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topics for July 2009

[discuss] 2009-07-31 xkcd - Understocked [xkcd.com]
"It seems we're out of beer"

1 comments 2009-07-30 Bubba Two: The little server that could [linux.com]
Görs i Malmö.

[discuss] 2009-07-30 YouTube - Coder Girl [youtube.com]

[discuss] 2009-07-29 J2ME Google Maps API - Forum Nokia Wiki [wiki.forum.nokia.com]
Here is a simple library to query Google Maps with the following features: * geocode addresses to their geographic coordinates * retrieve static images with given custom size, format and zoom

[discuss] 2009-07-28 Craig Venter: Programming algae to pump out oil [newscientist.com]

[discuss] 2009-07-28 A Biofuel Process to Replace All Fossil Fuels [technologyreview.com]

[discuss] 2009-07-24 Swedish lesbians suck sperm banks dry 22 The Register [theregister.co.uk]
"The upshot of the Swedish sperm crisis is that couples are increasingly looking abroad for their impregnations, principally to Denmark and Finland." Hver gang!

[discuss] 2009-07-24 OMG TIM HAS AN INTERNET! [timonthenet.com]
spela på hästar

[discuss] 2009-07-23 wtf? [img238.imageshack.us]

[discuss] 2009-07-23 Buy a Sony Ericsson Xperia X3 Android (Unlocked, Black), #XPERIADROID - eXpansys Inc [expansys-usa.com]
"Our Price: Not announced"

1 comments 2009-07-22 Content submission now open to all members of Developer World [developer.sonyericsson.com]

1 comments 2009-07-22 Pris og utstyrsliste / Salgsinfo / TH!NK city / Home - Website Interface [think.no]
212 500 + Batteri för 50 000

[discuss] 2009-07-22 TH!NK pilot test-drive programme case studies / News / Press & Pictures / Home - Website Interface [think.no]
01.07.09 In Sweden, the EV project was established to map out the future EV use and charging patterns of EV users in Copenhagen and Gjavle

[discuss] 2009-07-22 Moving Like Water » Electric cars 14 the list [movinglikewater.com]

[discuss] 2009-07-22 Hajp på burk [sydsvenskan.se]
Sagan om Malmös förvandling från indu­stristad till framtidsstad har berättats många gånger. Julia Svensson misstänker att verkligheten kommer att hinna ikapp skönmålandet.

[discuss] 2009-07-22 Google Moon [google.com]

[discuss] 2009-07-21 BYD Auto,Build Your Dreams [byd.com]
BYD E6: "Purely Electric Vehicle"

[discuss] 2009-07-21 Main: Missing JSR184 in JP-8 on-devicè? [developer.sonyericsson.com]
How to do on-device-debug of LWUIT apps on Sony Ericsson JP-8 phones.

[discuss] 2009-07-21 Mobile Usability (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox) [useit.com]
Find the local weather for tonight: %aWAP phones 2000 164 seconds, %aCurrent phones 247 seconds.

[discuss] 2009-07-21 Kid Drinks Gasoline To Be More Like the Transformers [slashfilm.com]

[discuss] 2009-07-20 Kurt Cobain Is Probably (Rick)Rolling in His Grave [mashable.com]

[discuss] 2009-07-20 Åtta frågor och svar om svininfluensan [sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2009-07-20 Prezi - The zooming presentation editor [prezi.com]
If you are tired of Powerpoint

[discuss] 2009-07-20 Why Does Time Go Faster As We Get Older? [acm.org]

[discuss] 2009-07-20 internetanvändade i världen i siffror. [newscientist.com]

[discuss] 2009-07-19 japan. [fishki.net]

[discuss] 2009-07-19 It's a Secret to Everybody [kidicarus222.blogspot.com]
Om varför zelda heter zelda och mario mario och mycket annat.

[discuss] 2009-07-18 howitis.jpg [shof.msrcsites.co.uk]

[discuss] 2009-07-17 Ericsson Mobile Maps API [labs.ericsson.com]
In the license: "You may not use the enabler to create (or assist in creation of) products that competes with Tele Atlas products. ".

[discuss] 2009-07-17 Spectacular satellite images of the world | Google Earth kmz links/files [kmzlinks.com]
Surf the stratossphere

[discuss] 2009-07-16 EATR, Robotic Technology Inc. [robotictechnologyinc.com]
"The purpose of the [...] EATR project is to develop and demonstrate an autonomous robotic platform able to perform long-range, long-endurance missions without the need for manual or conventional re-fueling,"

[discuss] 2009-07-16 Change Your Facebook Settings Or Else [culturesmithconsulting.com]
If you don 19t want to show up in your friends 19 FaceBook ads, go to:

[discuss] 2009-07-15 Half a billion downloads on Getjar [report.distimo.com]

[discuss] 2009-07-15 You should follow me on Twitter [dustincurtis.com]
A quick study exploring the power language has on clickthrough rates.

[discuss] 2009-07-14 C+0x Lambda Functions [jkukunas.phpnet.us]

[discuss] 2009-07-13 Google code cloud punts on-demand embarrassment [theregister.co.uk]
"Google, on the other hand, doesn't feel like telling anyone exactly why GFS failed. Was it a bug in the code? Was it a traffic issue? Did Augustus Gloop fall into the chocolate river?"

[discuss] 2009-07-13 Google's vanity OS is Microsoft's dream [theregister.co.uk]
"After a couple of years of pronouncements we'll be exactly where we are today. Google will still be setting the price for internet advertising thanks to its "black box" psuedo-auction, and Microsoft will still be pre-installed (or pre-warez'd) on almost

[discuss] 2009-07-13 Vattenloppan - Startsidan. [vattenloppan.se]
"Endast genom att hoppa kan du ta dig fram på vattnet 30 km/ i timmen!"

[discuss] 2009-07-12 Medvedev Shows Off Sample Coin of New 'World Currency' at G-8 [bloomberg.com]
liknar något från star trek

[discuss] 2009-07-12 wow, en sån till semestern hade varit perfekt. [seabreacher.com]

[discuss] 2009-07-10 Bussar i Malmö | Missnöjd.se [missnojd.se]
Det gör ont att åka buss i Malmö

[discuss] 2009-07-10 Be the Future of Film : Wreck A Movie [wreckamovie.com]

[discuss] 2009-07-10 Banansnigel [stationsvakt.blogspot.com]

[discuss] 2009-07-10 Nokia N97 - So close, yet so very, very far. [mobilecrunch.com]
It 19s like finding the girl of your dreams, taking her home, and realizing she has a tattoo of Bill O 19Reilly on her back.

[discuss] 2009-07-10 How to make a fish eye lens for a Nikon D-90 Digital SLR for $16 [instructables.com]

[discuss] 2009-07-09 Let's all take a deep breath and get some perspective [fakesteve.blogspot.com]
I think Linus Tordalv started working on Linux back in 1991 when he was a high school student in his native Denmark. That's nearly twenty years ago, and the shit still doesn't run right.

[discuss] 2009-07-09 Open a Banana Like A Monkey [youtube.com]

[discuss] 2009-07-09 Allt om falafel [alltomfalafel.se]

[discuss] 2009-07-08 Nya artister till Malmöfestivalen [sydsvenskan.se]
thåström till malmö...för dom som inte kan komma till sofiero ikväll. :)

[discuss] 2009-07-08 Introducing the Google Chrome OS [googleblog.blogspot.com]

[discuss] 2009-07-07 Piraterna var demokrater före alla andra [svd.se]

[discuss] 2009-07-07 The strange case of the dog that isn't barking over the $134 billion of bearer bonds. [scrivener.net]

[discuss] 2009-07-07 Nokia N97 Review: Nokia Is Doomed [gizmodo.com]

[discuss] 2009-07-06 Sony Ericsson Application Submission Portal going live [blogs.sonyericsson.com]

[discuss] 2009-07-06 YouTube - Sasquatch music festival 2009 - Guy starts dance party [youtube.com]

[discuss] 2009-07-06 best of craigslist: my little nazi dolls (pics) [craigslist.org]
my hobby is collecting nazi dolls.

[discuss] 2009-07-05 Premature Flexibilization Is The Root of Whatever Evil Is Left [dev.hubspot.com]

[discuss] 2009-07-04 The Hunt For Gollum Movie Website [thehuntforgollum.com]

[discuss] 2009-07-02 Under takåsarna i Malmö ligger Midzone som en flygplats där man själv väljer sin gate [skd.se]

[discuss] 2009-07-02 The blue and the green [blogs.discovermagazine.com]

[discuss] 2009-07-02 The Year of Business Metrics - Don't make your users run away! [stubbornella.org]

[discuss] 2009-07-02 Germany's Green Idea: Streetlights on Demand [time.com]

[discuss] 2009-07-01 The Locality of Code Changes [jkarlsson.com]
The probability that you will change a piece of code in the near future increases when you make changes to that code or to code in its vicinity.

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