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topics for November 2009

[discuss] 2009-11-30 Steampunkkalendern [steampunkkalendern.blogspot.com]
Ombord Franz Ferdinand -: Franz Ferdinand siktas

[discuss] 2009-11-30 Pub fined £8K after user infringes copyright with its WiFi - Boing Boing [boingboing.net]

[discuss] 2009-11-28 YouTube - Flying School Bus that Transforms MUST SEE! (see sidebar) [youtube.com]

[discuss] 2009-11-27 Burn After Reading (2008) [imdb.com]
Många riktigt bra skådisar spelar ett helt gäng riktigt dumma människor

[discuss] 2009-11-27 Neat puzzle [mofunzone.com]

[discuss] 2009-11-27 AP News: Chavez praises alleged terrorist Carlos the Jackal [m.apnews.com]
Bra bevis på att alla tidsåldrar har sina egna idioter

[discuss] 2009-11-27 Potomacs [en.wikipedia.org]
Potomacs is a local currency that circulates in the National Capital region of the United States.

[discuss] 2009-11-27 Ohio Barns [ohiobarns.com]
Bring out the banjo

[discuss] 2009-11-27 Unique Water Towers [ohiobarns.com]
Sorterat på designtyp

[discuss] 2009-11-26 Skånska vattentornssällskapet/Vattentorn: Skåneland [eber.se]
Alla gebit har sina nördar

[discuss] 2009-11-26 Shareholder Value 2.0: Investors now rating telcos as 18utilities 19. What to do? [telco2.net]

[discuss] 2009-11-26 As Slow As Possible [en.wikipedia.org]

1 comments 2009-11-25 T Nilsson Snickeri AB [nilssonssnickeri.net]

[discuss] 2009-11-25 Köksluckan - en fallucka i rot-avdragsdjungeln - Bostad - www.lt.se [lt.se]
"En annan lurighet är arbete som utförs på annan plats än i hemmet, exempelvis ommålning av köksluckor ..." Attans. Skall ha den lokala snickaren till att renovera orginalluckorna i köket.

[discuss] 2009-11-25 IKEA's brilliant Facebook campaign [news.cnet.com]

[discuss] 2009-11-25 CarWars Vehicle Designer, 0.6.2Beta [breueronline.de]
Announced 11-22-2009

[discuss] 2009-11-25 Car Wars - Cot 19, [sjgames.com]
"But as time went on, the fun little game about crazy people in cars shooting at each other faded away. Players moved on to pretending to be vampires, or amassing suitcases full of cards, or playing with these tiny men that made clicking noises, or any of

[discuss] 2009-11-25 I Wear Your Shirt [iwearyourshirt.com]
I'm going to wear a different shirt for 365 days straight in 2009, take multiple pictures throughout my day and blog about it. Days are sold at "face value" so January 1 is $1 and December 31 is $365.

[discuss] 2009-11-24 Why Are Some Cities More Entrepreneurial Than Others? [economix.blogs.nytimes.com]

[discuss] 2009-11-23 Quantum computing for everyone [michaelnielsen.org]

[discuss] 2009-11-22 Lady Gaga Earns Slightly More From Spotify Than Piracy [torrentfreak.com]
Lady Gaga got a million plays on Spotify and earned $167.

[discuss] 2009-11-22 Britain's new Internet law -- as bad as everyone's been saying, and worse. Much, much worse. [boingboing.net]

[discuss] 2009-11-20 Apple's Mistake [paulgraham.com]

[discuss] 2009-11-19 Sony Ericsson goes web crazy 22 The Register [theregister.co.uk]
... by integrating the open-source PhoneGap platform

[discuss] 2009-11-19 Releasing the Chromium OS open source project [googleblog.blogspot.com]

[discuss] 2009-11-18 Startsida - Trafiken.nu [trafiken.nu]
Trafikläget i Skåne

[discuss] 2009-11-18 Fixa rinnande toalett! ~ Vi i Villa [viivilla.se]

[discuss] 2009-11-17 The Tiger Woods Effect [scienceblogs.com]

[discuss] 2009-11-17 Happy Birthday, Shigeru Miyamoto, Father of Modern Video Games [findingdulcinea.com]

[discuss] 2009-11-16 The History of the Internet in a Nutshell [sixrevisions.com]

[discuss] 2009-11-14 HD Movies & TV Shows Online Streaming [hdmt.net]

[discuss] 2009-11-14 Beautiful starlings. [VIDEO] [wimp.com]

1 comments 2009-11-13 programming [abstrusegoose.com]

[discuss] 2009-11-12 NASA - 2012: Beginning of the End or Why the World Won't End? [nasa.gov]
världen kommer antagligen inte att gå under 2012.

[discuss] 2009-11-12 Google Closure: How not to write JavaScript [sitepoint.com]

[discuss] 2009-11-11 15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee [theoatmeal.com]

[discuss] 2009-11-10 Why it is Important that Software Projects Fail [berglas.org]

[discuss] 2009-11-09 Sony Ericsson 19s First Android Snapdragon 13 the XPERIA X3 | Mobile Deals Compared Blog [mobileblog.mobile-deals-compared.co.uk]
"Sony Ericsson didn 19t even have to partner with Prada or Dolce & Gabbana to dress it up"

[discuss] 2009-11-09 1wire - Community Ubuntu Documentation [help.ubuntu.com]
1-Wire technology allows for remote sensing and control on a hobbyist's budget.

[discuss] 2009-11-09 Samsung släpper enorm datorskärm [fotosidan.se]

[discuss] 2009-11-06 List of cats with fraudulent diplomas [en.wikipedia.org]

[discuss] 2009-11-05 Giant crack in Africa formed in just days in [newscientist.com]

[discuss] 2009-11-05 Berlin Wall Legend Shattered [thedailybeast.com]

[discuss] 2009-11-05 On commit bits [jacobian.org]

[discuss] 2009-11-04 The Game Crafter - Your game REALIZED - Home [thegamecrafter.com]
Like Cafepress for your very own board games

[discuss] 2009-11-03 Why do we have an IMG element? [diveintomark.org]

[discuss] 2009-11-03 Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - demo of Speed Forge 3D [youtube.com]

[discuss] 2009-11-03 OMG Ponies!!! (Aka Humanity: Epic Fail) [msmvps.com]

[discuss] 2009-11-02 Depression link to processed food [news.bbc.co.uk]

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