org]

[discuss] 2003-06-30 Tampa Man Ordered to Pay $180 Million for Satellite TV Piracy... [orlandosentinel.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-30 Alive and Ticking [hartfordadvocate.com]
The engineers of human souls at a Yale conference on Transhumanism

[discuss] 2003-06-30 The Outraged Patriot: It's amazing I won! [genericorp.net]
"It's amazing I won. I was running against peace, prosperity, and incumbency."

[discuss] 2003-06-30 Harry Potter and the International Order of Copyright [slate.msn.com]
Should Tanya Grotter and the Magic Double Bass be banned?

[discuss] 2003-06-29 Are American journalists simply spineless? [news.independent.co.uk]
So why the transatlantic journalistic rift?

[discuss] 2003-06-29 The Google backlash [salon.com]
The king of search rules the Web -- but now some of the natives are growing restless.

[discuss] 2003-06-29 Computers Go Too Far [slate.msn.com]
Hey - that's MY job you're automating!

[discuss] 2003-06-29 The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King [news.bbc.co.uk]
Första postern för trean.

[discuss] 2003-06-29 Refer 2.01 [textism.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-29 My conversation with Mr. Safe [weblog.infoworld.com]
försöker reda ut rss/echo soppan lite. eller förvirra mer.

[discuss] 2003-06-29 The Illustrated Catalog of ACME Products [home.nc.rr.com]

2 comments 2003-06-29 Google AdSense [aaronsw.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-29 10 Appalling Lies We Were Told About Iraq [alternet.org]

[discuss] 2003-06-29 My bagel will be extra tasty today. [dilbert.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-28 Älg försökte simma till Danmark [expressen.se]
Det är det jag säger: bropriserna är alldeles för höga!

[discuss] 2003-06-28 Inspiration Through Inebriation! [moderndrunkardmagazine.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-28 Third Conference on Software Engineering Research and Practise in Sweden [serg.telecom.lth.se]
October 23-24, 2003, Lund University

[discuss] 2003-06-28 Erik Starck Software Sweden [softwaresweden.com]
Vi finns i Malmö.

[discuss] 2003-06-28 Mob rules [guardian.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-06-28 Intel Centrino Mobile Technology [intel.com]
"Micro-Ops Fusion and Dedicated Stack Manager for faster execution of instructions at lower power, advanced instruction prediction for increased performance." Låter jättesnabbt ju.

[discuss] 2003-06-28 Microsoft, Google may go head-to-head [news.com.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-27 Grönsakssallad med chiliribs [paals.se]

[discuss] 2003-06-27 Welcome to My T610 [myt610.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-27 Aftonbladet: Aftonbladet telegram: Riksåklagaren emot maskeringsförbud [aftonbladet.se]
en och annan vettig människa där ...

[discuss] 2003-06-27 Spegelns sommarprogram (pdf) [biosture.se]

[discuss] 2003-06-27 Dial-A-Joke Telephone Entertainment Phone Recordings Jokeline Page [members.fortunecity.com]
Sök upp länken "Disconnected" och lyssna :)

[discuss] 2003-06-27 PhoneBin [phonebin.com]
mobile phone photo site, updates every 15 minutes. [not work safe]

[discuss] 2003-06-27 Why the Little Sticky Label on Fruit? [missourifamilies.org]

[discuss] 2003-06-27 Spin Wave Technology from the Vasant Corporation [vasantcorporation.com]
"The results conclude that some devices can generate economically free energy. This study also concludes there is a possible link between gravity and electromagnetism that can be exploited to generate antigravity or electrogravity effects."

[discuss] 2003-06-27 Mono 0.25 Release [go-mono.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-27 SMS Server Tools [isis.de]
Bygg din egen SMS-server av gamla nallar.

[discuss] 2003-06-27 Someday the mountain might get 'em, but the law never will. [arie.org]
An explanation of the SCO vs Linux issue for a non-technical audience

[discuss] 2003-06-27 EFF: Tired of Being Treated Like a Criminal? [eff.org]

[discuss] 2003-06-26 Scientologyreklam från 70-talet. [bloodyspew.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-26 Oatmeal Box Pinhole Photography by Stew Woodruff - How to Make and Take Pictures With Pinhole Cameras Made from Oatmeal Boxes [users.rcn.com]
"-Kom din kamera i ett cornflakes paket eller?" "-Bättre upp, den ÄR ett cornflakes paket"

[discuss] 2003-06-26 Xenarc Technologies - CP-1000 - In-Dash 1-DIN Car PC [xenarc.com]
PC som i jacket för bil-stereon

[discuss] 2003-06-26 GotW #86: Slight Typos? Graphic Language and Other Curiosities [gotw.ca]

[discuss] 2003-06-26 Power Supply Fan Muffler [kmcsonline.com]
Bygg själv av kork

[discuss] 2003-06-26 Phonecam Nation [wired.com]
Everyone's posting instant photos on the Web. Get ready for your close-up.

[discuss] 2003-06-26 Akasa PAX mate Acoustic Absorption Mat: PAX.mate [xpcgear.com]
Ljud-dämpande (och värme-isolerande?) mattor för montering inne i PCn

[discuss] 2003-06-26 The right combination is key to CIA job offer [reuters.com]
CIA söker lås-smeder för "spännande internationella uppdrag"

[discuss] 2003-06-26 MuffledComputing.com [muffledcomputing.com]
Ljud-dämpare till fläkten

[discuss] 2003-06-26 SHHHH - Quiet PC Corner [crazypc.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-26 SCO smear campaign can't defeat GNU community [techupdate.zdnet.com]
By Richard Stallman

[discuss] 2003-06-26 George Orwell [k-1.com]
hade blivit 100 år igår.

[discuss] 2003-06-26 Man killed for singing Sinatra off-key [smh.com.au]

1 comments 2003-06-26 The Price of 'Man' and 'Woman': A Hedonic Pricing Model of Avatar Attributes in a Synthethic World [papers.ssrn.com]
Kvinnliga avatarer kostar mindre på eBay.

[discuss] 2003-06-26 Dungeons And Dreamers [dungeonsanddreamers.com]
The Rise of Computer Game Culture From Geek to Chic

[discuss] 2003-06-26 Svärmorsdrömmen? [thesmokinggun.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-26 Being tracked down by your mobile [news.bbc.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-06-25 Campbell admits mistake in Iraq dossier [timesonline.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-06-25 Kokain i tyska sedlar [aftonbladet.se]
"Nio av tio tyska eurosedlar bär spår av knark" På tal om dåliga argument.

1 comments 2003-06-25 Religion for Retarded - Lessons 13 and 14 [otisfodder.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-25 How to Burn Xbox Games and Copy Protected CDs [8bitjoystick.com]
using a Bling Bling Turbo Toaster with 256X Fire-Wire.

[discuss] 2003-06-25 The Next Big Thing...The Cell Phone [business2.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-25 "EMU begränsar demokratin för evigt" [dn.se]
...skriver Carl Tham (s).

[discuss] 2003-06-25 "Nejsägarna sviker global solidaritet" [dn.se]
"Ja till EMU är viktigt för demokratin", skriver ett antal vänsterdebattörer.

[discuss] 2003-06-25 Saddam Nabbed Buying Potter Book [msnbc.com]
CIA captures former Iraqi strongman at Topeka Barnes & Noble

[discuss] 2003-06-25 ScooterMan [scooterman.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-06-25 Man drowns in a drain trying to retrieve mobile [guardian.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-06-25 Tre av tio sms:ar när de kör bil [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2003-06-25 Mozilla 1.4 RC 3 Release Notes [mozilla.org]

[discuss] 2003-06-25 Apple Says New G5s Will Scream [wired.com]
Yikes. 9 fläktar.

[discuss] 2003-06-25 The High Cost of Efficiency [wired.com]
Computers make us more productive. Do they also slow us down?

[discuss] 2003-06-25 "Bagdad Bob" fast i vägspärr [aftonbladet.se]
informationsministern är fast.

[discuss] 2003-06-25 The Conceptual Model of a Log Entry [intertwingly.net]

[discuss] 2003-06-25 whichbook.net [whichbook.net]
a completely new way of choosing what to read

[discuss] 2003-06-24 What the world needs now [books.guardian.co.uk]
Michael Meacher is convinced by George Monbiot's radical argument to reform trade and finance systems in The Age of Consent

[discuss] 2003-06-24 Iraq now: 20 questions [theglobeandmail.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-24 Misstänkt sars-fall i Europa [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2003-06-24 Click Here [kuro5hin.org]
What is hypertext?

1 comments 2003-06-24 This Is Broken - A new project to make businesses more aware of their customer experience, and how to fix it. [goodexperience.com]
någon som känner igen tidtabellsmonitorn? :)

[discuss] 2003-06-24 Sony Ericsson lägger ned FoU i USA och Tyskland [di.se]

[discuss] 2003-06-24 Deathrow Online [hatchoo.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-24 War news not biased, says ITC [media.guardian.co.uk]
Fox News är inte partiska

[discuss] 2003-06-24 Moskébranden i Malmö var anlagd [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2003-06-24 Fun with Fingerprint Readers [counterpane.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-24 Vägverket föreslår inget krav på handsfree [vv.se]
Vår utredning visar tydligt att det är samtalet som sådant som med dess krav på uppmärksamhet och inte typen av telefonutrustning som utgör de negativa förändringarna i förarens förmåga att köra.

[discuss] 2003-06-24 Drivers face £1,000 fine for using mobile phones [timesonline.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-06-24 konkursutförsäljning - Utbildningsbolaget i Malmö. [datalatt.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-24 Laibach på KB i September [kulturbolaget.se]

[discuss] 2003-06-24 Apple - Power Mac G5 [apple.com]
the world's first 64-bit personal computer

[discuss] 2003-06-24 Type O Negative på KB i morgon (onsdag) [kulturbolaget.se]

[discuss] 2003-06-24 SCO Anti Protest [kuwan.net]

[discuss] 2003-06-24 Doom but not gloom on city streets [stuff.co.nz]
GeoVector develops location-based services 13 using pointing technology.

[discuss] 2003-06-23 Review: Hulk [oliverwillis.com]
Hi, my name is Ang Lee. Somehow I've made the Incredible Hulk boring.

[discuss] 2003-06-23 Friande domar mot knarkspanare står fast [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2003-06-23 Symbian Expected To Outpace Microsoft In Cellular Phone Market [techweb.com]

1 comments 2003-06-23 million,billion,trillion...then what? : sciforums.com [sciforums.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-23 MegaMek [megamek.sourceforge.net]
MegaMek is an unofficial, online version of the Classic BattleTech board game.

[discuss] 2003-06-23 American Traveler International Apology T-Shirt [americanapologyshirt.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-23 Handsfree inte säkrare i trafiken [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2003-06-23 The Missing Future [randomhacks.net]

1 comments 2003-06-23 Savant for a Day [nytimes.com]
unlock savant intellectual abilities dormant in many minds

1 comments 2003-06-23 Manhattan Flash Mob Photos [cheesebikini.com]
rug salesman considers flash mob.

[discuss] 2003-06-23 The Planetary Society's Red Rover Goes to Mars Project [redrovergoestomars.org]

[discuss] 2003-06-22 Guerilla Cafe DJ [cheesebikini.com]
"When I enter a cafe and power up my laptop, I'd like to plug this magic transmitter box into my laptop and use it to overpower the cafe radio's reception of that cheesy station"

[discuss] 2003-06-22 Is the iPAQ's Success Hurting Pocket PC? [brighthand.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-22 Grass Modified to Reduce Summer Sniffles and Sneezes [betterhumans.com]
"Two types of grass have been genetically modified so that they do not trigger a human allergic response." Äntligen. *snörvel*

[discuss] 2003-06-22 Business Tips From a Dead Russian Dissident [business2.com]
Several teams of engineers working for several years could not come up with a solution as elegant as the one we got with TRIZ in a few weeks

[discuss] 2003-06-22 Seven Stages of a Performance Review [dilbert.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-22 Information Technology: Just a Commodity? [gripe2ed.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-22 BlogPlanet [blogplanet.net]
Mobile Photo Blogging

[discuss] 2003-06-22 Aftonbladet: Priset på inspelningsbara dvd-skivor chockhöjs [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2003-06-21 The End Is at Hand [nationalreview.com]
Sir Martin doesn't think that we 14 the human race 14 are going to make it alive through to 12/31/2099

[discuss] 2003-06-21 My Visit to SCO [linuxjournal.com]
The full story of what one person who signed SCO's NDA encountered on his trip to Lindon, Utah.

[discuss] 2003-06-21 Calculating Pi :: The open source project for calculating Pi. [projectpi.sourceforge.net]

[discuss] 2003-06-21 Telias internettjänst låg nere i flera timmar [expressen.se]
Bostream nästa.

[discuss] 2003-06-20 World's Longest Palindrome? 15,139 words [norvig.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-20 American Institute of Mathematics [aimath.org]
Major Breakthrough in Prime Number Theory

[discuss] 2003-06-20 årets längsta dag... [ucomics.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-20 Chinese Agreement For Teleca [3g.co.uk]
Teleca and Legend, the leading supplier of consumer electronics in China, have signed an agreement covering licence of Teleca's Obigo mobile suite.

[discuss] 2003-06-20 Orrin Hatch: Software Pirate? [wired.com]
"Sen. Orrin Hatch suggested that people who download copyright materials should have their computers automatically destroyed. But Hatch himself is using unlicensed software on his official website."

[discuss] 2003-06-20 "Myrornas klädexport förödande för Afrika" [dn.se]
"Den mycket stora importen har lett till att den inhemska textilindustrin slagits ut med omfattande arbetslöshet som följd."

[discuss] 2003-06-20 Biten av ekorre - riskerar rabies [expressen.se]

[discuss] 2003-06-20 Inmates Released from Guantánamo Tell Tales of Despair [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-19 "Robinsons" ersättare kostar över 20 miljoner [aftonbladet.se]
"Programmet har mer likheter med rollspel och fantasy än med rena dokusåpor"

[discuss] 2003-06-19 The Mozart Programming System [mozart-oz.org]
The Mozart Programming System is an advanced development platform for intelligent, distributed applications.

[discuss] 2003-06-19 Top video games may soon cost more [msnbc.com]
Ett modernt datorspel kostar upp till 200-300 miljoner SEK att utveckla.

[discuss] 2003-06-19 Nano guitar [oddmusic.com]
Ultraportabel gitarr.

[discuss] 2003-06-19 Berlusconi spared potential embarrassment [euobserver.com]
Silvio Berlusconi has been granted immunity from prosecution as long as he remains in office.

[discuss] 2003-06-19 Ericsson tvingas sänka prognos för Bluetooth [nyteknik.se]
I Lund mister 15 personer jobbet.

[discuss] 2003-06-19 SSU - Reportage [ssu.se]
Till Timbuktu, ett svarsbrev

[discuss] 2003-06-19 Decaf do's and dont's [dilbert.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-19 Tema Datorarbete [arbetslivsinstitutet.se]
Så man borde sitta...

[discuss] 2003-06-19 Systembolaget - Midsommarafton och midsommardagen har alla butiker stängt. [systembolaget.se]
köp sprit idag.

[discuss] 2003-06-19 Bullfighter: Stripping The Bull Out Of Business [dc.com]
A consulting jargon fighter from Deloitte Consulting

[discuss] 2003-06-19 Roskilde Festival - spelschema [roskilde-festival.dk]
Spelschemat är klart

[discuss] 2003-06-19 Flash Mobs Take Manhattan [cheesebikini.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-19 'Hulk' Short on Plot, Heavy on Brooding [rednova.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-18 Berusad bilkapare i Malmö vållade olycka [aftonbladet.se]
En till galning.

[discuss] 2003-06-18 Konsten att förstöra en midsommar [idg.se]
Pawlo om kopieringslagstiftningen.

[discuss] 2003-06-18 Vansinnesfärd av drogad Malmöbilist [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
"En äldre medicinpåverkad förare gjorde en vansinnesfärd med bil genom Malmö sent på tisdagskvällen". Känns tryggt.

[discuss] 2003-06-18 Only 22 percent think Saddam used WMDs? [thismodernworld.com]

1 comments 2003-06-18 Robots without a cause [guardian.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-06-18 Roland Announces i-mode-Enabled Digital Piano [japancorp.net]
Va bra ..

[discuss] 2003-06-18 The Editing Room - The Matrix Reloaded: The Abridged Script [ter.air0day.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-18 Mozilla 1.4 RC 2 Release Notes [mozilla.org]

[discuss] 2003-06-18 Democrat & Chronicle: AT&T sues Pittsford over cell tower use [democratandchronicle.com]
Ett mobilsändartorn förklätt till en fura. Nope, sorry killar, det håller inte. Back to the drawingboard.

[discuss] 2003-06-18 Microsoft sues British e-mail 'spam' companies [timesonline.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-06-18 VCSp Special Edition [classicgaming.com]
Bättre bilder här

[discuss] 2003-06-18 The Atari 2600 VCS Portables Site News [classicgaming.com]
Bärbar Atari i trä :)

[discuss] 2003-06-18 Rowling's tears at Potter book death [news.bbc.co.uk]
JK Rowling has told how she cried after killing off a "significant" character in the fifth Harry Potter book.

[discuss] 2003-06-18 HTC selected Ericsson as complete supplier of 3G mobile platforms [htccorporation.com]
EMP får order av Pocket PC-handdatortillverkare. Hm?

2 comments 2003-06-18 Hard facts [softwarelogics.co.uk]
Bra sammanfattning av software engineering-citat och referenser.

[discuss] 2003-06-18 I huvudet på Colin Scott [whiskyspot.com]
en master blenders hemligheter

[discuss] 2003-06-18 Can I beat George Bush on a Segway? [news.bbc.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-06-17 modermodem.jpg (JPEG Image, 800x600 pixels) [sagl.se]

[discuss] 2003-06-17 Will porn kick-start the video phone revolution? [news.bbc.co.uk]
"mobile firms currently make more money from selling ringtones than the entire net porn industry"

[discuss] 2003-06-17 Mega 651 [msicomputer.com]
Hi-Fi Audio + Performance PC + HomeTheater

[discuss] 2003-06-17 Decuma i USA [decuma.com]
Åsså USA. [slut-tjatat]

[discuss] 2003-06-17 Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos meet "Ginger" [hbsworkingknowledge.hbs.edu]
I think [the design] sucks. Its shape is not innovative, it's not elegant and it doesn't feel anthropomorphic.

[discuss] 2003-06-17 AuctionDrop [auctiondrop.com]
You drop it off. We sell it on eBay

[discuss] 2003-06-17 Jan Danielson död [aftonbladet.se]
Tv-personligheten och naturkännaren Jan Danielson är död.

[discuss] 2003-06-17 Torvalds leaves Transmeta [theregister.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-06-17 Nedladdning av musik från nätet förbjuds [aftonbladet.se]
Email, web, ftp... allt måste förbjudas.

[discuss] 2003-06-17 Telecomföretaget Dimension nyanställer [blt.se]
"De senaste veckorna har vi fått tre nya medarbetare, säger Arne Borg"

[discuss] 2003-06-17 Aftonbladet: Flygplan släppte latrinbomb på båt [aftonbladet.se]
American Airlines: "Vi tömde inte toaletterna avsiktligt"

1 comments 2003-06-17 Why President Bush fell off a Segway in Kennebunkport [prospect.org]
Luckily Kamen, among the world's most accomplished inventors, left before having to witness the most powerful man in the world fall off an idiot-proof invention

[discuss] 2003-06-17 cable clock [andre-michelle.com]
snyggt. flash.

[discuss] 2003-06-17 SCO suit now seeks $3 billion from IBM [news.com.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-17 Ericssonbolag i Lund växer [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
I Lund har Ericssons bolag ökat antalet anställda från 500 till 800

[discuss] 2003-06-17 Nejsagt.nu [nejsagt.nu]
De dummaste Nej-argumenten.

[discuss] 2003-06-16 Var tionde ny civilingenjör utan jobb [nyteknik.se]
"Lättast att få jobb har lantmätare och byggingenjörer."

[discuss] 2003-06-16 "The Rise of the Creative Class" by Richard Florida [washingtonmonthly.com]
Why cities without gays and rock bands are losing the economic development race.

[discuss] 2003-06-16 The MP3 Economy [business2.com]
How labels and artists divvy up your MP3 dollar.

[discuss] 2003-06-16 Svensk i London [svenskilondon.com]

1 comments 2003-06-16 The Korea Herald : Ministry to develop robot guards [koreaherald.co.kr]
"... including those that can manufacture liquid crystal displays and plasma display panels, act as guards in the army, educate children and assist disabled persons. "

[discuss] 2003-06-16 Matrix reloaded Transcript [zionmainframe.net]

[discuss] 2003-06-16 Aftonbladet: Flera skadade i tågkrasch [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2003-06-16 Bullet-Proof Computer Bag [i4u.com]
... all we need now i s bullet-proof software

[discuss] 2003-06-16 Flera skadade i småländsk tågkrock [dn.se]

[discuss] 2003-06-16 2003: The Year of Wireless [techworthy.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-16 Politics in a Third Dimension [kuro5hin.org]

[discuss] 2003-06-16 Camelonta - thinkWearable.org: future mobility [thinkwearable.org]
Wearables-utställning i Stockholm

[discuss] 2003-06-16 Technology Elite Are Focusing Next on Human Body [nytimes.com]
Wearables and medicine.

[discuss] 2003-06-16 Study: Amylin Diabetes Drug Cuts Blood Sugar [story.news.yahoo.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-16 Fast forward into trouble [guardian.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-06-15 Web Design by the Book [business2.com]
"A confession: I once was a bad Web designer."

[discuss] 2003-06-15 A set of coins featuring designs from The Lord of the Rings films will become legal tender this year [stuff.co.nz]
LOTR-mynt i Nya Zealand. Aragon betydligt häftigare än euron.

[discuss] 2003-06-15 If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich? [econpapers.hhs.se]
Kul titel på ett paper. Synd man inte begriper vad de kommit fram till. :o)

[discuss] 2003-06-15 på TV idag - www.tv.nu [tv.nu]
Bra översikt över kanalerna som räknas.

[discuss] 2003-06-15 Historical Fencing Manuals Online -- Swords & Swordsmanship [thehaca.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-15 To Whom It May Concern, [emacs.org]
I am the son of a the late Nigerian Minister of Energy

[discuss] 2003-06-15 Paul Allen claims success in work on computers that can reason [seattlepi.nwsource.com]
Project Halo aims to develop a 'Digital Aristotle'

[discuss] 2003-06-14 IT-krisen gynnar kommunerna [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
Även bland de rutinerade med flera år i yrket är arbetslösheten stor, 8,2 procent

[discuss] 2003-06-14 DB Chauffeur Service Ireland - Tours [swedish.dbcsireland.com]
"Låt den DB Chauffeur servicen Ireland ta belastningen av att förlora värdefull vacationtid." Aah. Automatiska översättningar.

[discuss] 2003-06-14 Death in the snow [film.guardian.co.uk]
A body is found in the frozen North Dakota woods. The cops say the dead Japanese woman was looking for the $1m she saw buried in the film Fargo

[discuss] 2003-06-14 SoftMobile - GSM unlock and repair solutions [softmobile.net]
allt man behöver...

[discuss] 2003-06-14 Post-Traumatic School Disorder by Bob Wallace [lewrockwell.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-14 Theological Science Fiction: Why The Matrix Matters [locusmag.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-14 I three you [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
"I feel you. I see you. I three you. Och där blir jag förbannad."

[discuss] 2003-06-14 The Illusion of 18Another Vietnam 19 [arabnews.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-14 IEEE OKs 802.11g WLAN standard, three others [commsdesign.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-14 .la - Los Angeles' own TLD [la]
Los Angeles is the world's first and only city to receive its own unique Internet address

[discuss] 2003-06-14 Unleashing the Beast in Your Coat Pocket [popsci.com]
Lurking inside your cellphone is a vastly underused computer

[discuss] 2003-06-13 Pissoardataspel [web.media.mit.edu]

[discuss] 2003-06-13 She Brings Home The Bacon / Yet another effect of the tech industry downturn [sfgate.com]
More and more often, families are living on her income, not his

[discuss] 2003-06-13 United States Patent: 6,485,773 Semen taste-enhancement dietary supplement [patft.uspto.gov]
"This invention regards a dietary supplement formulation that significantly improves the taste of the male ejaculate." Hm. Man undrar hur deras tester gått till.

[discuss] 2003-06-13 Artist's Glowing, Live Rabbit Creation Causes Fuss [abcnews.go.com]
"Mutant Rabbit Raises Controversy Over Genetic Manipulation"

[discuss] 2003-06-13 Lakrits kan hjälpa mot sars [aftonbladet.se]
*doh* Jag som hatar lakrits.

[discuss] 2003-06-13 Ericsson-vd spår trögt 2004 [dn.se]

[discuss] 2003-06-13 Swedish man speared after he fires workers in Indonesia [nj.com]
Vem behöver LAS när det fins spjut ?

[discuss] 2003-06-13 Australia bans mobiles from pools [news.bbc.co.uk]
I can understand why they would wish to ban them but they would need to extend that ban to all cameras

1 comments 2003-06-13 Software Development Goes Abroad - For Good [alwayson-network.com]
How efficient is it to pay a software engineer in Silicon Valley a loaded salary of $170,000 when Asian engineers provide a much better value?

[discuss] 2003-06-13 InfoWorld Trials RSS-Based Advertising [technologymarketing.com]
hm. va bra...

[discuss] 2003-06-13 President George W. Bush falls forward over the handle bars of a Segway personal transporter. [story.news.yahoo.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-13 Run Jerry Run! [runjerryrun.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-12 Icy claim that water has memory [newscientist.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-12 EU planerar radiochip i eurosedlar [idg.se]

[discuss] 2003-06-12 t-six-ten [t-six-ten.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-12 java.blogs - Welcome to the java.blogs community! [javablogs.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-12 Premises, Premises: A Peer-Enforced Marketplace for New Ideas [premisespremises.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-12 Hutchinson slänger ut Nokia [di.se]
"Enligt min kännedom kunde de inte få videomeddelande att fungera och generellt var mjukvaran instabil"

[discuss] 2003-06-12 Really Bad Country Song Titles [downstream.sk.ca]
Hand me the Pool Cue and Call Yourself an Ambulance

[discuss] 2003-06-12 konspire2b: a revolution in mass-scale content distribution [konspire.sourceforge.net]
kast is the first konspire2b-based app.

[discuss] 2003-06-12 "Mannen som lyckades dra hem 150 Mkr" [di.se]
"Mårten Mickos kallar My Sql för Sveriges mest berömda varumärke inom mjukvaruindustrin" Synd bara att DI inte kan stava till MySQL...

[discuss] 2003-06-12 3G-mast revs ner. [mobil.se]
Nu överväger 3GIS att bygga ett torn i stället, som är svårare att riva.%a

1 comments 2003-06-12 Copy-Paste Culture [blognewsnetwork.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-11 O p e n W i k i - Open Wiki [openwiki.com]
någon som testat denna?

[discuss] 2003-06-11 Researchers Create Wireless Sensor Chip The Size Of Glitter [spacedaily.com]
Smart dust...

[discuss] 2003-06-11 Attack of the Two-Headed Scientists [wired.com]
"I'm cleaning my teeth in front of the mirror, thinking, 'Damn it! I'm not connected to Google.'" Yepp. I know that feeling.

[discuss] 2003-06-11 Wired 11.07: THE WIRED 40 [wired.com]
1. Google. 2. Nokia... men var är svenskarna?

[discuss] 2003-06-11 The Eat Generation [alternet.org]

[discuss] 2003-06-11 Simple Guide to the A-List Bloggers [radio.weblogs.com]

1 comments 2003-06-11 Wardriving [wardrive.redirectme.net]

[discuss] 2003-06-11 About APL (A Programming Language) [users.cloud9.net]

[discuss] 2003-06-11 Pentagon's New Game: This Is Your Life [globalsecurity.org]
DARPA has put out for bids a project that would compile a multimedia record of everywhere you go and everything you see, hear, read, say, and touch

[discuss] 2003-06-11 Sony Ericsson T610 toppar Vodafones säljlista [di.se]
Han betecknar efterfrågan på T610 som "enorm"

[discuss] 2003-06-11 OSR Online - The Home Page for Windows Driver Developers [osronline.com]
The publishers of "The NT Insider". Get a subscription and feel the beard grow

[discuss] 2003-06-11 IT-jätte varslar 20 anställda [blt.se]
"Vi jobbar ju inom IT-branschen och räknade med att något kunde vara på gång"

[discuss] 2003-06-11 Family facing legal action over fish asthma treatment [ananova.com]
An Indian family is facing legal action for refusing to reveal details of an asthma 'cure' which involves swallowing a live fish.

[discuss] 2003-06-11 Audi-oh.com [audi-oh.com]
"Detachable, washable vibrating egg attachent", "Discreet packaging" [work-safe]

[discuss] 2003-06-10 Freak show [salon.com]
From a man with pig cells in his brain to an orphaned child with five parents, the new documentary "Bloodlines" explores how genetic engineering is already changing us

[discuss] 2003-06-10 Libertarians aim to take over a state [startribune.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-10 Wap.nu - Gör din egen wapsida till mobilen [wap.nu]
"Blogga" med dina vänner.

[discuss] 2003-06-10 Microsoft's Smartphone Program Isn't Very [business2.com]
The software giant has been working hard to sell an operating system for mobile phones. So why is no one buying?

[discuss] 2003-06-10 British Scientist Puts Odds for Apocalypse at 50-50 [story.news.yahoo.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-10 Wiki Engines [c2.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-10 DN - Kultur - Sven Lindqvist, vecka 20 [dn.se]
Nu förstår ni kanske varför Ericsson går så dåligt.

[discuss] 2003-06-10 Nokia Says Handset Sales Could Be Lower [siliconvalley.com]
"...hon skulle ju vara världens mest osänkbara skepp"

[discuss] 2003-06-10 TPS: RRGTM: The Astrobot Diaries [redrovergoestomars.org]

[discuss] 2003-06-10 Sendo sues Orange over Smartphone patent infringement [computerweekly.com]
Åsså var det efterspelet... Que Advokaterna

1 comments 2003-06-10 matrix XP. (mpeg) [matrix-xp.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-10 Gizmodo 1983 [gizmodo.net]

[discuss] 2003-06-10 They're back: 'V' to invade NBC again [cnn.com]
V: The Second Generation

[discuss] 2003-06-10 Music Piracy [mp3newswire.net]
Thomas Edison, Intellectual Property and the Recording Industry

[discuss] 2003-06-09 Motorola skriver ned prognos [dn.se]

[discuss] 2003-06-09 Hot companies stimulate VCs' appetite [siliconvalley.com]
Mysql bl.a.

[discuss] 2003-06-09 Pick a Language, Any Language [wired.com]
a program that translates between English and a randomly chosen language

[discuss] 2003-06-09 Mest lik oss hittills [fof.se]
Texasforskare vill massproducera rörliga robotansikten

[discuss] 2003-06-09 SuPerVillainizer [supervillainizer.ch]

[discuss] 2003-06-09 Confidential Apple music details leaked [news.bbc.co.uk]
The computer manufacturer is selling about 500,000 songs a week and about half of those are sold as albums

[discuss] 2003-06-08 Art in the Age of SARS [msnbc.com]
The epidemic is fueling a wave of creativity in Asia

[discuss] 2003-06-08 Broloppet har startat [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2003-06-08 Welcome to NodeDB.com - The Wireless Node Database Project [nodedb.com]
NodeDB.com : Europe : Sweden : Malmoe

[discuss] 2003-06-08 Missing Weapons Of Mass Destruction [writ.news.findlaw.com]
Is Lying About The Reason For War An Impeachable Offense?

[discuss] 2003-06-08 labbs.net [labbs.net]
catch (structuralException e) { System.out.println( 1cideology is dead 1d); }

[discuss] 2003-06-08 4-dimensional Rubik's Cube applet [plunk.org]

[discuss] 2003-06-08 If Hamlet were an air traveler new software would eliminate doubt [admin.urel.washington.edu]
"If you 19re on an airplane and look around at your fellow passengers, probably every single person on that plane has paid a different price"

[discuss] 2003-06-08 Slammed! [wired.com]
An inside view of the worm that crashed the Internet in 15 minutes.

[discuss] 2003-06-08 matrixkaffekoppen [cafeshops.com]
there is no mug.

[discuss] 2003-06-08 Matrix Essays [matrixessays.blogspot.com]
[The Matrix] has far more potential for intellectual masturbation than Star Trek as this blog proves superbly.

[discuss] 2003-06-08 Science fiction tvingar oss se med nya ögon [svd.se]

[discuss] 2003-06-07 Konstskatter påträffade i valv [svd.se]
"Nästan alla av de ovärderliga konstskatter som befarades ha stulits från Iraks nationalmuseum i Bagdad har påträffats i ett tidigare okänt valv."

[discuss] 2003-06-07 Högskolan tvingas banta 400 platser [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
Redan till hösten försvinner cirka 400 platser på lärarutbildningarna i Malmö

[discuss] 2003-06-07 Wal-Mart to push for RFID adoption [msnbc.com]
Retail giant to throw weight behind wireless tracking of goods

[discuss] 2003-06-07 Imagine Machines That Can See [wired.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-07 Mobiltelefoner ger inte tumörer [nyteknik.se]

[discuss] 2003-06-07 T377 [clubsonyericsson.com]
1,2,3,7,5 .. ?

[discuss] 2003-06-07 Unofficial Club Sony Ericsson - P800, Z1010, T610, T68i, T310, T300, T200, T600, T100 [clubsonyericsson.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-07 The facts that justified war are not so clear, nor even present [msnbc.com]
"Cogito ergo boom!"

[discuss] 2003-06-07 Sewage leak plagues Sweden's "Panties" [story.news.yahoo.com]
Hundreds of tonnes of human waste have leaked from containers sparking a health scare in a town called "Panties".

[discuss] 2003-06-07 CrossFilms ~ Eighties Ending [crossfilms.com]
This short film is a wonderful parody on the ending of every 1980's movie you've ever seen!

1 comments 2003-06-07 Telia lämnar skrytbygget i Nacka Strand [nyteknik.se]
Nacka Strand blir tomt. Undrar hur Birgittas Caf%a ska

1 comments 2003-06-06 Värstingdator [home.no]

[discuss] 2003-06-06 Veckans UserFriendly [ars.userfriendly.org]
google is the web and is the web in flames? NO!

[discuss] 2003-06-06 Höga varseltal oroar Ams [dn.se]
It will get worse.

[discuss] 2003-06-06 Ingen e-post värre än skilsmässa [idg.se]
Att vara utan e-post skapar samma stressnivå som exempelvis en skilsmässa

[discuss] 2003-06-06 Kingdom's Leading Executioner Says: "I Lead a Normal Life" [arabnews.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-06 WhatIsMyIP.com [whatismyip.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-06 LUCAS - Center for Applied Software Research [lucas.lth.se]
Building Robust Embedded Software

[discuss] 2003-06-06 Nu tar kunderna alla varor själv [blt.se]
Nu har t.o.m. Ronneby självbetjäning på Systemet.

[discuss] 2003-06-06 T220 - rykte om ny Sony Ericsson-telefon [mobil.se]

[discuss] 2003-06-06 the Creatures in my Head. / Daily illustrations by Andrew Bell [creaturesinmyhead.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-06 DN - Nyheter - Gripen terrorist tros ha planerat turistdåd [dn.se]
turistdåd? Sola naken på torget?

[discuss] 2003-06-06 Stort bajsutsläpp i Trosa [aftonbladet.se]
Årets rubrik!!!

[discuss] 2003-06-06 It's All About Who You Know [business2.com]
LinkedIn och Friendster.

[discuss] 2003-06-06 Quiz: Art or Crap [artamnesia.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-06 The Credit Card Prank [zug.com]
How crazy would I have to make my signature before someone would actually notice?

[discuss] 2003-06-05 Dockan Park Hamnfest 7-8 juni [dockanpark.com]
Tjo o tjim ute i hamen i helgen

[discuss] 2003-06-05 sh1ft.org presents 26 Things | The International Photographic Scavenger Hunt [sh1ft.org]

[discuss] 2003-06-05 Microsoft to Launch New 'Smart' Watches This Fall [story.news.yahoo.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-05 Warning: Your Job May Be Hazardous to Your Health [business2.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-05 Sony releases CLIÉ Handheld PEG-NX73V with Decuma's handwriting recognition input in Europe [decuma.com]
Tjoho ! Europa. (Erik, nu kan du gå och köpa en Clie :-)

[discuss] 2003-06-05 Time Travel Gets Cheaper [betterhumans.com]
Traveling through time may cost less than previously thought

[discuss] 2003-06-05 ST | Texas Instruments and STMicroelectronics Enter cdma2000® Market, Leverage Joint Development with Nokia | C1314D [us.st.com]
An attack on Qualcomms dominance in the CDMA chipset market. But I guess that Qualcomm still holds the important patents and gets a license fee ?

1 comments 2003-06-05 Förslag om rökstopp på Malmörestauranger [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
på tiden

[discuss] 2003-06-05 Cyberculture [vos.ucsb.edu]
fler länkar...

1 comments 2003-06-04 Hot Shot Business [disney.go.com]
Instant entrepreneur [flash-game, disney style] "An entrepreneur is someone who sees an opportunity and starts a business that makes the most of it"

[discuss] 2003-06-04 The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia [oracleofbacon.org]

[discuss] 2003-06-04 Haystack [haystack.lcs.mit.edu]
the universal information client

[discuss] 2003-06-04 Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Baghdad Blogger [guardian.co.uk]
Salam Pax is blogging in ink

[discuss] 2003-06-04 Problems only Goths Have [the-night.net]
"Accidentally removing someone's nose ring with your spiked bracelet while dancing "

[discuss] 2003-06-04 vinyl fetish [fray.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-04 MythTV [mythtv.org]
MythTV is a homebrew PVR project

[discuss] 2003-06-04 Palm köper Handspring [pressroom.palm.com]

1 comments 2003-06-04 Bostream - scream [bostream.se]
26 Mbps till Internet för endast 398 kr i månaden

[discuss] 2003-06-04 Profiling under Windows [tc.cornell.edu]

[discuss] 2003-06-04 VentureBlog [ventureblog.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-04 Telias Windowsmobil kräver hjälp av konsulter [nyteknik.se]

[discuss] 2003-06-04 Joel on Software - Fixing Venture Capital [joelonsoftware.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-03 Why Will Wireless Camera phones Revolutionize the Photography Industry [digitaljournalist.org]

[discuss] 2003-06-03 Gecko tape will stick you to ceiling [newscientist.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-03 Specialforce [specialforce.net]
"... which includes all that an anxious persons dreams of in order to participate in facing the Zionist enemy". Hizbollah skriver shoot-em-up spel

1 comments 2003-06-03 Oljan sprider sig längst Skånes stränder [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2003-06-03 SlashNOT - Satire for nerds. Geek humor that matters. A parody of Slashdot. [slashnot.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-03 SCOvsIBM [twiki.iwethey.org]
Links, discussion, references for the SCO vs. IBM suit.

[discuss] 2003-06-03 Sony Ericsson tappar på växande mobilmarknad [idg.se]

[discuss] 2003-06-03 You are here [twincities.com]
If two or more Trepia users happen to be near each other, they instantly become aware of that fact and are able to interact.

[discuss] 2003-06-03 Florida Inventor Believes he can Suck the Power Out of Hurricanes [wsvn.com]
"Other ideas are just plain crazy, like the one that suggested blasting a hurricane with a nuclear weapon. "

[discuss] 2003-06-03 Royal rain tool to be patented in rich nations [nationmultimedia.com]
Is this for real ?

[discuss] 2003-06-02 Mozilla Control [iol.ie]

[discuss] 2003-06-02 Joel on Software - Sunday, June 01, 2003 [joelonsoftware.com]
Internet Explorer 7.0

[discuss] 2003-06-02 Making Sense Of: Dying and Death 2003 Conference Call for Papers [inter-disciplinary.net]
Konferens om döden.

[discuss] 2003-06-02 Technical Wizardry Production [technical-wizardry.co.uk]
Etnoscope !

[discuss] 2003-06-02 European Parliament tackles software patent divisions [computerweekly.com]
Nu skall det avgöras om vi kommer få en lika stor flora av idiot-patent (one-click-shopping et al) i Europa

1 comments 2003-06-02 Ny diskrimineringslag ska ge utökat skydd mot diskriminering [riksdagen.se]

[discuss] 2003-06-02 Glitches Reloaded [kurzweilai.net]
Matrix 2 ingående analyserad.

[discuss] 2003-06-02 Oro för Sars kan bli lyft för IT [dn.se]
IT-branschen och telekomindustrin tillhör vinnarna på rädslan för Sars-epidemin.

[discuss] 2003-06-02 Släktträd of programming languages [digibarn.com]
Så hänger programmeringsspråken ihop.

[discuss] 2003-06-02 Newly Digital [kalsey.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-02 Investors 3G-projekt 3 sågas [di.se]
"Deras lansering måste vara perfekt. Tyvärr har de inte lyckats med det"

[discuss] 2003-06-02 Microsoft to abandon standalone IE [rss.com.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-01 The Unh! Project [members.shaw.ca]
A collection of guttural moans from comics

[discuss] 2003-06-01 What makes a weblog a weblog? [blogs.law.harvard.edu]

[discuss] 2003-06-01 A Memo to the Wachowskis From a Disappointed Fan [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-01 Föraren: Det var en civilklädd polis som styrde mig med fjärrkontroll. [aftonbladet.se]
"I am Jack's smirking revenge."

[discuss] 2003-06-01 eBay item 3611062497 (Ends Jun-05-03 13:01:44 PDT ) - Genuine Soviet Sputnik satellite [cgi.ebay.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-01 20 days in spring, 2003 [20daysinspring.net]

[discuss] 2003-06-01 problem med för mycket mail? [dilbert.com]

[discuss] 2003-06-01 Ghyslain Pursues Legal Action [waxy.org]
Star Wars Kids familj vill stämma de som spred videon.

[discuss] 2003-06-01 Sju gripna efter storslagsmål i centrala Malmö [dn.se]
"Polisen fick tag på de båda gängen först på sjukhuset"

7 comments 2003-06-01 Sony-Ericsson P800 smartphone [theregister.co.uk]
"The problems are annoying when you realise that you're not getting what was advertised"

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