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topics for July 2007

[discuss] 2007-07-31 Genom Sverige med ved i tanken [vedbil.se]
Trött på 12kr litern ?

[discuss] 2007-07-30 Global Pet Finder - Find Lost Pets Fast! [globalpetfinder.com]
Apropå GPS

[discuss] 2007-07-30 DET SJUNDE INSEGLET - ett filmmanus av Ingmar Bergman [hem.passagen.se]
"Bakom hans rygg står en mörkklädd man. Hans ansikte är mycket blekt och han håller händerna dolda i kappans vida veck."

[discuss] 2007-07-30 Evolutionary algorithms now surpass human designers [newscientisttech.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-29 Medison Celebrity: Scam or just a bad idea? [medisonscam.blogspot.com]
Linuxlaptoppen för $150: bluff eller bara usel affärsidé?

[discuss] 2007-07-29 Undersea Colony [underseacolony.com]
This website is about the building of an undersea colony 13 a human undersea city 13 a permanent dwelling place for people and even families.

[discuss] 2007-07-29 Quickbed [quickbed.se]
Den optimala gästsängen?

[discuss] 2007-07-29 6 Things You Must Do Before You Die: Geek Edition [ob81.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-28 Sex for the motherland: Russian youths encouraged to procreate at camp [dailymail.co.uk]

[discuss] 2007-07-28 Ice Chewers Bulletin Board - All about Chewing Ice [icechewing.com]
allt finns på internet

[discuss] 2007-07-28 Time May Not Exist [discovermagazine.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-27 the Uncanny Valley of user interface design [billhiggins.us]

2 comments 2007-07-27 Free online video converter [flvix.com]
Convert videos from Youtube, Google Video to the formats AVI, MOV, MP4, 3GP, MP3

[discuss] 2007-07-26 Ajax Web Developer: $240k per year 26 with only one catch [ajaxian.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-26 notice.jpg [davidshrigley.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-26 Why Ruby on Rails Succeeded [cio.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-25 Introducing XML Parsing with JSR 172 [developer.sonyericsson.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-25 Medison Celebrity [medisoncelebrity.com]
Laptop med linux för tusen spänn.

[discuss] 2007-07-25 RiRRi - Bring your laptop! Det er trådløs sone på toa(l)etten p? Statoil Furuset! Førstemann til mølla! LØP! [rirri.blogg.no]

[discuss] 2007-07-25 George Lucas is wearing a Han Shot First t-shirt. [hellblazer.net]

[discuss] 2007-07-25 Summer Express: 101 Simple Meals Ready in 10 Minutes or Less [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-24 Not all Roses for the iPhone [realtime-unifiedcommunications.com]
AT&T said on Tuesday that 146,000 new iPhone subscribers signed up in the first two days of its launch

[discuss] 2007-07-24 Skräckmyggan plågar semesterfirare [expressen.se]
Mördarsniglar, mördarbananer... och nu... Skräckmyggan!

[discuss] 2007-07-24 4 Rules of Composition for Landscape Photography [digital-photography-school.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-24 Nordisk Mobiltelefon Sverige AB [nmt.net]
Mobilt bredband över NMT-nätet.

[discuss] 2007-07-24 Efter Ragnarök [sv.wikipedia.org]
Äkta vara.

[discuss] 2007-07-24 Ragnarok Online [en.wikipedia.org]

[discuss] 2007-07-24 ASIAN POP / MMO Better Blues [sfgate.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-24 Blaise Aguera y Arcas: Jaw-dropping Photosynth demo (video) [ted.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-24 Slimmy Slim Wallet Alternative Specs [koyono.com]
WARNING: Not for George Costanza. Not a magic trick.

[discuss] 2007-07-24 Please enjoy this Culturally, Ethnically, Religiously and Politically Correct Cartoon Responsibly [iranian.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-24 Five Things Nokia Needs To Address To Beat The iPhone [the.taoofmac.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-24 Home penis enlargement ends in painful death [int.iol.co.za]

[discuss] 2007-07-24 9 year progression of a two-year old drummer [sneakmove.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-23 Using JDBC with MySQL, Getting Started [developer.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-23 Muhammed som rondellhund stoppas [nwt.se]
Så var det med yttrandefriheten, säger konstnären till NWT.

[discuss] 2007-07-23 Welcome to Bacardi Breezer : Please enter your age [bacardi-breezer.co.uk]

1 comments 2007-07-23 Fulla tioåringar löpte amok [sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2007-07-23 Drinking may not be so bad, say scientists [abc.net.au]
Neuroscientists say a recent report indicates moderate drinking may have a positive effect on the health of a person's brain.

[discuss] 2007-07-23 News - Chinook - World Man-Machine Checkers Champion [cs.ualberta.ca]
Checkers is solved.

[discuss] 2007-07-23 Open Source Food | a Social Network for Food Lovers. Recipes, Pics, Tips and More. [opensourcefood.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-23 Kansas Classrooms.gif [burntelectrons.org]

[discuss] 2007-07-23 BoardGameGeek [Monopoly] [boardgamegeek.com]
Got monopoly ?

[discuss] 2007-07-23 BoardGameGeek | Gaming Unplugged Since 2000 [boardgamegeek.com]
Bra källa för information om brädspel

[discuss] 2007-07-23 Emerging design trends [boagworld.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-23 A Game Business Model: Learning from Touring Bands [lostgarden.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-22 Using goto In Kernel Code [kerneltrap.org]

[discuss] 2007-07-22 Foreign Policy: The List: The World 19s Stupidest Fatwas [foreignpolicy.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-21 Post-Mortem of a Tokyo-based Web Start-up [yongfook.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-20 JBehave [jbehave.org]
Behaviour-driven development in Java

[discuss] 2007-07-20 Introducing BDD [dannorth.net]

[discuss] 2007-07-20 Behaviour-Driven Development - the step after TDD [niclasnilsson.se]

[discuss] 2007-07-20 Why the heck does New York have steam pipes, anyway? [blog.sciam.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-20 Personal names around the world 1 [people.w3.org]

[discuss] 2007-07-20 Flektor Case Study: Counter to prevailing Web 2.0 wisdom [startup-review.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-19 Creating a "Web 2.0 style" Badge in Inkscape [inkscapetutorials.wordpress.com]

2 comments 2007-07-19 Krögare hämnas på mördarsniglarna [dn.se]
Snigeltoast med bacon, lök och färsk chili

[discuss] 2007-07-19 40+ Tips to Improve your Grammar and Punctuation [dumblittleman.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-19 Simpsonize Me [simpsonizeme.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-19 Den brunfläckiga mördarbananen - vårt nya plågoris [avrosys.nu]
först sniglar, sen det här?

[discuss] 2007-07-18 Ny skylt på hundlatrin förbryllar [sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2007-07-18 Japanese Sewers Photo Gallery [algebraoflife.blogspot.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-18 The Gandhi Nobody Knows [history.eserver.org]
'Gandhi' should be preceded by the legend: *The following film is a paid political advertisement by the government of India.*

[discuss] 2007-07-18 Gore's message loses bite [news.com.au]
Gore and his guests at the weekend ceremony dined on Chilean sea bass - arguably one of the world's most threatened fish species.

[discuss] 2007-07-18 about 14 dwm 14 suckless.org [suckless.org]
Because dwm is customized through editing its source code, it's pointless to make binary packages of it. This keeps its userbase small and elitist. No novices asking stupid questions.

[discuss] 2007-07-18 It's Time For The Dinosaurs Of Development To Go Extinct [thecodist.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-18 People playing chess on roller coasters [xkcd.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-18 Z Corp - 3D Printers for Rapid Prototyping [zcorp.com]
Color3D, Zprinter 450 only $39900

[discuss] 2007-07-18 Real Men Love the Fifth Element [doubleviking.com]
10 år sen den kom ut.

[discuss] 2007-07-17 Koi and the Kola Nuts: The Story of Koi and the Kola Nuts [support.microsoft.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-17 ASCII-gardin [nsybrandy.nl]

[discuss] 2007-07-17 Dolphin voyeurs kill the mood for saucy submariners [news.ninemsn.com.au]

[discuss] 2007-07-17 Florentijn Hofman's Rubber Duckie [woostercollective.com]
stor anka.

[discuss] 2007-07-17 Personal effects from Room 304 [pic] [pizdaus.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-16 A Mobile Software Primer [blog.masabi.com]
Vilka plattformar finns och hur stora är de?

[discuss] 2007-07-16 Play Work [i139.photobucket.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-16 The Exciting World of South Korean Protests [who-sucks.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-16 Filmare vill veta mer om Skånes hemligaste duo [sydsvenskan.se]
Under sommaren pågår arbetet med en film om det mytomspunna bandet Philemon Arthur And The Dung.

[discuss] 2007-07-15 My Football Club - Home [myfootballclub.co.uk]
50,000 MyFootballClub members are about to bid for an English football club.

[discuss] 2007-07-15 German Toilets [asecular.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-14 Ready, aim, fire and rain [atimes.com]
om Kinas "Weather Modification Department"

[discuss] 2007-07-14 Top 10 Transhumanist Technologies [acceleratingfuture.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-14 Symptom Checker [symptoms.webmd.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-13 Cyklist påkörd av stillastående bil [sydsvenskan.se]
Eh? Öh? Aha. Hm. Ok...

[discuss] 2007-07-13 Stats & Research: Five Minutes To Respond [160characters.org]
84% of users expect a SMS response in five minutes

[discuss] 2007-07-13 Samsung ny världstvåa [di.se]
Jämfört med föregående kvartal har Motorola tappat hela 4,4 procentenheter

[discuss] 2007-07-13 Fälld flygplansstol ledde till misshandel [sn.se]
"Om du har klagomål på utrymmet för benen får du väl åka första klass"

1 comments 2007-07-13 Diesel - "Human after all" [thephoto.ru]

[discuss] 2007-07-12 Teens want an iPhone more than a new car [macenstein.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-12 Terrorist organization logos [ironicsans.com]
Terrorist groups, like any organization, need brand identities.

[discuss] 2007-07-12 Efter regn kommer mördarsniglar [sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2007-07-12 run like the wind [barista.media2.org]

[discuss] 2007-07-12 Temp Hides Fun, Fulfilling Life From Rest Of Office [theonion.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-11 Skulle renovera huset - socialen tog babyn [aftonbladet.se]
Staten kan ta ditt barn. När som helst.

[discuss] 2007-07-11 Sveriges sämsta turiststad [dn.se]

[discuss] 2007-07-11 CUBI U-Snabbsten för Betonglagning [consfer.se]
bra-å-ha för husägaren. "Konsisens ungefär som vispad grädde"

[discuss] 2007-07-11 Will It Blend? [willitblend.com]
Everybody knows that the iPhone can make phone calls, play movies & music, surf the web, and a lot more. But, Will It Blend?

[discuss] 2007-07-10 Nio års fängelse för haschsmuggling [archive.corren.se]

[discuss] 2007-07-10 Här dödades 3-årige Linus [aftonbladet.se]
Styvpappan dömdes i förra veckan till tre och ett halvt års fängelse.

[discuss] 2007-07-10 Iberian Ham, Iberian Ham, Jamón Ibérico de Bellota - Jamones Domecq - Jamón Ibérico de Bellota - Jamones Juan Pedro Domecq [jamonesdomecq.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-10 Nude Recreation Week 'takes off' July 9-15 [battlecreekenquirer.com]
Nakenveckan är här!

[discuss] 2007-07-10 "Unlocking" the iPhone [gustaf.symbiandiaries.com]
People are somehow convinced that AT&T subtracts value from the device, sullying the pureness of Apple's vision.

[discuss] 2007-07-10 Apple plans cheaper, Nano-based phone [msnbc.msn.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-09 Linux 2 6 22 - Linux Kernel Newbies [kernelnewbies.org]
Whats new

[discuss] 2007-07-09 Sony Cuts PlayStation 3 Price, Aims to Double Sales [bloomberg.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-08 Estonia dominates wife-carrying contest [theage.com.au]
"The winning couple received plasma televisions and [the wife] weight, 49 kg, in beer."

[discuss] 2007-07-08 How to Chill a Hot Beer or Soda in 3 Minutes [dumblittleman.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-08 Landing in heavy fog at London Heathrow Airport [liveleak.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-06 Hon är nummer 200.000 i Stockholms bostadskö [dn.se]

[discuss] 2007-07-06 Count Gottfried von Bismarck [telegraph.co.uk]
Count Gottfried von Bismarck, who was found dead on Monday aged 44, was a louche German aristocrat with a multi-faceted history as a pleasure-seeking heroin addict, hell-raising alcoholic...

[discuss] 2007-07-06 Programming tips of the day [myconfinedspace.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-06 The house that helped build Google [usatoday.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-05 Tips för ett lyckat toalettbesök [svd.se]
Ha fötterna stadigt i golvet, använd en fotboll om du inte når ner ordenligt.

[discuss] 2007-07-05 IPhone-Free Cellphone News [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-04 Reality Desktop [mobiface.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-04 Reactee - - Cause a Reaction (shirts that text back) [reactee.com]
T-shirts man kan SMS:a till. Typ.

[discuss] 2007-07-04 Africans to Bono: 'For God's sake please stop!' [american.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-04 Are You Living in a Computer Simulation? [simulation-argument.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-04 Flock: social browser gets significant update [blogs.zdnet.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-04 How to make friends [dilbert.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-03 Vibrator speaker system causes a buzz | Reg Hardware [reghardware.co.uk]
"The joystick-shaped device is battery powered..." högtalare... jaja..

[discuss] 2007-07-03 Att tala skånska är att kräkas en smula [blogg.aftonbladet.se]

[discuss] 2007-07-03 Don't blame Paula! [hedgate.net]

[discuss] 2007-07-03 apple_evolution.jpg (JPEG Image, 3435x2280 pixels) - Scaled (34%) [tofslie.com]
Snyggare förr. ;)

[discuss] 2007-07-02 Technology: Twitter Has "Ruined" My Life [blog.fastcompany.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-02 Död kamel hittad vid E22 [sydsvenskan.se]
Så det var DÄR jag la den...

[discuss] 2007-07-02 7-Elevens become Simpsons 'Kwik-E-Marts' [news.yahoo.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-01 A Developer's Life Stages [senzee.blogspot.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-01 von Neumann's Long Farewell [toomuchcode.blogspot.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-01 Living in Three Centuries : The Face of Age | Image 72 | [markstoryphotography.com]

[discuss] 2007-07-01 Nokia regains lead in Green Electronics [laptoplogic.com]
"Sony-Ericsson and Samsung pull up third and fourth with limited recycling programmes in a few countries and good, but uneven, performance on other criteria for removing toxic chemicals."

2 comments 2007-07-01 re:member - you're in charge [remembercard.se]
Seriöst. Detta är en av alla reklamer som faktist fått mig att vilja anamma produkten. inte för den sliskliga "your in charge", men för "varför gör du inte det som flyger genom ditt huvud"

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