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topics for July 2004

[discuss] 2004-07-31 I, Pool Shark [theglobeandmail.com]
biljardspelande robot

[discuss] 2004-07-31 1 Million Free & Legal Music Tracks [enorgis.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-31 In His Own Words [inhisownwords.org]

[discuss] 2004-07-30 the first images from the upcoming Trey Parker / Matt Stone directed project, Team America: World Police. [movieweb.com]
In the film marionette superheroes fight to end terrorism and put tired celebrities out of their misery.

[discuss] 2004-07-30 The Molasses Disaster of January 15, 1919 [mv.com]
Molasses disaster? Can molasses kill people?

2 comments 2004-07-30 Wired 12.08: The Lost Boys [wired.com]
Online gaming all night: Cool. Hour after hour downloading MP3s and porn: No problem. Thirty seconds so you can try to sell me something? Outta here. How the 18-34 male is reinventing advertising.

[discuss] 2004-07-30 Great Hackers [paulgraham.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-30 Japan and America, Two "Cultures of Piracy" [technologyreview.com]
MIT professor Ian Condry has posted a compelling analysis of what he sees as the two "cultures of piracy" shaping the music industries in Japan and in the United States

[discuss] 2004-07-30 Transportation Futuristics : A Presentation of the Harmer E. Davis Transportation Library [lib.berkeley.edu]

[discuss] 2004-07-29 Here is a list of Location-Based Mobile Games [we-make-money-not-art.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-29 Space gadget Cassini finds the Death Star! [engadget.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-29 CSS Color Names [w3schools.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-29 Photographing Africa's "Flying Sharks" [news.nationalgeographic.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-29 The Apple Product Cycle [misterbg.org]

[discuss] 2004-07-28 Warning: We Brake For Number Theory [google.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-28 { FIRST 10 DIGIT PRIME IN CONSECUTIVE DIGITS OF E }.COM [7427466391.com]
google letar folk, eller tvärtom...

[discuss] 2004-07-28 Jenny18 - A Cybersex Bot Implemented in Eliza [virt.vgmix.com]
jenny18: heeeeeyyyy how r u? =) wanna sex? lol

[discuss] 2004-07-28 Swimmers' modesty to be preserved [japantimes.co.jp]
Descente Ltd. said Friday it has developed swimwear material that remains opaque when filmed by an infrared camera

[discuss] 2004-07-28 UMLGraph - Declarative Drawing of UML Diagrams [spinellis.gr]
UMLGraph allows the declarative specification and drawing of UML class and sequence diagrams.

[discuss] 2004-07-28 Biometric Passport Program Hits Snag [internetnews.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-28 Segway Polo [engadget.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-28 Not sure what to make of this... [blogs.msdn.com]
Go http://www.ilovebees.com/. Wait for it.

[discuss] 2004-07-28 I rymden kan bara mamma höra dig skrika [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
"Science fiction - feministiska perspektiv på utopier/dystopier"

[discuss] 2004-07-28 How-To Turn your iPod in to a Universal Infrared Remote Control [features.engadget.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-27 New HP Pocket PCs offer tri-wireless, VGA screen, 1280x960 camera [windowsfordevices.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-27 SMHI fortsätter att tro på högtryck [dn.se]
En så lång period med så blygsam maxtemperatur har inte registrerats sedan 1862.

[discuss] 2004-07-27 Stort intresse för att hyra i Turning Torso [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2004-07-27 "I hired a feral employee" [dilbert.com]
feral == crude, untamed, savage, nyutexaminerad

[discuss] 2004-07-27 Less Lost in Translation [technologyreview.com]
A tool introduced recently in China by Microsoft helps writers who are not native in English to write better English.

[discuss] 2004-07-27 Costs of Personal Injury Lawyers [abcnews.go.com]
Lawyers and the Little Guy

[discuss] 2004-07-27 answers to technical interview questions [techinterview.org]

[discuss] 2004-07-27 Inga tecken på social turism [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
Ingen vill bo i Sverige.

[discuss] 2004-07-27 800 000 nummer borta ur katalogen [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2004-07-27 "I Had An Abortion" T-shirts []

1 comments 2004-07-27 FCSA - Dedicated to Sporting Uses of the .50 BMG [fcsa.org]
Föreningen för oss som gillar att skjuta sönder stora saker på långt avstånd

2 comments 2004-07-27 House-wifes operating Big fucking gun [biggerhammer.net]
.jpg. [work-safe]

[discuss] 2004-07-26 Proposal: Namespace Operator Pronounciation - :: = "blup blup" [blogs.msdn.com]
första dan på jobb efter semester.

[discuss] 2004-07-26 DHTML Lemmings!22 by crisp []
jupp, spelet lemmings. härligt.

[discuss] 2004-07-26 New Genome Test Finds Big Differences Among People [reuters.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-26 Walls of Walkman [thestar.com]
Personalized consumption and the relentless individualization of technology over the past 25 years can easily be traced back to the Walkman

[discuss] 2004-07-26 Varannan närbutik i Malmö säljer svartsprit [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2004-07-26 WORDCOUNT / Tracking the Way We Use Language / [fabrica.it]

[discuss] 2004-07-26 Heaven in an Ice Cream Bowl [asmallvictory.net]
This sounds like nirvana: Guinness ice cream.

[discuss] 2004-07-26 a free speech zone. [story.news.yahoo.com]
An area designated for organized protests enclosed by mesh and chain link fencing

[discuss] 2004-07-26 testingReflections.com | The mind-share information resource for software testing, agile testing and test-first/test-driven development [testingreflections.com]
your online knowledge-base for all things 'Software Testing' related... A hub for Software Testing knowledge and information... A mind-share blog for the Software Development and Testing community

[discuss] 2004-07-26 Outsourcing - A Buyer's Guide To Offshore Outsourcing [cio.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-26 world_pike.jpg (JPEG Image, 684x482 pixels) [securefishingstore.com]
55 lbs gädda.

[discuss] 2004-07-26 Raising the Call: Boycott the Opening Week of "I, Robot" [lies.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-26 Protest mot Aftonbladets lögner [protest.dyngrak.nu]
På den här sidan kan du protestera mot lögnerna som aftonbladet skriver sina artiklar om "rasistattacken" på Djurgårdens målvakt.

1 comments 2004-07-26 Armstrong segrade för sjätte gången [dn.se]
Flugit? Du sliter med blodsmak i mun uppför bergen, du kämpar och sliter dig uppför, och om du sliter tillräckligt så når du upp första av alla.

[discuss] 2004-07-26 U.S. raises figures for 2003 terrorist attacks [cnn.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-26 Dana Wyse @ aeroplastics [aeroplastics.net]
Take the pill

[discuss] 2004-07-26 alien [o-escriba.com]
du blir snurrig

[discuss] 2004-07-26 Beer device cheers football fans [news.bbc.co.uk]
David Stevenson, from Helensburgh, said his device is "fool-proof" and enables football fans to watch games without worrying about pouring problems.

[discuss] 2004-07-26 Judge Says Artist Can Make Fun of Barbie [gainesvillesun.com]
"Maybe now when an angry C.E.O. picks up the phone to counsel and says 'sue this guy,' " he said, "instead of saluting and sending the bill, the lawyer may say 'I have to warn you, this could boomerang.' "

[discuss] 2004-07-26 National Barbie-in-a-Blender Day! [barbieinablender.org]
Q: Does Barbie bleed ? A: That's really up to you

[discuss] 2004-07-26 Acne be gone [freeworldgroup.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-26 The Hottest Babes come in ASCII [asciibabes.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-26 Sunspot grows to 20 times size of Earth [usatoday.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-25 Houston Airport Rangers [houstonairportsystem.org]
"Airport Rangers are mounted security patrol made up of volunteers, including off-duty law enforcement officers that ride their horses along the perimeter of the 11,000 acre Bush Intercontinental Airport."

[discuss] 2004-07-25 War of Ideology [nytimes.com]
We're not in the middle of a war on terror, they note. We're not facing an axis of evil. Instead, we are in the midst of an ideological conflict.

[discuss] 2004-07-24 Malmö - Bolivianskt karnevalståg genom centrum [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

1 comments 2004-07-24 'Lost Ark,' Resurrected [austinchronicle.com]
Three kids on a seven-year shoot produce one heck of an homage

[discuss] 2004-07-24 Space Adventures [spaceadventures.com]
"Ready to Fly? Click Here"

1 comments 2004-07-24 Love is in the air (Re Farnborough Air Show) [news.ft.com]
I decided [...] to play Canadian minister of defence and replenish my mother country's rather sad excuse for an air force. Here's what topped my list. The Saab Gripen fighter, because it's been engineered to operate off dodgy Swedish roads and put on one

[discuss] 2004-07-24 Danzig får stryk (.mpg) [waxdart.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-24 Man omkom i dykolycka [aftonbladet.se]
En 35-årig man omkom på lördagsförmiddagen i en drunkningsolycka vid Flatön nära Lysekil.

[discuss] 2004-07-24 "My Beef With Big Media" by Ted Turner [washingtonmonthly.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-23 BSE experts fear second disease phase in humans [smh.com.au]

[discuss] 2004-07-23 eBay item 2256298346: The K.I.T.T. car from Knight Rider [cgi.liveauctions.ebay.com]
ny bil?

[discuss] 2004-07-23 a softer world - A new comic every Friday [asofterworld.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-23 bush / kerry flash. [jibjab.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-23 Snart är det Malmö Synthfestival. [hb.lu.se]

[discuss] 2004-07-23 The Cyberclimber Indoor Climbing Gym [indoorclimbing.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-23 ICANN adds IPv6 nameserver address to the Internet [pcpro.co.uk]

[discuss] 2004-07-23 When Technology Imitates Art [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-23 Quantum Computing, Secure Communications Closer to Reality; UCLA Scientists Control a Single Electron 19s Spin [newsroom.ucla.edu]
"Our research demonstrates that an ordinary transistor, the kind used in a desktop PC or cell phone, can be adapted for practical quantum computing,"

[discuss] 2004-07-23 wm-data.se [wm-data.se]
Under Construction

[discuss] 2004-07-23 WM-Data behöver folk [idg.se]
Under första halvåret anställde WM-Data 260 personer men det räcker inte. Verksamheten inom Caran behöver mer folk.

1 comments 2004-07-23 Svenska Shell [shell.com]
Birger Baisgård, Verkställande Direktör, AB Svenska Shell.

[discuss] 2004-07-23 PIMP klocka - Japansk - krom och Blå LEDs [www2.blocket.se]
pimpin ain't easy

[discuss] 2004-07-22 Backpackers tär också på tredje världen [aftonbladet.se]
Lokalbefolkningens "enkelhet" och fattigdom är ofta en viktig komponent för att symbolvärdet ska höjas och resenärens identitetsberättelse bli stärkt

[discuss] 2004-07-22 All eyes on Blinkx [guardian.co.uk]
Victor Keegan spoke to the woman taking on Google

[discuss] 2004-07-22 Arla close to developing intelligent milk cartons [foodproductiondaily.com]

1 comments 2004-07-22 Army rations rehydrated by urine [newscientist.com]
Would you eat food cooked in your own urine?

[discuss] 2004-07-22 Modchipen blir olagliga redan om ett halvår [idg.se]

[discuss] 2004-07-22 Chocklåga priser på dansk öl [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2004-07-22 Motståndets okända hjältinnor [svd.se]
Tyskorna som arbetade mot Hitler.

[discuss] 2004-07-22 "Nokia vill sälja systemdelen" [di.se]

[discuss] 2004-07-22 "Fortet" blir en dokusåpa [expressen.se]
"Vi utesluter inte att vi filmar om de har sex." Så bra då.

[discuss] 2004-07-22 The great Swedish Chef! [nyogtha.org]

[discuss] 2004-07-21 the box doodle project [neu-e.de]

[discuss] 2004-07-21 Four inmates escape, go on beer run [cnn.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-21 Cryptography and the Open Source Security Debate [osopinion.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-21 The rise of 'Digital People' [msnbc.msn.com]
Tales about artificial beings have sparked fascination and fear for centuries; now the tales are turning into reality

[discuss] 2004-07-21 Microsoft's $75 billion plan: share wealth with investors [seattletimes.nwsource.com]
"Over the next four years, another $50 billion is going to pour in, so they're not really putting a big dent, over time, into cash."

[discuss] 2004-07-21 Hon hänger i vassa krokar [aftonbladet.se]
Lina, 21, har provat den nya flugan fyra gånger: "Helst ska man dricka tvål samtidigt."

[discuss] 2004-07-21 Starkt, Ericsson! [di.se]
Ericsson redovisar ett resultat efter finansiella poster, före minoriteter, på 7,8 miljarder kronor för det andra kvartalet 2004 (-0,2).

[discuss] 2004-07-21 I, exploding, bullet-riddled robot [cnn.com]
Do summer sci-fi films have to be so dumb?

[discuss] 2004-07-20 Bajamajatvål + Redbull = Årets comeback [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
Prognosen inför sommaren var att Gröna Hissen var på väg upp på drinklistan igen. Det blev snuskigare än så. Mycket, mycket snuskigare.

[discuss] 2004-07-20 Vykort? Nej 13 telefonkort [aftonbladet.se]
Folk använder alltså verkligen MMS...

[discuss] 2004-07-20 3D Mouse [neil.fraser.name]

[discuss] 2004-07-20 ETHICAL PHILOSOPHY SELECTOR [selectsmart.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-20 Ungdomar söp sig fulla på tvål [aftonbladet.se]

1 comments 2004-07-20 BugMeNot.com [bugmenot.com]
Bypass Compulsory Web Registration

[discuss] 2004-07-20 Developers play air guitar to Megadeth [theregister.co.uk]
Job: Linux, Favoured genre: Electro

[discuss] 2004-07-20 - Welcome! Samsung Developers Club - [developer.samsungmobile.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-20 Use Cases and Aspects - Working Seamlessly Together [jot.fm]
-- Ivar Jacobson, Independent Consultant

[discuss] 2004-07-20 Shu Ha Ri [c2.com]
The budo concept "shu, ha, ri" which translated from japanese roughly means "hold, break, leave" and illustrates the levels of learning of a person.

[discuss] 2004-07-20 206 We Are The Robots [ivarsson.mine.nu]

[discuss] 2004-07-20 'Girlie men' remark infuriates lawmakers [sfgate.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-20 Can Peer-to-Peer Stop Software Piracy? [technologyreview.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-20 First walk on the moon remembered 35 years later [ctv.ca]
35 år sen idag.

[discuss] 2004-07-20 Gentoo MacOS [metadistribution.org]
Never underestimate a cow.

[discuss] 2004-07-20 Malmö först med rökförbud för hyresgäster [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2004-07-19 Downloading for Democracy [wired.com]
While legislators in Washington work to outlaw peer-to-peer networks, one website is turning the peer-to-peer technology back on Washington to expose its inner, secretive workings.

[discuss] 2004-07-19 Sun's Gosling: New Java Flavors Brewing [eweek.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-19 City Of Cambridge - Paying Parking Tickets [wmq.etimspayments.com]
jag har iallafall en p-bot från Harvard. ;)

[discuss] 2004-07-19 Fiasko för Apotekets näthandel [dn.se]
Statliga Apoteket har satsat mångmiljonbelopp på sin näthandel. Ändå har man bara 100 kunder i månaden.

[discuss] 2004-07-19 The Complete Guide to Isometric Pixel Art [rhysd.syntesis.org]

[discuss] 2004-07-19 iPod Nation [msnbc.msn.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-19 floats Mobile Agent [fma.sourceforge.net]
FMA is a powerful phone editing tool allowing users to easily manage all of the personal data stored in their phones, via a number of different connections methods

[discuss] 2004-07-19 QuickMath Automatic Math Solutions [quickmath.com]
QuickMath is an automated service for answering common math problems over the internet.

[discuss] 2004-07-19 Danskjävlar! [canit.se]

[discuss] 2004-07-19 Big designs for small devices [javaworld.com]
Four J2ME design patterns simplify interactive content development

[discuss] 2004-07-19 Company Releases Real World Data on File Sharing [isp-planet.com]
The data also says that over the last mile, P2P traffic is 80 percent or more of all traffic.

[discuss] 2004-07-19 Kraftigt uppåt för LG Electronics telefoner [dn.se]
bolaget sålde 9,94 miljoner mobiltelefoner under kvartalet

[discuss] 2004-07-19 I, Robot No Deep Thinker [wired.com]
Sadly, none of Isaac Asimov's chewy questions about artificial life make it into this summer blockbuster. But as summer blockbusters go, this one's not bad -- if you turn off your brain.

1 comments 2004-07-19 Stenbecksgruppens traineeprogram blir dokusåpa [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2004-07-19 The definition of chaos [blogs.msdn.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-19 NASA's Mars Rovers Roll Into Martian Winter [nasa.gov]
Spirit, with an odometer reading of over 3.5 kilometers, has already traveled six times its designed capacity

[discuss] 2004-07-18 På menyn: Färsk och rå aphjärna [aftonbladet.se]
Hjärtskärande skrik ingår i rätten men gästerna slipper att se apans ögon som är täckta med en servett.

[discuss] 2004-07-18 A First Look at Doom 3 [time.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-18 Apple AirPort Express with AirTunes [ipodlounge.com]
vill ha

[discuss] 2004-07-18 10 Stories the world needs to know more about [un.org]

[discuss] 2004-07-18 usa idag. atkins diet har gått lite för långt nu.... (foxtrot) [ucomics.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-18 FBI's Guide to Concealable Weapons [datacenter.ap.org]

[discuss] 2004-07-18 Detektering av Artificiella Fingeravtryck vid AnvändarautentiseringLiveness Detection in Fingerprint Recognition Systems [ep.liu.se]
..all were deceived.

1 comments 2004-07-18 Vänd upp och ner på tillvaron [idg.se]
Upp och nedvänd mobiltelefon för att slippa SMS-tumme.

[discuss] 2004-07-18 Ny teknik ska revolutionera handeln [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2004-07-18 Göran Persson sämst utbildad i EU [aftonbladet.se]
Av finansminister Bosse Ringholm kollegor är 10 ekonomer och 7 jurister. Själv har han bara grundskola.

[discuss] 2004-07-18 Unexpected Results Lead To 'Nanocarbons': 'Flying' Nanotubes Are Strong And Hard [physorg.com]
They wanted to grow tiny carbon tubes with tiny diamonds.But the results were not as expected.

[discuss] 2004-07-18 Making windows in men's souls [economist.com]
The science of lie detection has a chequered past. But it is becoming more reliable

[discuss] 2004-07-18 Exemplet Mehdi Ghezali [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
"Omkring fem miljoner människor sitter idag inspärrade i kinesiska tvångsarbetsläger, där de får kommunismens dygder inpiskade i kropp och själ. Sett några manifestationer mot dessa läger på sistone?"

[discuss] 2004-07-18 Rock, Paper, Saddam! [rockpapersaddam.com]
Saddam leker sten sax påse..

[discuss] 2004-07-17 New world computer chess champ crowned [newscientist.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-17 Intelligent Test Automation [geocities.com]
A model-based method for generating tests from a description of an application's behavior.

[discuss] 2004-07-17 Operator Overloading in Visual Basic 2005 [msdn.microsoft.com]
nu blir det enklare att förvirra fienden.

[discuss] 2004-07-17 Speed drunk: state bans 'ultimate party toy' [smh.com.au]
Alcoholic vapour is promoted on the company's website as "solving the two greatest problems today's drinkers have: hangovers and calories".

[discuss] 2004-07-17 Buck Truck, The Rappin' Trucker. [thisistheshit.org]
I found this disturbing little gem at a dilapidated truck stop in Ridgetop, Tennessee.

[discuss] 2004-07-17 Terror in the Skies, Again? [womenswallstreet.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-17 New, sleeker iPods in August, sources confirm [thinksecret.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-16 Försäljningsras för Nokia i Sverige [dn.se]
På ett år har Nokias marknadsandel på den svenska mobiltelefonmarknaden nära nog halverats

[discuss] 2004-07-16 15 000 IT-jobb på väg bort från Sverige [expressen.se]

[discuss] 2004-07-16 The Coming Robot Revolution [computerworld.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-16 Hersh: children raped at Abu Ghraib, Pentagon has videos [boingboing.net]
He says the US government has videotapes of children being raped at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

[discuss] 2004-07-16 The Revolution Will Be Televised [uta.edu]

[discuss] 2004-07-16 3 laws unsafe: "3 LAWS UNSAFE" FLYERS FOR "I, ROBOT" [asimovlaws.com]
If you are seeing I, Robot this weekend, we ask that you consider printing and handing out the "3 Laws Unsafe" Flyer.

[discuss] 2004-07-16 OUTFOXED: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism [outfoxed.org]
This film provides an in-depth look at Fox News and the dangers of ever-enlarging corporations taking control of the public's right to know

[discuss] 2004-07-16 Fox News Memos: The Whole Batch [wonkette.com]
After the jump are about 30 memos from Fox News chief John Moody, released to journalists by the makers of the anti-Fox documentary "Outfoxed" to support their claim that Fox bends the rules and twists the news. And boy howdy, do they

[discuss] 2004-07-15 OE-QuoteFix [home.in.tum.de]
Put an end to Outlook Express's messy quotes

[discuss] 2004-07-15 Sony Ericsson Game Challenge. [developer.sonyericsson.com]
Consumer Voting

[discuss] 2004-07-15 Java sucks according to study [jroller.com]
The result of this independent study shows, without a doubt, that Java sucks more than any other high-level programming language.

[discuss] 2004-07-15 Synclast UI API [synclast.com]
The Synclast UI API is an extensible toolkit for creating colorful custom user interfaces on MIDP devices in an intuitive yet efficient manner.

[discuss] 2004-07-15 Software That Lasts 200 Years [bricklin.com]

1 comments 2004-07-15 spritkompaniet.com [spritkompaniet.com]
gör det möjligt för dig som konsument att själv privatimportera spritvaror av högsta kvalitet till priser som är klart under den rådande prisnivån i Sverige.

[discuss] 2004-07-15 Nu pekar allt uppåt för Sony Ericsson [idg.se]
Företaget har under kvartalet levererat 10,4 miljoner enheter, en ökning med 55 procent jämfört med samma period förra året.

[discuss] 2004-07-14 Will Compasses Point South? [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-14 The scoop on Thump, Oakley's MP3 sunglasses [engadget.com]
Hade varit snygga som headset.

[discuss] 2004-07-14 Scientists Develop New Invisible Waterproof Coating [news.scotsman.com]
The new invention, which is three times more water repellent than Teflon, could radically change sportswear, clothing, mobile phones and medical devices.

[discuss] 2004-07-14 Intel: Moore's Law Here to Stay [reed-electronics.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-14 Analytiker vill se fler 3G-telefoner från Sony Ericsson [di.se]

[discuss] 2004-07-14 50 Cent förbjuder mobilkameror [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
Alla insmugglade kameror, inklusive mobiltelefoner med inbyggd kamera, kommer att beslagtas.

[discuss] 2004-07-14 Why Mac OS X is Better [x180.net]

[discuss] 2004-07-14 Japan: Schoolkids to be tagged with RFID chips [asia.cnet.com]
Japanese authorities decide tracking is best way to protect kids

[discuss] 2004-07-13 LaCie pumps up 1.6TB enormo-drive [theregister.co.uk]

[discuss] 2004-07-13 Miniature Rotary PiezoMotor [physikinstrumente.de]
3x6 mm, 1000 rpm, 3.5 v [.pdf]

[discuss] 2004-07-13 Study: Chip-Tools Spending To Double [newsfactor.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-13 Sharp to offer Symbian OS phones next year, internationally [techjapan.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-13 Nokia 7610 Review [mobileburn.com]

1 comments 2004-07-13 www.OLDGAMES.se [oldgames.se]

[discuss] 2004-07-13 Affärsvärlden blir dokusåpa [news.nyhet.nu]
Vinnaren utlovas ett toppjobb inom Stenbeckskoncernen

[discuss] 2004-07-12 Canadian Beer Fridge [funnyjunk.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-12 Ground Control® II: Operation Exodus In Stores Now! [groundcontrol2.com]
"Massive Entertainment gives us another reason to love tactical RTS games" - IGN

[discuss] 2004-07-12 Exclusive Sony u50 review [features.engadget.com]
Massa bilder.

[discuss] 2004-07-12 Office prank [thesun.co.uk]
En skata skulle ha fått hjärtattack

[discuss] 2004-07-12 Sacked clerk hits bosses with 5m emails [theregister.co.uk]
"The firm had to close its website" ... öh ..

[discuss] 2004-07-12 Samsung Introduces 3 Million Pixel Resolution Camera Phone [english.chosun.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-12 Top Tips on programming in ARM Assembler [drobe.co.uk]

[discuss] 2004-07-12 Gameboy blir videotelefon [di.se]

1 comments 2004-07-12 Computer, heal thyself [salon.com]
Why should humans have to do all the work? It's high time machines learned how to take care of themselves

[discuss] 2004-07-12 Warhammer 40k [relicnews.com]

2 comments 2004-07-12 Dawn of war [relic.com]
Warhammer 40k blir dataspel

[discuss] 2004-07-12 Tryckpress nära börja brinna [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
Det var därför jag blev utan tidning imorse

[discuss] 2004-07-12 modafinil (provigil), may be the most specific consciousness-promoting drug yet [sci-con.org]

[discuss] 2004-07-12 Hyresgästföreningen [hyresgastforeningen.se]

3 comments 2004-07-12 Hampel: Global Toilets [globaltoilets.com]
Samma logga som Hyresgästföreningen. Slump?

[discuss] 2004-07-12 Is Broadband Out of a Wall Socket the Next Big Thing? [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-11 Fuck the Vote : Because Liberals are Hotter [fthevote.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-11 Malmö kan få skatepark i Västra Hamnen [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2004-07-11 %aJ2ME & Gaming [jasonlam604.com]
This book is about programming with J2ME on wireless devices with focus on developing games.

[discuss] 2004-07-11 Welcome to Public Mind [publicmind.com]
Public Mind is a free service that groups people together who want the same thing.

[discuss] 2004-07-11 Hatet mot Bush drabbar Rich Batt [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
"Det som retar mig är att det verkar vara lite hippt och coolt att hata amerikaner. Då är man en riktig aktivist, liksom."

[discuss] 2004-07-10 Attention, Shoppers: You Can Now Speed Straight Through Checkout Lines! [wired.com]
Radio-frequency chips are retail nirvana. They're the end of privacy. They're the mark of the beast. Inside the tag-and-track supermarket of the future.

[discuss] 2004-07-10 Will phones get smart before pigs can fly? [news.com.com]
Om Miicrosofts smartphone-strategi.

[discuss] 2004-07-10 A Six-Step Plan for Apple [businessweek.com]
Here's how to get that computer market share surging

[discuss] 2004-07-10 Wow Robot KHR-1 [gizmodo.com]
$1400s leksak. Video finns på länken.

[discuss] 2004-07-09 DN - Nyheter - Israels barriär "olaglig" [dn.se]
som om nu det skulle spela någon roll...

[discuss] 2004-07-09 Säg det med en t-shirt [aftonbladet.se]
"Tryck på tröjan hetare än någonsin" kanske läge att dra igång ptshirts igen. :p

[discuss] 2004-07-09 A Pill With Brains [pf.fastcompany.com]
Swallow hard: Here's a nanotech biosensor that will monitor our bodies from the inside.

[discuss] 2004-07-09 Raver Wearable Displays [igargoyle.com]
France Telecom has done some fun R&D to display pixelated images from your cellphone on your shirt or sleeve.

[discuss] 2004-07-09 Machine Reads Abstract Thought [betterhumans.com]
Brain decoding suggests that all kinds of thinking can be used to control prosthetic devices

[discuss] 2004-07-09 The Democratization of Beauty [thenewatlantis.com]
Our solution is to democratize beauty, to make it something that, fueled by envy and with enough money and effort, anyone can attain. This blunts its force as an instrument of inequality.

[discuss] 2004-07-08 Java pulling ahead? Java versus C++ benchmarks [idiom.com]
samma gamla trams om java vs. c, men intressant läsning om prestanda i allmänhet...

[discuss] 2004-07-08 3D coming to a mobile, movie and a TV near you [australianit.news.com.au]

[discuss] 2004-07-08 The skinny on IT [economist.com]
The human body as a computer bus

[discuss] 2004-07-08 Nokia utan majoritet i Symbian [idg.se]
Nokia får inte majoritet i Symbian. Det står klart sedan fyra av sex ägare nyinvesterat 2,5 miljarder kronor.

[discuss] 2004-07-08 Telia köper danska Orange [di.se]

[discuss] 2004-07-08 Trista bananer - då blir det andra gubbar [aftonbladet.se]
Nu lanseras bananer med jordgubbssmak.

[discuss] 2004-07-08 Google Guide: Using Search Operators (Advanced Operators) [googleguide.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-08 Winnebago Man [homepage.mac.com]
feel the love...

[discuss] 2004-07-08 The Living Room Candidate [livingroomcandidate.movingimage.us]
Presidential Campaign Commercials 1952-2004

[discuss] 2004-07-08 Tour de France 2004 [tdfblog.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-07 OS X theme for Windows [jonmega.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-07 DN - Nyheter - Kallaste starten på sommaren sedan 1928 [dn.se]

[discuss] 2004-07-07 Max stämmer iransk kopia [dn.se]
Norrlands stolthet, hamburgerkedjan Max, värnar om sitt goda namn och rykte och stämmer en iransk hamburgerrestaurang i huvudstaden Teheran

1 comments 2004-07-07 15 största myterna om pc avslöjade [idg.se]
2. Att mobilsamtal stör flygplanets kommunikationssystem.

[discuss] 2004-07-07 Högst arbetslöshet bland systemvetare [idg.se]

[discuss] 2004-07-06 Xbox 2 spec? [gamesindustry.biz]

[discuss] 2004-07-06 And no, you can 19t have one [engadget.com]
the Bloomberg Terminal, winner of a silver Industrial Design Excellence Award

[discuss] 2004-07-06 Is the Digital Living Network Alliance selling us out? [engadget.com]
145 different computer and electronics companies have agreed to work together to find ways to sell out consumers and cave in to the entertainment industry

[discuss] 2004-07-06 Det sladdlösa hemmet är här [aftonbladet.se]
Tanken är att alla prylar man köper, all konsumentelektronik, ska kunna prata med varandra.

[discuss] 2004-07-06 Unununium OS [unununium.org]
Ett OS skrivet i Python.

[discuss] 2004-07-06 Macromedia Shines Mobile 'Flash Lite' [internetnews.com]
The software maker released Macromedia Flash Lite 1.1 for mobile handset manufactures

[discuss] 2004-07-06 Technology Evangelism [plamondon.net]
Technology Evangelism will explain what product evangelism is, why it matters, and demonstrate how it has been used successfully at Microsoft and elsewhere

[discuss] 2004-07-06 It seems that even "secure" financial transactions with InternetExplorer aren't safe [interesting-people.org]
There are only two choices left with IE: Either don't browse the web with it, or don't use it for financial transactions.

[discuss] 2004-07-06 Motorola Wi-Fi Phone Approved by FCC [phonescoop.com]
The FCC today approved the Motorola CN620, the first phone capable of operating on both mobile and Wi-Fi networks

[discuss] 2004-07-06 Tune In, Turn On, Skype Out [techcentralstation.com]
As voice telephony becomes a software application, its evolution will accelerate.

[discuss] 2004-07-06 What is Transhumanist Socialism? [kuro5hin.org]

[discuss] 2004-07-06 Moore: pirate my film, no problem [sundayherald.com]
"I do well enough already and I made this film because I want the world, to change. The more people who see it the better, so I 19m happy this is happening."

[discuss] 2004-07-06 The Micro-Multinational. [wired.com]
Did you hear the one about the programmer who outsourced his own job?

[discuss] 2004-07-05 YakYak :: View topic - Hacking a Java mobile game (minigolf) [yakyak.org]
...playing the same 18 wholes on Minigolf can be grow tiresome ... So I thought - why not hack the data file?

[discuss] 2004-07-05 Fueling Innovation in Mobile and Embedded Devices [microsoft.com]
Pieter Knook, senior vice president of Microsoft's Mobile and Embedded Devices Division and Communications Sector Business, discusses how this week's release of Windows CE 5.0 contributes to Microsoft 19s devices strategy.

[discuss] 2004-07-05 Kina fördubblar mobiltelefon-export [di.se]
Under perioden januari-maj exporterade Kina i volym 51 miljoner mobiltelefoner

[discuss] 2004-07-05 12 timmar hårdrock i SVT [svt.se]

[discuss] 2004-07-05 Award-Winning Science Fiction Writer Looks at the Future of News [ojr.org]
David Brin.

[discuss] 2004-07-05 China Mobile väljer inhemsk 3G-leverantör [di.se]
China Mobile kommer sannolikt att införa Kinas egenutvecklade 3G-teknik, TD-SDCMA

[discuss] 2004-07-05 China deploys Internet protocol version 9 network [news.xinhuanet.com]
it has its own address protocol, nameplate protocol, transitional protocol, and digital domain name regulations and standards

[discuss] 2004-07-05 Nokia Announces Support for Eclipse [biz.yahoo.com]
New Versions of Tools and SDKs Support Java-Based Open Source IDE

[discuss] 2004-07-04 International Travel - Japan Travel Information [gojapan.about.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-04 MSDN Lab [lab.msdn.microsoft.com]
Search for "C#" returns no results

[discuss] 2004-07-04 DN - Kultur - Israelprotest mot Roskildemur [dn.se]
"Make peace not walls"

[discuss] 2004-07-04 JavaOne Report: The MemoryModel and Concurrency Utilities [hutteman.com]
the most interesting sessions of the conference were regarding the new MemoryModel and Concurrency Utilities

[discuss] 2004-07-04 UserFriendly Strip [ars.userfriendly.org]
I got a gMail

[discuss] 2004-07-04 Gates, Buffett a bit bearish | CNET News.com [news.com.com]
"As long as they are going to steal it, we want them to steal ours. They'll get sort of addicted, and then we'll somehow figure out how to collect sometime in the next decade."

[discuss] 2004-07-04 Svensk man hittad död på Roskilde [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2004-07-04 Inside the MIT Media Lab [antipope.org]

[discuss] 2004-07-04 Know what's in the hamburger you're grilling? [azcentral.com]
läs även fast food nation av eric schlosser

[discuss] 2004-07-03 The Capitalism of Soccer [slate.msn.com]
Why Europe's favorite sport is more American than baseball.

[discuss] 2004-07-03 Cosby Has Harsh Words for Black Community [news.yahoo.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-03 MalmöStadsnät [malmostadsnat.se]

[discuss] 2004-07-03 Malmöbo hjälper svenska företag etablera sig i Kina [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2004-07-03 Sneak preview of a Portable Media Center reference design [windowsfordevices.com]
Bygg din egen iPod?

[discuss] 2004-07-03 Japanska fiskedrag [websociety.wm.net]
Jepp. Dom e galna.

[discuss] 2004-07-03 The Road to Tech Mecca [wired.com]
Welcome to the city-state of Dubai, the new media capital of the Middle East.

[discuss] 2004-07-03 Study: Technology, Not Outsourcing Is The Biggest Threat To Jobs [informationweek.com]
technology that adds intelligence to computers is a bigger threat to jobs than low-wage countries.

[discuss] 2004-07-03 Folklore.org: Macintosh Stories [folklore.org]
Anecdotes about the development of Apple's original Macintosh computer, and the people who created it.

1 comments 2004-07-03 The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide [worldrps.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-02 You Whores [youwhores.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-02 CDC - GHO - Kids' Page - Disease Cards [cdc.gov]
Samla på sjukdomskort. Hela familjen kan vara med!

[discuss] 2004-07-02 Samsung readies 3D gaming phone [news.com.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-02 Marlon Brando död [dn.se]
Legenden och skådespelaren Marlon Brando har avlidit. Han blev 80 år gammal.

[discuss] 2004-07-02 How does the light gun for a video game work?" [entertainment.howstuffworks.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-02 Svenska hushåll allt fattigare [aftonbladet.se]
förmögenheten är mycket ojämnt fördelad

[discuss] 2004-07-02 Free Mayhem Demo and Speed Test [infinitelives.tv]

[discuss] 2004-07-02 Mannen med den krossade tomaten [peripeti.se]
Att avstå från kött innebär till en del att bryta länken mellan köttätande och manlighet; är man dessutom av manligt kön får man räkna med att ens sexuella identitet ifrågasätts

[discuss] 2004-07-02 Responsible Nanotechnology: The Arms Race Has Begun [crnano.typepad.com]
India's new President A. P. J. Abdul Kalam called for India to develop nanotechnology -- including nanobots -- because it will revolutionize warfare.

[discuss] 2004-07-02 Högskolan bantar antalet elever [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
Pengarna räcker inte för Malmö högkola och kurser och program kommer att strykas.

[discuss] 2004-07-02 Nytt varumärke: Lilla torg [w1.sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2004-07-02 Mobiltelefonin sprängde niomiljonersvallen [dn.se]
För första gången finns det nu fler mobilabonnemang än svenska invånare.

[discuss] 2004-07-02 First Flight of SpaceShipOne into Space [richard-seaman.com]
lite bilder.

[discuss] 2004-07-02 D O G T O Y :or: M A R I T A L A I D - You decide. [dogtoyormaritalaid.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-02 The Hole [cp-tel.net]
About 2 years ago I decided to dig a hole in my back yard.

[discuss] 2004-07-01 Taiwanese handset makers answer local calls [publish.gio.gov.tw]
"One interesting selling point is that all the phones have been blessed in a ritual at a Matsu temple"

"In Phase II of this project, we will implement medical payloads and integrate these payloads with an onboard manipulator arm." [pdf]

[discuss] 2004-07-01 MoDaCo Smartphone - View topic - JAVA on SPV ? It's possible !!! [smartphone.modaco.com]
"Just a word of warning. After installing everything, me and Paul have both had to Hard Reset our phones "

[discuss] 2004-07-01 msmobiles.com - TechEd 2004 Europe news : the future of Windows Mobile [msmobiles.com]
"[yada coding is easy on ms phones yada] thanks to the power and simplicty (=effectivenes) of .NET technology, that clearly exceeds anything that wireless Java can offer."

[discuss] 2004-07-01 Grekland skrällde sig till final [dn.se]

[discuss] 2004-07-01 Cell phones heading into iPod territory [news.com.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-01 Manliga bilägares sexliv [dagensps.se]
"Siffran anger antal gånger per vecka"

[discuss] 2004-07-01 Flera stora artister till Malmöfestivalen [w1.sydsvenskan.se]
Sahara Hotnights, Teddybears Sthlm, Markoolio, Mikael Wiehe, Petter, Fjärde Världen, The Latin Kings, Promoe, Pluxus, Universal Poplab och Malmöbandet Alice in Videoland

1 comments 2004-07-01 Homegrown PVC flamethrower (56k image heavy) [forums.somethingawful.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-01 Sharp V602SH & Sharp V402SH [mobilegazette.com]
2 megapixel, 2x optisk zoom, fet skärm. O, javisstja, man kan ringa också.

[discuss] 2004-07-01 MSN Search is improved! Check it out. [search.msn.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-01 The Humble Yo [xp123.com]
When you get blocked, do you get help, or hide and hope things will get better?

1 comments 2004-07-01 ViewSonic VP2290b - High-Resolution TFT [trustedreviews.com]
VP2290b is capable of running a maximum resolution of 3,840 x 2,400 otherwise known as QUXGA-Wide.

[discuss] 2004-07-01 Mobilen får tältet att lysa [dagensps.se]
Mobiloperatören Orange har gjort ett tält som lyser i mörkret när du skickar ett sms till det.

[discuss] 2004-07-01 Your Boss Won't Agree? Might Be "Identity-Induced Stickiness" [knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu]
judgments linked to a person 19s identity 13 from teenager to Republican, environmentalist or businessman 13 are virtually immovable, or "sticky."

[discuss] 2004-07-01 COLOR IN MOTION [mariaclaudiacortes.com]

[discuss] 2004-07-01 Java haiku [troutgirl.com]

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