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topics for December 2006

[discuss] 2006-12-31 Här blir abortfoster hushållsenergi [varldenidag.se]
Miljökontoret i Uppsala bekräftar att värmeverket förvandlar aborterade foster till energi.

[discuss] 2006-12-29 Konspirationer - Flashback Forum [flashback.info]

[discuss] 2006-12-29 Här blommar unga genierna [expressen.se]
Till slut måste man fråga sig om de tidiga ton-åren är människans smartaste period och att man därefter aldrig når upp till samma nivå.

[discuss] 2006-12-29 Betong rasar från Öresundsbron [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2006-12-29 Framåt för fotofirmorna efter stålbadet [dn.se]

[discuss] 2006-12-28 www.nallebudet.se [nallebudet.se]

[discuss] 2006-12-28 caffeinegraph.jpg (JPEG Image, 401x371 pixels) [nyu.edu]

[discuss] 2006-12-28 1729 (number) [en.wikipedia.org]

[discuss] 2006-12-28 The Perfect Human [wired.com]
Dean Karnazes ran 50 marathons in 50 days. He does 200 miles just for fun.

[discuss] 2006-12-28 Japanese envies of the opposite sex [whatjapanthinks.com]
a questionnaire to discover what people envied about the opposite sex.

[discuss] 2006-12-28 The social life of powerpoint [rashmisinha.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-27 Snapphanar - Wikipedia, den fria encyklopedin [sv.wikipedia.org]

[discuss] 2006-12-27 Snapphanar [osby.se]
Stråtrövare eller patrioter??

[discuss] 2006-12-27 Dive Girl: The website of women and scuba diving [divegirl.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-27 Giraffen600.jpg (JPEG Image, 400x600 pixels) [dykterminalen.se]
Ön / Limhamn .. vill du se den själv?

[discuss] 2006-12-27 GE Chess [gechess.org]
Google Earth Chess.

[discuss] 2006-12-27 Wii Media Center X - Stream Media to Wii [redkawa.com]
allows you to stream certain types of pictures, music, videos and files from your computer (where the server running) to your Nintendo Wii.

[discuss] 2006-12-27 xRez_Urban_Subjects [xrez.com]
resulting in a 95,000 by 40,000 pixel size image

[discuss] 2006-12-27 Airliners.net Photos: Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-2H6/ER [airliners.net]
"Poor engine!"

[discuss] 2006-12-27 Alkohol skyddar mot hjärnskador [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2006-12-27 News: Faster phones for Christmas - Mobile Monday [mobilemonday.net]

[discuss] 2006-12-26 Mission guide: Corot [news.bbc.co.uk]
"The team hopes to find between 10 and 40 planets in each of the five or six star regions [the satellite] will be looking in, "

[discuss] 2006-12-26 Den svenska säckpipan [user.it.uu.se]
"Det kan säkert komma som något av en överraskning, även för en hel del svenskar, att det finns en lång tradition av säckpipsspel i Sverige."

[discuss] 2006-12-26 Emacs Lisp List [damtp.cam.ac.uk]

[discuss] 2006-12-26 Foxtrot to Cease Dailies [amuniversal.com]
Bill Amend 19s popular FoxTrot comic strip will go to a Sunday-only publication schedule

[discuss] 2006-12-25 The 25 BEST things ever said, by anyone [dailykos.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-24 Poorly designed objects [marginalrevolution.com]
What is the worst designed everyday object?

[discuss] 2006-12-24 God Jul [sissi.blogg.se]
From the Hoff

[discuss] 2006-12-23 Div 4: Swedish Iron League [dn.se]
"Vi hade i och för sig någon utvisad 97 procent av vår speltid förra säsongen, men fult. Nej det tycker jag inte"

[discuss] 2006-12-23 Multitasking Java [arm.com]
Chris Porthouse, ARM

[discuss] 2006-12-23 Japanese man in mystery survival [news.bbc.co.uk]
A Japanese man has survived for 24 days in cold weather and without food and water by falling into a state of "hibernation", his doctor has said.

[discuss] 2006-12-22 iTWire - NORAD and NASA Help Santa Claus Deliver Toys to Children [itwire.com.au]
"[...] NORAD 19s pubic relations representative recently said, [...] "

[discuss] 2006-12-22 Thor Links.com! Large & In Charge...Happy Holidays! 589 Visitors Online [thorlinks.com]
Dolphin Massacre In Japan

[discuss] 2006-12-22 MIDPath - Start Page [midpath.thenesis.org]
MIDPath is a Java library which provides a MIDP2 implementation on top of the SDL

[discuss] 2006-12-22 Wall Street-legend skänker bort 136 miljarder [e24.se]

[discuss] 2006-12-22 Is This the iPod Killer? [businessweek.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-22 geoGreeting! [geogreeting3.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-22 50 Greatest Cartoons [cityrag.blogs.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-22 I finally get mobile blogging [summation.typepad.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-21 1969, 1970 NATO Software Engineering Conferences [homepages.cs.ncl.ac.uk]
Här myntades termen "Software Engineering". Spana in länken med fotografier.

[discuss] 2006-12-21 The Redback/Ericsson Deal: How Juniper and Motorola Might React - SeekingAlpha [networking.seekingalpha.com]
As for Juniper, [] the Ericsson/Redback deal is a long-term negative. [] Juniper generates 40% of its sales through three recently acquired companies: Lucent, Siemens and now Redback. 1cTo claim that the deals have no implications for Juniper, as the mar

[discuss] 2006-12-21 FoxTrot Goes Sunday-Only [gocomics.typepad.com]
Citing deadlines and the desire to explore other creative outlets, FoxTrot creator Bill Amend has announced that the December 30 cartoon will be the last daily FoxTrot strip. [Foxtrot will be a] Sunday-only publication [from] December 31.

[discuss] 2006-12-21 Emulating the OLPC XO On Windows [tuttlesvc.teacherhosting.com]
Om du vill testa One Laptop per Child oset på din burk

[discuss] 2006-12-21 Online shopping gets a little nasty this time of year. (foxtrot) [images.ucomics.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-21 mojax - mFoundry Wiki [mojax.mfoundry.com]
mojax is one of the worlds first Mobile AJAX Application Frameworks

[discuss] 2006-12-21 MacSaber: Turn Your Mac Into A Jedi Weapon [isnoop.net]
Bra orsak att köpa Mac ... :-)

[discuss] 2006-12-21 Sensor Plug-in for 60 3rd Edition SDK for Symbian OS, for C++, MR, for Nokia 5500 Sport [forum.nokia.com]
Ropen skalla, sensor API åt alla !

[discuss] 2006-12-20 SvD: En tecknare med svärta i pennan [svd.se]
"Men är det inte så att genus och jämställdhet är frågor som rör alla, även dig och mig?" Den andre svarar: "Alltså, jag har precis vant mig vid sopsorteringen. Man måste väl få leva lite också?"

[discuss] 2006-12-20 53301277.deadsanta.jpg (JPEG-bild, 389x187 pixlar) [ct.pbase.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-20 Svenska män har blivit fetare och dummare [expressen.se]

[discuss] 2006-12-20 BBC moves to file-sharing sites [news.bbc.co.uk]
Hundreds of episodes of BBC programmes will be made available on a file-sharing network for the first time, the corporation has announced.

[discuss] 2006-12-20 Om varför klockor ofta är 10:08 i reklamfilmer [en.wikipedia.org]

[discuss] 2006-12-20 Amazon Soon Opening DRM-free MP3 Store [computers.net]
Looks like rumors are afloat that Amazon is planning on a late first quarter 2007 launch of a new music download store.

[discuss] 2006-12-20 These imponderables are here to encourage my students to think creatively and identify deep questions [eleceng.adelaide.edu.au]

[discuss] 2006-12-19 photowall.se - Fototapetbutiken [photowall.se]

[discuss] 2006-12-19 KishKish Lie Detector [kishkish.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-19 Why do user interface actions tend to occur on the release, not on the press? [blogs.msdn.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-19 Marketing to Introverts [social-marketing.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-19 Joseph Barbera [en.wikipedia.org]
Tom och Jerrys skapare dog igår.

[discuss] 2006-12-19 new and improved [beta.eniro.se]

[discuss] 2006-12-18 What happens to your body if you drink a Coke right now? [virtualnick.vox.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-18 Nathan Sawaya | The Art of the Brick! [brickartist.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-17 Pleasures of the Flesh at 4am in Chengdu [janchipchase.com]
"Ultimately it was the dental records and snout that gave it away. 'It's stewed rat head' one of my companions grins."

[discuss] 2006-12-17 Upplyst.se Lysdioder, LED, ljusskyltar och annat som lyser upp din tillvaro [upplyst.se]
Blinkande blå lysdioder

[discuss] 2006-12-16 CellSpotting, A Global Location Based Information Service [cellspotting.com]
kolla in din närmsta cell :)

[discuss] 2006-12-16 Community Support : K610im and MIDP ... [developer.sonyericsson.com]
I have a user complaint, that his device, K610im does not accept CLDC/MIDP jar files.

[discuss] 2006-12-16 Total Immersion [soapbox.msn.com]
Augmented Reality. Coolt.

[discuss] 2006-12-16 WMD FTW [forthewiin.org]
WMD is a Linux Driver for the Nintendo Wii Remote

[discuss] 2006-12-15 Wii Have A Problem... [wiihaveaproblem.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-15 Avatars consume as much electricity as Brazilians [roughtype.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-15 Elegance [joelonsoftware.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-14 Space Elevator 2010 Climber Competition [elevator2010.org]
Sugen på en annorlunda utmaning ?

[discuss] 2006-12-14 Ryzom.org - The Free Ryzom Campaign [ryzom.org]
Help us make Ryzom a Free MMORPG!

[discuss] 2006-12-14 LEGO.com MINDSTORMS Overview [mindstorms.lego.com]
Control you Lego Robot from J2ME. Supported: 2 Nokia, 8 Sony Ericsson, 2 BenQ/Siemens

[discuss] 2006-12-14 Norrköpingspolisen har fått internet [expressen.se]
"Det där med intårrnätt verkar bra."

[discuss] 2006-12-14 Hexmasters Faktoider: Tyngdlöshet i rymden [faktoider.nu]
Rymdfärjan eller rymdstationen, och allt inuti, faller ner mot jorden som vilken tegelsten som helst

[discuss] 2006-12-14 "Totalförbjud tobak i Finland" [dn.se]

[discuss] 2006-12-14 Will It Blend? [willitblend.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-13 /* Rambling comments... */: Asserts are evil, except when you have no other choice [lenholgate.com]
The assert is really just an "exploding comment".

[discuss] 2006-12-13 /* Rambling comments... */: Assert is evil [lenholgate.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-13 KJam - The World's Fastest Build Tool [oroboro.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-13 Här är framtidens megatrender [ekonominyheterna.se]
"Crowdsourcing, odlat kött och FN 2.0. Utvecklingen går allt fortare, konstaterar framtidsforskaren Erik Starck"

[discuss] 2006-12-13 Google Earth interface for Wii remote [coulston.googlepages.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-13 Big bertha says: default passwords [defaultpassword.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-13 Official Google Blog: Opening up the Google Web Toolkit [googleblog.blogspot.com]
we're excited to tell you that we're releasing all the source code for GWT under an open source license.

[discuss] 2006-12-12 Att fylla upp och hänga ihop [computersweden.idg.se]
När du känner ett tvingande behov av att forma läpparna till "implementering" borde du kanske behärska dig. Tala om något annat.

[discuss] 2006-12-12 ShellExView - Shell Extension Manager For Windows [nirsoft.net]
Hjälper mig att debugga "Failed to load resource dll" och varför det tar sån tid att visa en utforskare ibland

[discuss] 2006-12-12 Skype Usage Statistics [skypestats.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-12 The five-minute foldaway house [southafrica.info]

[discuss] 2006-12-12 The 100 Worst Porn Movie Titles ! [members.shaw.ca]

[discuss] 2006-12-12 J2ME apps [mobits.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-12 Lucas Divorced [applematters.com]
The divorce that eventually made Steve Jobs a billionaire was finalized this week in 1984

[discuss] 2006-12-12 Bojkotta Perspektiv Bredband! [piratbyran.org]
Piratbyrån och The Pirate Bay startar tillsammans en kampanj där vi uppmanar siter att blockera åtkomst för Perspektiv Bredbands kunder.

[discuss] 2006-12-11 Rattar > Logitech® G25 Racing Wheel [logitech.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-11 Övervakningsbutiken.se [overvakningsbutiken.se]

[discuss] 2006-12-11 Send an SMS to find out if fish is an endangered species [textually.org]
Eat or not eat? SMS:a o kolla.

[discuss] 2006-12-11 Hypa [hypa.se]
Du bestämmer vad som är nyheter, HYPA dem till löpsedeln.

[discuss] 2006-12-11 Simplicity Is Highly Overrated [jnd.org]

[discuss] 2006-12-10 Collected Quotes from Albert Einstein [rescomp.stanford.edu]

[discuss] 2006-12-10 EXPRESSEN.SE/GT: Sanningen om kravallerna [expressen.se]
Det fanns 100-150 tungt beväpnade elitsoldater från amerikanska Delta Force i Göteborg under EU-toppmötet.

[discuss] 2006-12-09 Goodwifeguide.gif (GIF Image, 1200x777 pixels) [upload.wikimedia.org]
A good wife always knows her place.

[discuss] 2006-12-09 Främlingsfientliga partier tog många röster från s [expressen.se]
"Klassiskt röda bostadsområden har nu tagits över av sverigedemokraternas och nationaldemokraternas väljare."

[discuss] 2006-12-09 Videofeber: Lite grön kryptonit i fickan [video.feber.se]
Felsägningar vi minns.

[discuss] 2006-12-09 DN - STHLM - Salemdemonstrationer urartade [dn.se]
"tog polisen på sig hjälmar och satta in polishästar och gick in i folkmassorna." undrar varför de inte tar svärd och yxor också om de nu vill leka medeltid?

[discuss] 2006-12-08 Scary 'Mary Poppins' Trailer [youtube.com]
Hide your children.

[discuss] 2006-12-08 Kullrusk [kullrusk.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-08 Internetleverantör censurerar stadsnät i Skåne [sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2006-12-08 Bushido or Bull [ejmas.com]
A Medieval Historian 19s Perspective on the Imperial Army and the Japanese Warrior Tradition

1 comments 2006-12-08 My Personal Pet Peeves I See in Other People 19s Code [onsmalltalk.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-08 Discovery stoppades precis före start [sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2006-12-07 "Mobiltelefoner håller bara två år" [dn.se]

[discuss] 2006-12-06 Wireless Tech - The Reality of Next-Gen Mobile Phones [toptechnews.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-06 The Japanese Wii Safety Manual is Crazy [gizmodo.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-06 Tabbed Browsing, Circa 1588 [kirchersociety.org]

[discuss] 2006-12-04 Skånes Djurpark hittar inte vargvalp [www2.blocket.se]

[discuss] 2006-12-04 Huvudcampus förläggs till Karlskrona - Blekinge Tekniska Högskola [bth.se]
bye bye

[discuss] 2006-12-04 DN - Nyheter - Brand i Ronneby brunnspark [dn.se]
Brand utbröt vid 16-tiden i Wienercaféet i Ronneby

[discuss] 2006-12-02 Obsolete, Pawel Hynek (3D) [forums.cgsociety.org]

[discuss] 2006-12-02 30 Essential Pieces Of Free (and Open) Software for Windows [thesimpledollar.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-02 This Is What Happens When You Let Developers Create UI [codinghorror.com]

[discuss] 2006-12-02 Apple set to release two iPhones in March 2007 [mobilementalism.com]
Rykten, rykten...

1 comments 2006-12-02 Windows Live Search for mobile beta [wls.live.com]
Download for your J2ME phone

1 comments 2006-12-01 Global uppvärmning? Inte här ... [bonumcommune.blogspot.com]
varje vecka visar kurvan att temperaturen inte har stigit

[discuss] 2006-12-01 3 X-Series - Get X-Series [three.co.uk]
£5/månad för mobilt internet. Now you're talking!

2 comments 2006-12-01 Temalördag Fidel Castro [svt.se]
Uppesittarkväll med kommunistdiktator i statstelevisionen.

[discuss] 2006-12-01 International Earth-Destruction Advisory Board [qntm.org]
an independent scientific institution which monitors the current status of the Earth and the number of times it has been destroyed.

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