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topics for May 2007

4 comments 2007-05-31 stoppa nedläggningen av tryckkammaren i Helsingborg! [namninsamling.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-31 How Much LSD Does It Take to Kill an Elephant [scienceblogs.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-30 Programming the LOL way. [lolcode.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-30 Music CD, I'm just not that into you [businessweek.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-30 The Zompist Phrasebook [zompist.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-29 Comparison of Java ME unit testing frameworks [blog.emptyway.com]
"Sony Ericsson's version is clearly better here then the two alternatives (J2MEUnit and JMUnit)."

[discuss] 2007-05-29 Jag ska bli analogare än Åsa-Nisse [dn.se]
Jag har framför allt fått nog av den så kallade bloggosfärens alla viktigpettrar och skvallertanter.

[discuss] 2007-05-29 In praise of ... dictionary definitions [books.guardian.co.uk]
mcdonald's vill ha bort McJob från ordboken

[discuss] 2007-05-29 Voting ballot from 10 April 1938 [en.wikipedia.org]
The text reads "Do you agree with the reunification of Austria with the German Empire that was enacted on 13 March 1938, and do you vote for the party of our leader Adolf Hitler?"

[discuss] 2007-05-29 DARPA Goal: Aircraft That Remains Airborne 5 Years w/o Landing. [geeknews.net]

[discuss] 2007-05-28 Shoot the Iraqi! [msnbc.msn.com]
A powerful art installation places a man alone in a room for a month - and a gun in your hand. Would you pull the trigger?

[discuss] 2007-05-27 Kensington Runestone [en.wikipedia.org]
It suggests that Scandinavian explorers reached the middle of North America in the 14th century.

[discuss] 2007-05-27 I 19m Twenty Years Old And Have No Debt - When Can I Retire And Live Off My Investments? [thesimpledollar.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-27 Dödssjuka vinner ny njure - i tv [aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2007-05-26 The Final Days of Google [pbs.org]

[discuss] 2007-05-25 Oh, Hi; I'm here from the internet [xkcd.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-25 The Last Question -- Isaac Asimov [multivax.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-24 Flat, Flexible, Wireless Power Source Can Go Anywhere [physorg.com]
A team of Japanese researchers has created a novel wireless power-transmission device that is thin, flat, and flexible.

[discuss] 2007-05-24 A Cocktail a Day Keeps Dementia Away [abcnews.go.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-23 Our oceans are turning into plastic...are we? [bestlifeonline.com]
...every bit of plastic ever made still exists.

[discuss] 2007-05-23 Google turns the page 26 in a bad way. [blog.opendns.com]
"In short, Google and Dell have teamed up to install some software on Dell computers that borders on being spyware"

[discuss] 2007-05-22 Rate My Network Diagram [ratemynetworkdiagram.com]
Nu snackar vi relevant information!

[discuss] 2007-05-22 RATE MY MULLET .com - mullet haircut pictures .. mullets [ratemymullet.com]
är detta slöseri på elektroner ?

[discuss] 2007-05-22 Tatuering på hög nivå - Nyheter - Expressen [expressen.se]
"För första gången någonsin har ett fallskärmshopp och en tatuering utförts samtidigt. "

[discuss] 2007-05-22 Overclock Your Reading Speed [zenhabits.net]

[discuss] 2007-05-21 Not on the label [economist.com]
Why adding 1ccarbon footprint 1d labels to foods and other products is tricky

[discuss] 2007-05-21 Microsoft internet explorer 7 marketshare [onestat.com]
IE6+IE7 86% Firefox 12 %

[discuss] 2007-05-21 Helix - a 1D skyscraper with a single corridor [absidea.free.fr]

[discuss] 2007-05-21 Fuck Off, I'm Busy [fuckoffimbusy.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-20 MathPages [mathpages.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-20 The Nine Biggest Myths of the Workplace [blog.guykawasaki.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-19 Top 10 Finalists - Best Visual Illusion Contest [illusioncontest.neuralcorrelate.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-19 The Denial Machine [celsias.com]
This Canadian TV documentary airs the dirty laundry behind the U.S. and Canada 19s persistent denial of global warming.

[discuss] 2007-05-19 How I Failed the Turing Test [electric-escape.net]

[discuss] 2007-05-19 Michael Larson, Game Show Legend [gscentral.net]
Back on May 19, 1984, history was made at CBS by a man who showed how successful you can be if you just pay attention.

[discuss] 2007-05-18 Europe 19s Dirty Thirty [blog.thesietch.org]
RWE and Vattenfall are also the EU 19s largest corporate climate polluters.

[discuss] 2007-05-18 sten, sax och påse ++ [umop.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-18 Giving Up on Microsoft [codinghorror.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-18 USJFCOM: Concept offers warfighters battlefield big picture [jfcom.mil]
Läs och håll tankarna på projektledning i stora mjukvaruorganisationer i stället för gubbar i grönt.

[discuss] 2007-05-18 Miljövänlig skötsel av gräsmattan [vaxteko.nu]
"Lär mer om de s. k. ogräsen! En ny fascinerande värld öppnar sig, om man betraktar mossan genom förstoringsglas."

[discuss] 2007-05-18 Why, oh WHY, do those #?@! nutheads use vi? [viemu.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-18 I Chat, Therefore I Am... [discovermagazine.com]
två botar pratar med varandra

[discuss] 2007-05-17 Six years later: What the Agile Manifesto left out [exampler.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-16 Better Gmail (Firefox extension) [lifehacker.com]
I've compiled the best Greasemonkey scripts for Gmail into one handy Firefox extension

1 comments 2007-05-16 Google Calendar Week Numbers [recover89.googlepages.com]
Få veckonummer i Google Calendar!

[discuss] 2007-05-15 Why Top Employees Quit [dumblittleman.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-15 7 tips on writing clean code [garshol.priv.no]

[discuss] 2007-05-15 Malmöföretag tänker anställa 200 - Ekonomi - Sydsvenskan - Nyheter dygnet runt [sydsvenskan.se]
Vi har för närvarande ett jättebehov av att hitta mer personal av alla kategorier, säger Martin Walfisz, vd och grundare av företaget.

1 comments 2007-05-15 The price of fish [smallsurfaces.com]
An article in The Economist discusses the financial impact of access to mobile phones for fishermen in Kerala, India.

[discuss] 2007-05-15 Donkey Love [prosebeforehos.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-14 Amazon.com acquires dpreview.com: Digital Photography Review [dpreview.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-14 On / Off / Reset or Fade to Black [janchipchase.com]
When confronted with a frozen mobile phone are you someone who removes the battery?

[discuss] 2007-05-14 Förbjud garderober [folkpartiet.se]
"Läget är akut. Garderoberna är idag genomkriminella. Något måste göras."

[discuss] 2007-05-14 Zimbabwe elected to chair key U.N. environment body [news.yahoo.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-14 From Geek to Freak: How I Gained 34 lbs. of Muscle in 4 Weeks [fourhourworkweek.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-14 Switchcore läggs ner [sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2007-05-11 Satnav driver's car totalled by train | The Register [theregister.com]
"Then I heard this train and I noticed there was train tracks. "

[discuss] 2007-05-11 Turn Your Broken iPod Into Cash: Quick [buymybrokenipod.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-11 CHINA MOBILE LIMITED [chinamobileltd.com]
316,120,000 subscribers March 31 2007

[discuss] 2007-05-09 10 Attributes of Really Lazy People [holyjuan.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-08 Monsternyckelpigan är här [sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2007-05-08 History of Computing - story of PING [arl.army.mil]
Yes, it's true! I'm the author of ping for UNIX

[discuss] 2007-05-07 "Year Zero" project = "the way a viral campaign should be run" [37signals.com]
nin's nya

[discuss] 2007-05-07 Highway Engineer Pranks [xkcd.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-06 JavaDevices - Main - HomePage [javadevices.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-06 The magic of auctions [sethgodin.typepad.com]
Of course, you're only the high bidder for a day or so. Then it's not your bat anymore! Someone else has your bat. So you bid $4 more.

[discuss] 2007-05-05 Intel UPnP AV Test Tools [intel.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-05 flashmob malmö [myspace.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-04 Solar Powered Barbecue Grill [developmentcrossing.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-04 Bike Messengers Are on Crack [youtube.com]
Ett cykellopp för cykelbud på Manhattan. Har varken att göra något med Skåne eller mjukvaruutveckling.

[discuss] 2007-05-04 Mom's Salary Wizard [swz.salary.com]
What is Mom's Work Worth?

[discuss] 2007-05-04 malmö street projects [web.comhem.se]

[discuss] 2007-05-04 Programs are art [code.google.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-04 folkmun.se, ord, slang, dialekt, nyord, uttryck [folkmun.se]
Är det Svenska Akademien som bestämmer över det svenska språket eller är det du?

[discuss] 2007-05-04 30 Orange Websites [tutorialblog.org]

[discuss] 2007-05-04 Affordable Union Square Hotels * Affordable Union Square Hotels San Francisco * Affordable Luxury Hotels San Francisco [personalityhotels.com]
"If you can take the neighborhood, which includes delights like being panhandled on your walk to breakfast, [...] then this is a great place to be. " Man får hålla andan i två kvarter innan man kliver in på Nordstroms

[discuss] 2007-05-03 The Mobile Industry Web Maturity Test [mobilewebtablet.com]

1 comments 2007-05-03 Musiksajten Pandora stoppas utanför USA [dn.se]
"Från och med 3 maj går det inte längre att använda musikspelaren Pandora om din dator finns utanför USA"

[discuss] 2007-05-03 11 Great Color Legends [colourlovers.com]
Why is the Green M&M the Horny One?

[discuss] 2007-05-02 drawings: Children vs Artists. Children started to draw, artists continued [amazingfiltered.blogspot.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-02 09-f9-11-02-9d-74-e3-5b-d8-41-56-c5-63 [09-f9-11-02-9d-74-e3-5b-d8-41-56-c5-63.com]

[discuss] 2007-05-01 10 Golden Lessons From Steve Jobs [ririanproject.com]

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