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topics for April 2009

[discuss] 2009-04-30 OK, it 19s a pandemic. Now what? [fluidinfo.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-29 American excess: A Wall Street trader tells all [independent.co.uk]

[discuss] 2009-04-28 Eternal September [en.wikipedia.org]

[discuss] 2009-04-28 "I never said she stole my money" has 7 different meanings depending on the stressed word [news.ycombinator.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-28 Bruce Sterling explains swine flu - Boing Boing [boingboing.net]
So if you catch the new swine flu, you're very likely not gonna die. But since it is a flu, you're gonna kinda WISH you could die.

[discuss] 2009-04-27 H1N1 Swine Flu - Google Maps [maps.google.com]
Pink markers are suspect, Purple markers are confirmed, Deaths lack a dot in marker

[discuss] 2009-04-26 A few comments on pandemic influenza [fluidinfo.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-26 Mexico flu: Your experiences [news.bbc.co.uk]
I work as a resident doctor in one of the biggest hospitals in Mexico City and sadly, the situation is far from "under control"

[discuss] 2009-04-25 Sällskapsspelet Fingal Olsson [inslag.se]

[discuss] 2009-04-25 Corporate Blogs: It's The PageRank, Stupid [businessinsider.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-25 10 Books To Make You A Better Product Manager [cindyalvarez.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-25 Swine Flu Pandemic Breaking Out? [futurepundit.com]
Very bad news.

[discuss] 2009-04-25 Classification of the principal programming paradigms [info.ucl.ac.be]

[discuss] 2009-04-25 16 Design Tools for Prototyping and Wireframing [sitepoint.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-25 Sweden Social Web Camp: Location, location, location. [whatsnext.se]
Någon som har ett stort hus på landet över att låna ut till 75 social media-nördar? Massor av inlänkar utlovas. :)

[discuss] 2009-04-25 Syse Data [sysedata.no]
...to prevent this confusion we recently changed the name of the old company, and figured we'd use the opportunity for some harmless - or so we thought - fun...

[discuss] 2009-04-24 Google-bilen i Malmö [sydsvenskan.se]
Googles bil som tar bilder på gator runt om i världen siktades på Östra farmvägen i höjd med Stenkulaskolan i Malmö vid 13.15-tiden på fredagen.

[discuss] 2009-04-24 Skin Deep Usability (Microsoft Surface) [kinesismomentum.wordpress.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-23 Japan sizes of food [hellodamage.com]

1 comments 2009-04-23 // PSD is not my favourite file format. [code.google.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-23 Gym, sandhögar och udsalg [sydsvenskan.se]
När man en torsdagskväll tillsammans med en mördarhund och mobilkamera tar en promenad i Malmö slås man av tre saker.

[discuss] 2009-04-23 Jävsanklagelse mot domare i piratmål [sydsvenskan.se]
Domaren är bland annat medlem i Svenska föreningen för upphovsrätt. Andra medlemmar är Henrik Pontén, Peter Danowsky och Monique Wadste

[discuss] 2009-04-23 Domare i Pirate Bay-mål anklagas för jäv [svd.se]
"jag har inte bedömt att jag är jävig på grund av de där engagemangen" nä men, då så.

[discuss] 2009-04-22 The Social Pulse of Human Connectivity On A Planetary Scale [dailygalaxy.com]
Microsoft has studied a total of 30 billion instant messages sent by over 250 million people and determined that we are all linked by only 6.6 degrees of separation.

[discuss] 2009-04-21 FakeTV Burglar Deterrent [smarthome.com]
Boost your Home Security by Giving the Impression Someone is Home Watching TV

[discuss] 2009-04-21 America's Newest Profession [online.wsj.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-21 tomlinson.jpg (JPEG Image, 800x408 pixels) [g.imagehost.org]
Dont't rely on the police. If you suspect it, report it to the internets.

[discuss] 2009-04-21 Researchers Use Brain Interface to Post to Twitter [newswise.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-21 Sony Ericsson Themes Creator [developer.sonyericsson.com]

1 comments 2009-04-21 To Everywhere in 42 Minutes [time.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-21 20 Lines JavaScript - Super Mario Tribute [nihilogic.dk]

[discuss] 2009-04-20 Stephen Hawking 'very ill' [cnn.com]

1 comments 2009-04-20 What if Oracle bought Sun Microsystems? | Developer World - InfoWorld [infoworld.com]
"And that even assumes that Oracle is losing sales to MySQL, which it isn't, really. Anyone who understands databases knows that for the high-end, mission-critical applications that drive Oracle's highly lucrative sales -- government, finance, oil and gas

[discuss] 2009-04-20 Empty Walls [tbray.org]

[discuss] 2009-04-20 Prezi Is The Coolest Online Presentation Tool I 19ve Ever Seen [techcrunch.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-20 Oracle köper Sun [di.se]

[discuss] 2009-04-20 The Future of Networked Warfare Begins with Apple [readwriteweb.com]
...army researchers are developing applications to turn an iPod into a remote control for a bomb-disposal robot (tilting the iPod steers the robot)...

[discuss] 2009-04-20 Fast Cities 2009 [fastcompany.com]
"Chicago, Houston, Malmö, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Taipei"... Huh? Malmö!?

[discuss] 2009-04-20 The Land of No Smiles [foreignpolicy.com]
Renowned documentary photographer Tomas van Houtryve entered North Korea by posing as a businessman looking to open a chocolate factory.

[discuss] 2009-04-19 Partierna måste läsa skriften på väggen [blogg.expressen.se]
Är det någon på listan (utom riksdagsmän och andra i uppenbar lojalitetskonflikt) som _inte_ har för avsikt att rösta på piratpartiet i EU-valet? Och i så fall: Varför i%ahelvete inte?

[discuss] 2009-04-19 Why Programmers Suck at CSS Design [betaversion.org]

[discuss] 2009-04-18 @oprah EPIC FAIL [xs538.xs.to]

[discuss] 2009-04-17 Preserving and Repairing Lungs Outside the Body [nextbigfuture.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-17 The Pirate Bay på museum [di.se]

[discuss] 2009-04-17 The Pirate Bay dömda till ett års fängelse [dn.se]
Samtliga döms till ett års fängelse. De döms också att betala 30 miljoner kronor i skadestånd.

[discuss] 2009-04-17 2 000 bort från Sony Ericsson [sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2009-04-16 Amazon may be facilitating close to a third of all e-commerce in the U.S [blogs.barrons.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-16 Inside the precision hack [musicmachinery.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-16 In the Indian election, 700m voters, 28 days, 250,000 police: world's biggest democratic poll begins [guardian.co.uk]

[discuss] 2009-04-15 WARNING: A long, rambly exploration of the state... [stevenf.tumblr.com]
Every geek I know shares, to some degree, the notion that the "desktop" metaphor for computers is outdated.

[discuss] 2009-04-15 Bacon-powered blowtorch cuts through metal [popsci.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-15 8 Characteristics Of Successful User Interfaces [usabilitypost.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-15 Foto på barnarbetare [zoriah.net]

[discuss] 2009-04-15 JavaScript New Features (EcmaScript 5) [markcaudill.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-14 Cell Phones In The Olden Times [disgracefulandsexy.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-14 5cm. Fir Tree Removed From A Lung [susanimate.spaces.live.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-14 What iPhone Apps Are Used Most? Hint: Not Games [textually.org]

[discuss] 2009-04-14 United States Patent Application: 0090091138 [appft1.uspto.gov]
Inventors: ... Gates, III; William H.; (Redmond, WA) ...

[discuss] 2009-04-14 7 (Crazy) Civilian Uses for Nuclear Bombs | Wired Science from Wired.com [blog.wired.com]
You might think of nuclear weapons as just the most fearsome weapon ever invented by humans, but that would be seriously underplaying their versatility.

[discuss] 2009-04-14 Brain Ads Homepage [brainads.com]
The most effective communication with the entire human population.%a%aGet a free telepathic ad per donation!%a%aYour donation will be used for treatment of my condition, and for my own pleasure,%awhich includes making donations to various charities.%a

[discuss] 2009-04-12 YouTube Is Doomed [businessinsider.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-12 Name that Color [chir.ag]

[discuss] 2009-04-10 IP address geolocation SQL database :: IP Location Tools [iplocationtools.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-09 How My Brain Kept Me from Co-Founding YouTube [prog21.dadgum.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-09 Confuse the heck out of people with a 18Gmail 19 wordpress theme for your site [thenextweb.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-09 Cryptomundo » Extinct Bird Found, Photographed & Then Eaten [cryptomundo.com]
The bird, thought to be extinct, was photographed for the first time in the Philippines, and then sold to a poultry market as food.

[discuss] 2009-04-09 Google Maps API Tutorial [econym.googlepages.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-09 ie6-upgrade-warning [code.google.com]

1 comments 2009-04-08 grooveshark [listen.grooveshark.com]
funkar nu kanske?

[discuss] 2009-04-08 Grooveshark []

[discuss] 2009-04-08 SpotiBay [spotibay.org]

[discuss] 2009-04-08 Matrix Revisited [xkcd.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-07 a visit to id software, 1993 [rome.ro]

[discuss] 2009-04-07 Commodore 64 Original Hardware Laptop [benheck.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-07 ETC.se: Star Wars återberättat [etc.se]
Filmskaparen har bett sin vän Amanda, som aldrig har sett en Star Wars-film, att återberätta handlingen i de tre första filmerna som George Lucas gjorde. Resultatet, med tillhörande animering, är både förvirrande och komiskt.%a

[discuss] 2009-04-06 Facebook's photo storage rewrite [niallkennedy.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-06 Why Biofuels Are the Rainforest's Worst Enemy [motherjones.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-06 Antipiratbyrån kan ha begått dataintrång [svd.se]
Infiltratörer, svarta pengar, bevisprovokation, hemliga metoder och dataintrång är vardag för många underrättelseorganisationer. Nu också för upphovsrättsindustrin.

[discuss] 2009-04-05 Dubai: How not to build a city [thestar.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-05 Portable Ubuntu Runs Ubuntu Inside Windows [lifehacker.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-05 Mending The Bitter Absence of Reasoned Technical Discussion [al3x.net]

[discuss] 2009-04-05 no8pcz.jpg (JPEG-bild, 1024x576 pixlar) - Skalad (97%) [i39.tinypic.com]
oväntat besök

[discuss] 2009-04-05 The ugliest logo ever, but maybe it makes sense [mobileopportunity.blogspot.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-04 Bathtub IV on Vimeo [vimeo.com]
cool video

[discuss] 2009-04-04 How to Get Your Start-Up Mentioned in TechCrunch [rentbits.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-03 Stanford iPhone developer course available free via iTunes U [arstechnica.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-03 Två gripna för fildelningsbrott [sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2009-04-03 Things my new commute has taught me #1: not all seats are equal [meish.org]

[discuss] 2009-04-03 When Snow White met Steve Jobs [bookofjoe.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-03 Ipredia [ipredia.se]
På den här sidan är tanken att man ska kunna hitta information kring hur du delar med dig av ditt trådlösa nätverk.

[discuss] 2009-04-03 Fundoshi: Revealing a new trend in loincloths [nationalpost.com]
Loincloths, called "fundoshi" in Japanese, were worn by adult men in the past, but they are now a rarity.%a%aKyoto-based lingerie firm Wacoal, however, has brought them back into fashion, this time for women seeking "emancipation" from the tightness of co

[discuss] 2009-04-02 Var står Skalman i fildelningsfrågan? [annegatan.blogspot.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-02 Amazon Elastic MapReduce [aws.amazon.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-02 Google uncloaks once-secret server [news.cnet.com]

[discuss] 2009-04-01 The second mouse gets the cheese? [annaserner.wordpress.com]
Tidningsutgivarnas VD går på ett aprilskämt...

[discuss] 2009-04-01 SF-bokhandeln i Malmö: Manga i färg! [sfbokhandelnmalmo.blogspot.com]
Det amerikanska mangaförlaget Viz Media, som bl a ger ut Bleach, Naruto och Deathnote, har nu utvecklat en tryckpress som gör det möjligt att läsa deras mangaböcker i färg!

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