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topics for January 2010

[discuss] 2010-01-31 CouchDB: The Definitive Guide [books.couchdb.org]

[discuss] 2010-01-31 Why You Can 19t Use Your Phone 19s SIM in the iPad [wired.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-30 Tinkerer's Sunset [diveintomark.org]

[discuss] 2010-01-30 Making sense of OpenID, OAuth, OpenSocial, Google Friend Connect, Facebook Connect, and more [yz.mit.edu]

[discuss] 2010-01-29 Who's the world's largest tech firm? [theregister.co.uk]
The world's biggest technology company, by revenue, is now Samsung, which has just replaced HP at the top of the pile.

[discuss] 2010-01-29 Sd lockar fram det sämsta [kristianstadsbladet.se]

[discuss] 2010-01-28 Raphaël 14JavaScript Library [raphaeljs.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-27 Tant Greta i Afrika - 62 år i Februari. Tant-tjej-mamma-faster-farmor med hund som flyttade till Mozambique 1996. Jobbar med bistånd som hälso och nutritionsrådgivare. [gretastina.blogg.se]
"Anofpheles myggorna som bär malarian vaknar till när det börjar skymma och är sedan aktiva fram till tidiga morgontimmarna. Små elakingar som inte ens hörs när de smyger sig på en."

[discuss] 2010-01-27 Trafikkaos i hela Skåne [sydsvenskan.se]
"Den som ändå ger sig ut i trafiken uppmanas av Vägverket att se till att vara ordentligt varmt klädd, ha med sig varm dryck, isskrapor, spolarvätska, bogserlina, startkablar, reflexväxt och spade."

[discuss] 2010-01-27 om iPadden [apple.slashdot.org]

[discuss] 2010-01-27 Live from the Apple 'latest creation' event [engadget.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-27 Rear Gear Butt Covers for your Cat and Dog [etsy.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-27 80 tvingas lämna Cybercom i Skåne [idg.se]

[discuss] 2010-01-27 falafelmastaren [falafelmastaren.piczo.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-27 Brottsplatskartan - karta med inrapporterade brott i Sverige [brottsplatskartan.se]

[discuss] 2010-01-27 What 19s A Startup? First Principles. « Steve Blank [steveblank.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-27 Emacs as a tiling window manager (osx) [monkey.org]

1 comments 2010-01-26 Apple's Tablet won't save Big Dumb Media 22 The Register [theregister.co.uk]
"Like holding up a highly-reflective idiot in front of an idiot mirror - the result has been infinite recursion of stupidity, as far as the eye can see."

[discuss] 2010-01-26 241543903 - Google Search [images.google.se]

[discuss] 2010-01-25 As Freezing Persons Recollect the Snow--First Chill--Then Stupor--Then the Letting Go [outside.away.com]

1 comments 2010-01-25 Comparing Mongo DB and Couch DB [mongodb.org]

[discuss] 2010-01-22 Micello Launches "Google Maps for the Indoors" [readwriteweb.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-22 A Tool to Deceive and Slaughter (2009) [cgi.ebay.com]
This object perpetually attempts to sell itself on eBay.

[discuss] 2010-01-22 Conan Blowing NBC's Money, Spends $1.5 Million For One Minute Segment [videos.mediaite.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-22 YouTube Music Discovery Project and Playlist Creation Tool [youtube.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-21 LackRack [wiki.eth-0.nl]

[discuss] 2010-01-21 Amazon opens Kindle to third-party apps 22 The Register [theregister.co.uk]
Amazon is opening its Kindle ebook reader to third-party software apps as part of an apparent effort to fend off an imminent challenge from Apple's tablet.

[discuss] 2010-01-21 Official developer demo of Sony Ericsson Vivaz!22 [youtube.com]
Viva Las vegas!

[discuss] 2010-01-20 Ditch the Granny Knot to Tie Your Shoes More Efficiently [lifehacker.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-20 Electric Icarus: NASA Designs a One-Man Stealth Plane [scientificamerican.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-19 Death to filesystems [shoptalkapp.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-19 JavaScript grid editor: I want to be Excel [roberto.open-lab.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-19 Apple responsible for 99.4% of mobile app sales in 2009 [arstechnica.com]

1 comments 2010-01-18 Prioritising life [abc.net.au]

1 comments 2010-01-18 Travel Around The World [travelaroundtheworld.se]
Met this guy at the airport last week, on his way to Cairo. Checked the bike.

[discuss] 2010-01-16 Collapsible Shipping Containers [fastcompany.com]
A collapsible shipping container aims to revolutionize global shipping.%a

[discuss] 2010-01-16 Vinboxen "Tre apor" exploderar i micro [youtube.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-15 The end of Haiti? [economist.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-14 Nexus One Success Hampered by Google Web Store - PC World Business Center [pcworld.com]
"... early reports suggest that Google sold a meager 20,000 of the next-generation "superphone" during its first week."

[discuss] 2010-01-13 DNA Lounge [dnalounge.com]
"We finally negotiated a settlement: we will be closed Jan 4 - Jan 28"

[discuss] 2010-01-13 Google may exit China following 'highly targeted' attack [theregister.co.uk]
"We have decided we are no longer willing to continue censoring our results on Google.cn"

[discuss] 2010-01-12 Vote for Barbie to be a computer engineer! [barbie.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-12 A DSLR Catechism [textism.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-11 How to Build Your Own Exercise Bike Controller [projectexcitebike.blogspot.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-09 Things I am not allowed to do any more [dadhacker.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-09 Poe's Law [rationalwiki.com]
Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of Fundamentalism that SOMEONE won't mistake for the real thing.

[discuss] 2010-01-09 How Doug Engelbart taught kids to ride a bike (without training wheels [collectiveiq.wordpress.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-08 How Do You Look When Merging Fails ;-) [andialbrecht.wordpress.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-07 Google gets into the energy game [envirogy.wordpress.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-07 emacs for max os x [emacsformacosx.com]

2 comments 2010-01-07 The Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation [goat-trauma.org]

[discuss] 2010-01-07 Tutorial: Getting Started (Hello, World!) - Google Chrome Extensions [code.google.com]
snart går det att submitta länkar från chrome också. ;)

[discuss] 2010-01-07 iPhone Mockup [iphonemockup.lkmc.ch]

[discuss] 2010-01-07 Hacker Music [hackermusic.com]
Hacker Music is a stupidly simple web application designed to solve a bedeviling problem: what music should we be playing in the office right now?

[discuss] 2010-01-06 The greatest program ever written [kuro5hin.org]

[discuss] 2010-01-06 Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 dropped by Vodafone [wmpoweruser.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-06 Vintage Ad Browser [vintageadbrowser.com]

1 comments 2010-01-06 Lär dig kinesiska med EU-bidrag [frick.nu]
Sista ansökningsdag i morgon!

2 comments 2010-01-05 AUTODAFEH [myspace.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-05 80+ Creative Geek T-Shirts You Can Buy Online [hongkiat.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-04 May 2002 codemode.org [codemode.org]
Shit. Snart 8 år.

[discuss] 2010-01-04 Wally Fuel 14 Standard Fuel (Breakfast Blend Coffee) - The Official Dilbert Store [thedilbertstore.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-04 Learn Mandarin Chinese conversations on bar at ordering drinks - nciku conversations [nciku.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-04 Scientists say dolphins should be treated as 'non-human persons' [timesonline.co.uk]

[discuss] 2010-01-04 SANDHAMNSTEK [sandhamnstek.se]

[discuss] 2010-01-04 Åh, ljuva bitterhet! [sydsvenskan.se]

[discuss] 2010-01-03 Driftuppföljning vindkraft [vindstat.nu]
En Barsebäckreaktor=600MW.

[discuss] 2010-01-03 Step Brothers "Boats 'N Hoes" (HD) [youtube.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-03 How to Run a Meeting Like Google [businessweek.com]

[discuss] 2010-01-03 50 Things we know now that we didn't know this time last year [att.net]

[discuss] 2010-01-02 It's pancakes. In a can. It's made $15 million. [att.cnnmoney.mlogic.mobi]

[discuss] 2010-01-01 eroticelk.de [eroticelk.de]
Work safe, if you happen to be at work.

[discuss] 2010-01-01 The Tablet [daringfireball.net]

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