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topics for November 2008

[discuss] 2008-11-30 Bloggpuls [bloggpuls.se]
Den svenska bloggosfären just nu i kortform.

[discuss] 2008-11-30 Dancing Plague of 1518 [en.wikipedia.org]

[discuss] 2008-11-29 Lebedev 19s pyramid [artlebedev.com]
The proportion shown below is true of any company, organization or community.

[discuss] 2008-11-29 world clock [shambles.net]

[discuss] 2008-11-29 Interactive Video Object Manipulation on Vimeo [vimeo.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-29 Mumbai under attack - The Big Picture (pics= [boston.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-28 Hey, do you want any watermelon? [buttersafe.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-27 The Omega Man [www-2.dc.uba.ar]
He shattered mathematics with a single number. And that was just for starters, says Marcus Chown

[discuss] 2008-11-27 Why the singularity may never arrive [maximise.dk]

[discuss] 2008-11-26 rockets help build bridge higher than empire state building [deputy-dog.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-26 2008 Word of the Year: Bailout [calculatedrisk.blogspot.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-25 Bug Finder (Programming, Testing / Quality Assurance) [getacoder.com]
To state that another way, given a function f and input x, determine if f(x) will halt.

[discuss] 2008-11-25 dear; (char)lotte--; [www0.us.ioccc.org]

[discuss] 2008-11-24 Maxing out your Triangle [jackcheng.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-24 Lura Ditt Barn [luradittbarn.se]

[discuss] 2008-11-23 How Google Plans to Take Over TV [technologyreview.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-22 Gay marriage: the database engineering perspective [qntm.org]

[discuss] 2008-11-21 19-year-old Commits Suicide on Justin.tv [newteevee.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-21 HTTP errors - a set on Flickr [flickr.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-21 Flatulence expert defines 'normal' output rate [ctv.ca]

[discuss] 2008-11-21 Jenkem [en.wikipedia.org]

[discuss] 2008-11-20 mobilejsf: Home [mobilejsf.dev.java.net]

1 comments 2008-11-20 Negerskallelandet, karta [hitta.se]

[discuss] 2008-11-20 Calculated Risk: Four Bad Bears [calculatedrisk.blogspot.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-20 German Medic's Account Confirms Hitler Had Only One Testicle [foxnews.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-20 HTTP Conversation Codes [seldo.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-19 LIFE photo archive hosted by Google [images.google.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-19 Beer Bottle Holder Sweatshirt [thingsyouneverknew.com]
Classic heather gray sweatshirt has a built-in pouch to hold your bottled brew.

[discuss] 2008-11-19 An infinite number of mathematicians walk into a bar.... [derdritte.soup.io]

[discuss] 2008-11-18 NVISION 08 Highlights: GPU vs CPU Demonstration [nvidia.com]
Mythbuster style!!! (must-see)

[discuss] 2008-11-18 Murdoch to media: You dug yourself a huge hole [news.cnet.com]
The complacency stems from having enjoyed a monopoly--and now finding they have to compete for an audience they once took for granted.

[discuss] 2008-11-18 ARM and Canonical to bring full Ubuntu desktop experience to low-power, ARM technology-based computing devices | Ubuntu [ubuntu.com]
Ubuntu goes ARM7

[discuss] 2008-11-18 Kartläggning: kinesiska mobiltelefoner - Kinamobilerna [mobil.se]
Ikonerna i menyerna ser litet ut som om de blivit skärmdumpade från en N95, utklippta, och inklistrade i telefonens operativsystem.

[discuss] 2008-11-18 Mad Science: Gender-Bending Body Swap Experiment Leaves Subjects Wanting More [io9.com]
Volunteers experienced the body-swap illusion by receiving simultaneous visual and motor input from another 19s body.

[discuss] 2008-11-18 Games Without Frontiers: Victory in Vomit [wired.com]
By now you have probably heard the warning: Playing Mirror's Edge will make you vomit.

[discuss] 2008-11-18 Race on to build world's first space elevator [news.com.au]

[discuss] 2008-11-17 KEO [en.wikipedia.org]
KEO is a space time capsule which will be launched in 2010 or 2011 carrying messages from the citizens of present Earth to humanity 50,000 years from now, when it will reenter Earth's atmosphere.

[discuss] 2008-11-17 What Would Google Do? [avc.com]
Yahoo! is the last old media company. Google is the first post-media company.

[discuss] 2008-11-17 The MacGyver Tornado Punch (3 seconds) [videosift.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-17 Why you won't eat at 7:30 [thestar.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-17 Ejacs: a JavaScript interpreter for Emacs [steve-yegge.blogspot.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-16 How to Price Your iPhone App out of Existence [losingfight.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-16 GenderAnalyzer - Determine if a homepage is written by a man or woman [genderanalyzer.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-14 Bug #1 in Ubuntu: "Microsoft has a majority market share" [bugs.launchpad.net]

[discuss] 2008-11-14 Royal Pingdom - The world 19s most super-designed data center [royal.pingdom.com]
bahnhofs datacenter i stockholm.

[discuss] 2008-11-13 3 Flat-Screen Makers Plead Guilty to Trying to Keep Prices High [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-13 Pivotal Tracker: The iPod of project management software [venturehacks.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-13 The End of Wall Street's Boom [portfolio.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-13 RED's Digital Still and Motion Camera System now official [engadget.com]
261 MegaPixel.

[discuss] 2008-11-13 THE MAN WHO SOLD HOT DOGS [blogs.zappos.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-12 neuron-galaxy.jpg [1.bp.blogspot.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-12 How can C Programs be so Reliable? [tratt.net]

[discuss] 2008-11-11 I'm actually Knuth's homeboy [flickr.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-11 Picking Time [ejohn.org]

[discuss] 2008-11-11 Top 10 ways to amuse a geek [nymphs.org]

[discuss] 2008-11-11 Hiroshima: The Lost Photographs [designobserver.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-11 Maldives seek to buy a new homeland [guardian.co.uk]

[discuss] 2008-11-11 Fast Food: Just Another Name for Corn [blog.wired.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-10 How nine of the world's largest tech companies got started [royal.pingdom.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-10 Frequently Forgotten Fundamental Facts about Software Engineering [www2.computer.org]

[discuss] 2008-11-10 WIPwiki.com - We help mobile developers find tools, partners and resources. [wipwiki.com]
Companies with Developer Programs

[discuss] 2008-11-10 How people really use the iPhone [slideshare.net]

[discuss] 2008-11-09 "Star Wars" - an a capella tribute to John Williams [youtube.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-09 The Red Dragon Inn Boardgame [slugfestgames.com]
"Now you're back in town, healed up, cleaned up, and ready to party at the Red Dragon Inn. []. The last conscious adventurer with Gold wins the game!"

[discuss] 2008-11-09 Why do women always feel colder than men? [timesonline.co.uk]

[discuss] 2008-11-09 Wordpress Theme Generator [yvoschaap.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-09 Melting into Air [newyorker.com]
Before the financial system went bust, it went postmodern.

[discuss] 2008-11-08 Worst. Bug. Ever. [blogs.zdnet.com]
It turns out the bug in Android I wrote about yesterday was worse than we thought.

[discuss] 2008-11-07 "Single?" Lawn Signs Conquer the American Landscape [themetricsystem.rjmetrics.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-07 The Best Inventions of the Year - TIME's Best Inventions of 2008 [time.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-06 Change.gov [change.gov]

[discuss] 2008-11-06 How to Photograph a Conference - 10 Tips [digital-photography-school.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-06 SportAid.se [sportaid.se]
Skadepaket - innebandy

[discuss] 2008-11-06 Samtliga anställda varslas på UIQ [idg.se]

[discuss] 2008-11-05 You can't tell people anything [thefarmers.org]

[discuss] 2008-11-05 Script kiddies have awesome tools [dow.ngra.de]

[discuss] 2008-11-04 Herman Miller Embody Review: The Best Chair We've Ever Sat On [gizmodo.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-04 Henrik-Alexandersson.se: The Return of FRA 1.01 - En krigsförklaring [henrikalexandersson.blogspot.com]
Det blev som jag fruktade. FRA-lagen av den 18 juni börjar gälla vid årsskiftet.

[discuss] 2008-11-04 Welcome to Google TiSP [google.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-04 Gamer Preparedness Test [explore.toshiba.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-04 Nitra boy [sonyericsson.com]
Provlyssna på Nitra Boy.. weird stuff..

[discuss] 2008-11-04 Olika sätt att hålla koll [idg.se]
Det är som bekant inte bara gps-tekniken som möjliggör positionering.

[discuss] 2008-11-04 Why Vote? [nytimes.com]
Från freakonomics

[discuss] 2008-11-04 De vet var du är! [idg.se]
lite om positionering o sånt

[discuss] 2008-11-04 The Shape of Alpha [code.flickr.com]
skapa kartor utifrån geo-taggade foton

[discuss] 2008-11-03 Infrequently Asked Questions in comp.lang.c [lysator.liu.se]

[discuss] 2008-11-02 The Lego Minifig Timeline [gizmodo.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-01 Samsung Unveils 0.05mm 'Flapping' OLED Panel [techon.nikkeibp.co.jp]

[discuss] 2008-11-01 Slacker Nation? Young Japanese Shun Promotions [online.wsj.com]

[discuss] 2008-11-01 Lund favorit till forskarcentrum [svd.se]
En hittills hemlig utvärdering talar för att Lund vinner kampen om forskningsanläggningen ESS

[discuss] 2008-11-01 Porsche breaks the hedge funds [economist.com]
How Porsche fleeced hedge funds and roiled the world's financial markets

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