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topics for April 2004

[discuss] 2004-04-30 How SharePoint Works [barracuda.net]
A Technical Whitepaper for Software Developers and System Architects

[discuss] 2004-04-30 CarWarsGames [carwarsgames.com]
Spela CarWars online !

[discuss] 2004-04-30 Netcraft What's That Site Running Results www.idg.se [uptime.netcraft.com]
gissa en gång vilken server idg.se kör ;)

[discuss] 2004-04-30 "Longhorn" Markup Language (code-named "XAML") Overview [longhorn.msdn.microsoft.com]
nu har microsoft "uppfunnit" xul

[discuss] 2004-04-30 Psychologists launch automated team development, assessment and strategy software [sourcewire.com]
Automatiserad teamutveckling. Halleluja.

[discuss] 2004-04-30 Raising the Humble Chicken [kuro5hin.org]
For the last two summers I have maintained a flock of chickens. The results have been ... interesting

[discuss] 2004-04-30 Photos show jail abuse by US troops [smh.com.au]

[discuss] 2004-04-30 300 Images From 1800 Sites [intersmash.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-30 googles ipo filling form [sec.gov]

[discuss] 2004-04-30 More Reasons to Love Google [wired.com]
the exact value of its planned offering is $2,718,281,828 dollars, which some would immediately recognize as the mathematical constant e.

[discuss] 2004-04-30 Henke är tillbaka [aftonbladet.se]
Det dör 3000 barn varje dag av Malaria i världen, men skit i det för Henke är tillbaka och solen skiner tralalalala.

[discuss] 2004-04-30 Worldwide terrorist attacks down in 2003 [cnn.com]
International acts of terror in 2003 were the fewest in more than 30 years

[discuss] 2004-04-29 Jag vill ha en joystick [www2.blocket.se]
Den får gärna se häftig ut.

[discuss] 2004-04-29 NetAttack: First Steps Towards Pervasive Gaming [radio.weblogs.com]
Fler bilder. Laserdome, se upp!

[discuss] 2004-04-29 NetAttack - First Steps towards Pervasive Gaming [ercim.org]
Augmented Reality enhances our physical world with synthetic objects, transforming our physical world into a pervasive game experience

[discuss] 2004-04-29 Vi svenskar är de sociala turisterna [aftonbladet.se]
"Personligen vet jag inte hur många gånger jag på arbetsplatser hört människor tala om att de ska ta ut sina sjukdagar för att det är så förbannat tråkigt att jobba"

[discuss] 2004-04-29 ibm_protest_500x373.jpg (JPEG Image, 500x373 pixels) [idg.se]

[discuss] 2004-04-29 Operation Take One For The Country [takeoneforthecountry.com]
Mission Statement: To discretely provide US troops shipping out overseas with the most sensually pleasing departure possible.

[discuss] 2004-04-29 Merriam-Webster Online [m-w.com]
Engelsk ordlista med ljudfil för varje ord så man hör uttalet.

[discuss] 2004-04-29 seewhogotfired.com [seewhogotfired.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-29 Stats about all US cities [city-data.com]
mycket stats om städer i usa.

[discuss] 2004-04-29 Nokia cuts prices to grab back lost market [news.ft.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-28 Näst dyraste huset nu i Malmö [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
Striden om var de dyraste villorna finns står nu mellan Bellevue Sjösida i Malmö och Danderyd utanför Stockholm

[discuss] 2004-04-28 Wi-Fi Watches the Kids [wi-fiplanet.com]
RFID på ungarna på Legoland

[discuss] 2004-04-28 The Wi-Fi Positioning System [thefeature.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-28 The Rise of Interface Elegance in Open Source Software [actsofvolition.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-28 eBay item 4146756343: SIZE 12 WEDDING DRESS/GOWN NO RESERVE [cgi.ebay.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-28 A Web of Electronic Denial [wired.com]
No one downloads spyware, watches video clips or listens to music files at work, yet these items infest nearly every corporate computer

[discuss] 2004-04-28 Se upp Anoto - Microsoft vill också leka med pennor [idg.se]
"Om du frågar om vi för samtal, så kommenterar jag inte det" Uppköp på g?

[discuss] 2004-04-28 High-speed nanotube transistors could lead to better cell phones, faster computers [eurekalert.org]
"Our work is the first to show that single-walled nanotube transistor devices can indeed function at very high speeds."

[discuss] 2004-04-28 slå din dator [inicia.es]

[discuss] 2004-04-28 Ericsson Press release: Ericsson and Cisco collaborate to deliver solutions to wireline operators [ericsson.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-28 Beer [en.wikipedia.org]
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

[discuss] 2004-04-28 BluePhoneMenu 1.0 [reelintelligence.com]
Bring Caller ID to your OS X desktop.

[discuss] 2004-04-28 Let's talk about Word [blogs.msdn.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-28 Take my songs - please, says Bowie [canada.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-28 Morbid Outlook - Elegant Gothic Lolita [morbidoutlook.com]
An elegant Gothic Lolita, EGL or Gothic Lolita for short, is a Japanese teen or young adult who dresses in amazingly elaborate Gothic looking babydoll costumes

[discuss] 2004-04-28 Antigympa.nu [antigympa.nu]
Antigympa - en (r)evolutionär folkrörelse

1 comments 2004-04-27 Don Johnson har gått i personlig konkurs [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2004-04-27 "Den svåra tiden är över för konsultbranschen" [dn.se]

[discuss] 2004-04-27 EclipseME J2ME Plugin [eclipseme.sourceforge.net]

[discuss] 2004-04-27 Inside the Apple iPod Design Triumph [designchain.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-27 Google's Goal: "Understand Everything" [businessweek.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-27 Roadmap to Mono 1.0 [go-mono.com]
The Mono 1.0 is quickly approaching.

[discuss] 2004-04-27 Whatever happened to Dungeons and Dragons? [news.bbc.co.uk]

[discuss] 2004-04-27 Turning Torso blir hyreshus [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2004-04-27 star wars kid Kills Bill (.wmv) [content.collegehumor.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-27 Sony Ericsson får ny VD [dagensps.se]

[discuss] 2004-04-27 Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day [pinholeday.org]

[discuss] 2004-04-26 Ubåtsfeber i Finland [dn.se]

[discuss] 2004-04-26 Hypertext Fiction [soc.ucsb.edu]

[discuss] 2004-04-26 Bayden Systems - SlickRun [bayden.com]
SlickRun is a floating command line utility for Windows...verkar inte så dumt.

[discuss] 2004-04-26 Sony Ericsson får se upp [dagensps.se]
Nu bildar även franska Alcaltel och kinesiska TCL ett joint venture för sin mobiltelefonenhet.

[discuss] 2004-04-26 Some Picture a friend brought back from Iraq [home.wi.rr.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-25 Hey Crackhead [craigslist.org]

[discuss] 2004-04-25 Blogging's Power to Change Journalism [editorandpublisher.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-25 In Math, Computers Don't Lie. Or Do They? [nytimes.com]
"I don't like them, because you sort of don't feel you understand what's going on"

4 comments 2004-04-25 Space elevators [isr.us]
Bra teknisk introduktion till rymdhissar. "This manuscript is the result of a six-month investigation I conducted for NASA under the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program"

[discuss] 2004-04-25 Cool CyberSex Logs [quq.dk]
Sweetheart: I'm running my fingers through your hair. Now I'm nibbling your ear.%aWellhung: I suddenly sneeze. Your breasts are covered with spit and phlegm.%aSweetheart: What?

[discuss] 2004-04-25 Kill Bill movie references guide [tarantino.webds.de]

[discuss] 2004-04-25 Uppdämt behov att byta jobb [csjobb.idg.se]
Efter de senaste årens stiltje på IT-arbetsmarknad vill många förändra sin arbetssiutation.

[discuss] 2004-04-25 Studenter vill ha jobb på stabila och tydliga företag [svd.se]
Lycka till.

[discuss] 2004-04-24 En subskimmer är en marin hybridfarkost [flygmac7.flyg.kth.se]

[discuss] 2004-04-24 SYDSVENSKAN: - Malmö - Upplopp i Malmö inför matchen [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2004-04-24 Randompixel [randompixel.com]
New cameras will be posted every Tuesday.

[discuss] 2004-04-24 Woman loses her job over coffins photo [seattletimes.nwsource.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-24 Lundasnillen bakom Sony Ericssons lyft [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2004-04-23 Z1010 förväxlad med ny 3G-telefon [premium.mobil.se]
Viola är inte alls någon ny telefon från Sony Ericsson.

[discuss] 2004-04-23 Innocence: Kôkaku kidôtai (2004) [imdb.com]
"Ghost in the shell 2."

[discuss] 2004-04-23 Unga Estland bygger på ny teknik [di.se]
It, telekom och internet präglar hela det estniska samhället

[discuss] 2004-04-23 1dZlatan har något fel i huvudet 1d [aftonbladet.se]
No shit..

[discuss] 2004-04-23 Korea settles wireless Internet platform with US [atimes.com]
S Korea bajsar på Qualcomm's BREW, väljer att ta fram en ny platform WIPI i stället.

1 comments 2004-04-23 Apple sued over JPEG patent [macworld.co.uk]
The defendants are: Apple, Axis, [ +27 other companies]

[discuss] 2004-04-23 Fiddler HTTP Debugger - Fiddler [fiddlertool.com]
Fiddler is a HTTP Debugging Proxy which logs all HTTP traffic between your computer and the Internet.

[discuss] 2004-04-23 The Scandinavian Sci-fi, Game and Film Convention [propworld.nu]
MalmöMässan - Malmö, 24 - 25 april 2004.

[discuss] 2004-04-23 Panora: Dance-floor fun mit MOSCOW DISKOW #3-2004 [panora.nu]
"FiksoFoksi, Tolchock, Lucy Daniels & Stinex® serverar Funkiga och ofunkiga syntbasar, vocoders och iskalla trummaskiner. Early 80's Synth, Electro, Italo, skitig Brottar-Body och Holländsk Coca-Disco!!" Quadratish. Praktish. Gut.

[discuss] 2004-04-23 Girls do porn film to finance high school parties [pub.tv2.no]

[discuss] 2004-04-23 Lambda the Ultimate [lambda.weblogs.com]
This site is dedicated to the study of programming languages, in all their details and glory.

[discuss] 2004-04-23 Smalltalk Creator Wins 'Nobel Prize' of Computing [internetnews.com]
Turing Award till Alan Kay

[discuss] 2004-04-22 Shanghai Enhances Internet Monitoring [chinatechnews.com]
"China has increased its monitoring of Internet usage over the last few years, and sites deemed off-limits range from the banned Falun Gong sect to pornographic content."

[discuss] 2004-04-22 A Catalog of Research Compiler Infrastructures and Tools [willbenton.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-22 eBay item 2475019485 (Ends Apr-30-04 20:08:19 PDT) - DeLorean : Gullwing [cgi.ebay.com]
Back to the Future - Time Machine Recreation

[discuss] 2004-04-22 Tyska soptunnor snackar skit [aftonbladet.se]
Nu finns soptunnan Siggy Sport - som ropar "Måååååål" varje gång någon kastar skräp i den.

[discuss] 2004-04-22 Polishing Apple's Future [businessweek.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-22 Tåg evakuerades på Lunds central [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2004-04-22 Algorithms That Changed the World [ecommercetimes.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-22 Project David [specopslabs.com]
it is a Windows compatibility middleware, which will enable all major Windows applications to run on Linux

[discuss] 2004-04-22 About BNF notation [cui.unige.ch]

2 comments 2004-04-22 Mus med bara mammor framavlad [dn.se]
Forskningsgenombrottet gör ett mänskligt samhälle utan män biologiskt möjligt.

[discuss] 2004-04-22 Malmö - Misstänkt spritlangare greps [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
vinmannen borta?

[discuss] 2004-04-21 Stalin vs. Hitler [comics.aha.ru]
The Authorized Annotated Translation

1 comments 2004-04-21 SCO names new financial chief [zdnet.com.com]
Råttorna lämnar skeppet. CFO vill inte sitta kvar för att han vet att SCO kommer att gå ner i skiten nu när deras huvudfinansiär drar sig ur. Låter någon annan agera målvakt..

[discuss] 2004-04-21 "Crème de la crème" 2003 [dagensps.se]
Time korar de 100 viktigaste människorna i världen 2003.

[discuss] 2004-04-21 Ballistic Blankets & Bomb Blankets [bulletproofme.com]
Gosa säkert i soffan med "Fragmentation Bomb Blankets, [...] effective against most pipe bombs, hand grenade fragments [etc.]"

1 comments 2004-04-21 Mikan Moblog- photographs of everyday Japan [kamoda.com]
A Sony Clie. An Air-H internet card. The white-hot heat of technology.%aSnaps of everyday life in Japan, uploaded wirelessly.

[discuss] 2004-04-21 "We Built This City" ranks as the worst record ever [usatoday.com]
Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby ranks as the fifth-worst song, according to Blender.

[discuss] 2004-04-21 emacs wiki [members.iinet.net.au]
emacs-wiki.el is a wiki major mode for emacs, which aims for implicit and natural markup.

[discuss] 2004-04-21 What is the difference between an inner join and an outer join? [groups.google.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-21 Infinite Monkeys [blogs.msdn.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-21 New cars are getting too expensive to fix [csmonitor.com]
We're moving closer and closer to the disposable car

1 comments 2004-04-21 Banana Guard [bananaguard.com]
protect your banana!

[discuss] 2004-04-20 How much of the Earth's resources do you use? [myfootprint.org]

1 comments 2004-04-20 JUJU the citizen eye [backfire.dk]

[discuss] 2004-04-20 The ID SNIPERTM rifle [backfire.dk]
It is used to implant a GPS-microchip in the body of a human being, using a high powered sniper rifle as the long distance injector.

[discuss] 2004-04-20 Rasistiskt datorspel granskas [dn.se]
Justitiekanslern har inlett en förundersökning mot datorspelet "Postal 2", eftersom spelet innehåller rasistiska och sadistiska inslag

[discuss] 2004-04-20 Can e-mail be saved? [infoworld.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-20 Nine Reasons Not To Drink [kirktipton.com]
lite fler fyllebilder.

[discuss] 2004-04-20 Jay Maynard's TRON costume [ibiblio.org]

[discuss] 2004-04-19 Forget dogging, here comes toothing [theregister.co.uk]
Instant [dating | toa-gos] över blåtand

[discuss] 2004-04-19 BayStar recalls SCO loan [theinquirer.net]
"Before the loan SCO reportedly had less than $11 million in cash on hand before the BayStar cash injection. SCO has, so far, spent millions on briefs taking on giants such as Big Blue and Novell" Slutet nära ?

[discuss] 2004-04-19 If a Computer Beeps and There is No One Around... [paul.merton.ox.ac.uk]

[discuss] 2004-04-19 Vilket lyft Sony Ericsson! [di.se]
vinst på 97 miljoner euro, 892 miljoner kronor, under första kvartalet 2004

[discuss] 2004-04-19 khaaan [khaaan.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-19 Will nanotech save the world or is it mostly hype? [cnn.com]
Nanotechnology is often mentioned as the tool that will dramatically alter the future.

[discuss] 2004-04-18 Scherman och TV4 - en oviss match [dn.se]

[discuss] 2004-04-18 Component Object Model (COM) Development on Mac OS X [macdevcenter.com]
You can write COM components that have the potential to run on both Windows and Mac OS X with no code changes.

[discuss] 2004-04-18 THE "BRIEF SAFE" [shomertec.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-18 Can Disney Build a Better Mickey Mouse? [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-17 Sluta gnälla, svenskar! [dn.se]
Alla länder gillar att klaga över sina egna defekter, men genom brittiska glasögon framstår Sverige som en futuristisk dröm.

[discuss] 2004-04-17 Hello world in Patterns [phppatterns.com]
Design Patterns Berserk

[discuss] 2004-04-17 The Fuss About Gmail and Privacy: Nine Reasons Why It's Bogus [oreillynet.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-17 Music Magic Found in the Shuffle [wired.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-16 Quake to hit LA 'by Sept 5' [smh.com.au]

[discuss] 2004-04-16 Mobiltjänst avslöjar artisten [idg.se]
Spela en trudelutt i nallen och du får ett sms med information om artist och låt

[discuss] 2004-04-16 japansk instruktionsfilm om hur man viker tröjor. [geeklife.com]

1 comments 2004-04-16 ninjalesson.jpg (JPEG Image, 936x897 pixels) [stud.ntnu.no]

[discuss] 2004-04-16 Penis explodes during sex [ananova.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-16 C# 2.0: Create Elegant Code with Anonymous Methods, Iterators, and Partial Classes [msdn.microsoft.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-16 Googling the genome [guardian.co.uk]

[discuss] 2004-04-16 Read My Mail, Please - The silly privacy fears about Google's e-mail service. [slate.msn.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-16 Developing With Web Standards [456bereastreet.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-16 Brännvinsbox ska locka svenskarna [aftonbladet.se]
Lådvinet har blivit en gigantisk försäljningssuccé - nu kommer lådspriten.

[discuss] 2004-04-16 Special LEGO-version of Volvo XC90 unveiled at New York Auto Show [car.kak.net]

[discuss] 2004-04-16 New Security Robot Doubles as Facility Operations' Wi-Fi Robotic Assistant [prnewswire.com]

1 comments 2004-04-15 Subservient Chicken [subservientchicken.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-15 Best Practices for Rule-Based Application Development (Microsoft Architect Journal) [msdn.microsoft.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-15 Clearing Up The Confusion [wired.com]
Science-fiction author Neal Stephenson's latest 800-page dispatch, The Confusion, arrived in stores this week...

[discuss] 2004-04-15 Svenskar utvecklar nalle för alla nättyper [idg.se]
En radio som kan programmeras för att fungera i gsm-, 3g eller wlan-telefoner utvecklas vid ett forskningscenter i Linköping

[discuss] 2004-04-15 Simon Spies - en evig dansk succé [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
"Som man är jag smickrad över att så många intelligenta kvinnor kan lägga ner så mycken möda på att bli det vi män är från början."

[discuss] 2004-04-15 All Hail Bluetooth | A Whole Lotta Features [a.wholelottanothing.org]

[discuss] 2004-04-15 Scientists Create "Water" That Isn't Wet [abclocal.go.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-14 MySQL takes cue from the master [news.com.com]
The Redmond giant is taking on the other big boys, Oracle and IBM, leaving a clear niche for MySQL's open-source product.

[discuss] 2004-04-14 A9.com > Search Technologies [a9.com]
amazon.com har gjort en searchengine..

[discuss] 2004-04-14 Apple Reports Second Quarter Results [biz.yahoo.com]
Earnings per Share Triples. iPod Shipments Grow Over 900 Percent

[discuss] 2004-04-14 Police Files Detail Kurt Cobain Suicide [thesmokinggun.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-14 Assignment Notebook Macarena [middle.usm.k12.wi.us]

[discuss] 2004-04-14 Arizona Laws [nac.oshkosh.net]
13-1402. Indecent exposure; classifications

[discuss] 2004-04-14 Microsoft Research - The Company in 10 Years [cnews.canoe.ca]

[discuss] 2004-04-14 Man pays one million dollars online for lucky mobile phone number [uk.news.yahoo.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-14 Mobiler vidöppna för intrång [expressen.se]
En känd säkerhetsexpert varnar nu för flera av Sony Ericsson och Nokias telefoner

[discuss] 2004-04-14 Francis Crick: After the Double Helix: Unraveling the Mysteries of the State of Being [nytimes.com]
"When you digest your lunch is that you?"

[discuss] 2004-04-14 Tsunami Research's hive computing is a cluster technology that puts the smarts in software [informationweek.com]
That means software gets the hardware to work together, keeps the app up and running, and recovers it when crashes occur

[discuss] 2004-04-14 Bit by bit [economist.com]
Computing is driving the philosophical understanding of quantum theory

[discuss] 2004-04-14 10 Rules for Corporate Blogs and Wikis [marketingprofs.com]

1 comments 2004-04-14 Scotch Transparent Duct Tape [3m.com]
lösningen på alla problem?

[discuss] 2004-04-14 på tal om deklarationer [ucomics.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-14 Börsbolagen som blir vinnare [di.se]
Den svenska it-branschen kommer att växa mycket kraftigt nästa år

[discuss] 2004-04-13 Spacecraft to measure Earth's drag on space-time [newscientist.com]
"Gravity Probe B contains four spinning balls of fused quartz, each perfectly spherical to within 40 atomic layers."

[discuss] 2004-04-13 Formerly arcane research gets new respect [oaklandtribune.com]
Pentagon, corporate world take renewed interest in robotics

[discuss] 2004-04-13 Intel puts PC spin on wireless CPU [eetimes.com]
Wireless MMX

[discuss] 2004-04-13 Bloglines [bloglines.com]
Bloglines is a free service that makes it easy to keep up with your favorite blogs and newsfeed

[discuss] 2004-04-13 Kina bygger mobil med Ericsson [dagensps.se]
Amoi är den trettonde licenstagaren till Ericsson Mobile Platsorms.

2 comments 2004-04-13 Earth Impact Effects Program [epic2.ece.arizona.edu]
This program will estimate the seismic, blast wave, and thermal effects of an impact as well as the size of the crater produced by the impact.

[discuss] 2004-04-13 Why Mobile Phones are Annoying [useit.com]
While volume was an issue, hearing only half a discussion also seemed to up the irritation factor.

[discuss] 2004-04-13 It's easier to port a shell than a shell script. -- Larry Wall [gopher.quux.org]
It's easier to port a shell than a shell script. -- Larry Wall

[discuss] 2004-04-13 Photo recognition software gives location [newscientist.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-13 AN ALTERNATIVE HISTORY. [tnr.com]
A hush fell over the city as George W. Bush today became the first president of the United States ever to be removed from office by impeachment

[discuss] 2004-04-13 Sydsvenskan testar 3G [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
På bussen har tanterna tittat medlidande på mig, mannen med den pyttelilla tv:n.

1 comments 2004-04-13 Gurus v. Bloggers, Round 1 [designbyfire.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-12 eZ800000100KRO Product Details [zilog.com]
"RZK is a real-time preemptive multitasking kernel designed for time-critical embedded applications for the eZ80!22 family of microcontrollers and microprocessors"

[discuss] 2004-04-12 New OS released for Zilog Z80 [theinquirer.net]
ROM image på 18 k, stödjer16 mb linjärt minne

[discuss] 2004-04-12 Eat Me Spambots [groups.google.com]
Någon som inte gillar awalrond@wayward

[discuss] 2004-04-12 Using Linux Software in Defense Systems Violates Every Principle of Security Says Green Hills Software's CEO and Founder [ghs.com]
~ "Kineser kodar linux. Vi vill inte ha kinesisk kod i våra vapensystem". GHs kompilator kan buggar ur på "i+=2;"

[discuss] 2004-04-12 Customer Defections Rise at AT&T Wireless [story.news.yahoo.com]
750.000 kunder lämnar per månad, men dom ger bort 600.000 telefoner med abbonemang per månad. Totalt: -150.000 kunder per månad.

[discuss] 2004-04-12 Consumers Union: EscapeCellHell.org [secure2.convio.net]
"Act Now: Tell the FCC to stop cell phone companies from "locking down" cell phones."

[discuss] 2004-04-12 CDMA450 threatens universal GSM [theregister.com]
CDMA450 i Sverige!? Som att svära i kyrkan !

[discuss] 2004-04-12 A Manifesto for Collaborative Tools [blueoxen.org]
This essay is a manifesto about software for collaboration -- why the world's future depends on it, why the current crop of tools isn't good enough, and what programmers can and must do about it.

[discuss] 2004-04-12 Flextronics vill säga upp 350 [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
Flextronics säger upp folk? Så ovanligt. Inte.

[discuss] 2004-04-12 Marc Lehmann's "Judge" [goof.com]
Have you ever asked yourself which of two given jpegs (same size) is the "original"?

[discuss] 2004-04-12 Making Wireless Roaming Fun [wired.com]
mer spel.

[discuss] 2004-04-12 Free but shackled: The Java trap [programming.newsforge.com]
By: Richard M. Stallman

[discuss] 2004-04-12 Polygonising a scalar field [astronomy.swin.edu.au]

[discuss] 2004-04-12 Sid-chippet lade grunden för svensk syntbyggarsuccé [idg.se]

[discuss] 2004-04-12 Gmail accessibility [diveintomark.org]
So the target market for Gmail appears to be vi users who use Internet Explorer, and have a working pair of eyes.

1 comments 2004-04-11 TeamStats - Korpen Innebandy [w1.401.telia.com]
Fan också. Vi kom 3:a.

[discuss] 2004-04-11 Välkommen till MACK! [mack.standup.mu]
Stand up comedy på La Couronne, torsdagar.

[discuss] 2004-04-11 US music bounces back from slump [news.bbc.co.uk]
Music sales in the US rose by more than 9% in the first three months of 2004

[discuss] 2004-04-11 Slim Devices Squeezebox Review [reviews.designtechnica.com]
wireless mp3spelare med digital utgång.

[discuss] 2004-04-11 I have lost all faith in humanity. [ubersite.com]
You're going to make a lot of sick people very unhappy

[discuss] 2004-04-11 Bush Joke Video: DC Humor in Bad Taste [musicforamerica.org]

[discuss] 2004-04-11 The Once and Future King [pbs.org]
Now the Only Way Microsoft Can Die is by Suicide

[discuss] 2004-04-11 Java to gain multitasking improvements [infoworld.com]
J2SE 1.6...

[discuss] 2004-04-11 Sam shows off the new XML sign. [dotavery.com]
Just throw this when you suspect another geek might be nearby.

[discuss] 2004-04-11 Here's a picture of John Ashcroft's face, made entirely of little porn people. [pmbrowser.info]

[discuss] 2004-04-11 Arnold, en riktig hjälte - räddade simmare [aftonbladet.se]
go schwarzenegger

[discuss] 2004-04-11 New Book Calls Europe 'Province of Islam' [newsday.com]
Bok som kommer att väsnas..: "The current invasion [is also carried out] by the the immigrants who settle in our home, and who, with no respect for our laws, impose their ideas, their customs, their God."

[discuss] 2004-04-10 Stick Your Liberal Bias Where the Sun Don't Shine [wonkette.com]
"We've just been blessed with a fascinating series of emails, in which an angry news consumer engages in what might called a Socratic dialogue with a reporter"

[discuss] 2004-04-10 Give me your Name- I will give you your spiritual nature [kabbalahstore.com]
"Gematria is a numerical valuation system of Hebrew letters". Om pojke och flicka har samma checksumma är dom kompatibla. Lovar!

[discuss] 2004-04-10 ICU Homepage [www-124.ibm.com]
International Components for Unicode

1 comments 2004-04-10 First N-Gage 2 Pictures [gizmodo.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-10 National Budget Simulation [budgetsim.org]
This simple simulation should give you a better feel of the trade-offs which policy makers need to make in creating federal budgets and dealing with deficits.

[discuss] 2004-04-10 Reverse-engineering fun [iunknown.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-10 easter eggs. [ucomics.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-10 We're More Productive. Who Gets the Money? [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-10 A new way to cook [anewwaytocook.co.uk]
Now you can handle your dinner while driving your car.

[discuss] 2004-04-10 Persson: Högre skatter ska rädda välfärden [aftonbladet.se]
Brukspatron Persson vill ha livegna undersåtar.

[discuss] 2004-04-10 Ask the Imam (Muslim American Society) [masnet.org]
FAQ on islam, "General Fatwa Sessions". intressant läsning om man vill se lite pragmatism i ett islamskt kontext

[discuss] 2004-04-09 Stoplights to Mete Out Punishment? [slashdot.org]
Fortkörare får rött ljus

[discuss] 2004-04-09 Windows Debuggers: Part 1: A WinDbg Tutorial - Debug tips [codeproject.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-09 File-sharing to bypass censorship [news.bbc.co.uk]
By the year 2010, file-sharers could be swapping news rather than music, eliminating censorship of any kind

[discuss] 2004-04-09 Four-eared kitten finds home [edition.cnn.com]
Fyra öron!

[discuss] 2004-04-09 The Cult of Mac Blog [blog.wired.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-09 Subservient Chicken [subservientchicken.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-09 Block That Ringtone! [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-09 Ny kreativ mötesplats i Malmö skapas av entreprenörstudenter [mah.se]
Studenter på Malmö högskolas entreprenörskapsutbildning startade vid årsskiftet en kreativ arbetsplats, Malmö Arena.

[discuss] 2004-04-09 Me Too! [weblogs.asp.net]
One way of telling how long a Microsoft employee has been working here is their reaction to the phrase "Bedlam DL3".

[discuss] 2004-04-08 Sökfabriken där alla drömmer om att jobba [idg.se]
Här söker 1 500 personer jobb - varje dag.

[discuss] 2004-04-08 When Play Money Becomes Real [wired.com]
The buying and selling of virtual currencies, weapons and other goods from massively multiplayer online games is truly big business.

2 comments 2004-04-08 Utomhusservering året runt föreslås i Malmö [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2004-04-08 Woman performs own caesarean to save baby [cnn.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-08 The Memespread Project: Spread this Meme! [arbesman.net]
Spread this Meme: Link to this site. Send it to your friends. Get the word out.

[discuss] 2004-04-08 Open Source Vulnerability Database [osvdb.org]
OSVDB is an independent and open source database created by and for the community. Our goal is to provide accurate, detailed, current, and unbiased technical information.

[discuss] 2004-04-08 The latest fashion must-have: eyeball jewellery [news.yahoo.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-07 Teen who posted own photo charged with child porn [post-gazette.com]
State police have charged a 15-year-old Latrobe girl with child pornography for taking photos of herself and posting them on the Internet.

[discuss] 2004-04-07 M-LAW's Wacky Warning Labels [mlaw.org]
"If you do not understand, or cannot read, all directions, cautions and warnings, do not use this product."

[discuss] 2004-04-07 Project Looking Glass by Sun Microsystems [wwws.sun.com]
A Revolutionary Evolution of Today's Desktop

[discuss] 2004-04-07 Japanese Facemarks (smileys) [club.pep.ne.jp]
The difference between Western Smileys(Emoticons)(1 byte) and Japanese ones(2 bytes)

[discuss] 2004-04-07 73bus urban journeys [73bus.typepad.com]
a bus blog.

[discuss] 2004-04-07 MoCoLoco - Modern contemporary design & architecture [mocoloco.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-07 Blålaser genombrott för Malmöföretag [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
Blålaser är framtiden för det börsnoterade Malmöföretaget Audiodev

[discuss] 2004-04-07 How To Ask Questions The Smart Way [catb.org]

[discuss] 2004-04-07 The Source Code Is The Design [xp.c2.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-07 Big Concern for Very Small Things [wired.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-07 Linux on iPod [ipodlinux.sourceforge.net]

[discuss] 2004-04-07 There are 600,426,974,379,824,381,952 ways to spell Viagra [cockeyed.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-07 What Apple Stores Aren't Doing [businessweek.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-07 Sony Ericsson i topp hos Telia [idg.se]
Nyligen lanserade T630 har sålt bäst i Telias butiker under mars månad.

[discuss] 2004-04-07 Tribute to Windows Application Verifier! [blogs.msdn.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-07 Raed in the Middle [raedinthemiddle.blogspot.com]
Lost between the East and the West

[discuss] 2004-04-07 på tal om The Passion of the Christ. [ucomics.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-06 GooOS, the Google Operating System [kottke.org]

[discuss] 2004-04-06 [ILUG] [Fwd: I fought the scammer... and I won.] [linux.ie]

[discuss] 2004-04-06 Bicycle Riding on Square Wheels [radio.weblogs.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-06 Nobellvägen [geocities.com]
en film om Malmö, premiär sön 11:1 april 18:30 glassfabriken

[discuss] 2004-04-06 The Pulitzer Prizes -- 2004 Winners [pulitzer.org]

[discuss] 2004-04-06 Toilets of the World [cromwell-intl.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-06 Putting 40,000 Readers, One by One, on a Cover [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-06 The Biggest SUBWOOFER of the WORLD [royaldevice.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-06 Boende uppmanas sluta röka på egen balkong [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2004-04-06 Steroids for Everyone! [wired.com]
Drugs make athletes better. So why ban them? Let's regulate instead.

[discuss] 2004-04-06 PSPad - news [pspad.com]
på tal om texteditorer för windows ...

1 comments 2004-04-06 Svenska datatermgruppen [nada.kth.se]
Svenska datatermgruppen är en brett sammansatt grupp som ger rekommendationer om hur aktuella datatermer bör hanteras på svenska.

[discuss] 2004-04-06 No software Patents in Europe - Demonstration in Brussels, 14 april [demo.ffii.org]
Demo.ffii.org contains practical information about the online demonstration and the 14/04/2004 Brussels demonstration against software patents.

[discuss] 2004-04-06 p l a y f a i r [playfair.sourceforge.net]

[discuss] 2004-04-06 A special sense of humour [atbash.net]

[discuss] 2004-04-06 Testing Gmail [miscoranda.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-05 Raw NIO Performance [jroller.com]

1 comments 2004-04-05 A Heretical View of File Sharing [nytimes.com]
"it would take 5,000 downloads to reduce the sales of an album by one copy"

[discuss] 2004-04-05 The Camphone Revolution [businessweek.com]
Sony lägger ned försäljningen av billiga digitalkameror till förmån för mobilkamerorna.

1 comments 2004-04-05 Microsoft's Gates dethroned as world's richest person by cheap furniture magnate [theregister.co.uk]
All hail Ingvar Kamprad!

[discuss] 2004-04-05 Why reporting every single bug is so-so-so important? [blogs.msdn.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-05 The Secret Source of Google's Power [blog.topix.net]

[discuss] 2004-04-05 eBay item 3284949854 - Eurotunnel TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) [cgi.ebay.co.uk]
allt finns på ebay.

[discuss] 2004-04-05 DaveGate [kuro5hin.org]

[discuss] 2004-04-05 Japanese researchers dream of mobile phones that use senses [story.news.yahoo.com]

1 comments 2004-04-05 We try our best to avoid it, but boredom has its benefits. Today, it's a lost art form. [sfgate.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-04 connector conspiracy [The Jargon Dictionary] [info.astrian.net]

[discuss] 2004-04-04 the brutal filemanager [forchheimer.se]

[discuss] 2004-04-04 Kamprad rikare än Bill Gates? [dn.se]
Synd bara att han är schweizare.

[discuss] 2004-04-04 Haikun tar sig friheter [dn.se]

[discuss] 2004-04-04 Martus.org -- Human Rights Bulletin System [martus.org]
Martus is a software tool that allows users to document incidents of abuse by creating bulletins

[discuss] 2004-04-04 Bush and Blair made secret pact for Iraq war [observer.guardian.co.uk]
Decision came nine days after 9/11

[discuss] 2004-04-04 Why Sun threw in the towel in Mankind vs. Microsoft [interesting-people.org]
Microsoft's biggest global competitors are exactly as they were on Thursday: Nokia and Sony

[discuss] 2004-04-04 Free E-Mail With a Steep Price? [wired.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-04 Obligatory Gmail Screenshots [fury.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-04 Twiddler2 [handykey.com]
En-hands tangentbord. Lite stort än så länge.

[discuss] 2004-04-04 My own solution to my programming challenge [blogs.msdn.com]
på tal om Haskell.

[discuss] 2004-04-04 Robo-Cars Make Cruise Control So Last Century [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-04 De hemska amerikanerna [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2004-04-03 Kelly Osbourne Enters Drug Rehab [story.news.yahoo.com]
Man kunde tro att farsan hennes skulle verka avskräckande på dåliga vanor

[discuss] 2004-04-03 HoustonChronicle.com - Space station crew hears an odd sound again [chron.com]

2 comments 2004-04-03 Microsoft betalar 12 miljarder till Sun [di.se]

[discuss] 2004-04-03 Vodafone - Future Vision [vodafone.com]
Vodafone visar coola prylar.

[discuss] 2004-04-03 SourceForge.net: Project Info - Cxbx : The XBox Emulation Project [sourceforge.net]
Cxbx is an Xbox emulator for WinNT (XP/2k/2003) computers. Retail games are not yet playab

[discuss] 2004-04-03 GC FAQ -- draft [iecc.com]
What is garbage collection?

1 comments 2004-04-03 Raymond&Maria [raymondochmaria.se]
Ingen vill veta var du köpt din tröja

[discuss] 2004-04-03 Lillebror ser dig [dn.se]

[discuss] 2004-04-03 Sjukhus vägrar ta emot döende - har inte plats [expressen.se]
"Vi vet att patienter dör därför att vi inte har plats för dem"

[discuss] 2004-04-03 All Things IP: the Future of Communications in America [interesting-people.org]
Take a trip to Korea or Japan and you will immediately have a new appreciation for the definition of broadband.

[discuss] 2004-04-03 Kameramobil som duger [svd.se]
Sharp GX 30 tar kameramobilen ytterligare ett steg framåt.

[discuss] 2004-04-02 Fri musik ger klirr i kassan [di.se]
"Till och med T-tröjor betyder mer ekonomiskt"

[discuss] 2004-04-02 How to be a Programmer: A Short, Comprehensive, and Personal Summary [samizdat.mines.edu]

[discuss] 2004-04-02 Canadian judge rules file-sharing legal [dmeurope.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-02 Why Free Software usability tends to suck [mpt.phrasewise.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-02 Bomb hittad på spansk järnväg [dn.se]

[discuss] 2004-04-02 RFC3751: Omniscience Protocol Requirements. S. Bradner. 1 April 2004.... [rfc3751.x42.com]
functional requirement 1: The OP client must be able to determine the user's intent.

[discuss] 2004-04-02 Cargo cult programming [en.wikipedia.org]

[discuss] 2004-04-02 Syntax, Semantics, Micronesian cults and Novice Programmers [blogs.msdn.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-02 NullScript Project: The Scripting Language About Nothing [iwebthereforeiam.com]
It all started when I wanted to know how ASP can handle interspersed calls to scripting languages

[discuss] 2004-04-02 A Fine Year for April Foolery [wired.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-02 The Most Powerful Diesel Engine in the World [bath.ac.uk]

[discuss] 2004-04-02 F u t u r e M e . o r g [futureme.org]

[discuss] 2004-04-01 The technology behind Google's great results [google.com]
The heart of Google's search technology is PigeonRank

[discuss] 2004-04-01 freshmeat.net: Welcome to freshmeat.net [freshmeat.net]
Guvf vf n frg bs onfvp fpevcgf gb znvagnva n jropbzvp hfvat CUC, jvgubhg

[discuss] 2004-04-01 Ant and XML Build Files [x180.net]
XML probably wasn't as good a choice as it seemed at the time.

[discuss] 2004-04-01 Google Job Opportunities: Google Copernicus Center is hiring [google.com]
första april.

[discuss] 2004-04-01 Slutskämtat i Malmö [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
Malmö stad blir första kommun i landet att införa förbud mot första aprilskämt. Just det.

[discuss] 2004-04-01 Ny svensk upptäckt gör 3G onödigt [dn.se]
första april

[discuss] 2004-04-01 TCL to list mobile phone unit [thestandard.com.hk]
"[TCL sold] 9.82 million units last year, and it is planning to sell 11 million units this year."

1 comments 2004-04-01 Ny spelardräkt för TFF [trelleborgsallehanda.se]
"Glöm fotbollströja och fotbollsbyxor. TFF kommer med en stor överraskning till den allsvenska premiären - helkroppsdräkten."

[discuss] 2004-04-01 Situated Software [shirky.com]

[discuss] 2004-04-01 Google Gets the Message, Launches Gmail [google.com]
Search is Number Two Online Activity 13 Email is Number One; "Heck, Yeah," Say Google Founders

[discuss] 2004-04-01 ROFLASTC [acronymfinder.com]

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