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topics for December 2007

[discuss] 2007-12-31 The worst junk stats of 2007 [timesonline.co.uk]
Those figures you read in the newspaper were pretty convincing, right? Think again. Here are some classic idiocies

[discuss] 2007-12-31 How to rent an apartment in Tokyo [gadling.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-31 How to Photograph Fireworks [digital-photography-school.com]
Gott nytt år!

[discuss] 2007-12-29 Web design 2.0 - it 19s all about the resource and its URL [derivadow.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-29 Security Vulnerability Research & Defense [blogs.technet.com]
tekniska detaljer om säkerhetsproblem i windows (från microsoft)

[discuss] 2007-12-29 Project Euler [projecteuler.net]

[discuss] 2007-12-28 "Klimat efter Marx" [sydsvenskan.se]
Uppkomsten av miljöapokalyptiskt tänkande är kanske den mest påfallande ideologiska utvecklingen i västvärlden sedan marxismen gick under

[discuss] 2007-12-28 the world 19s loneliest prada store [deputy-dog.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-27 Rinkeby t-banestation avstängd kvällstid [dn.se]
Nu har problemen flyttat till Tensta t-banestation, som kan komma att stängas om oroligheterna fortsätter.

[discuss] 2007-12-27 Norra Grängesbergsgatan [norragrangesbergsgatan.blogspot.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-26 2008 Web Predictions [readwriteweb.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-26 The Scala programming language: My First Impressions [dlweinreb.wordpress.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-26 Linus on the value of documentation [blog.orebokech.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-25 The Best Ways To Pimp Out Your Flickr [blogs.photopreneur.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-25 Email in the 18th century [lowtechmagazine.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-24 Chuck Norris stämmer bokförlag [expressen.se]
Boken innehåller "fakta" som "Chuck Norris tårar kan bota cancer. Synd att han aldrig har gråtit." eller "Chuck Norris sover aldrig. Han väntar.".

[discuss] 2007-12-24 Jenny Nyström [en.wikipedia.org]
mainly known as the person who created the Swedes 19 image of the 1cjultomte 1d on numerous Christmas cards and magazine covers

[discuss] 2007-12-24 Haddon Sundblom [en.wikipedia.org]
Sundblom is best remembered for his advertising work, specifically the Santa Claus advertisements he painted for The Coca-Cola Company in the 1930s.

[discuss] 2007-12-24 Urban Legends Reference Pages: Coca-Cola Invents Santa [snopes.com]
Status: False.

[discuss] 2007-12-24 achtung x-mas [youtube.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-23 Pie chart: 30 Minutes with CNN Headline News [flickr.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-22 mobile.brando.com.hk [mobile.brando.com.hk]
"[..] just put the mobile phone into this slim bag, signal will be blocked!!!"

[discuss] 2007-12-21 A Tour of Xerox PARC [blog.guykawasaki.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-21 Key Trends 2008 [mindpark.se]
Mycket matnyttigt.

[discuss] 2007-12-21 Asteroid may hit Mars in next month [news.yahoo.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-21 Technical Debt [blogs.construx.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-20 Samba Team Receives Microsoft Protocol Docs [news.samba.org]

1 comments 2007-12-20 Lite webhistoria: var kommer img-tagen ifrån [1997.webhistory.org]

[discuss] 2007-12-20 Android Hardware In The Wild: Google Android Prototype In the Wild [gizmodo.com]
Google Android Prototype In the Wild

[discuss] 2007-12-20 Developing apps for Google Android: it's a mixed bag [arstechnica.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-20 Familj som skulle hämta julgran gick vilse - Världen - Sydsvenskan - Nyheter dygnet runt [sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2007-12-20 Descendants of Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse break away from US [afp.google.com]
"We are no longer citizens of the United States of America and all those who live in the five-state area that encompasses our country are free to join us"

[discuss] 2007-12-20 The secret to winning at rock, paper, scissors [telegraph.co.uk]
Scientists believe they have worked out the secret to winning at paper, scissors, stone.

[discuss] 2007-12-20 JSR-000271 Mobile Information Device Profile - Public Review [jcp.org]
MIDP 3.0, ge din feedback

[discuss] 2007-12-20 Man of the Year - TIME [time.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-20 Code's Worst Enemy [steve-yegge.blogspot.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-19 Software cracking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia [en.wikipedia.org]

[discuss] 2007-12-19 Microsoft Live Labs : Volta [labs.live.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-19 Ericsson och Sony Ericsson nyanställer 600 i Lund [sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2007-12-19 Sydsvenskan.se - Strulwebb [sydsvenskan.wordpress.com]
Om du läser denna text betyder det att vi just nu har tekniska problem på Sydsvenskan.se

[discuss] 2007-12-19 blippr: Radically Short Ratings and Reviews [blippr.com]
"blippr is a social tool that uses the power of your social network"... bla bla bla

[discuss] 2007-12-19 MindArk gillar inte Mindpark [mindpark.se]
samma bolag som registrerat Mindpark åt oss var avsändare av det här brevet 26

[discuss] 2007-12-19 Where did the paying members go? [torstensson.com]
It is eye-opening that 90 percent of a revenue stream in the range of 2.5-3 million euros per year can vanish in one to two years.

[discuss] 2007-12-19 Riksdagens Nätverk 2007 [eudoxa.se]
Ett datorprogram har fördelat ledamöterna så att starkt kopplade ledamöter och grupper samlas i moln, vilka representerar ideologisk och/eller social samverkan.

[discuss] 2007-12-19 How Facebook Ended My Marriage [thomascrampton.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-19 The IPhone Is Internet Explorer 4 All Over Again [blog.wired.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-19 What's Wrong with the For Loop [notes-on-haskell.blogspot.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-19 Company Picnic [canucklehead.ca]
For the last company picnic, management decided that, due to liability issues, they could have alcohol, but only one (1) drink per person.

[discuss] 2007-12-18 Välkommen till Swedish Cracking Academy! [gnuserver.mine.nu]

[discuss] 2007-12-18 Äventyret Switchcore är över [sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2007-12-18 How did wildcards work in MS-DOS? [blogs.msdn.com]

2 comments 2007-12-18 Why we use i, j, and k in for loops [tech.ablegray.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-18 Some Not-So-Usual Photos [englishrussia.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-17 I AM NOT HAPPY! [qdb.us]

[discuss] 2007-12-17 Will it fly? How to Evaluate a New Product Idea [evhead.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-17 bloggen fyller 10 år i dag. [en.wikipedia.org]
The term "weblog" was coined by Jorn Barger on 17 December 1997.

[discuss] 2007-12-16 Event och konferenser inom (digitala) medier och internet 2008 [mindpark.se]

[discuss] 2007-12-16 Top 5 security-menace predictions for 2008 [networkworld.com]
Symantec 19s picks include advanced botnets, cybercrime in 'virtual worlds' and cyberattacks on election campaigns

[discuss] 2007-12-15 Open Courses Open Wider [insidehighered.com]
Yale University on Tuesday launched its free, online archive of popular undergraduate courses

[discuss] 2007-12-15 STEVE JOBS AT HOME IN 1982 [digitaljournalist.org]
"This was a very typical time. I was single. All you needed was a cup of tea, a light, and your stereo, you know, and that 19s what I had." - Steve Jobs

[discuss] 2007-12-14 Linkers and Loaders [iecc.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-14 Dynamic Linking in Linux and Windows, part one [securityfocus.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-14 The Nerd Handbook [randsinrepose.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-14 Jardenberg: Operatörerna - vår tids pestsmitta [medievarlden.se]

[discuss] 2007-12-14 Arbetslösa riksdagsledamöter lever gott [di.se]
"Man är dum om man går ut och jobbar"

[discuss] 2007-12-14 Stats, stats, baby! [blog.flickr.com]
We 19ve designed stats on Flickr to give you all sorts of insight into how people arrive at your photos

[discuss] 2007-12-13 How to use ARM's data-abort exception | Wireless Net DesignLine [wirelessnetdesignline.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-13 Gustaf Douglas slåss för jämlikhet [di.se]

[discuss] 2007-12-13 Low-Cost Multi-touch Whiteboard using the Wii Remote [youtube.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-13 The World 19s Most Famous Photoshop Fakes [blogs.photopreneur.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-13 The man behind the Commodore 64 [news.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-13 Skivaffären Jukebox stänger [sydsvenskan.se]
I helgen inleds utförsäljningen av alla skivor.

[discuss] 2007-12-13 Bringing one SimCity per child to the OLPC [linuxworld.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-13 CommandShift3 - It's like Hot or Not for web design [commandshift3.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-12 "Look": The First Major US Film Made Entirely With Surveillance Footage [VIDEO] [alternet.org]

[discuss] 2007-12-12 Good: Amazon Sends "Best Customer Service E-mail I've Ever Received" [consumerist.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-12 DN ger sig in i mobilbranschen - lanserar tidningsnalle [dagensmedia.se]
Det här är världens första tidningsmobil

[discuss] 2007-12-12 Why Dont Sports Teams Use Randomization? [freakonomics.blogs.nytimes.com]

1 comments 2007-12-12 Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year 2007: w00t! [merriam-webster.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-11 Where are the media companies CTO´s? [goodold.se]

[discuss] 2007-12-11 Kickin' the Darkness: A Coding War Story: What's Your Point? [blog.kickin-the-darkness.com]
I then had the most well attended code inspection of my career :-) There were nearly a dozen engineers and managers in the room with me, and at least another dozen dialed in from all over the country, all to inspect about 20 lines of code.

[discuss] 2007-12-11 Good URL Bad URL [goodurlbadurl.blogspot.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-11 Dataspelare stressar mindre [sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2007-12-11 Silicon Valley celebrates Commodore 64 at 25 [news.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-11 Travel Reviews | Hotel Reviews | Travel Guides | Plan your Trip on boo [boo.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-11 Anatomy of Credit Card Numbers [merriampark.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-11 Färsras hos Ica [di.se]

[discuss] 2007-12-11 Threads and memory model for C++ [hpl.hp.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-10 Outsourcingsäkra jobb - finns de? [idg.se]
Per Gudmundson valde Erik Starck som nästa bloggare, med ämnet: Finns det något jobb jag vill ha som inte kan outsourcas tack vare informationssamhället?

[discuss] 2007-12-10 infosthetics shopping guide for the data-addicted [infosthetics.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-10 Ireland became the first country in the world to ban the traditional lightbulb. [independent.ie]
Householders will be forced to switch to new long-life low-energy bulbs in 12 months' time.

[discuss] 2007-12-09 review of Bic Crystal ballpoint pen, medium point, black. [amazon.co.uk]

[discuss] 2007-12-09 Uncomfortable Questions: Was the Death Star Attack an Inside Job? [websurdity.com]
Like many citizens of the Empire, I was fed this story when I was growing up. But as I watched the video, I began to realize that all was not as it seemed.

[discuss] 2007-12-09 Slutbot aces Turing Test [roughtype.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-09 ett par stora burgare [dennysbeerbarrelpub.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-08 Rails 2.0: It's done! [weblog.rubyonrails.org]

[discuss] 2007-12-07 Another example of why the tech industry and mobile operators don't get along [mobileopportunity.blogspot.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-07 Wikipedia black helicopters circle Utah's Traverse Mountain [theregister.co.uk]
In early September, the Wikipedia inner circle banned edits from 1,000 homes and one massive online retailer in an attempt to suppress the voice of one man.

[discuss] 2007-12-07 Asus Eee 701 vs. Nokia N810 - Linux Fight! [ultramobilegeek.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-07 A complete list of things caused by global warming [numberwatch.co.uk]

[discuss] 2007-12-07 Forget the Linux Desktop, it's the Linux Laptop that matters! [sourcesmouth.co.uk]

[discuss] 2007-12-07 Top 10 bizarre experiments [newscientist.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-06 Developer's Guide - Google Chart API [code.google.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-06 Logitech > Notebook Products > Cases > KINETIK 15.4 Backpack [logitech.com]
Shape integrity prevents the misshapen "camper" look common to notebook packs.

[discuss] 2007-12-06 Supreme Court allows women to serve drinks in Delhi [today.reuters.com]
Women will be allowed to work as bartenders in New Delhi, India's Supreme Court ruled on Thursday

[discuss] 2007-12-06 meapplicationdevelopers: Subversion [meapplicationdevelopers.dev.java.net]

[discuss] 2007-12-06 CGUI Source Page [homepage.usask.ca]

[discuss] 2007-12-06 KevLinDev - Home [kevlindev.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-06 SVG-Based User Interface Framework [svgopen.org]

[discuss] 2007-12-06 Free Icons and Buttons [downloadpedia.org]

[discuss] 2007-12-06 Thinkpad Accelerometer [nikolajbaer.us]

[discuss] 2007-12-06 The Dictatorship of Talent [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-06 Stora julmust-testet 2007 [tasteline.com]
Sveriges största julmusttest

[discuss] 2007-12-06 RIP Facebook? [techland.blogs.fortune.cnn.com]
watching it now is like watching an unattended child play with a pack of matches in a wooden house.

[discuss] 2007-12-05 Konsumentverket/KO - Fem av 20 dykföretag klarar inte kraven [konsumentverket.se]

[discuss] 2007-12-05 Eläkeläiset - Ranttalihumppa [youtube.com]
iron maiden på finska

[discuss] 2007-12-05 Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg? (Part One) - Errol Morris [morris.blogs.nytimes.com]
The use of the word "obvious" indicates the absence of a logical argument 13 an attempt to convince the reader by asserting the truth of something by saying it a little louder.

[discuss] 2007-12-05 Flickr Photo Editing Live [dslrblog.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-05 stare_fotografie_92.jpg (JPEG Image, 450x613 pixels) [widelec.org]

[discuss] 2007-12-05 The waterfall trap for "agile" projects [gojko.net]

[discuss] 2007-12-05 Bubble 2.0: The Video [techcrunch.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-04 deCODEme [decodeme.com]
For only $985 we scan over one million variants in your genome

[discuss] 2007-12-04 Harsh Reality Of Verizon 19s Open Network [gigaom.com]
Data revenue saved the day, surging 63 percent and lifting the company to 15 percent revenue growth overall. Data revenue per user increased 43 percent, while voice revenue per user declined 5 percent

[discuss] 2007-12-04 Buy Houses in Detroit For $250, Monthly Pmt = $1 [mjperry.blogspot.com]

1 comments 2007-12-04 IBAS presenterar de värsta fallen av dataförlust under 2007 [ibas.se]
Tio klantar som hade turen att få tillbaks sina data

[discuss] 2007-12-04 Konsument till annonsör: jag vill skiljas [mindpark.se]
"I've changed. And you haven't."

[discuss] 2007-12-04 In Japan Half The Top Selling Books Are Written On Mobile Phones [techcrunch.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-03 Sanningen bakom glasstillverkning [kallberg.blogs.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-03 Mindroute wikifierar sin företagssajt [uppkopplat.se]
när Malmöföretaget Mindroute lanserar sin nya sajt den 5 december så kommer den att vara en wiki. Vem som helst kan redigera informationen om deras publiceringsverktyg Lemoon eller wikiverktyget Incentive

[discuss] 2007-12-03 Nätmat tillbaka efter flopp [sydsvenskan.se]
Nu tror livsmedelskedjorna att tiden är mogen för att handla daglig mat över webben.

[discuss] 2007-12-03 Top 10 Google Tech Talks []

[discuss] 2007-12-03 There's no such thing as a "social network" [paulbuchheit.blogspot.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-02 YouTube - American Psycho: Business Card Scene [youtube.com]

1 comments 2007-12-02 Cool business card designs [creativebits.org]

[discuss] 2007-12-01 Home: wearitatwork [wearitatwork.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-01 Christian Sejersen - » Mobile Goals [christiansejersen.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-01 Review: 'Blade Runner' is a leaner machine [sfgate.com]

[discuss] 2007-12-01 Evel Knievel död [wwwc.aftonbladet.se]

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