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topics for December 2003

12 comments 2003-12-31 DN - Nyheter - Fem funna levande efter jordbävningen [dn.se]
2000 döda, 20000 döda, 50000 döda, .. 5 levande alltså.

[discuss] 2003-12-31 Urin läcker ned på hyresgästerna vid Caroli City [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
"Det var så äckligt. Vattnet droppade på folk som passerade ingången." Fräscht.

[discuss] 2003-12-31 Swedish MP held in West Bank as Israel fires at protestors [hindustantimes.com]
"Fridolin had been detained by soldiers as he sang pro-Palestine songs with a group of local schoolchildren." Så gulligt.

[discuss] 2003-12-31 Hire a Hacker [tommee.net]

[discuss] 2003-12-31 Adult movie posters of the 60s and 70s [xratedcollection.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-31 Web's inventor gets a knighthood [news.bbc.co.uk]
Tim Berners-Lee has been awarded a knighthood for his pioneering work.

[discuss] 2003-12-30 Whiskyfad.dk [macy.dk]
Køb dit eget Whisky Fad!

1 comments 2003-12-30 Nu kan spriten flöda fritt [expressen.se]
"Som resande får du ta in hur mycket som helst för eget bruk"

[discuss] 2003-12-30 IE Escaping Floats Bug [positioniseverything.net]

[discuss] 2003-12-30 Microsoft first-quarter profits top forecasts [money.cnn.com]
"World's No. 1 software firm reports stronger-than-expected profit." Mmm. Verkar ju gå jättedåligt. Bara $2.6miljarder i vinst förra kvartalet.

[discuss] 2003-12-30 Test: Tänker du igenom saker ordentligt? [poll.opinionworld.com]
(Funkar inte i Mozilla.)

[discuss] 2003-12-30 The 10 Dumbest Quotes of 2003 [politicalhumor.about.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-30 Dangers in C/C++ [en.tldp.org]

1 comments 2003-12-30 FBI urges police to watch for people carrying almanacs [sfgate.com]

1 comments 2003-12-30 Triangeln [triangeln.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-30 The Open Source Cookbook [ibiblio.org]
fuel for geeks.

[discuss] 2003-12-30 Ross Anderson's Home Page [cl.cam.ac.uk]

[discuss] 2003-12-30 Lawyerly Holiday Cheer [enbanc.org]
"Whereas, on or about the night prior to Christmas, there did occur at a certain improved piece of real property (hereinafter "the house") a general lack of stirring by all creatures therein, including, but not limited to, a mouse."

[discuss] 2003-12-30 Se bakom det danska gemytet [affarsresenaren.se]
Liten text om att förhandla med Danskar

[discuss] 2003-12-30 CVSGrab - CVSGrab - Read sources stored in CVS behind a firewall [cvsgrab.sourceforge.net]

[discuss] 2003-12-30 DN - Nyheter - USA kräver beväpnade vakter på utländskt flyg [dn.se]
undrar hur många araber som kommer att få jobb som vakt där ...

1 comments 2003-12-30 The IT industry is shifting away from Microsoft [theinquirer.net]

[discuss] 2003-12-30 Scientific American: Unmaking Memories: Interview with James McGaugh [sciam.com]
In the sci-fi thriller Paycheck, an engineer has his memory erased. Scientific American.com spoke with a leading neurobiologist to find out just how close scientists are to controlling recall.

[discuss] 2003-12-30 Caution over 'computerised world' [news.bbc.co.uk]
A future where everyday objects have computer chips in them will have a dramatic effect on our lives. But we should know about the potential risks

[discuss] 2003-12-30 Captured python said to be world's biggest snake [guardian.co.uk]
15 meter lång. Yikes.

[discuss] 2003-12-30 Svenska tecken [lysator.liu.se]
IrcII : /set translation latin_1

[discuss] 2003-12-30 Designtechnica News - Things Look Up For Game Industry [news.designtechnica.com]
"If history holds true, next year should be a slow year for video games. But the experts predict that history will not repeat itself."

[discuss] 2003-12-30 Beer Test results 4/8/2001 [astro.phys.au.dk]
"For this occasion we had bought a large container which was filled with ice and beers. We started out with some BBQ on the roof of Mindegade 9; when it started to rain we set up a temporary shelter (the Danish word is: skod-presenning). Around 22.30 we m

[discuss] 2003-12-30 Astronomers fear Beagle is trapped in deep crater [news.independent.co.uk]
"The fear is that it could have fallen into a deep crater in the landing zone, which had previously been thought to be a wide, flat area, ideal for the bouncing landing, buffered by gas bags, that was planned. "

[discuss] 2003-12-30 spacer graphic%aUS Official: Mad Cow Animal Born Before Current Safeguard [voanews.com]
"U.S. agriculture officials say the dairy animal infected with mad cow disease was born before safeguards were put into place to prevent transmission of the deadly brain illness. "

[discuss] 2003-12-29 M2 Team busted - 100% confirmed [maxconsole.com]
M2 byggde byggde mod-chip till PS2

[discuss] 2003-12-29 Google Search: define:programmer [google.com]
"A person who thinks he knows how to talk to a computer. A person who really knows how to talk to a computer is known as a fruitcake."

[discuss] 2003-12-29 On Helicopters and Submarines [acmqueue.com]
"You're not going to get any savings through integrating IM with your SIP infrastructure."

[discuss] 2003-12-29 Doctype switch: Summary table [gutfeldt.ch]
Doctypes and their respective layout mode

1 comments 2003-12-29 eBay item 2450501898 (Ends Jan-05-04 04:38:41 PST) - Aircraft carrier (deommissioned ) for sale [cgi.ebay.com]
This maybe the first ever aircraft carrier (decommissioned 2001) available for auction at EBAY !

1 comments 2003-12-29 Konversationskort [konversationskort.com]
När samtalsämnena tar slut.

[discuss] 2003-12-29 Three More Hot Technologies That Could Profoundly Change Handhelds [brighthand.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-29 IM, Not IP (Information Pollution) - A steady dose of realtime interruptions is toxic to anyone's health. [acmqueue.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-29 Ha ha ha! Eat mud and die! [dilbert.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-29 Google Search: define:troll [google.com]
"define:" nytt google-kommando?

[discuss] 2003-12-28 Steve, Don't Eat it! Vol. 3 [thesneeze.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-28 Japan's Empire of Cool [washingtonpost.com]
Country's Culture Becomes Its Biggest Export

[discuss] 2003-12-28 Beagle 2 : A Lander for Mars [beagle2.com]
All information man behöver om Europas %a på Mars

[discuss] 2003-12-28 SYDSVENSKAN: Lätt köpa sprit - dygnet runt [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2003-12-28 Take a Ride on the Reading [geocities.com]
Massor av extraregler till Monopol.

[discuss] 2003-12-28 The Monopoly Companion: The Player's Guide: The Game from A to Z, Winning Tips, Trivia [amazon.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-28 eBusiness Research Topic Generator [merc.mcmaster.ca]

[discuss] 2003-12-28 Computer Science Research Topic Generator [cs.purdue.edu]
How To pick A Worthy Topic In 10 Seconds

[discuss] 2003-12-28 Gamer wins back virtual booty in court battle [newscientist.com]
A court in China has ordered an online computer games company to return virtual belongings to a player whose account was hacked and looted.

[discuss] 2003-12-28 The whispering wheel [rnw.nl]
A new Dutch invention can make cars, busses and other vehicles no less than 50 percent more efficient and thus more environmentally friendly.

[discuss] 2003-12-28 Festivus [en.wikipedia.org]

[discuss] 2003-12-28 Top Ten Words of 2003 [yourdictionary.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-27 U.S. tentatively finds mad cow came from Canada [ctv.ca]
Blame Canada.

[discuss] 2003-12-27 So, Scrooge was right after all [smh.com.au]
"unless a gift that costs the giver p dollars exactly matches the way in which the recipient would have spent the p dollars, the gift is suboptimal"

[discuss] 2003-12-27 Badger Badger Badger [badgerbadgerbadger.com]
väldigt jobbig flash.

[discuss] 2003-12-27 UnixReview.com [unixreview.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-27 SYDSVENSKAN: Panik i nattklubbskö i natt [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2003-12-27 DN - Nyheter - 20.000 döda i jordskalv i Iran [dn.se]

1 comments 2003-12-26 Security with string APIs [and.org]
läs och förstå.

1 comments 2003-12-26 In vitro meat [en.wikipedia.org]
In vitro meat, also known as laboratory-grown meat, is animal flesh that has never been part of a complete, living animal

[discuss] 2003-12-26 Science News of the Year 2003 [sciencenews.org]

[discuss] 2003-12-26 The Hoard Multiprocessor Memory Allocator (malloc replacement) [cs.umass.edu]

[discuss] 2003-12-26 MyIE2 Online [myie2.com]
MyIE2 - The Way We Surf The World

[discuss] 2003-12-26 Fortune.com - Technology - Product of the Year [fortune.com]
Apple iTunes Music Store

[discuss] 2003-12-26 Beagle 2 : A Lander for Mars [beagle2.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-26 10 ADS AMERICA WON'T SEE [adage.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-26 Galna ko-sjukefallet i USA bekräftat [dn.se]

[discuss] 2003-12-25 Welcome to Ugly Christmas Lights.com! [uglychristmaslights.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-25 10 technologies to watch in 2004 [cnn.com]

1 comments 2003-12-24 svt.se - Julen 2003 [svt.se]
Undrar hur många personer SVT fick säga upp för att ha råd att sända Disneys en timme långa reklamfilm kl 15 idag.

[discuss] 2003-12-24 X Emacs Window Manager [nongnu.org]

[discuss] 2003-12-24 C Operator Precedence Table [difranco.net]

[discuss] 2003-12-24 Color Glossary A-C [sapdesignguild.org]
The following glossary lists and explains color and visual perception terms which are relevant for graphic and Web design as well as usability.

[discuss] 2003-12-24 Debugging and Performance Tuning with Library Interposers [developers.sun.com]
sug på denna.

[discuss] 2003-12-23 Fem veckors strejk gav 300 kronor påökt [dn.se]
"Det är mindre än vi betalar till facket varje månad."

[discuss] 2003-12-23 Tysk teleoperatör ger upp 3G [svd.se]
Det gör ont när bubblor brister.

[discuss] 2003-12-23 Ölands apor fick 30 ton bananer i julklapp [expressen.se]
Ingen vet av vem.

[discuss] 2003-12-23 European Freestate Project [europeanfreestate.org]

[discuss] 2003-12-23 c2h.index [c2h.sourceforge.net]
an open source computer system for the scientific research of Cetacean acoustic communication

[discuss] 2003-12-23 New robot brain takes to the skies [abc.net.au]
Viktors bushfire-helikopter-tjofräs-idé implementerad.

[discuss] 2003-12-23 I, Robot (2004) [imdb.com]
Snart premiär.

1 comments 2003-12-23 Center for Online and Internet Addiction [netaddiction.com]
Help and Resource for Internet Addicts, Healthcare Professionals, and Corporations dealing with Internet abuse.

[discuss] 2003-12-23 weebls stuff - when you come to france bring some underpants. [weebls-stuff.com]

3 comments 2003-12-23 I Robot Now [irobotnow.com]
Introducing the world's first fully automated domestic assistant.

[discuss] 2003-12-23 Sauron: Offer and acceptance [blog.qiken.org]

[discuss] 2003-12-23 Essential XP: Emergent Design [xprogramming.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-23 Al Gore's Son Arrested for Pot Possession [news.yahoo.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-23 Ny Sony Ericsson exploderade [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2003-12-23 BUBBA HO-TEP [bubbahotep.com]
Verkar kul

[discuss] 2003-12-23 GAME INFO: Midway Arcade Treasures [midway.com]
packed with over 20 classic arcade games including all-time favorites SpyHunter, Defender, Gauntlet, Joust and more

[discuss] 2003-12-23 Electronics Prices, Santa's Best Present [story.news.yahoo.com]
From VCRs to DVD players, from film to digital cameras, from dial-up to high-speed Internet connections, from analog to digital televisions.

[discuss] 2003-12-22 Windows Startup Online Repository [windowsstartup.com]
Fet lista över allsköns autostart-skit. (Tips, kör msconfig | Startup för att kolla vad din maskin startar..)

1 comments 2003-12-22 American Brandstand 2003 [lucjam.com]
We began American Brandstand in January 2003, to track all the mentions of brands in the Billboard Top 20 singles chart. It was designed to demonstrate to our clients that pop culture relevance is a key dynamic in modern brand strategy.

[discuss] 2003-12-22 Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2003 (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox) [useit.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-22 En av fem stjäl sin julgran [aftonbladet.se]
Fyra av fem nyheter påhittade.

[discuss] 2003-12-22 Skeptical Environmentalist Vindicated [kuro5hin.org]

[discuss] 2003-12-22 Alice in Videoland - Got To Go (mp4) [gangster.se]
mycke alice blir det....

[discuss] 2003-12-22 rösta på alice in videoland på z-tv. [ztv.se]
(simple: find Alice in Videoland in the list and klick "Rösta")

[discuss] 2003-12-22 The Onion | Drinking Responsibly During The Holidays [theonion.com]
If you suddenly find yourself impaired by alcohol, prevent any social awkwardness by informing all those present that you profoundly love them, and that you never get this drunk.

[discuss] 2003-12-22 NZ scores another epic film [onenews.nzoom.com]
The Chronicles of Narnia.

[discuss] 2003-12-22 alerttree.jpg [home.kc.rr.com]
God jul.

[discuss] 2003-12-22 Saddam was held by Kurdish forces, drugged and left for US troops [sg.news.yahoo.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-22 Terror Risk May Be Highest Since 9-11 [clickondetroit.com]
Hm. Men Saddam är ju fast?

[discuss] 2003-12-22 Microsoft IE Security Patch (Open Source!) [openwares.org]
2.0, since the first version of the open-source patch was full of security flaws

[discuss] 2003-12-21 Expressen i Saddams hemliga håla [expressen.se]
Hemma-hos reportage

[discuss] 2003-12-21 EXPRESSEN.SE - Webbtest: NYA FRÅGOR: Vad vet du om veckans nyheter? [expressen.se]

[discuss] 2003-12-21 Lås upp mobilen gratis - spara över 2 000 kronor [expressen.se]
Intressant ordval: "spara".

[discuss] 2003-12-21 MISRA - The Motor Industry Software Reliability Association [misra.org.uk]
lär av andra..

[discuss] 2003-12-21 Äntligen - ett starkt börsår [dagensps.se]

[discuss] 2003-12-21 johnny cash - desperado (flash) [apsv04.dsl.pipex.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-21 Whiskey Bar: Coddling Dictators [billmon.org]

[discuss] 2003-12-21 Vintersolståndet [susning.nu]
Snart blir det ljusare.

[discuss] 2003-12-21 The Association of C & C++ Users [accu.org]

[discuss] 2003-12-21 Wild Africa Cream [liquidinspiration.com]
Julklapp till en djurvän ?

[discuss] 2003-12-21 GameCube Europe :: Nintendo, News, Reports, Guides and more! [cube-europe.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-21 Die screaming with sharp things in your head!!! [bifrost.com.au]
If you see a Garden Gnome,pick it up and take it home.Make sure it is really dead; stick something sharp into its head.

[discuss] 2003-12-21 dodgeit - free. receive-only. email. no set up. rss. [dodgeit.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-21 Han ser ingen i ögonen [aftonbladet.se]
Saddam Hussein tvingas genomlida sina dagar framför ett portätt av George W Bush.

[discuss] 2003-12-21 jarg - Java Archive Grinder [jarg.sourceforge.net]

[discuss] 2003-12-20 Kiwi gruppprojekt [apollo.nu]
Bilder från förr.

[discuss] 2003-12-20 Brainwave fault explains slip-ups [news.bbc.co.uk]
Scientists have found an explanation for those mornings where you put coffee on your cornflakes and the cat in the washing machine.

[discuss] 2003-12-20 Svensk sajt retar gallfeber på George W Bush [resume.se]
Vi uppmanade världsmedborgarna att lägga sig i den amerikanska valkampanjen.

[discuss] 2003-12-20 "Vi älskar Håkan!" [expressen.se]
"Det är fettbra och roligt. Jag lär mig vad feminist är."

[discuss] 2003-12-20 Jag står inte ut en sekund till med "Lilla snigel akta dig, annars tar jag dig" [expressen.se]
"Varför ska skattebetalarna behöva betala för att så många kvinnor ska gå och dröna upp till 18 månader per barn?" - Skugge

[discuss] 2003-12-20 Automatic Fortune Cookie Baking Machine [kitamura-fcm.co.jp]
Stor bakmaskin.

[discuss] 2003-12-20 FolderShare [foldershare.com]
FolderShare is an amazing application to keep a large amount of files up to date between many individualsl

[discuss] 2003-12-20 PDA translates speech [trnmag.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-20 Glööggle - din julsökmotor [glooggle.nu]

[discuss] 2003-12-20 Nation of the Year [eamonn.com]
And the Rainy Day award goes to 26Sweden.

[discuss] 2003-12-19 Math Terrorists [mathforum.org]
"He is being charged by the FBI with carrying weapons of math instruction."

[discuss] 2003-12-19 Recept: Kvarnpizza [paddy.se]
"Tålmodigt framexperimenterat pizzapålägg som avser att efterlikna en väldigt god pizza man förr kunde köpa på kvarnvideo vid Caroli City i Malmö"" Wohoo!

[discuss] 2003-12-19 Behold, our robot overlords (.jpg) [pc.watch.impress.co.jp]

[discuss] 2003-12-19 Dancing robots (.wmv) [pc.watch.impress.co.jp]
I want one!

[discuss] 2003-12-19 Jokes activate same brain region as cocaine [nature.com]
Humour tickles drug centre that gives hedonistic high

[discuss] 2003-12-19 Animals 'can think about thought' [guardian.co.uk]
"It means that animals, like humans, may be capable not just of thinking, but of thinking about thinking"

[discuss] 2003-12-19 Goodbye sunshine [guardian.co.uk]
Each year less light reaches the surface of the Earth

[discuss] 2003-12-19 First Church of Pac-Man [flamingmayo.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-19 The Killer List of Videogames [klov.com]

2 comments 2003-12-19 The ghost of Hampton Court? [thisislondon.co.uk]
"It could be the best ghost sighting ever" (med bild)

[discuss] 2003-12-19 Svenska bloggar att njuta av [internetworld.idg.se]

[discuss] 2003-12-19 Blasts From the Past [slate.msn.com]
What today's game designers can learn from Space Invaders.

[discuss] 2003-12-19 Front Page - css-discuss [css-discuss.incutio.com]
The css-discuss Wiki

[discuss] 2003-12-19 %aSuccémobilen Sony Ericssons T610 hamnar i botten i mobilkameratest. [dagensps.se]

1 comments 2003-12-19 Svensk hemläxa för amerikansk storkoncern [idg.se]
Med Agile-metoder och öppen källkod kommer man långt.

1 comments 2003-12-19 Scientific plan for the perfect party [news.scotsman.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-19 MathWorld [mathworld.wolfram.com]

1 comments 2003-12-19 JAS-skål för tjeckiskt JA [aftonbladet.se]
"Brasilien föredrog att lägga pengarna på att bekämpa fattigdom." De jävla samba-nissarna, lägga pengar på sånt SKIT istället för våra VAPEN!!

[discuss] 2003-12-19 Web Page Development: Best Practices [developer.apple.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-19 Welcome to the Globulos multiplayer flash game [globulos.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-19 Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, The (2003) [imdb.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-19 JUST NU: Marilyn Manson-långtradare fast i sumpmark [expressen.se]
öster om Årjäng

[discuss] 2003-12-18 Clear message for causality [physicsweb.org]
Experiment confirms that information cannot be transmitted faster than the speed of light

1 comments 2003-12-18 excelloveletter.gif (GIF Image, 607x716 pixels) [kottke.org]

[discuss] 2003-12-18 What a Crappy Present [whatacrappypresent.com]
CD's make bad gifts for kids.

[discuss] 2003-12-18 Roger Penrose's Gravitonic Brains:A review of "Shadows of the Mind" by Roger Penrose [psyche.cs.monash.edu.au]
"Oh Roger, you mischievous monkey, you never tire of that silly homo-superior game, do you?"

[discuss] 2003-12-18 9/11 Chair: Attack Was Preventable [cbsnews.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-18 France to Ban Religious Symbols from Schools [dw-world.de]

[discuss] 2003-12-18 börsen2 [borsen2.com]
Om man tänker sig samhället som ett hyreshus så är Börsen2 fastighetsskötarens brevlåda där man kan lägga lappar om sådant man vill ha gjort.

[discuss] 2003-12-18 Inget är mer akut just nu än en modern vänster [arenaek.se]
Den apokalyptiska vänsterns engagemang har alltid sprungit ur föreställningen att allt är på väg att gå åt helvete

3 comments 2003-12-18 kocks-tina.wmv [hd.chalmers.se]
tina fixar efterrätt.

[discuss] 2003-12-18 Model for Self-Managing Java Servers [alphaworks.ibm.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-18 Texas housewife busted for hawking erotic toys [sfgate.com]
Sales rep for Brisbane firm sold vibrator to undercover agents

[discuss] 2003-12-18 About Google Print (BETA) [print.google.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-18 The RIAA Succeeds Where the Cypherpunks Failed [shirky.com]
The Cypherpunk fantasy of a culture that routinely hides both legal and illegal activities from the state has been defeated by a giant distributed veto. Until now.

2 comments 2003-12-18 Klart i natt - Tjeckien väljer Gripen [expressen.se]
Jippi! Nu ska det bombas!

[discuss] 2003-12-17 KI: "Synd om småföretag är en myt" [svd.se]
Det är en myt att det är synd om fåmansbolagen.

[discuss] 2003-12-17 Sony Introduces the Industry's First 1-Chip CMOS GPS LSI [spacedaily.com]
GPS på ett chip.

[discuss] 2003-12-17 Tidigare Axis-chef till Ideonföretaget Decuma [idg.se]

[discuss] 2003-12-17 yo.se | start [yo.se]
Yo.se är en mötesplats, forum och teknisk plattform där du som vill tjäna pengar på SMS-tjänster kan skapa och träffa likasinnade

[discuss] 2003-12-17 AI Bush - Robot President [aibush.com]
. . . an interactive Robot President at your service

[discuss] 2003-12-17 Virtual agents feature [apcmag.com]
Computerised characters that look, sound, move and seemingly think like real people are emerging from the realms of science fiction into everyday life

[discuss] 2003-12-17 Gary Numan - Engineers lyrics [sing365.com]
"All that we know, Is hate and machinery. We're engineers."

[discuss] 2003-12-17 Outsourcing's offshore myth [news.com.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-17 bugfix.jpg (JPEG Image, 420x315 pixels) [vaca.mu]

[discuss] 2003-12-17 COME ALL YE FAITHFUL! [comeallyefaithful.co.uk]
Christmas is coming...

[discuss] 2003-12-17 Swiss, Swedish, Danish or Dutch? [modestypanel.com]

1 comments 2003-12-17 Indications Saddam Was Not in Hiding But a Captive [debka.com]
Saddam Hussein was not in hiding; he was a prisoner.

[discuss] 2003-12-17 Svensk krigsmateriel dödar [vapenexport.nu]
Kul saker att ta upp i diskussioner om hur ondskefulla USA är.

[discuss] 2003-12-17 i hate wrapping presents. [ibiblio.org]

[discuss] 2003-12-17 Rumsfeld [toostupidtobepresident.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-17 MARKETER OF THE YEAR: APPLE [adage.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-17 Google Here, There, and Everywhere [businessweek.com]
it's becoming a rival to just about every other Net company out there

[discuss] 2003-12-17 The Joy of Uncircumcising! [norm.org]
Directors cut?

[discuss] 2003-12-16 Rökning på krogen blir förbjudet [dn.se]

[discuss] 2003-12-16 What NOT to do while in the theatre when watching "LOTR: Return of the King": [geocities.com]

1 comments 2003-12-16 Video phones show slow take off [news.bbc.co.uk]
Third-generation mobile network, 3, has attracted far fewer customers for its video services than it wanted.

[discuss] 2003-12-16 Soul of a newer machine [economist.com]
The first of IBM's "Blue Gene" supercomputers is finally taking shape

[discuss] 2003-12-16 Will Telephone Calls Be Free? [msnbc.msn.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-16 iTunes Downloads Hit 25 Million [techweb.com]
the 25th millionth song was Frank Sinatra's 1cLet It Snow! Let It Snow! 1d

[discuss] 2003-12-16 Q: What will happen when a national political machine can fit on a laptop? A: See below [washingtonpost.com]
"The cost of gathering information determines the size of organizations."

[discuss] 2003-12-16 Biochip puts it all together [trnmag.com]
Labs-on-a-chip could enable new types of analysis

2 comments 2003-12-16 Doctor Says Weight Training Can Rip Aorta [story.news.yahoo.com]
Uh oh

[discuss] 2003-12-16 Net beats the papers [globetechnology.com]

3 comments 2003-12-16 The Art of Unix Programming [faqs.org]
Eric Steven Raymond

1 comments 2003-12-16 Biculturalism [joelonsoftware.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-16 Skador vid datorarbete går över [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
"Rädslan för långvariga skador av datorarbete är kraftigt överdriven." Jamen dåså.

[discuss] 2003-12-15 Java bytecode [cs.dartmouth.edu]
lite .ppt dill om java bytecode

[discuss] 2003-12-15 OPTEL Ultrasonic Technology / Fingerprint recognition / R&D [optel.pl]
Faking fingerprint readers (or other biometric devices)

[discuss] 2003-12-15 Elonka's List of Famous Unsolved Codes and Ciphers [elonka.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-15 Skåneleden [skaneleden.se]

33 comments 2003-12-15 Lever vi i en simulering? [svt.se]

[discuss] 2003-12-15 Nyhet - Skånetrafiken [skanetrafiken.skane.se]
Både höjda och sänkta priser 1 januari

[discuss] 2003-12-15 Discovery.GIF [kferreira.freeyellow.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-15 IBM to Move Software Jobs to India, China [story.news.yahoo.com]
4,700 programming jobs could be shifted overseas to save costs

[discuss] 2003-12-15 Skattehöjning i 103 kommuner [aftonbladet.se]
Det är ju inte valår.

[discuss] 2003-12-15 Telelogic Secures Additional US$1.2 Million Deal with Leading U.S. Telecom Equipment Manufacturer [telelogic.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-15 Forbes.com: U.S. stocks at year highs after Saddam capture [forbes.com]
Men Wal-Mart föll ... För att folk köper presentkort i stället för prylar... Där ser man vad som är viktigt..

[discuss] 2003-12-15 Desperate Diners Attack Trapped Fat Lady With Plastic Forks [entertainment.tv.yahoo.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-15 China tries to establish homegrown tech rules [siliconvalley.com]
Kina kaxar till sig.

[discuss] 2003-12-15 Have You Heard The Tale Of The Exploding Whale? [komotv.com]
så här kanske?

[discuss] 2003-12-15 Valen Keiko begravdes i stillhet [expressen.se]
Hur fan begraver man en val?

[discuss] 2003-12-15 Rederiet-stjärnan som antastade tolvåringar [boyahed.com]

1 comments 2003-12-15 Surplus: Terrorized into being consumers [atmo.se]
på tvn igår.

[discuss] 2003-12-15 Turning Heads With PowerPoint [wired.com]
I realized pretty quickly that the software could run by itself, to present autonomously. You can remove the person from the equation

[discuss] 2003-12-15 Saddam Captured While Playing Santa In Montana Mall [brokennewz.com]
Den obligatoriska jultomte-Saddam skämtbilden.

[discuss] 2003-12-14 SCO | Scosource | SCOsource [sco.com]
Linux is an unauthorized derivative work of the UNIX® operating system.

[discuss] 2003-12-14 PowerPoint Makes You Dumb [nytimes.com]

4 comments 2003-12-14 Diary of a Switcher (CDMA -> GSM) [powerpage.org]
"... more than three and a half hours of talk time, I haven't experienced a single dropped call. Nor have I played the "can you hear me now?" game with anyone. Simply astonishing considering that these problems had become part of my daily life for the pas

[discuss] 2003-12-14 "Jag vill köpa TV 2" [dn.se]

[discuss] 2003-12-14 Mount Gay Rum Extra Old Rum Tasting Notes [mountgay.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-14 Scientist warn of flu pandemic [cnn.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-14 Årgångsrom och mörk choklad [elle.se]

[discuss] 2003-12-14 Report: Earth's magnetic field fading [cnn.com]
Slight chance of flipping magnetic poles

[discuss] 2003-12-14 Hemlösa slog upp tält på Medborgarplatsen [dn.se]
De slog upp ett tält och förklarade att de köar för en film som har premiär om ett år.

[discuss] 2003-12-14 "Saddam Hussein gripen" [dn.se]

[discuss] 2003-12-14 tubemap.jpg (JPEG Image, 1395x1009 pixels) [craphound.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-13 yatta (flash) [web.mit.edu]

[discuss] 2003-12-13 NoEntropy.net [noentropy.net]
Need a known number ?

[discuss] 2003-12-13 Internet Explorer is Evil! [toastytech.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-13 exet.nu - Visa fittan så får du popcorn - [exet.nu]

[discuss] 2003-12-13 Quiz - Are You Grammatically Incorrect? [encarta.msn.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-12 Donnie Darko [donniedarko.com]
Dethär är galet.

[discuss] 2003-12-12 www.Kungsleden.de - Der Weg ist das Ziel [kungsleden.de]

[discuss] 2003-12-12 OSGi Alliance - Home [osgi.org]

1 comments 2003-12-12 Jayway AB [jayway.se]
någon som hört talas om dessa pojkarna? på riktigt eller pajasar?

[discuss] 2003-12-12 Random.org - True Random Number Service [random.org]

[discuss] 2003-12-12 PC-lint/FlexeLint User Defined Semantic Checking [gimpel.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-12 Sverige anklagar USA för smutskastning av Gripen [aftonbladet.se]
"Våra vapen är minnsann minst lika dödliga som amerikanernas. Om jag skulle bomba ett afghanskt barnsjukhus skulle jag definitivt välja svenskt."

[discuss] 2003-12-12 Bokus går med vinst. [idg.se]
Efter sex år går klassiska nätbokhandeln Bokus äntligen med vinst.

[discuss] 2003-12-12 Patenting Air or Protecting Property? [washingtonpost.com]
Information Age Invents a New Problem

[discuss] 2003-12-12 Tillväxtbolag börjar få fart [svd.se]
Detta är inte bara en stabilisering utan också en vändning

[discuss] 2003-12-12 Syntarnas julafton [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
"På scen ska musiken kännas som att träffas av tåget"

[discuss] 2003-12-12 Reinventing Email [research.ibm.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-12 Full-Circle 360° Camera Module [sony.net]
Camera Module Adopts Full-Circle 360° Lens to Open New Markets

[discuss] 2003-12-12 Who Wins and Who Loses as Jobs Move Overseas? [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-12 Gävlebocken - Live [gavle.se]
Brann inatt

[discuss] 2003-12-12 Prank Fake Parking Ticket Gags and Practical Jokes and Gag Gifts from PrankPlace.com [prankplace.com]
"Driving a Big Ugly Crappy Car" "Operating Under the Influence of Rap Music"

[discuss] 2003-12-12 Smashed Broken Window Baseball Pranks from PrankPlace.com [prankplace.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-12 potential.jpg [thinkgeek.com]
not everyone gets to be an astronaut when they grow up.

1 comments 2003-12-11 EPOC: Building a symbian sample app using VC .NET [experts-exchange.com]
" /QIfist" # fixes _ftol2 link errors with Visual C .net

[discuss] 2003-12-11 Report: Poor People Pretty Much Fucked [theonion.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-11 We can implant entirely false memories [guardian.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-12-11 Internet Explorer Vulnerability [zapthedingbat.com]
There is a flaw in the way that Internet Explorer displays URLs in the address bar.%aBy opening a specially crafted URL an attacker can open a page that appears to be from a different domain from the current location.

[discuss] 2003-12-11 Geek Tattoos [bmezine.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-11 The Hobbit Teaser Trailer [lathamfilm.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-11 Classic II [electrohype.org]

[discuss] 2003-12-11 A Day in the Life of a Software Entrepreneur [blogs.ittoolbox.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-10 Study: Pretty Women Make Men Act Irrationally [newscientist.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-10 Random Homer Simpson Quote [smacie.com]
This donut has purple in the middle, purple is a fruit.

[discuss] 2003-12-10 Welcome to timiDefence [timicom.com]
"We at timiDefence understand one simple truth: people like to fight"

[discuss] 2003-12-10 Comic Strip - The Boardroom Bunch [andyco.com]
Spana in Episod 23 o 24 :-)

[discuss] 2003-12-10 U.S. Programmers at Overseas Salaries [businessweek.com]
What if other companies begin taking the same approach -- offering Indian-style wages to American workers?

[discuss] 2003-12-10 Games, Movies Tie the Knot [wired.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-10 Television and Computer Convergence: Not when but if [osnews.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-10 Worms 3D - Select Your Language [startawar.com]
[flash game]

[discuss] 2003-12-10 Electronic Musical Instrument 1870 - 1990 [obsolete.com]
Know your electronica

[discuss] 2003-12-10 The Hello World Project [helloworldproject.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-10 Julmusiken - terror för de anställda [aftonbladet.se]
facket jämställer julmusiken med psykologisk terror.

[discuss] 2003-12-10 Switched on Kenya [techcentralstation.com]
IT i Afrika.

[discuss] 2003-12-10 Mozilla 1.6b - Released December 9, 2003 [mozilla.org]

[discuss] 2003-12-10 For men who enjoy being shaved and enjoy watching other men being shaved. [geocities.com]
Allt finns på internet.

[discuss] 2003-12-10 2003 Year In Review [fimoculous.com]
många listor blir det...

[discuss] 2003-12-09 Steve Jobs: The Rolling Stone Interview [rollingstone.com]
He changed the computer industry. Now he's after the music business

[discuss] 2003-12-09 Marvel Universe looks almost like a real social network [arxiv.org]
two Marvel characters are considered linked if they jointly appear in the same Marvel comic book

[discuss] 2003-12-09 Last Comic Standing: The Search For The Funniest Person In America [nbc.com]
Fame Factory, släng dig i väggen :-)

[discuss] 2003-12-09 Reality TV Links [realitytvlinks.com]
Fast det kanske inte är så illa i sverige.. Spana in denna listan för US.

[discuss] 2003-12-09 Aftonbladet: TV3 tar över 1dRobinson 1d [aftonbladet.se]
Skiten vägrar dö

[discuss] 2003-12-09 SWEDEN: Beer price war looming : just-drinks.com News [just-drinks.com]
9.70 / 0.5l för billigaste fulbiran "Blågul"

[discuss] 2003-12-09 Patents in an internet video shop [mimesis.net]
den sprider sig.

[discuss] 2003-12-09 Commentary:"One China" will be defended at all costs [news.xinhuanet.com]
"Chen [, the taiwanese leader], in the interests of himself and his political party, tries to impose the views of a small number of independence activists on all Taiwan people even at the cost of putting everyone at risk." ... trevligt....

[discuss] 2003-12-09 Mo Kin [robpongi.com]
This is a truly amazing amazing music video of Mo Kin, a cute , three-year-old North Korean girl performing a very complicated and interesting song on the xylophone

[discuss] 2003-12-09 essays & effluvia: Segway Successor? [bigpicture.typepad.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-09 IBM unveils nano technology [money.cnn.com]
"The device acts as a type of flash memory" "... when select organic materials were applied, the molecules arranged themselves into a honeycomb pattern. The holes in the pattern are about 20 nanometers"

[discuss] 2003-12-09 Ozzy allvarligt skadad [aftonbladet.se]
Rockstjärnan bröt nacken i motorcykelkrasch - opererad i natt. Snart på MTV.

[discuss] 2003-12-09 Automated Email From Websites to Customers (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox) [useit.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-09 'Miserable failure' links to Bush [news.bbc.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-12-09 Japan Approves Disputed Troops-For-Iraq Plan [wireservice.wired.com]
Japan vill åsså vara med och öva krig

[discuss] 2003-12-09 Microsoft to stop offering host of older products [infoworld.com]
Det roliga är att MS kommer att spara pengar på detta. Detta tvingar gamla kunder att uppgradera, och MS kan skylla på SUN

[discuss] 2003-12-08 Aftonbladet: Kedjades fast och bestals under sexlek [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2003-12-08 Nerriven reklamaffisch [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
...å där fick H&M ytterligare lite gratis PR. Grattis.

1 comments 2003-12-08 Digital Camera, sort by cm3 [i4u.com]
Överblick över små kameror

[discuss] 2003-12-08 Space Invaders advance on the US [news.bbc.co.uk]
dom kommer tillbaka.

[discuss] 2003-12-08 IO2 Technology :  Heliodisplay- Interactive Free-Space Display [io2technology.com]
Vill ha

[discuss] 2003-12-08 Google Search: codemode [google.com]
Google visar bara de viktiga sajterna

[discuss] 2003-12-08 >H Alexander Bard humbly introduces himself. [homoexcelsior.com]
"Oh, and I don not have any web page. My fans build much better ones for me than I ever could."

[discuss] 2003-12-08 Lita inte på Google [nyteknik.se]
Dags att börja se sig om efter ny sökmotor.

[discuss] 2003-12-08 9 Rooms Paradoxical Poem [curiouser.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-12-08 MP3 player [foundertech.com]
En av foundertech:s lite annorlunda mp3 spelare :-)

[discuss] 2003-12-08 PalmSource Announces Foundertech Has Licensed Palm OS [palmsource.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-08 Nokia tappar på het marknad [di.se]
Sony Ericssons andel uppgick till 5,3 procent, en nedgång jämfört med 5,5 procent föregående kvartal.

[discuss] 2003-12-08 Villapriserna i Malmö har ökat med 10 procent det senaste året. [di.se]

1 comments 2003-12-08 Xbox deflects real bullets [gamespot.com]
"Irate Marylander shoots his roommates' console, but the 9mm round fails to penetrate its casing"

[discuss] 2003-12-08 Kapten Stofil [kaptenstofil.net]

[discuss] 2003-12-08 The new fun game of RFID tag (dr fun) [ibiblio.org]

[discuss] 2003-12-08 How Nintendo almost beat Nokia to the gamephone [theregister.com]
"It was our view that the real competitor for both Nintendo and the handset makers was going to be Sony Ericsson."

[discuss] 2003-12-07 Köp reductil,viagra och andra läkemedel online på EU-Apoteket [euapoteket.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-07 From Darkroom to Desktop 14How Photoshop Came to Light [storyphoto.com]

1 comments 2003-12-07 Mother and son [notnowlewis.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-12-07 Donuts [thefucksociety.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-07 The rise of the machines [japantimes.co.jp]
Japan's leading the robotics charge, but to where

[discuss] 2003-12-07 Kvinnor är mindre giriga [svd.se]
Kvinna == bra. Man == dåligt.

[discuss] 2003-12-07 Kanel kan sänka blodsockernivåerna [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2003-12-07 The Sect of Homokaasu - venerealmedia [homokaasu.org]
Hur enkla spel kan man göra?

[discuss] 2003-12-06 Mobile Cocktail Mixer - Punica [pikulski.net]
/.-ed men dock.

[discuss] 2003-12-06 Evil Santa [home.planet.nl]

[discuss] 2003-12-06 Microsoft Test Drives Another Blogging Tool [microsoft-watch.com]
lite om thespoke.com

[discuss] 2003-12-06 Plain English Campaign: Annual Awards [plainenglish.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-12-06 Malmöbarnen är fattigast [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
En tredjedel av barnen i Malmö lever enligt Rädda Barnens definition i fattigdom.

[discuss] 2003-12-06 The Bush Background Generator! [home.comcast.net]

[discuss] 2003-12-06 GROKLAW : Judge Tells SCO: No, *You* Have to Show the Code First [groklaw.net]

[discuss] 2003-12-06 GROKLAW: First Report from Grokker Inside Hearing: IBM Wins Both Motions to Compel [groklaw.net]

[discuss] 2003-12-06 Motorola blames phone shortages on camera components [infoworld.com]
"Det är inte vårat fel!"

[discuss] 2003-12-05 Sun Opts Out Of Eclipse [informationweek.com]
Sun vill inte vara med och bestämma om Eclipse IDE

2 comments 2003-12-05 Linux Router Project R.I.P [linuxrouter.org]
"I've looked quite a bit for some stable work, but plumbers make more hourly then Sys Admins in South Florida. Either I move to California (never!) or move on. I am now reserved to do the latter. With LRP remaining an unachievable goal I don't even feel m

[discuss] 2003-12-05 Aftonbladet köper Blocket [dagensps.se]
183 miljoner för blocket.se

2 comments 2003-12-05 Economist.com | Rags to riches [economist.com]
"Chadians are unaccustomed to handling large ammounts of cash" "One celebrated by taking a bath in beer. Another left his mud hut and went to stay in a four-star hotel in the capital, Ndjamena, for a couple of weeks."

[discuss] 2003-12-05 Football Europe - Jorge takes charge of CSKA [uefa.com]
CSKA Moskva, fast på riktigt.

[discuss] 2003-12-05 Photoshop 'exists because of Star Wars' [macworld.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-12-05 nollbudgetfilmvisningar [geocities.com]
9/12 0-budgetfestival, Mejeriet, Lund

[discuss] 2003-12-05 How to Misunderstand Open Source Software Development [consultingtimes.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-05 Holiday Snowglobe - click and drag the snowglobe to shake it. [ww12.e-tractions.com]
ett annat väldigt enkelt litet spel.

[discuss] 2003-12-05 allAfrica.com: Mozambique: Network to be Developed with Vodacom Cash [allafrica.com]
Snart kanske jag kan ringa morsan utan att ha 2 sekunders eko :-)

[discuss] 2003-12-05 Tenders : SE-Linköping: storage system for e-mail [tenders.co.uk]
"Vi förväntar oss att administratörens hantering av lösningen ska vara enkel och att man genom regler kan styra vad, när och hur objekten ska arkiveras. Trots dessa mål ska användaren inte drabbas negativt utan ska kunna använda sin Outlook som vanligt. "

[discuss] 2003-12-05 EU Business - Euro-zone growth up 0.4 pct in third quarter [eubusiness.com]
"For the full European Union -- the euro area plus Britain, Denmark and Sweden -- third-quarter GDP also rose 0.4 percent." Vi drar iaf inte ner statistiken..

[discuss] 2003-12-05 Sun Shines on China [eweek.com]
"The Sun deal also includes helping with the forthcoming deployment of 200 million Linux-based desktops throughout China."

[discuss] 2003-12-05 US man has IT company logo tattooed on head [theregister.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-12-05 People the law forgot [guardian.co.uk]
It is almost two years since the Guantanamo prison camp opened.

3 comments 2003-12-05 Google changes anger web businesses [news.bbc.co.uk]
Google dance.

[discuss] 2003-12-05 Staying Alive [discover.com]
someone alive today could survive to the unprecedented age of 150

[discuss] 2003-12-05 Brain Signals From The Paralyzed Or Injured Captured By Computer [sciencedaily.com]
Ett steg närmre att styra datorn med hjärnan

[discuss] 2003-12-04 Why Engineers Don't Write Recipes [home.tiac.net]

[discuss] 2003-12-04 Cybercom köper Consafe Infotech [nyteknik.se]
Fler uppköp

2 comments 2003-12-04 ms blogtjofräs. [thespoke.net]
funkar inte bara bra med mozilla...

[discuss] 2003-12-04 Breaking the Gigapixel Barrier [tawbaware.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-04 Fängelse för svärdshugg mot travkusk. [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
mycket svärd idag.

[discuss] 2003-12-04 79-year-old man RIAA victim [p2pnet.net]
"Brenot's wife, Dorothy, said she and her husband were stunned by the claims, offended at the suggestion they listened to such music"

[discuss] 2003-12-04 Tequila [imagecache2.allposters.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-04 A Bug's Life Cycle [bugzilla.mozilla.org]

1 comments 2003-12-04 Whole Stuffed Camel [home.tiac.net]
varför inte prova lite nya spännande recept?

[discuss] 2003-12-04 JAPAN SAQ (SELDOM ASKED QUESTIONS) [www3.tky.3web.ne.jp]

[discuss] 2003-12-04 windows xp box [mini-itx.com]
So I decided to build my "Windows XP Box" in a Windows XP box. The external dimensions of the box are a tiny 243mm x 200mm x 48mm.

[discuss] 2003-12-04 Sony Ericsson fortfarande i topp [idg.se]

[discuss] 2003-12-04 Riskerar vi att träna framtida Skandiadirektörer i knattelaget? [hammarbyfotboll.se]
Followup till "innebandykrönikan" för några dagar sedan.

[discuss] 2003-12-04 Imponerande hämnd av Tarantino [dn.se]
Antingen är det en ohyggligt vacker skitfilm med sin brist på berättarglöd och drama. Eller så är det inte en film över huvud taget. Och i så fall är den ganska bra.

1 comments 2003-12-04 Archived Weblog Entry - 10/27/2003: "I'm taking part in a new web project..." [blah3.com]
howto trick google.

[discuss] 2003-12-04 Google Search: miserable failure [google.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-04 The 2003 Perl Advent Calendar [perladvent.org]

[discuss] 2003-12-04 Dick Gephardt casts a shadow on the flag.. [story.news.yahoo.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-04 Eclipse Technical Articles [eclipse.org]
Eclipse, en öppen IDE

[discuss] 2003-12-04 Rånade videobutik med svärd [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

1 comments 2003-12-03 [US] Government ends foreign registration program [bayarea.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-03 spacetoday.net: ISS sound likely not caused by collision [spacetoday.net]
"the sound [...] compared to the crunching of a tin can" precis det man vill höra, när man har vacum utanför fönstret.

[discuss] 2003-12-03 Popular Science | Discovery Kids Ultimate Labs DNA Explorer [popsci.com]
DNA analys för hemmabruk :-) *Vem har ätit på min macka!*

1 comments 2003-12-03 Ninety-Ninety Rule [physiol.ox.ac.uk]
"The first 90% of the code accounts for the first 90% of the development time. The remaining 10% of the code accounts for the other 90% of the development time."

2 comments 2003-12-03 USB Massage Ball [cybercpu.net]
You just plug it in to your USB port, push the button on the back to turn it on, and apply the massager to whatever part of your body you want massaged.

[discuss] 2003-12-03 Här slutar första övningskörningen [expressen.se]

1 comments 2003-12-03 Borg MACROPROBE [users.vianet.ca]

2 comments 2003-12-03 The `-P' convention [info.astrian.net]

[discuss] 2003-12-03 Bumper-Sticker Computer Science [geocities.com]
First Rule of Program Optimization: Don't do it.Second Rule of Program Optimization: Don't do it yet.

[discuss] 2003-12-03 GIMPS downloads [mersenne.org]
Varför leta efter liv i rymden då du kan leta efter Mersenne primtal nummer 41 :-)

[discuss] 2003-12-03 heisenbug [The Jargon Dictionary] [info.astrian.net]

[discuss] 2003-12-03 Teazel Products. Blog Photo Diary Version 1.0 for p[8|9]00. [teazel.com]
Förslag på tävling: Fotografera värsta parkeringen.

[discuss] 2003-12-03 Mono 0.29 Release [go-mono.com]

1 comments 2003-12-03 Man changes name to Bubba Bubba Bubba [azcentral.com]
bara i usa.

1 comments 2003-12-03 Aftonbladet: Deras hjärnor slår det mesta [aftonbladet.se]
Sverige och Norge drabbar samman i intelligenstävling i Sthlm 13/12

[discuss] 2003-12-03 Poll Says Bush's Approval Is on the Rise [lasvegassun.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-03 Datakrasch på RSV kan ha förstört viktiga skattefiler [dagensps.se]
Risken finns att samtliga datafiler i Word- och Excelprogrammen är borta - för gott.

1 comments 2003-12-02 'Foot in mouth' prize for Rumsfeld [cnn.com]
"We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns -- the ones we don't know we don't know."

1 comments 2003-12-02 Largest prime number ever is found [newscientist.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-02 QNTAL [qntal.net]
Band värt lite uppmärksamhet

[discuss] 2003-12-02 Doxygen Manual [stack.nl]

[discuss] 2003-12-02 ASIASCOPE inledningskoncert: Tujiko Noriko [panora.nu]
Japansk laptop-electronica. 60 kr inträde. 19:30 Roseum i kväll.%a"If you put Björk, Hello-Kitty, and a Casio drum machine in a blender and pressed "juice..." /Nat Hawks%a

[discuss] 2003-12-02 folkets bio malmö presenterar ASIASCOPE [panora.nu]
Asiatisk film och musik 2-7 december 2003

[discuss] 2003-12-02 Monster 15" Subwoofer / Baslåda med dödlig effekt [www2.blocket.se]
Muller muller.

[discuss] 2003-12-02 ZDNet UK - Insight - Microsoft gears up its automotive efforts [insight.zdnet.co.uk]
Amöban växer

[discuss] 2003-12-02 Årets guldbragdmedaljör: inte Annika Sörenstam [svd.se]

[discuss] 2003-12-02 Sony ships blu-ray 23GB storage syste [theregister.com]
Sony has begun shipping its blue laser Professional Disc for Data (PDD) optical drives and media.%a

1 comments 2003-12-02 Innebandy hade räddat Skandia [dagensps.se]
ingenting är så avslöjande om en persons egenskaper som hur han eller hon beter sig på innebandyplanen

[discuss] 2003-12-02 To hide all Desktop Icons from Explorer, use the following Windows NT / Windows 2000 / Windows XP registry hack. [is-it-true.org]
annars kan du alltid använda group policy editorn för att snygga till windows lite.

[discuss] 2003-12-02 Nöjesfabrikören [dn.se]
bert k.

[discuss] 2003-12-02 Microsoft hotar svensk Lindows-distributör [idg.se]

[discuss] 2003-12-02 Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson. Last seen in northeast Ohio. Do not approach. [clevescene.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-02 Hi!PDA - PalmOS - Lenovo P300 - mOBiLe & WIrelEss [hi-pda.com]
Palm OS 5.3 Simplified Chinese, med vissa tillägg....

[discuss] 2003-12-02 Joel on Software - Craftsmanship [joelonsoftware.com]
"The moral of the story is sometimes fixing a 1% defect takes 500% effort."

[discuss] 2003-12-02 HOW IT ALL WENT DOWN: DETAILED REPORT OF BUSH'S SECRET TRIP [drudgereport.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-01 Future Computing: Part 1 - Microsoft [software.itmanagersjournal.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-01 FCC to Look at Phone Firms' Use of Internet to Carry Calls [washingtonpost.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-01 The Guts of a New Machine [nytimes.com]
om iPoden.

3 comments 2003-12-01 Patentintrång med en videobutik på Internet. [w1.970.telia.com]

[discuss] 2003-12-01 Kevin Kelly -- Cool Tools [kk.org]
Here are my recommendations for cool tools. I include books, gadgets, software, videos, maps, hardware, materials, websites.

[discuss] 2003-12-01 When Cash Is Only Skin Deep [wired.com]
a service that would allow consumers to pay for merchandise using microchips implanted under their skin.

2 comments 2003-12-01 The 900 Club [dimensionsmagazine.com]
The World's Heaviest People

1 comments 2003-12-01 CM Theater [anabuki.co.jp]
bara i japan.

[discuss] 2003-12-01 "Harry" hordes to invade Sweden [aftenposten.no]

[discuss] 2003-12-01 The Evil Twin [the-eviltwin.co.uk]

[discuss] 2003-12-01 How to beat Super Mario Brothers 3 in 11 minutes. [metafilter.com]
det finns en link till en bittorrent fil en bit ner.

[discuss] 2003-12-01 CBC News: Deadline Iraq - Uncensored Stories of the War [cbc.ca]

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