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topics for July 2008

[discuss] 2008-07-31 What if I went to a Java school Joel? [thinkingdigitally.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-30 Cuil [cuil.com]
Ny sökmotor från google-avhoppare.

1 comments 2008-07-29 Android, Symbian Expected To Become One OS [informationweek.com]
Analyst J. Gold Associates said the merger of the two mobile operating systems will begin within three to six months.

[discuss] 2008-07-29 The Outquisition [worldchanging.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-29 FRA kan inte ens anmäla till rätt instans [ingero.blogspot.com]
för FRA:s del den mest kungliga urkukningen sedan Gustav III försökte skaffa barn

[discuss] 2008-07-28 Lösenordssäkerhet + Målformulering = sant [ms--online.blogspot.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-27 Höllvikenkillen framför mig i falafelkön: [gustavs.jaiku.com]
"Senast jag var på Möllan blev jag så j:a blåst"

[discuss] 2008-07-25 DN Sale Price- Domain Name Sales Price and History [dnsaleprice.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-25 Want to be buried in an iPhone coffin? [t3.com]
SNES med eject för min del! :)

[discuss] 2008-07-24 Connectors explained [kingmaker.co.uk]
15-pin D-sub BNC Co-axial Component Composite DFP DisplayPort DVI-D DVI-I SCART HDMI Mini-jack Phono RCA RGB-Component S-Video UDI

[discuss] 2008-07-24 The Bletchley Park Trust [bletchleypark.org.uk]
"The Bletchley Park Trust is aiming to preserve the core heritage of the site and to build on the work of the wartime pioneers through education and technology innovation." Stället förfaller å de grövsta

[discuss] 2008-07-24 Sprint to Sell Cellphone Towers, Use Money to Pay Down Debt - WSJ.com [online.wsj.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-23 If you need a build team, your build is too complex [faler.wordpress.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-23 Bullerfonden - Klubbinfo - Svenska Ducatiklubben [ducceklubben.org]
Fonden ersätter böter för ljudnivå, avsaknad av s.k. flamskydd (luftfilter) och ev. ombesiktningskostnader till följd av detta. Det sker så länge fondens medel räcker till. Vid anspråk på fondutbetalning skickas kopia på böteslappen samt ev kopia på besik

[discuss] 2008-07-23 Båt omringad av avföring i Trosaån [sn.se]
Rubriken sätter fantasin i rörelse...

[discuss] 2008-07-22 User-operated amusement apparatus for kicking the user's buttocks - US Patent 6293874 [patentstorm.us]
"An amusement apparatus including a user-operated and controlled apparatus for self-infliction of repetitive blows to the user's buttocks by a plurality of elongated arms bearing flexible extensions that rotate under the user's control"

[discuss] 2008-07-22 ZYB [zyb.com]
"See where your friends are now on a map". Köpt av vodafone 16 maj 2008 %a

[discuss] 2008-07-21 NiceCritic.com: 18It seems like your thong is showing 19 [webworkerdaily.com]
NiceCritic enables users to send anonymous messages to coworkers, essentially to 18communicate difficult thoughts comfortably 19.

[discuss] 2008-07-21 Ovierview | What is TransferJet? | TransferJet [transferjet.org]
NFC on steroids

[discuss] 2008-07-20 Windows 95 Lead Architect Is a Mac Convert, Launches First iPhone App [gizmodo.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-19 Running for Office: It's Like A Flamewar with a Forum Troll, but with an Eventual Winner [seantevis.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-19 Great Graphs of our Time #94 [peter-ould.net]
Things Meat Loaf would do for love

[discuss] 2008-07-18 Nothing to lose but their chains [economist.com]
Robots are getting cleverer and more dexterous. Their time has almost come

1 comments 2008-07-18 Sony Ericsson sparkar 2 000 anställda [sydsvenskan.se]
Sony Ericsson ska säga upp 2 000 personer - var fjärde anställd

[discuss] 2008-07-18 Ingen vinst för Sony Ericsson [idg.se]

[discuss] 2008-07-18 Where Do Old Phones Go? [sonnyradio.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-18 Mapping Processes for Startups: Monetization [judegomila.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-18 Using your browser URL history to estimate gender [mikeonads.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-18 Website Value 101 - How to Appraise a Website [stuntdubl.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-17 10 years ago, we only had 2 kinds of T-shirts to choose from... [i35.tinypic.com]

1 comments 2008-07-17 List of inventors killed by their own inventions [en.wikipedia.org]

[discuss] 2008-07-17 jQuery Sparklines [omnipotent.net]

[discuss] 2008-07-17 rustarpuff.jpg (JPEG Image, 448x237 pixels) [dn.se]
Kinesisk anti-terrorstyrka på segways!

[discuss] 2008-07-16 Korsordslexikon.se - Vi har lösningen till ditt korsord! [korsordslexikon.se]

[discuss] 2008-07-15 Down for everyone or just me? [downforeveryoneorjustme.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-14 Loop VS System.arraycopy [faisalferoz.wordpress.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-14 Berglins_2008-07-14_343107a.gif (GIF Image, 710x498 pixels) [svd.se]
"Villahannar är som vårfåglar."

[discuss] 2008-07-13 Protocol buffers: the early reviews are in [diveintomark.org]

[discuss] 2008-07-13 HTML 5 data- Attributes [ejohn.org]

[discuss] 2008-07-13 Är Apple det nya Microsoft? [svd.se]
Jobs liknas vid den ondskefulle Darth Vader, en förrädare som gått över till den onda sidan

[discuss] 2008-07-13 Giving Sh*t Away is not a Business Strategy [25hoursaday.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-12 IBM's eight-core Power7 chip to clock in at 4.0GHz [theregister.co.uk]
if this stuff isn't sending shivers down the spines of Sun and Intel, then I don't know what will.

[discuss] 2008-07-12 The Shaggy God [bostonmagazine.com]
Richard Stallman is the tech genius behind a software revolution that continues to transform the wired world. But instead of cashing in on his big idea - well, let's just say he's taken a different path.

[discuss] 2008-07-11 How to Think About the "new" Operator with Respect to Unit Testing [googletesting.blogspot.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-11 Exploring LISP on the JVM [infoq.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-11 Punk IPA - Post modern classic pale ale [brewdog.com]
Nr 1515 på bolaget. Värt ett köp!

[discuss] 2008-07-11 The Most Important Idea in Computer Science [bc.tech.coop]

[discuss] 2008-07-11 Cell phones tracking nightlife activity [primidi.com]
"Citysense shows the overall activity level of the city, top activity hotspots, and places with unexpectedly high activity, all in real-time."

[discuss] 2008-07-11 iPhone or Millionaire? [geekculture.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-11 Test Drive of the Google Hosted Ajax Libraries [blog.httpwatch.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-10 Ubuntu Photo Manager Experiment [ubuntuproductivity.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-10 Two bytes walk into a bar. [dis.4chan.org]

[discuss] 2008-07-10 symbian_debugging.jpg (JPEG Image, 1024x768 pixels) [vilvo.kapsi.fi]

[discuss] 2008-07-10 Yahoo! Search BOSS [developer.yahoo.com]
BOSS (Build your Own Search Service) is Yahoo!'s open search web services platform

[discuss] 2008-07-10 Hippo eats dwarf [kensingtonvictoria.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-10 Reverse autocomplete [lkozma.net]

1 comments 2008-07-10 maincoursebarbie.jpg [nickscipio.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-09 Google releases its data encoding format to compete with XML [betanews.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-09 Spartan programming [ssdl-wiki.cs.technion.ac.il]

[discuss] 2008-07-08 Attention all extension authors [forums.mozillazine.org]
Hur du får FF3 att godkänna codemode-extensionen

[discuss] 2008-07-08 India beggar amasses coin fortune [news.bbc.co.uk]
Ms Das handed over 91kg (200lb) of coins - the produce of 44 years of hard begging

[discuss] 2008-07-07 Get a Grip 14 Phillips Screws Up the Toolbox [wired.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-07 Today is the Day [istheday.blogspot.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-06 10 things you might not know about robots [chicagotribune.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-06 Erlang, or Utility-computing vs. Appliance-computing [vertonghen.wordpress.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-06 How to explain RSS the Oprah way [cravingideas.blogs.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-05 Web Form Design Patterns: Sign-Up Forms [smashingmagazine.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-05 Bad engineering properties of object-oriented languages [doc.cat-v.org]

[discuss] 2008-07-05 Signs that you are a bad programmer (Bad Programmers) [badprogrammer.infogami.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-04 1dKänguru 1d får inte dela ut spritreklam [sydsvenskan.se]
Men va f...

[discuss] 2008-07-04 Daddy loves Mommy [flux.tastylime.net]
When a mommy and a daddy love each other very much, the daddy whant to give the mommy a special gift.

[discuss] 2008-07-04 Announcing: New Google C++ Testing Framework [googletesting.blogspot.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-04 Bearish battalions [economist.com]
Almost everything that could is going wrong for world stockmarkets

[discuss] 2008-07-04 Google tvingas lämna ut användardata [dn.se]
Youtube-användares videovanor till Viacom

[discuss] 2008-07-03 Man found in wisconsin basement covered in BBQ sauce [wwmt.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-03 FLDS Dress [fldsdress.com]
För den där äkta "galen sekt"-looken på dina barn

[discuss] 2008-07-03 The financial wisdom of Fight Club [wisebread.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-02 Open source to 'blow mobiles open' [networks.silicon.com]
Open source software will mean the end of proprietary phone and software bundles, and create universal compatibility and lower the cost of handsets within three years

[discuss] 2008-07-02 "I live... AGAIN!" [youtube.com]
Codemode uppe igen.

[discuss] 2008-07-01 Web 2.1 server-side blink tag demonstration [cheese.blartwendo.com]

[discuss] 2008-07-01 WebKit now supports CSS Variables [lists.w3.org]

[discuss] 2008-07-01 Archive Watercooler Clips: Sales Guy vs. Web Dude [webworkerdaily.com]
The website is down.

[discuss] 2008-07-01 Programmer Competency Matrix [indiangeek.net]

[discuss] 2008-07-01 Typical Reaction to the Revelation That I Do Not Own a Cell Phone, By Year [defectiveyeti.com]

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