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topics for December 2008

[discuss] 2008-12-31 Large Form iPod Touch To Launch in Fall 1809 [techcrunch.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-31 Ask a Google engineer [moderator.appspot.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-30 An Old Univac Ad: "You 19re Trying to Divide by Zero" [globalnerdy.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-30 Modern Hobo Code [cockeyed.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-29 Vertor.com - Verified torrents [vertor.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-28 C# is the Next Python: Duck Typing and C# 4.0 [25hoursaday.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-27 Amazon calls 2008 holiday season its 'best ever' [marketwatch.com]
Vadå lågkonjunktur?

[discuss] 2008-12-26 Taleban threaten to blow up girls' schools if they refuse to close [timesonline.co.uk]
"Female education is against Islamic teachings and spreads vulgarity in society"

[discuss] 2008-12-26 MASS PRODUCED SOFTWARE COMPONENTS, BY M.D. McILROY [cs.dartmouth.edu]
från 1968

[discuss] 2008-12-24 god jul. [thegreatgeekmanual.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-23 Toyota Expects Its First Loss in 70 Years [nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-22 8 miljoner kineser skaffade mobil i november [di.se]

[discuss] 2008-12-21 Hard Work is Dead. Call It 'Work Ethic 2.0' [itmanagement.earthweb.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-21 A Developer's Life Stages [senzee5.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-21 A World Enslaved [foreignpolicy.com]
There are now more slaves on the planet than at any time in human history

[discuss] 2008-12-20 The Web Time Forgot [nytimes.com]
The Mundaneum Museum Honors the First Concept of the World Wide Web

[discuss] 2008-12-19 WW2 German SS Major v2 [brickarms.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-19 Android Diary I [tbray.org]

1 comments 2008-12-19 JavaScript equals operators [devguru.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-19 NASA orbiter reveals buried Martian glaciers [theregister.co.uk]

[discuss] 2008-12-19 Office FAQ [biscade.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-18 Våldsamt upplopp på Rosengård [sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2008-12-18 Fyllehungern gäckar forskare [sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2008-12-18 Prisomräknare från medeltid till nutid [historia.se]

[discuss] 2008-12-18 The Evolution of Search [blog.tigerlogic.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-18 Kokosmand i Aftenshowet [youtube.com]
1 - 0 till kokosnöten.

[discuss] 2008-12-18 Ecofont | Download the Ecofont [ecofont.eu]
Ny font med hål i... Eller också kan man ju skriva ut grått istället för svart från början.

[discuss] 2008-12-17 Chrysler Shuts Down All Factories [calculatedriskblog.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-17 Bush says sacrificed free-market principles to save economy [news.yahoo.com]
"I've abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system,"

[discuss] 2008-12-17 Back to basics [inslag.se]

[discuss] 2008-12-17 Flow Charts [xkcd.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-17 Tjuvlyssnat.se » "Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy as father and son" [tjuvlyssnat.se]
En regnig och kall morgon. En pappa ~30 står på knä på den grusiga och våta trottoaren och hjälper sin son ~3 att ordna med en bångstyrig gummistövel. Sonen gör underliga ljud.

[discuss] 2008-12-16 Warrant Issued For New Jersey Man Frank Gilberti Paying Traffic Fine With Pennies [wcbstv.com]
Warrant Issued After Man Tried To Pay $56 Traffic Fine With Coins

[discuss] 2008-12-16 Skåne Earthquake [skane.spreadshirt.net]

[discuss] 2008-12-16 Nu er den her: Jordskælvs-t-shirt'en [fri.dk]

[discuss] 2008-12-16 Skalvet sänkte pepparkakshuset [sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2008-12-16 Copyriot 3a Där kom det! Förbud mot anonymisering? [copyriot.se]
Att syssla med anonymiseringstjänster kommer inte att vara tillåtet eftersom det bryter mot lagen.

[discuss] 2008-12-16 Mobile Opportunity: Nokia: Running in molasses [mobileopportunity.blogspot.com]
I can't help picturing a man knee-deep in molasses, running as fast as he can.

[discuss] 2008-12-14 Dagens Spotifylista [dagensspotifylista.net]
Mycket Thåström o sånt.

[discuss] 2008-12-14 Steve Jobs speaks out - On managing through the economic downturn [money.cnn.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-13 Why do most zippers say YKK on the pull-tab? [home.howstuffworks.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-12 Dead Cat Bounce [ritholtz.com]

1 comments 2008-12-12 Bacon and Cheese Roll [foodproof.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-11 Generösa villkor lugnade Kista [teknik360.idg.se]
411 personer i Kista, 47 i Lund och 13 i Hässleholm sades upp under onsdagen.

[discuss] 2008-12-11 What if Steve Jobs ran Chrysler? [ritholtz.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-11 Browser Security Handbook [code.google.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-10 Hackers Successfully Install Linux on a Potato [bbspot.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-10 Jean Michel Jarre till Malmö Arena [sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2008-12-10 Neonode i konkurs [di.se]

[discuss] 2008-12-10 50 Most Beautiful Icon Sets Created in 2008 [noupe.com]

2 comments 2008-12-10 Face Maker [facemaker.redshiftmedia.com]
Each of your votes helps to slowly transform abstract shapes into human faces.

[discuss] 2008-12-10 Leveraging Legacy Code to Deploy Desktop Applications on the Web [usenix.org]
mer sånt. nu från microsoft.

[discuss] 2008-12-10 500 får gå från Sony Ericsson [di.se]

[discuss] 2008-12-10 Appcelerator Launches Titanium: AIR for the Open Web [readwriteweb.com]
En till webplattform...

[discuss] 2008-12-09 Pet Peeves - Unicode [itworld.com]
Just use unicode...

[discuss] 2008-12-09 Obento! [flickr.com]
Cute lunches made for me by my girlfriend!

[discuss] 2008-12-09 Native Client: A Technology for Running Native Code on the Web [google-code-updates.blogspot.com]
hm...och där var active-x tillbaka. Nu från google.

[discuss] 2008-12-09 Web Runtime APIs [sender11.typepad.com]
Fragmenteringen kommer till mobila webben.

[discuss] 2008-12-09 Vodafone lägger bud på Wayfinder [idg.se]

[discuss] 2008-12-09 Automated Day Trader: Double Moving Average Crossover, Test 1 [fattyfatfat.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-09 Gravstämning på UIQ [idg.se]

[discuss] 2008-12-08 icantdeci.de [icantdeci.de]
a techno-crutch for the chronically indecisive

[discuss] 2008-12-08 The Flash history [flashmagazine.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-07 Text Messaging Will Continue To Be The Darling Of Mobile Data Revenues [washingtonpost.com]
Americans now send double the number of text messages that Europeans average each month.

[discuss] 2008-12-06 It looks like you 19re writing a framework... [gojko.net]

[discuss] 2008-12-05 Google shows Microsoft how to connect the dots [counternotions.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-05 Tokrea när Datorbutiken startar om [idg.se]
Med start den 13 december reas datorutrustning till ett värde av 8 miljoner kronor ut från JME-butiken vid Mobilia i Malmö. Prissänkningar på upp till 90 procent utlovas.

[discuss] 2008-12-05 Soon it will be time to start over, again [scripting.com]

1 comments 2008-12-05 Hubertus allroundsadel [blocket.se]

[discuss] 2008-12-04 Ostmar pratar om meningen med livet [blip.tv]
Allt du behöver veta om lycka, meningen med livet och bra sex.

[discuss] 2008-12-04 Coffee [niemann.blogs.nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-04 Firefox Pirates Take Over Amazon [torrentfreak.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-04 Toronto bans water bottles [canada.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-04 Slashdot | Apple Sued Over iPhone Browser [yro.slashdot.org]
How long before we see a patent on "a system of placing letters and numbers in sequential order in order to convey something meaningful"?%a%aSadly, there's no prior art for this on the internet...

[discuss] 2008-12-03 Scary Bailout Money Info Graphic [voltagecreative.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-03 Spotify invite MP3 på Tradera. Övrigt | Program/Mjukvara | [tradera.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-03 Dagen då larverna kom till Flogsta [user.it.uu.se]

[discuss] 2008-12-03 The Worst Is Yet To Come: Anonymous Banker Weighs In On The Coming Credit Card Debacle [executivesuite.blogs.nytimes.com]
it will get worse.

[discuss] 2008-12-02 How to Stay Alive in a Terrorized Hotel [jeffreygoldberg.theatlantic.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-02 Lessons to Be Learned From Pownce 19s Demise [mashable.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-02 What Open Source Can't Do [xobni.com]

[discuss] 2008-12-02 Slashdot - Google in business with neo-nazi [politics.slashdot.org]
Swedish branch of Google includes infamous neo-nazi party "Nationaldemokraterna", "National Democrats" in their advert exchange programme.

[discuss] 2008-12-01 Magic/Replace - Data Cleanup for Everyone [cleanupdata.com]

6 comments 2008-12-01 A fisherman rowing his boat on a very small lake throws his anchor into the water. Does the water level of the lake rise, fall, or stay the same? [feynmanlectures.info]

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